Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Miscellaneous Relics

MS 1. Confederate “Gardner Pattern” Canteen, marked “55th GA.” Regt. Captured at Cumberland Gap by “J. Kerwood”. 

A remarkably nice and untouched Confederate Canteen that was once carried by a member of the 55th GA. Vol. Infantry Regt. I have had this canteen in my collection for a very long time and evidently have miss-placed the provenance and research that was done on the Federal soldier “J. Kerwood”. I seem to recall that he was an Ohio soldier but that could be wrong. It did come from the family. He was in a unit that was involved with the second US occupation of Cumberland Gap. Anyway, this may be a fun research project. The canteen itself retains its original Confederate linen sling and hand carved wooded spout. Note the deep slick patina to the wood. The only clue as to who the Confederate soldier was that originally carried the canteen is the name “John” lightly inscribed on the opposite side of Kerwood’s. This canteen was lovingly cared for by the Kerwood family and is simply outstanding. Museum quality.

$5995.00 HOLD J.K.


MS 2. Excavated 7th Iowa Vol. Infantry Regt. Insignia.

Unusually large size. Made of cast lead and found in the camp of the 7th Iowa near the Shiloh TN. Battlefield (Hagy Farm). The 8th Iowa regiment also produced similar insignia found nearby.



MS 3. Extremely rare Texas Militia Artillery Officer’s Bit and Bridle Harness with Reins.

Very fancy Civil War period brass “snake” bit with an inlaid silver star on both sides. Confederate regulation block letter “A” rosettes (identical to the Confederate artillery coat buttons) are lead backed and are similar to the contemporary US Artillery pattern. Leather harness is original and has some areas of re-enforcement and re-stitching. All brass adjuster buckle are present as is a diamond shaped escutcheon bearing the number “42”. This may be a one of a kind custom harness made for a high ranking Texas Artillery Officer  and it appears totally Confederate as well. Quite remarkable indeed!



MS 4. Excavated Silver Shield Badge Inscribed “John J. Meighan, Co. B, 1st U.S. Cav”.

Nicely decorated around the border and inscribed by a jeweler. Pin missing on the back. I don’t have much information on this soldier. It is recorded that Meighan also served in Co. E. of the 53rd PA. Infantry. I will leave the research to the buyer. A cursory look at this unit’s history shows its involvement in many important battles including Kelly’s Ford, Trevillians Station, Brandy Station, Gettysburg and many others. The badge was dug near Fredericksburg VA.



MS 5. US M-1850 Field and Staff Officer’s Sword and Belt Rig Identified to Col. Ira Washington Ainsworth, 177th New York Vol. Inf. Regt.

Very high quality identified grouping. The following is taken from The Union army: a history of military affairs in the loyal states, 1861-65 — records of the regiments in the Union army — cyclopedia of battles — memoirs of commanders and soldiers. Madison, WI: Federal Pub. Co., 1908. volume II. 
“One Hundred and Seventy-seventh Infantry,—Col., Ira W. Ainsworth; Lieut.-Cols., Frank Chamberlain, David M. Woodhall; Majs., David ‘M. Woodhall, Charles E. Davis. The nucleus of this regiment was the l0th National Guard, under Col. Ainsworth, which volunteered for nine months’ service and was accepted. It was recruited to the full number at Albany and vicinity, was organized at Albany, and there mustered into the U. S. service for nine months on Nov. 21, 1862. It left the state Dec. 16 for New Orleans, where it was assigned to the 3d brigade of Sherman’s division, afterwards the 3d brigade, 2nd division, 19th corps. It took part in skirmishes at McGill’s ferry, Pontchatoula, Civiques ferry and Amite river and was active throughout the siege of Port Hudson, where it fought gallantly in the general assault of May 27. Its loss during the siege was 23 killed and wounded. On the expiration of its term of service, the regiment returned to New York and was mustered out at Albany, Sept. 24, 1863”. Colonel Ainsworth’s sword and belt has been very well taken care of since the war ended. The photo copy I have, (included) shows Ainsworth wearing this very sword and belt rig. Sword retains original sharkskin grip and finely braided wire wrap. Gilt brass hand guard is sharply detailed and retains Ainsworth’s original Officer’s Sword Knot and Tassel. Throat washer present. Blade is superb with a mirror like lustre and sharp etching with patriotic themes on a frosted background. No maker mark present so most likely an imported blade. Steel scabbard has ornate brass mounts, drag and throat. Note blank presentation space on upper mount. The classic New York Militia belt rig was issued with the sword and still retains its original storage box with Colonel Ainsworth’s name written on the side in brown ink. The belt is simply superb. Supple black leather with intact brass hangers and fittings. The buckle has matching bench #18 stamped on the reverse, and on the keeper. Note applied silver “NY” and wreath. Truly exceptional! 



MS 6. Dug Vermont Officer’s Bridle Rosette found on the Gaines Mill/Cold Harbor VA. Battlefield.

Extraordinary three dimensional Stag’s Head Rosette from a very high ranking officer’s bridle harness. Note lead filled back and typical period attachment wire. The stag head is super detailed and slathered in gold plating. A truly amazing relic! Found many years go by Don Milstead.



MS 7. Dug Silver and Gold Ring Identified to Commissary Sergeant Lewis Trumbauer, Co. F, 109th Penn. Veteran Vol. Infantry Regt.

Fine silver ring with a gold bezel which is finely engraved “Com Serg, 109. P.V.V”. The inside of the ring is engraved “L. Trumbauer”. Found off Camp Highland Rd. near Smyrna GA. by Don Cash. 1864 Atlanta Campaign.



MS 8. Exceptional US M-1858 Cavalryman’s “Hardee” Hat.

High quality, most likely unissued. No tears, holes or repairs. Cavalry insignia as well as yellow hat cord are authentic. Sweat band present and a clear “US ARMY/EXTRA MANUFACTURE” and size “7” stamp present inside the crown. This hat would be a fitting accessory to your US Cavalry Jacket. Ex. Mike Janton collection.



MS 9. Confederate State of Tennessee $1000 Bond Signed by Governor Isham G. Harris.

Excellent condition and archivally framed with UV filtering glass. Issued from Memphis on April 1st, 1862, just a few days before the bloody Battle of Shiloh where Harris accompanied General Albert Sydney Johnston at his wounding and death. Shop or show pick up only.



MS 10. Confederate Hand Stitched Holster for a Colt Pocket Revolver.

Excellent condition. Leather is supple and smooth. Retains plug at terminus. Some minor areas of separation along the seams. Made for Colt Pocket revolver with a 5″ barrel.



MS 11. Fine Quality US M-1861 Forage Cap.

Un-faded bright blue color. Stitching is solid. No holes or tears. Full sweatband and liner. Possible stitching reinforcement at top of rear seam. Really nice example. Ex. Mike Janton collection.



MS 12. Classic Confederate Tin Drum Canteen.

Solid example with partial leather strap. Perfect spout with remnant of cork stopper. Light push to face from campaigning. This variant, convex on one side and flat on the other is definitively a Confederate States Arsenal product as described on page 67 of Shannon Pritchard’s “Collecting The Confederacy” reference book. The canteen surfaced in the Mobile Alabama area.



MS 13. Dug Cast Brass Federal Eagle Insignia.

Found many years ago in a Confederate Troops Camp near Dumfries VA. Measures 3.25″ across. Ex, Terry Heilman collection.




MS 15. Minty US M-1858 “Hardee” Hat with Artillery Insignia.

Sharp and dashing hat with deep black felt and authentic Artillery Insignia. Red hat cord is also authentic. Sweat band present as well as a clear “US ARMY/EXTRA MANUFACTURE” and size “4” stamped inside the crown. A perfect accessory to the above listed artillery jacket.



MS 16. Rare St. Louis Arsenal US Artilleryman’s Shell Jacket.

Near mint condition with solid stitching and bright blue color. Red trim is also clean and bright. Eleven Federal Eagle “A” within the shield Artillery Buttons adorn the front with two buttons on each sleeve, (one missing) and two buttons on each side of the collar. The buttons are also brightly gilted. The liner of the jacket is also in minty condition and consists of a bright red and black plaid pattern typical of the St. Louis Arsenal. Note single side pocket. This is a fantastic high quality shell jacket with no holes, tears or stains. A display mannequin is included.



MS 17. Dropped Confederate Gardner Bullets .577 Cal. Found on the Gettysburg PA. Battlefield.

All in great condition and dug long ago by Mike Mancuso in an area occupied by Texas and Georgia Troops on private property near the South Cavalry Field.

$12.00 ea.


MS 18. Brass Pistol or Revolver Mold .36 Cal.

Designed to cast one round projectile. Most likely 1840’s-1850’s era.





MS 21. Scarce Dug US Militia Hat Insignia.

Impressive spread winged Federal Eagle with both attachment loops intact. Approx. 2.5″ across. Ca. 1850’s. Richmond VA. area.

$250.00 HOLD B.B.


MS 22. Excavated Group of Gettysburg Relics Found by Corporal William T. Ziegler, Co F, 87th PA. Vol. Infantry Regt.

Very fine US Cartridge Box Plate with intact attachment loops and several US buttons arranged in a display case. Ex. Terry Teff collection.



MS 23. Dug Union Third Army Corps Hat Insignia.

These were worn on forage caps of Union soldiers in the Army of the Potomac. Superb condition, jeweler engraved around the edges and made of silver. Found in Richmond VA. Comes with an attractive display case. Ex Terry Teff collection. 



MS 24. Dug and Matching Pair of Confederate “Brandy Station” Style Cavalry Spurs.

Found together many years ago along Cattail Creek (near Dinwiddie) where VA. Cavalry units under Gen. Rosser were camped. Both spurs are in very good condition though part of the rowell shank on one is broken, but you can see that the trooper continued to use it.



MS 25. Personal Effects and 9th Plate Tintype of James J. Purcell, Assistant Surgeon of the “Fighting 69th” New York Vol. Regiment of the “Irish Brigade”.

This unit was part of the famous “Irish Brigade” in the Army of the Potomac. You can read a brief history of the regiment here in this Wikipedia article: This interesting grouping came directly from the family and consists of a tintype photo of Dr. Purcell wearing a surgeon’s coat and smoking a pipe, two pairs of glasses, one of them with a hand written note from his son, William Purcell, dated July 4, 1903 stating that the glasses belonged to his father “late of the 69th N.Y Vol.”. There is an inkwell, Purcell’s green and white Medical Corps hat cord, a pair of Federal “gutterback” spurs with straps, compact mess kit, wallet, whisky flask, oil lamp (1863 Patent date on knob) and a small fancy storage box. I also have his Medical Corps green and white hat cord which I forgot to photograph (will add it soon). Quite a bit of research material has been compiled, including Purcell’s service records, family history etc. which is organized in a folder and accompanies this grouping. 



MS 26. Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (100 volumes, including 5-volume index).

For serious relic hunters that do research, this set of books will be a game changer. These volumes are relatively scarce and most relic hunters don’t even know they exist. All of the information left out of the original Official Records: the reports listed as “not located”, the reports the Confederates didn’t send in, the Union reports not sent in, misplaced or sent in late, correspondence, itineraries of the units, record of events, records of the secret service.  “An invaluable collection of primary source material.”-Civil War Magazine. ” The single most important publication for Civil war researchers in nearly a century.”-William Marvel, author and Civil War historian. Arrangement of material: Part I, Reports; Part II, Record of Events and Itineraries of the Units; Part III, Correspondence; Part IV, Index. Printed on acid-free paper, sturdy cloth binding with gold stamping, sewn not glued, reinforced hinges, easy to read. These volumes were produced by Broadfoot Publishing. I have the complete set, like new condition. Shop or show pick up only. The best price I can find for a complete used set is $4500.00.

$2250.00 or best offer.


MS 27. Dug Civil War Pickle Bottle.

Unusual type with pontil. Measures approx. 8″ in length and 2.75″ in diameter. Light aqua glass. Warren Vestal had a note with it saying he found it at Port Hudson LA. 





MS 30. Dug Stoneware Ink Bottle from Vicksburg MS.

Excellent condition. Unusual crude style. Possibly Southern made.



MS 31. “Gettysburg Battlefield Relics and Souvenirs” Reference Book by Mike O’Donnell.

Excellent condition, almost new. Unbelievable eye candy for Civil War relic collectors. Highly informative and loaded with photographs. This book showcases the most impressive Gettysburg Battlefield artifacts from the best collections in the country. 



MS 32. Dug Union Second Army Corps Hat Insignia.

These were worn on forage caps of soldiers in the Union Army of the Potomac. This particular badge appears to be made of pewter and is in very good condition with no repairs or issues. Found in Fredericksburg VA. Comes with an attractive display case. Ex Terry Teff collection. 



MS 34. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Scarce decorated iron type with brass rowell. Excellent condition. Provenance of CS Cavalry camp near Corinth MS.



MS 35. Civil War Period “Federal Style” US Flagstaff Finial.

Excellent condition with its original ferrule and mounted on a marble base. This same style style eagle is pictured in Del Thomasson’s “Flag Staff Finials, Toppers, & Ferrules of the American Civil War” on page 89. According to this book, there is a known identical example that was carried atop a 36 Star US Flag in the 1865 Grand Review of the Armies, Washington DC.



MS 38. US Cavalry Carbine Cleaning Brush.

Civil War bore cleaning brush in great condition with intact thong. 



MS 39. Dug US Officer’s Spur.

Fancy variant with scrollwork design. Excellent condition. Provenance unknown.



MS 40. Dug P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket Butt Plate Fragment found in Reynolds Woods, July 1st, Gettysburg PA. Battlefield. 

Comes with display case. Ex. Terry Teff collection.



MS 41. Excavated US Enlisted Artillery Corps Cap Plate ca. 1816-1820.

Another really rare and early plate. Complete with original attachment loops. Some freeze cracks have been stabilized with solder on the reverse. See O’Donnell & Campbell’s reference book “American Military Headgear Insignia”, page 62, Fig. 85 for the type. Provenance uncertain. Ex. John Powell, ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 42. Complete set of Confederate Cavalry Saddle Bags. 

Rare to find connected as most were cut and used as satchels after the war. Good overall condition with characteristic “crow’s feet” closure straps. One buckle and one leather handle missing. Weak area in the center with minor tears from wear. 



MS 43. Excavated Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Remarkable condition with long neck and large iron rowell. Classic style. Provenance of New Market TN.



MS 44. Colt’s Patent M-1851 Navy Revolver Powder Flask.

Scarce “COLT’S PATENT” marked Navy Revolver powder flask in good condition with proper angled spout and steel screws. There are some dents and slight seam separation on the side. One small hole on the side along the seam. Great patina and a good example for displaying with your Colt Navy Revolver.



MS 45. Excavated Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Untouched woods patina with small brass rowell. Provenance of Corinth MS.



MS 46. Dug Confederate Enlisted Cavalryman’s Spur.

Similar to the Leech and Rigdon pattern but more robust. Iron rowell rusted away. I forgot exactly where it was found but I believe it was near Shiloh.



MS 47. Dug US Seated Liberty Half Dime dated 1861.

High grade Civil War dated silver coin with sharp details and no issues. Found in an early war camp near Chantilly VA.



MS 48. Excavated Confederate/Militia Martingale for Mounted Officers Harness. 

All Martingales are scarce. This plain one is of a type thought to be Confederate and found in Confederate sites. Near perfect condition with full lead on the reverse. Found in a CS campsite near Bovina MS. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 49. US Marked Tumbler Punch for M-1855 and M-1861 Springfield Rifle Musket.

Superb condition and stamped on both sides.



MS 50. Dug US Seated Liberty Half Dime dated 1862.

Super sharp silver coin with wartime date. Still retains original mint luster. Should grade AU 55 or better. Found in a Civil War troops camp in Northern VA.



MS 52. “Collecting The Confederacy” Reference Book by Shannon Pritchard.

Very fine copy of this landmark reference book on collecting Confederate War Relics, it is all encompassing and very informative. This book will certainly help educate you and keep you from wasting hard earned money on fakes. Almost new condition. I consider Shannon a dear friend and a most respected colleague. He did the hobby a great service by providing this fantastic book. 



MS 53. Dug Tompion for the P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket.

Designed to protect the bore from water and dirt. Very good condition with remnant of cork in the cap. Found near Kinston NC. by Gary Fields.



MS 56. Excavated US Federal Eagle Martingale for Mounted Officers Harness ca. 1835-1845. 

Very rare Mexican War type in great condition. Only minor loss at the upper right edge and no repairs. Possibly cleaned by the digger or a water find. See page 145, Fig. 2. in Howard Crouch’s reference book “Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era” for the type. Provenance unknown.



MS 58. Dug Regimental #0 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 59. Dug Regimental #0 Kepi Insignia.

Small 1/2″ size for Kepi. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 60. Matching Pair of Civil War period Spurs with Retracted Spring Rowells.

Unusual pair of silver plated antebellum spurs with sheltered rowells. Very elegant and certainly worn by the Planter Class. Many odd styles like this are dug in Confederate Cavalry camps.



MS 61. Large excavated US Volunteer Militia Cap Plate ca. 1820-1835.

Rare to find at all, much less complete. Fantastic green patina with traces of silver plating. Some freeze cracks and minor bends. See O’Donnell & Campbell’s reference book “American Military Headgear Insignia”, page 261, Fig. 603 for the type. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 63. Civil War period Iron Bridle Bit, possibly Confederate.

Unusual but simple style. Part of an advanced Civil War cavalry collection.



MS 64. 1864 Series Confederate $1000 Bond with Interest Coupons.

Very good condition with pinkish color and 59 of the original interest coupons intact. Ready for framing.



MS 65. Dug Powder Flask Neck Section.

Neat relic. Provenance uncertain but I have reason to believe it was found in a Civil War camp along the coast of North Carolina.



MS 66. Two Excavated Sets of Isaacs & Campbell Knapsack Hooks.

These are part of the hardware that fastened these British Knapsacks that were imported by the Confederacy from England. Both of these matching sets were found together by Charles Darden near Petersburg VA. 



MS 67. Matching Pair of Fixed Boot Spurs.

A perfect pair with intact rowells. Also known as “Box” spurs. These are scarce but have been dug in Civil War cavalry camps. Very practical to have these spurs screwed onto your boots in the field as straps were prone to break.



MS 68. Austrian Lorenz Sergeant’s Combination Gun Tool for .54 Cal. Rifle.

Very scarce in non excavated condition and complete with attached worm and intact nipple pick. A fitting item to display with your .54 Cal. Austrian Lorenz Rifle. 



MS 69. Non excavated P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket #4 Private’s Combination Tool.

Non dug “T” pattern complete with wiper/worm attached and lubricating apparatus. Missing nipple pick. See page 366 of Russ Pritchard and C. Huey’s Book “The English Connection” for detailed information on these tools. A perfect item to display with your Enfield Rifle Musket.



MS 70. Dug P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket #4 Sergeant’s Combination Tool.

Scarce dug “T” pattern in great condition with intact nipple pick. Missing worm. See page 365 of Russ Pritchard and C. Huey’s Book “The English Connection” for detailed information on these tools. A perfect item to display with your Enfield Rifle Musket. Find a dug worm/wiper and you will be in business.



MS 71. Excavated Kenansville Field and Staff Sword Guard.

Found many years ago in the James River by the late diver/relic hunter Sam White at City Point, VA. Sam was tragically killed while disarming excavated Civil War ordnance. This relic comes directly from his family and was the pride of his collection. I knew Sam, he was a nice guy and was super passionate about finding the relics.



MS 72. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Mother and Child.

A very clear and touching image. A mother and child hoping daddy will come home from the war? Perfect reenacting prop. 



MS 73. 1905 Denver Colorado 39th Annual GAR Encampment Medal.

Scarce large bronze medal featuring “Pikes Peak”. Superb condition.



MS 74. January 1852 Receipt for “Services as Commissioner of the Poor House”. Shelby County TN. (Memphis).

Good condition, cut cancelled.



MS 75. Matching Pair of US Officer’s Spurs. Marked “U.S.”.

Rare style with stud posts and long necks. Both stamped “U.S.” on the inside of arm. Possibly post Civil War.



MS 76. Slightly Post Civil War Period Surgeon’s Amputation Kit produced by Shepard & Dudley of New York.

Remarkable condition. Case is very nice, has original key is and lined with blue velvet. All of the instruments are well organized and in great condition. Kit seems relatively complete. Ca. 1866-1870



MS 77. US M-1859 McClellan Military Saddle made by Clare & Co., Bethel Ohio.

Good quality saddle with accessories. Brass saddle shield marked “11 1/2 INCH SEAT”. Rawhide seat is in remarkable condition with only a few minor tears. Complete with all fittings, crupper and leather straps. Lariat, carbine boot or “thimble” and US M-1859 smooth sided canteen included. Brass maker tag is stamped “S. CLARE & CO. /MAKERS/BETHEL OHIO”. Leather skirts and stirrup covers are in great condition as are the wooden stirrups. 



MS 78. Excavated US Militia Sword Guard Plate.

Most likely from an early US Militia Sword with an Eagle Head Pommel. Guard fragment is silver plated and features a spread winged US Eagle. Cool looking relic. Dug in an Alabama Troops camp. Northern VA.



MS 79. Colt Pocket Revolver Bullet Mold .31 Cal.

Excellent condition with Colt Patent Stamp.



MS 80. Texas “Hope” Saddle.

Has rawhide-covered seat and is trimmed with dark russet brown bridle leather. The seat covering, quarter straps, sweat leathers, etc. are all tooled leather. The bent wood stirrups are of the rounded-top Confederate pattern. Confederate soldiers hailing from Texas commonly used this type of saddle. The Texas Rangers also
made them famous by their use. Includes girth strap.



MS 81. Southern, possibly Confederate, Morgan “Muley” Saddle.

Evidently this type of saddle is considered to be made in accordance with Southern and Trans -Mississippi saddle making traditions, notably the lack of a “saddle horn”. Condition is very good with intact leather side flaps and iron stirrups. Original woven girth strap also intact. Many Confederate Troopers brought these saddles into the service. Guaranteed to be Civil War period or earlier.



MS 82. Large Dug Clod of Red Clay with dropped .58 Cal. 3 Ring Minie’ dug in a Rifle Pit by Bill Erquitt near the Greenwood Cemetery in 2002. Atlanta Campaign.

Neat relic with solid provenance. Like a moment frozen in the summer of 1864.



MS 83. Dug M-1860 Spencer Rifle/Carbine Hammer.

Good condition. Provenance unknown.



MS 84. Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur found on the 1863 Brandy Station VA. Battlefield.

Scarce type, most likely a civilian pattern. Condition is excellent with intact iron rowell. Pea green patina.



MS 85. Dug South Carolina Rail Road Padlock.

Marked “SC RR”, possibly designating Savannah & Charleston RR? Found in a Confederate troops camp near Charleston SC. Very good condition. Ex. Walter Lineberger collection.



MS 86. Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur. Rare Variant with Long Neck.

Most likely produced by a small Southern contractor. High quality spur with inserted shaft for rowell. I cannot remember where this one was dug unfortunately.



MS 87. Dug US Cavalry Stirrup.

Iron horseman’s stirrup in excellent condition. Provenance of Greensboro NC. area.



MS 88. Dug Shield Insignia found in CS Troops Camp.

Unusual large silver plated shield with lead fill on reverse, Most likely a cavalry harness decoration as it was found with another one. Dug by Warren Vestal near Greensboro NC.



MS 89. P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket Tompion.

Real ones like this are hard to find. Superb condition and a fine accessory for your Enfield. Ex. Charles Darden collection.



MS 90. M-1851 Dug Colt Navy Revolver Bullet Mold .36 Cal.

Very good condition. Professionally cleaned, opens and closes. Designed to cast round and conical bullets. Provenance unknown. 



MS 91. Silver Pocket Watch with Hand Painted Zouave Camp Scene.

This is a wartime produced watch ca. 1862, and the exquisite miniature painting features three gaily festooned US Zouave soldiers in camp with tents and an American flag in the background. Silver case features a train going through a tunnel. Watch comes with its original case and winding key. Rare.



MS 92. Dug Group of Relics found together at The Wilderness VA. Battlefield.

Remnant of a coin purse with one large cent dated 1816, a carved lead cross and an Enfield bayonet scabbard throat and tip. All found together and possibly lost by an unlucky Yankee that burned up in the brambles of the Wilderness.



MS 92. Dug US Company Hat Letter “A”. 

Found in N. VA. Larger 1″ size.



MS 93. Dug US Company Hat Letter “B”. 

Found in N. VA. Larger 1″ size.



MS 94. Dug US Company Hat Letter “C”. 

Found in N. VA. Larger 1″ size.



MS 95. Dug US Company Hat Letter “D”. 

Found in N. VA. Larger 1″ size.