Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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World War II

WW II 1. Nazi Chained SS Dress Dagger.

This piece represents the embodiment of the Germany’s National Socialist rage for order. Grim and terrible with grinning skulls and SS Runes on the chain. This dagger is an honest one with no monkey business. I believe it is a Type I with the painted scabbard. Ebony grips are well fitted to the pommel and cross guard. Nazi Eagle and SS Rondel perfectly inlaid with German precision. The blade is immaculate and unmolested with its original factory lustre. Scabbard has all of its black paint with consistent surfaces. Throat and tip perfectly match the pommel and cross guard of the dagger. The SS Officer’s that carried these daggers were some ruthless hombres.


WW II 2. M-35 Double Decal German Luftwaffe Helmet.

Original paint and decals. Chinstrap missing. Liner is original and shows service wear. Soldier’s name “Minni” is painted on inside. An unmolested and honest example.



WW II 3. German M-43 SS Panzer Field Cap.

Made by prisoners in the Dachau Concentration Camp (near Munich). Mint condition with unfaded black fabric and perfectly intact inner liner. Totally unmolested. When the camp was liberated by US Troops in 1945, great quantities of these cloth items were were found and taken home as war trophies.



WW II 4. Original 1942 dated “AVENGE December 7!” Pearl Harbor US Propaganda Poster.

Scarce and iconic poster in mint condition. 22″x 28″ OWI Poster No. 15 printed by the US Government Printing Office, 1942. Poster features stirring art by Bernard Pertin showing sailor in torn uniform w/large raised fist standing over an image of the exploding USS Arizona, an iconic image from the Dec. 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Poster has been folded as issued and is totally untouched since the war. One of these in worse condition brought over $550.00 at a recent auction.



WW II 5. Original 1942 dated “God help me if this is a dud” US Propaganda Poster.

Mint condition and scarce. Iconic scene of US Infantryman tossing a grenade. At bottom is legend “HIS LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS”. There are many reproductions and fakes of this poster but this one is the real deal.



WW II 6. Identified Pair of WW II US Army Service Jackets and Caps. 

These uniforms belonged to two brothers who served at the same time. Their names were Ben and Samuel White. Ben was a Sergeant in the US Army Airborne Division and Samuel served as a private in the US 88th “Blue Devil” Division. Both brothers are now deceased. Look carefully at the photos and you can see that the family took very good care of these uniforms. Consignor has several letters from both men to their parents that will be included.



WW II 7. German Waffen SS NCO Visor Cap.

Superb condition. All original with no repairs or monkey business. This is a high grade example.



WW II 8. M-40 German Panzer Master Sergeants Field Tunic.

Here is the uniform jacket of a German Armored or ‘Panzer” Division Enlistedman. Note pink piping on shoulder insignia. The floral Edelweiss Shoulder Insignia designates “Mountain Division”. There is a Berlin manufacturer’s label inside the collar. Condition is excellent and unmolested. Tank Badge is original. The officer who wore this jacket was a small man which makes sense for a tank crew. It displays perfectly on a modern 12 year old youth mannequin.



WW I 9. Rare World War I German Poison Gas Bottle for a 77 mm Gas Artillery Shell.

These bottles were loaded into the Artillery Gas Shells and would break open upon impact releasing deadly Chlorine, Mustard or Phosgene Gas among the enemy lines. Complete with ceramic stopper.