Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 3-13-19

WP 1. Boyle & Gamble (Richmond Va.) Confederate Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.

Textbook example with excellent and 100% original leather grip and brass wire wrap. Brass guard has an untouched mellow patina that matches the brass mounts on the scabbard. Original leather throat washer present. Blade is bright and smooth with only scant and minor fleabite nicks. Rounded spine. The lap seamed scabbard is very nice with a couple of minor pushes and a good bit of the original red lacquer paint intact. These sabers were produced in Richmond VA. by Boyle and Gamble and are high quality products, definitely more well finished that some of the other Confederate sabers.



WP 2. Cased Third Model Tranter Revolver .54 Gauge with “HYDE & GOODRICH” of New Orleans, LA. retailer mark.

These Tranters were highly prized by Confederate Officers. This one bears serial # 8803T, J.E.B. Stuart’s Tranter was serial # 8673T. Condition of this revolver is simply superb with traces of original blue finish in places. Mechanically sharp. Clearly marked on the top of the frame “W. Tranter’s Patent, Hyde & Goodrich Agents for the United States South”. Note the fantastic engraving throughout. No replacement parts or repairs whatsoever. What is truly amazing is the original wooden case lined with green felt and every original accessory. Mold, caps, bullets, cleaning tools, powder flask, oil can etc. All in the same condition as the revolver. This revolver comes with Tim Prince’s (College Hill Arsenal)  in depth write up and description with photographs in a hard binder. 



WP 3. 5th Model Burnside Cavalry Carbine .54 Cal.

Pretty and sharp with loads of original finish and case colors. Mechanically tight. Serial # 14298 which is in the range of Burnside Carbines issued to Co. D of the 6th Ill. Vol. Cavalry. Very sharp markings. Bore is bright and sharply defined. Stock has minor service bumps and a clear US military inspectors cartouche. This is a killer Burnside.



WP 4. Classic Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife.

This textbook Confederate D-Guard is simply monstrous, just a hair short of two feet in length. We have had a lot of fun posing with this knife in the shop. Untouched patina on the handle and the blade. A very impressive Confederate weapon indeed. I would not be surprised if it is published in one of the reference books.



WP 5. Confederate Blockade Run P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket .577 Cal.

This Enfield just needs a little love. First of all, this gun has a “BARNETT LONDON” marked lock. Barnett was a major maker of Enfields that were contracted to the Confederacy. What really seals the deal is the round cartouche on the butt stock spine near the butt plate tang. This is the mark of Caleb Hughes, one of the viewers associated with the Barnett Enfields and only seen on Confederate guns. The hammer is from a M-1863 Springfield and has been with it since the war. If you were to get a lower and middle barrel band and a P-53 hammer, you will have a respectable Confederate Rifle Musket. The ramrod is original and marked “T&C”. 



WP 6. Confederate Boyle & Gamble Saber Bayonet with Locking Adapter.

Produced by the well known Richmond VA. firm to fit the US M-1841 “Mississippi” Rifles. The brass adapter is a Boyle and Gamble product as well. Very good condition. Spring clip on handle is broken.

$1595.00 HOLD R.H.


WP 7. Original Derringer Single Shot Pistol .45 Cal.

An American Classic in respectable condition. Breech and lock plate marked “Derringer Phila”. Checkered walnut stock, hexagonal barrel. Nice German silver mounted foliate engravings on breech of barrel, bolster, lock plate, hammer, and trigger guard. Unmarked shield insert on back strap. Ramrod appears to be original. Barrel length – 4 1/4″. Overall length – 8″. Small crack near trigger guard. Action is a bit sloppy with some play in the hammer. 



WP 8. US M-1861 Ballard Cavalry Carbine .44 Cal.

Agent Marked Ballard Model 1861 Carbine .44 caliber rimfire and matching serial number 17685. Right side of breech marked “Ballard’s Patent Nov. 5. 1861.”, left side of breech marked “Merwin & Bray Agt’s New York”, top of breech marked “No 44.”. Barrel length – 22″. Overall length – 37″.  Action is very good. Barrel has a dark patina. Butt stock has a little play, and a 2 1/4″ crack extending from right side of tang. Ejector works. Missing both sling loops. This pattern is late war, possibly slightly post.



WP 9. Fayetteville NC. Arsenal Saber Bayonet.

Excellent condition with only a light layer of rust on the blade. Found long ago in a Northern VA. barn. Produced to accompany the Fayetteville Rifles.



MS 1. Rare Military Holster for the M-1848 Colt Dragoon Revolver marked “E.GAYLORD CHICOPEE MASS.”.

It is hard enough to find a nice holster for a Colt Army Revolver in this condition, much less a Dragoon. Off the charts rare find and just what some collector may need to clothe a naked revolver. Leather is in great shape overall with an expected degree of crazing and flaking. Very good stitching. All original, no repairs or issues.



WP 10. 1845 Allen & Thurber Six Shot Pepperbox .31 Cal.

Nice standard model in average condition with 4″ Barrel. Clear markings and factory engraving. Mechanically sound.



 WP 11. M-1860 Colt Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Early four screw model with all matching serial # 32062 (including wedge). Very good condition overall with a decent cylinder scene and smooth metal surfaces. Mechanics are sound. Military inspectors cartouche faint but visible on one side of grip. 

$2250.00 HOLD B.D.


WP 12. Confederate Bowie Knife and Scabbard identified to Parker C. Reed, 43rd VA. Cavalry Battalion.

Untouched condition with a great scabbard. This “Arkansas Toothpick” type knife has an iron “S” shaped guard and walnut handle with copper ferrule fittings. Total length of 19″. Appears to be made from a semi convex Bastard File. The name “Parker C. Reed” and 43rd VA” is neatly scratched into the leather scabbard which has tight hand stitching and an intact pigskin belt frog. Missing scabbard tip. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from Shannon Pritchard who states that this knife surfaced in Northeastern VA.



WP 13. M-1861 Remington “Old Model” Army Revolver .44 Cal. 

Military issued with the US Military Inspectors Cartouche on the grip and inspector proof stamps on the frame, cylinder and barrel. Matching early war serial # 13395. Smooth metal surfaces with no pitting. Wooden grips shows typical wear. The mechanics are good but could be tightened up a bit. Traces of original finish on the loading lever. 



WP 14. Nice M-1859 Sharps Pepperbox Revolver .22 Cal.

Beautiful little gun with about 85% original silver wash and checkered gutta percha grips. Mechanically sound. Clear “C. SHARPS PATENT 1859” address on both sides. Early serial # 828. Superb example with no issues.



WP 15. US M-1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber and Scabbard by Ames and dated 1846.

Originally passed down from a descendant of Albert Sydney Johnston (not Johnston’s Saber but from the same family). It originally surfaced here in Knoxville TN. The leather wrap is missing in action and the brass wire is replaced. Blade is smooth with a dark gray patina. Well marked on ricasso “N.P. AMES CABOTVILLE 1846” on one side and “US” and “JH” on the other. Scabbard is original to the saber and has some service dents. This saber is almost certainly Confederate carried and is a great buy.



WP 16. M-1858 Starr Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Superb condition with smooth metal surfaces and an even plum patina. Desirable long barrel. Action is crisp. Clear markings and all matching serial #56000. Walnut grip is excellent. Sharp bore as to be expected on a revolver of this quality. All original and untouched with no monkey business.



WP 17. Dug Long Barrel Pocket Pistol.

Approx. 40 Cal. Found many years ago by Tedford Coln on his own farm. Shiloh TN. Battlefield.




WP 18. Dug Ethan Allen Rimfire Revolver .32 Cal.

Found many years ago on the Shiloh TN. Battlefield (private property) by Tedford Coln. Rarely seen excavated. 



MS 2. Colt Pocket Revolver Powder Flask.

Excellent condition. Great to display with your Colt or any other pocket revolver.



CSBP 1. Dug Confederate Enlistedmans’ Belt Plate.

High quality example of the “Atlanta Arsenal” style CSA with a great patina. Dug recently near the old cemetery in Eatonton GA. 



CSBP 2. Dug Confederate “Snake” Buckle.

Unusual pattern with a highly detailed snake. Slightly smaller than the standard Issacs and Campbell variant. Excavated near Chattanooga TN.



CSBP 3. Dug Louisiana Militia Belt Plate.

A flawless and very attractive example. Dug many years ago near Fredericksburg VA.



CSBP 4. Dug Confederate Enlistedmans’ Belt Buckle.

Scarce heavy frame buckle with wide teeth in superb condition with a slick green patina. Dug long ago near Kennesaw GA.



CSBP 5. Dug Issacs and Campbell “Snake” Buckle.

Standard variant that actually has goose heads on the “S” shaped hook. This is the buckle that was issued in quantity to Confederate Troops and imported through the blockade from England. Issacs and Campbell of London produced these belt rigs and complete sets of accoutrements under contract. Provenance uncertain. Missing keeper.



MS 3. Dug Company Letter “G” Hat Insignia.

Large and unusual lead filled variant with brass pins. Provenance uncertain.



MS 4. M-1859 Federal Cavalry Troopers Spur.

Immaculate early find, one of two found on top of the ground under the leaves in the 1950’s near Winchester VA.



MS 5. Dug Brass Knuckles.

Found back in the late 1950’s near Winchester VA.



MS 6. M-1859 Federal Cavalryman’s Spur.

Nice “Foliate” spur that was found by an early relic hunter in a Cavalry camp near Winchester VA. He said it was on top of the ground under the leaves.



MS 7. Dug Federal Eagle Hat Insignia.

Unusual pattern in excellent condition made of stamped brass. Found in a Federal camp near Chattanooga TN.



MS 8. Dug Company “A” Kepi Insignia.

This small size “A” is in flawless condition with intact attachment wires. Fredericksburg VA.



MS 9. Dug US Federal Shield Hat Insignia.

Large size approx. 1.25″ tall, a scarce Federal Shield Hat Pin with three stars in excellent condition. Dug in the Chattanooga TN. area.



WP 19. US M-1836 Dragoon Pistol .54 Cal. by Ira N. Johnson dated 1840.

Early Military model converted to percussion for the Civil War, most likely by the Confederates. Lock is marked “US” over “I.N. JOHNSON” and “MIDDtn CONN 1840”. Mechanically sound. US Proofs visible on breech. Swivel ramrod is original and functional. Walnut stock is in good shape though shows service use.



MS 10. Rare dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Raker Spur.

Nice green patina and great condition with intact iron rowell. Unusual Western Theater variant. Dug near Kennesaw GA.



MS 11. Cased Civil War Physicians’ Bleeder marked “SNOWDEN, PHILA”.

This type is hard to find and in great condition. Note depth adjustment apparatus. A great piece for those who are interested in Civil War Medicine. You could still use it today!



MS 12. Dug Confederate “Heavy” Cavalry Spur.

Scarce sturdy spur with a green patina. Provenance uncertain.



MS 13. Mushroomed Confederate Whitworth Sniper Bullet.

Remarkable looking bullet that was found on the Resaca GA. Battlefield. I see more dropped ones than fired.



USBTN 1. US Enlisted Mans Hard Rubber Coat Button for Berdan’s Sharpshooters uniform.

GI 86, 22 mm. Flawless example with the “NOVELTY RUBBER CO.” back mark. These non reflective buttons were used on the green uniforms of the the Brigade of elite sharpshooters commanded by Colonel Hiram Berdan. These men were issued double trigger Sharps Rifles .52 Cal. 



USBTN 2. War of 1812 Artillery Officers Overcoat Button.

AY 47A, 24 mm. Rare large size variant in flawless non dug condition, Super sharp details. 



USBP 3. Early US Naval Officers Overcoat Button.

NA 67B, 25 mm. Beautiful and large Navy Button with “TREBLE GILT * STANDd COLOUR” bm.



USBP 4. US Navy Officers Coat Button ca. 1820’s.

NA 81A1, 23 mm. Scarce eagle behind the anchor variant. Flawless condition.”TREBLE GILT STANDARD COLOUR” bm.



USBP 5. US Navy Officers Coat Button ca. 1860.

NA 131, 23 mm. Scarce Fouled Anchor on a lined field used by Chief Petty Officers. Civil War “HORSTMANN & ALLIEN NY.” bm. with rays. Flawless and loaded with gold.



MS 17. Dug US M-1860 Spencer Carbine or Rifle Lock.

Complete and in great condition. Somebody out there can use this piece to complete an excavated Spencer. Great relic on it’s own as well. Dug near Spotsylvania VA.



MS 18. Dug Flagstaff Butt Cap.

Smaller size made of sturdy brass associated with cavalry guidons and banners. Found near Colonial Heights VA.



MS 19. Dug Combination Gun Tool for Foreign Musket or Rifle.

Found in a Confederate Camp near Rocky Face GA.



 MS 20. Dug Confederate Arsenal Combination Gun Tool.

Very nice condition. Dug many years ago in the Confederate 1864 Winter Camps at Dalton GA.



MS 21. Dug US Mainspring Vise for Rifle Muskets.

Used to compress the mainspring while inserting it into the lock. This example is in great condition as it was dug long ago near Dalton GA.



MS 22. Dug US M-1861 Springfield Rifle Musket Combination Tool. 

Fine early dug example from Atlanta Campaign near Dalton GA.

$25.00 HOLD M.F.


MS 23. Dug US M-1842 Combination Gun Tool. 

Fine early dug example from Atlanta Campaign near Dalton GA.

$25.00 HOLD M.F.