Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Civil War Artillery


ART 1. Dug US 12 lb. Solid Shot.

The iconic American Civil War 12 lb. cannonball. Used to batter defenses, break up columns of enemy personnel and artillery batteries. Fired from 12 lb. Napoleon guns and Howitzers. Very good condition with minor pitting. Found in N. Virginia.  


ART 2. Dug US/CS  2.9″ Read-Parrott Shell.

I am uncertain about this shell. It could be a scarce Type I early US Parrott, or a Confederate copy with no lathe dimple. Designed for a wooden paper time fuse adapter. Shell measures 8.5″ in length. Found in Northern VA.


ART 3. Excavated Confederate 2.5″ Blakely Shell from Kennesaw, GA.

A rather extreme rarity, this crude shell has a tall, thin sabot that is intact after being fired. The projectile is rebated at the base and was designed to accommodate a wooden drive in fuse adaptor. Once part of Tom Dickey’s collection. Extreme rarity of 10.


ART 4. Dug 2.5″ Armstrong Shell. 

Rare 6 lb. or “Baby Armstrong” Shell. Used in Armstrong Mountain Rifle. Several Armstrong guns were imported by the Confederacy but saw limited use late in the war. This shell is most likely a European or British find.


ART 5. US/CS Artilleryman’s Lanyard. 

Authentic example in excellent condition with intact primer hook. Ex. Keith Kenerly collection.


ART 6. Dug 3″ Armstrong Shell. Extra Tall Pattern. 

Rare tall variant with brass “shunts” or studs that engaged the grooves of the bore. An innovative design from England. Several Armstrong guns were imported by the Confederacy but saw limited use late in the war. This shell is most likely a European or British find.


ART 7. Excavated Confederate Artillery Friction Primer. Fort Fisher NC. Battlefield.

Rare pewter friction primer with intact brass pull wire. Note sand concretion. These were a very late war development due to the shortage of brass. Found many years ago by Ben Ingraham.


ART 8. Dug US Hotchkiss Paper Time Fuse Adapter for Long Range Projectiles.

Scarce brass adapter. Aqua green patina. Good threads. Provenance uncertain.


ART 9. Rare Confederate 2.9″ Read-Parrott Shell with Girardey Percussion Fuse. 

Scarce late war shell for the Confederate Parrott Rifle. Iron is in excellent condition. Fuse appears to be the copper tube originally inserted in a wooden adapter. The serrated anvil cap is removable. Found near Richmond VA. Ex. Keith Kenerly collection.


ART 10. Dug US/CS 12 Pounder Solid Shot. 

The most iconic American Civil War artillery projectile. Condition is very good with minor pitting. Found in Northern VA. 


ART 11. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Boureletted Shell.

Very good example found long ago on the Chancellorsville VA. Battlefield.


ART 12. Excavated US Wright Fused 12 Pounder Shell.

Rare late war shell. A cache of these was found with slotted shipping plugs. The arming plugs have two spanner holes as seen on battlefield finds. The Wright Time Fuse had a 12 second burning time and was perfect for longer range shelling. The 12 pounder Napoleon was employed successfully with these shells. Shell has pitting and ground action on the zinc fuse body.


ART 13. Dug Confederate 4.2″ Read-Parrott Type II Long Shell.

Rarity “10” shell in fantastic condition. A Confederate copy of the US Parrott with Type II brass sabot. You can see where lathe dog was chipped off at the nose. Note perfect five groove rifling on the sabot and perfect brass time fuse adapter. See page 282 in Jack Bell’s “Civil War Heavy Explosive Ordnance” for reference. Provenance of Fredericksburg VA.


ART 14. Confederate 12 lb. Spherical Shell.

High quality example. This projectile used a wooden paper time fuse adapter and was used in 12 lb. Napoleon Guns and Howitzers. Provenance uncertain.


ART 15. Manual of Military Instruction for Rifled Artillery dated 1863.

Excellent condition and scarce. Even though it is a British treatise, it was most likely imported through the blockade and used by a Confederate Artillery Officer. Rare.


ART 16. Dug Confederate 6 Pounder Shot with Selma Alabama Arsenal “G” Stamp.

Excellent condition with strong mold seam. There is a typical Selma Arsenal “G” stamped along the seam. Provenance uncertain but most likely Western Theater.

$395.00 HOLD A.P.

ART 17. Dug US 3″ Dyer Case Shot.

Really smooth shell body with intact lead sabot and zinc paper time fuse adapter that screws out. Once part of Tom Dickey’s famous artillery collection and has his characteristic white paint spot with what appears to be #18. All of his projectiles had a number code by find site. Top of the line artillery projectiles are getting hard to find.


ART 18. Dug US/CS 12 Pounder Solid Shot. 

The most iconic American Civil War artillery projectile. Condition is very good with minor pitting. Found in Northern VA. 


ART 19. Minty US 3.8″ James Bolt. Shiloh TN. Battlefield.

Unbelievable condition. Slick iron with sharp edges. The best of the best. Found long ago on the Shiloh TN. Battlefield.


ART 20. Dug Confederate Land Mine found at Fort McAllister GA.

Excellent condition and rare. CS 12 lb. spherical shell converted to a mine. Note Girardey pressure sensitive button that would detonate when stepped on. Gen. Sherman forced Confederate prisoners to walk ahead and clear the way when the Yankees encountered these mines on their march to Savannah. Found by a friend of mine who was detecting the old road bed approaching the fort.


ART 21. CS/US Artillerist’s Spanner Wrench for Fuses.

This one fits the standard brass CS paper time fuse adapter, but may also fit some Federal fuses. There is a maker mark on the shaft, appears to be “J.W.–LEAM”. Any info from you heavy metal collectors would be appreciated. Ex. Keith Kenerly collection.


ART 22. Dug Confederate 12 lb. Polygonal Spherical Shell Fragment.

These shells were produced at the Selma Al. Arsenal and were cast with lines of weakness, that upon detonation, would fragment into five sided or diamond shaped shards. This piece is the top of the shell with the fuse hole. Ex. Terry Teff collection.


ART 23. Dug Confederate 12 Pounder Shot. 

Good condition with strong mold seam. Typical crude manufacture. Found Northern VA.


ART 24. Dug US 3″ Type I Hotchkiss Case Shot.

Fine quality dropped example with intact zinc adapter for a paper time fuse. Fully intact lead sabot or “driving band”. Base cup has visible 1861 Hotchkiss Patent address. Found near Smyrna TN. Designed for use in the 3″ Ordnance Rifle.


ART 25. Dug US/CS Artilleryman’s Hammer.

Excellent condition. Found many years by Charles Darden at Petersburg VA.


ART 26. US 3″ Hotchkiss Combination Fused Shell.

Mint non-excavated condition. This late war war shell has a 14 second Bormann Time fuse and was also fitted with a percussion mechanism (removed to disarm the shell). Lead band sabot stamped by ordnance inspector “T.B.” These shells were produced during the war but possibly issued too late to see battlefield use. They are known to be excavated in early Indian War sites.