Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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American Civil War Relics (and other things of interest)

US M-1860 Henry Repeating Rifle with Engraved Presentation .44 Cal.

Patented by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860, this unprecedented lever action rifle was able to fire 16 brass cased rimfire rounds with rapidity. Fortunately for the Confederacy, only 6000-7000 ever made it to the battlefield. Only 1731 were purchased by the Federal Government, while the balance were mostly purchased by soldiers via private purchase with their 1864 reenlistment bounty money to the tune of $52.50 each (the average soldier made $13.00 per month). The Henry being offered here is in excellent condition overall with traces of original factory finish on the barrel and no pitting whatsoever. Sharply stamped patent address on top of barrel. Serial # 5998 (June 1864 production) is present on the barrel and brass frame while the butt plate has serial # 6110. I cannot see a serial number on the stock underneath the top butt plate tang (it may be obscured by grime and some were not numbered). Original long range site and sling loops are present. Loading mechanism and spring works properly. Brass frame has a consistent mellow patina and is neatly engraved on one side “To A.D. Lane from B.F. Dunn, Oct. 14, 1865”. The lever mechanism functions properly but the hammer fails to hold when cocked. I am sure this would be a minor issue to rectify. The stock is in excellent condition with nary a ding. There is one small area of chipping where it meets the top butt plate tang. Typical Henry “bump” under sling swivel. The bore is very bright and clean. Considering the late date on the presentation, I have my doubts that this gun saw much service. This may help explain the outstanding condition. Unfortunately I don’t know who the presentation pertains to, but there may be some interesting history attached to this gun if someone could figure that out. The fact remains that this is a squarely wartime produced Henry with some minor issues but great condition. 





Jack W. Melton Collection of WW II Helmets

Many are battlefield struck, some identified, quite a few have great provenance. The core of the collection once belonged to the late Mike Miner who had one of the best WW II collections in the country.



WW 1. Fantastic Grouping of Omaha Beach War Relics found by Nigel Flitter on the 30th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasions. June 6th, 1974. 

These artifacts were carefully collected back in 1974 (when you could still find things) by Nigel Flitter, an Englishman who had an interest in WW II, and attended the memorial services on the 30th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasions (June, 1974). He found a very nice German M-1840 Helmet in the dunes that still retains remnants of a decal and original paint. There is a fragment of an American Landing Craft that he found on the beach, a fragment of a concrete German Bunker and a section of German barbed wire to round things out, each has a detailed label with exact provenance as he found them. Just imagine the drama witnessed by these mute participants on that fateful day, June 6th, 1944, “Bloody Omaha”. Ex. Mike Miner/Jack W. Melton collection.




Collection of Native American and other Pre Columbian ceramics.

Caddo, Anasazi, Mayan and others. Many are complete, some reconstructed and restored.



Viking and Medieval Weapons displayed on custom stands with engraved plaques.


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