Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Civil War Images


CWI 1. 9th Plate Ambrotype of an Armed Confederate Soldier.

Very clear with sharp details. This handsome Confederate is brandishing an unusual long barreled single shot pistol. A high quality image.


CWI 2. 9th Plate Ambrotype of a Confederate Soldier.

This dashing young man has a light colored shell jacket with high domed state militia buttons. Clear image but a bit dark. Does anyone recognize this uniform? The photo comes from a collection that had many North Carolina images, but that does not necessarily mean that he is a North Carolinian. Housed in a full leatherette case.


CWI 3. 6th Plate Tintype of a US Cavalryman. 

Handsome Yankee trooper. Piece of paper inside may offer clue for identification. Housed in a half case. Ex. Terry Teff.


CWI 4. 6th Plate Tintype of Seated Federal Infantryman “Charles Wilson”. 

Our subject is sporting a cartridge box, cap box, epaulettes, accoutrement belt and bayonet. Also holding a pocket bible or diary. The name “Charles Wilson” is written on the reverse in pencil. Housed in a half leatherette case.


CWI 5. 9th Plate Cased Tintype of American Indian Chief Shabbona of the Potawatomi Tribe.

Nice image, a little dark. Taken before 1859. He was an important character in the history of the mid-West associated with Chief Pontiac and Tecumseh. Here is a most informative Wikipedia article:


CWI 6. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Mother and Child.

A very clear and touching image. A mother and child hoping daddy will come home from the war? Perfect reenacting prop. 


CWI 7. 6th Plate Tintype of an Ohio Volunteer Militia Infantryman.

Nice looking image. This young Ohio soldier is armed with a M-1816 smoothbore musket .69 cal., most likely altered from flintlock to percussion. You can clearly see his “OVM” belt plate front and center, as well as his cartridge box, cap box and bayonet scabbard. No identification.

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CWI 8. 9th Plate Cased Ruby Ambrotype of a Fierce Unidentified Rebel.

This dude may be from Louisiana as you can see his round looped tongue and wreath buckle, unfortunately we cannot see what is on it. He is holding a small Sheffield type Bowie Knife in a threatening pose. Really cool and clear photo. Housed in an interesting thermoplastic case with the motto “CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWS”. This one certainly has character and quality. Ex. Greg Herr collection.


CWI 9. 6th Plate Tintype of a US/CS Infantryman. 

High quality tinted portrait of a handsome young soldier. Most likely federal, but he may be a Confederate in a pre war militia uniform. Housed in a half case.

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CWI 10. Cased 6th Plate Tintype of a Massachusetts Militia Soldier.

Really clear image. There is a note inside the case saying that his name was “John S. Potter”. He is decked out in very fine style with a shako hat, eppaulets, buff leather accoutrement belt and cross belt, Infantry horn breastplate and Massachusetts State seal coat buttons. Thermoplastic case is separated at the hinges. It may be worthwhile for someone to research this soldier. 


CWI 11. Quarter Plate Ambrotype of a New York Militia Soldier wearing an SNY Belt Plate.

Full standing pose of a New York State infantryman. You can clearly see “SNY” on his belt plate. 


CWI 12. Cabinet Card Identified to “First Lieutenant A.A. Burdick, Co. G, 12th Iowa Inf.”. Killed in action at Tupelo MS.

High quality large size photo with Minnesota studio stamp. Lt. Burdick was killed instantly at the Battle of Tupelo MS. by an artillery shell fired by Gen. N.B. Forrest’s horse artillery.