Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 5-28-19

CWI 1. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Confederate Brothers from Texas.

Clear image with character. Both brothers wearing matching battle shirts, kepis and bow ties. I got this photo directly from the family in Texas. The father passed away and any detailed information about who these guys are died with him. His descendant had no information whatsoever to share. Nice photo, definitely Confederates. 



CWI 2. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Private John M. Romines, Co. I, 19th Tennessee Vol. Inf. Regt.

This is a fine image with a lot of character. Romines is wearing a really cool embroidered forage cap and brandishing a M-1841 “Mississippi” Rifle and an early model Colt Navy Revolver in his double billet Confederate Roller Belt. Note the striped trousers. Condition is very good with only light scratches on the surface. Housed in its original leatherette case. This ambrotype was once in the famous Herb Peck collection and I believe has been published in a calendar. I cannot say how Peck knew the identity of this soldier. His attribution is all I have. If I had not seen this photo before and was asked what I thought about it, I would have said “definitely a Tennessee Confederate”. The 19th is a strictly East Tennessee Regiment and Co. I was recruited in Hamilton County (Chattanooga is the principal town). An exhaustive record of the 19th Tennessee Regiment accompanies the image as well as copies of Romines’ Muster Roll and Regimental Return records. He enlisted in Knoxville Tn. on May 20, 1861 and shows up in Company A of the 39th Tennessee Regt. later in the war (1863).



CWI 3. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Two Confederate Brothers in Battle Shirts.

Interesting image. I bought this one recently from a Texas family. They had no idea who they were so they remain unidentified. They said their father knew who they were but he is dead and so is the information. Image is in good condition and clear with some minor surface abrasions. Nice leatherette case.



CWI 4. Quarter Plate Ambrotype of a Federal Cavalryman.

Killer content. Mean looking hombre armed with a M-1860 Cavalry Saber and a M-1860 Colt Army Revolver in his belt. He is also wearing a Carbine Sling. Note upturned Kepi. Condition could be better, there are some surface scratches but overall the image is pretty impressive. Housed in original leatherette case. 

$595.00 HOLD K.S.


CWI 5. 6th Plate Tintype of 2nd Lieutenant John R. Stout, Co. D, 132nd Indiana Vol. Infantry.

Super clear color tinted tintype showing Stout with his Foot Officer’s Sword and finely tooled Officer’s Belt Rig. I have not researched Stout’s records and will leave that to the buyer. A very nice Identified image in a very nice thermoplastic case.



MS 1. G.A.R. Gavel crafted of wood taken from the Lookout Mountain TN. Battlefield.

Used to keep order and adjourn Grand Army of the Republic gatherings. Very good condition.



MS 2. Dug Clay Tobacco Pipe with Irish Harp and Clover Decoration.

Dug near Fredericksburg VA. in a Federal camp trash pit. Possibly used by a member of Thomas Meagher’s Irish Brigade. Excellent condition.



MS 3. Dug Ambrotype Found on the Cold Harbor VA. Battlefield.

Amazing and poignant relic. Found back in the 1960’s and probably the the loved ones of a dead Yankee Soldier who made the fateful charge on that particularly bloody day. Outer glass and brass mat also found with it.

$295.00 HOLD H.L.


MS 4. Dug Barrel, Lock and Brass Butt Cap of a Pistol found together at Shiloh, TN.

These parts were dug long ago by Tedford Coln on his own property and probably represent the remains of a pistol that was scrapped for parts.



MS 5. Grouping of Ku Klux Klan Collectibles.

Large Plaster figure has a 1923 copyright date on rear of base. Excellent condition. Three painted lead action figures are unusual and rare. Blank membership card in mint condition. These are historical Americana and Civil Rights artifacts and do not represent our political views.

Plaster Figure $250.00 (HOLD), Card (HOLD) Painted Lead Figures $150.00 ea.


WP 1. Converted US M-1816 Military Musket from a West Tennessee Family. Attributed to Pvt. Lever H. Smith, 55th Tennessee Vol. Infantry Regt.

Accompanied by a COA from Larry Hicklen who purchased the musket directly from the Smith Family. The initials “L.H.S.” are neatly carved into the stock. These early flintlock muskets were converted to percussion and were issued in great quantities to Confederate Troops early in the war. Condition is very good overall. Typical .69 Cal. bore with a deep attic patina. Lock is dated 1829. Original ramrod. Consistent surfaces throughout. Typical Confederate used gun and a very good possibility that the provenance is correct.

$1250.00 SOLD J.W.


 MS 5. Original Ku Klux Klan Robe, Hood and Camellia Sash. 

Guaranteed to be all original and early 20th Century (ca. 1920’s-1950’s). Great condition with no issues. This is a great Civil Rights Museum or Southern Americana item.



Dan Wingate Bullet Collection

We are offering several really rare and unusual bullets from a 40 year collection. Dan Wingate is well known by many of my fellow relic purveyors. One of the nicest and most unassuming people you will ever meet. He is a beekeeper in rural North GA. and I always remember him as coming to the deep south shows seeking the rarest and most unusual variants of American Civil War bullets. He also collected carved bullets and oddities. I want to give Dan acknowledgement for this fine collection. I have never seen one more comprehensive in scope with such high quality specimens. The variety of American Civil War Ammunition is bewildering, particularly of the Confederacy. Fortunately we have the elementary school primer McKee and Mason’s “Civil War Projectiles” reference book as well as the scholarly and exhaustively researched volumes of Dean and Jim Thomas’ “Round Ball to Rim Fire” . Even with these resources, there are many bullet types still unlisted and unknown with new ones being discovered to this day.


 BLT 1. Rare Confederate Tie Ring Sharps with Cone Cavity .54 Cal.

Most like M&M # 188 but with a conical cavity. This is the only one I have owned and it comes from Dan Wingate’s comprehensive bullet collection.



BLT 2. Dug Base of Confederate Explosive Two Piece Bullet .70 Cal. M&M # 533. 

This would be a great acquisition if you have the nose. This particular base has some slight carving by a bored Confederate. Dug near Dumfries VA. Extremely rare and once part of Dan Wingate’s amazing bullet collection.



BLT 3. Dug Confederate Carbine or Rifle Bullet, Unlisted in M&M.

Mint condition, two recessed rings. Approx. .54 Cal. Dug in the Shenandoah Valley near Harrisonburg VA.



BLT 4. Dug Confederate Gardner Bullet .577 Cal. M&M # 173.

Well formed high base variant with pointed nose in very good condition. A scarce Gardner variant. These are mostly found in Western Theater sites. 



BLT 5. Confederate Morse Carbine Bullet .50 Cal. 

Listed as #190 in Thomas and Thomas. Rare bullet produced in Greeneville SC. for the Morse Carbine. Nice dropped example. This bullet was originally fixed to a brass cartridge that had an integral percussion cap. If you have a dug cartridge, here is the bullet you need.



BLT 6. Dug Confederate “Arkansas Hog” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal. M&M # 608.

Rare Trans Mississippi Bullet found in Arkansas. This variant has the plug cavity. Excellent dropped condition.



BLT 7. Dug Confederate “Belgian” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal. M&M # 570.

Nice dropped example. Nose cast with low shallow rings. Typical thick skirt.



BLT 8. Louisiana Troops Rifle Bullet .70 Cal. M&M # 291.

Also known as “British Sea Service” bullet. Excellent condition and known to have been found in Louisiana Infantry camp sites. Provenance unknown.



BLT . Confederate .52 Cal. “Delvigne” Pattern Rifle Bullet M&M # 614.

Rare bullet in excellent dropped condition. This one has a solid rebated base.



BLT 10. Confederate “Lovell” Cavity French Dragoon Bullet .69 Cal. M&M # 293.

Rare bullet in flawless condition. Port Hudson La.



BLT 11. Rare “Extra High Base” French Dragoon Bullet .69 Cal. M&M # 267.

Very rare. Excellent condition. Shiloh TN. Battlefield.



BLT 12. Rare Confederate “Square Cavity” French Dragoon Bullet .69 Cal. T&T (Thomas & Thomas) # 579.

Great condition. Skirt slightly out of round. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.



BLT 13. Rare Enfield Pattern .577 Cal with French Triangular Cavity. 

Unlisted type in dropped condition with shallow triangular cavity. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.



BLT 14. Rare CS Tall “Tower” Rifle Variant .70 Cal M&M # 208.

Very scarce and massive bullet. Thick skirt with small teat in base. 1.20″ in length. Some evidence points to these being used by South Carolina Troops. Only found in early war sites. 



BLT 15. “Extra Tall” CS Tower Bullet .69 Cal. T&T # 594.

Good dropped condition. Unlisted in M&M. Found near Richmond VA. 1.12″ in length with plug cavity. See page 240 of Thomas and Thomas Confederate Arsenals Volume for details.

$85.00 HOLD J.B.


BLT 16. Charleston Arsenal “Brunswick Rifle” Bullet .64 Cal. M&M # 216.

Very rare bullet in excellent dropped condition. Note crude thick skirt. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.

$125.00 HOLD Bulletmeister


BLT 17. Rare Confederate Hall Rifle Bullet .64 Cal.

The only one I have ever seen. Identical to M&M # 291 (British Sea Service) but in .64 Cal. Most likely for use in the Hall Rifle. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.



BLT 18. Confederate Hall Rifle Bullet .64 Cal. M&M # 642.

Rare bullet in excellent dropped condition. Solid base. Ex Dan Wingate collection.

$250.00 HOLD J.B.


BLT 19. Confederate Naval Lab Explosive Bullet .577 Cal. M&M #530.

Most of these are .69 Cal. and are found used as case shot in artillery projectiles. This is the only smaller caliber I have seen. This one appears to have been hacked by a sword. Very rare bullet nonetheless.

$150.00 HOLD J.B.


BLT 20. Raleigh NC Arsenal Rifle Bullet .70 Cal. M&M # 290.

Produced in very limited quantities at the Raleigh Institute for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.

$295.00 HOLD R.A.


BLT 21. Raleigh NC Arsenal Rifle Bullet .58 Cal. M&M # 290.

Perfect example. Produced in limited quantities at the Raleigh Institute for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind. These variants are also incorrectly known as “Carcanos” or “Garibaldi’s”. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.



BLT 22. Raleigh NC Arsenal Rifle Bullet .54 Cal. M&M # 290.

Perfect example. Designed for Austrian and Mississippi Rifles. Produced in limited quantities at the Raleigh Institute for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind. These variants are also incorrectly known as “Carcanos” or “Garibaldi’s”. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.



BLT 23. Extremely rare “Von Dryse” Needle Fire Bullet .54 Cal.

Rarest of the rare. Nice dropped example with intact percussion cap. Used in the M-1841 Prussian Breech Loading Rifle. Unlisted in M&M. Found in Yankee camp near Fredericksburg VA.



CART 1. Excavated CS Morse Carbine Cartridge.

Rarely found this complete and without ground action. Missing leather washer but percussion cap intact. 



BLT 24. Trans Mississippi “Baby Hog” Bullet .54 Cal.

Off the charts rare. These scarce bullets were most likely produced in the deep mid south by the same arsenal the other “Mangeot” patterns like the M&M # 608. Very good dropped condition. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.



BLT 25. CS “Cleburne” Rifle Bullet .54 Cal. Unlisted in M&M.

A handful of these rare bullets were dug many years ago by Coy Kitchens in the Bivouac site of General Patrick R. Cleburne’s Troops on the approach to Shiloh.



BLT 26. Rare Confederate Carbine or Rifle Bullet .50 Cal. M&M # 69.

Described by McKee and Mason as a “Gwynn and Campbell” early model carbine bullet. I have seen a few of these and this is the nicest. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.



BLT 27. Dug “Gwynn and Campbell” Bullet .577 Cal. M&M # 656.

McKee and Mason incorrectly call this rare bullet a “Gwynn and Campbell” but in actuality it is an unknown Confederate Rifle variant. Several of these were dug at Fort Fisher in Confederate context. Ex. Dam Wingate collection.



BLT 28. Extremely rare US .54 Cal. Gardiner Explosive Bullet.

Very few of these have been found. This one is a nice dropped example with verbal provenance of the 1863 Gettysburg PA. Battlefield. I can make out some letters of the patent address on skirt. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.

$950.00 HOLD J.R.


BLT 29. Trans Mississippi Confederate Rifle Bullet .54 Cal. M&M # 301.

Noted as a “Mississippi Rifle” Bullet in M&M. Great dropped condition. This variant has the rounded cavity. 



BLT 30. Joseph Whitworth’s First Pattern Hexagonal Bullet .45 Cal. M&M # 610.

The first Whitworth Sniper Rifle Bullets were hexagonal with a solid base. This one appears to be excavated and is a perfect dropped example. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection. 

$295.00 HOLD S.P.


BLT 31. Confederate Whitworth Sniper Bullet .45 Cal. M&M # 250.

Standard and most commonly encountered variant. Imported from England through the blockade. Sharp conical cavity. Excellent condition. Nashville TN. Battlefield.

$250.00 HOLD L.C.


 BLT 32. Confederate Whitworth Sniper Rifle Bullet .45 Cal.

Scarce Confederate produced variant. Nose cast with a shallow rounded cavity. Very rare and mostly found along 1864 Atlanta and Nashville Campaign sites.



BLT 33. Confederate Whitworth Sniper Rifle Bullet .45 Cal.

Another Confederate produced variant. This type is shorter with a conical cavity. Found only in very late war sites on the North and South Carolina coasts, particularly around Fort Fisher NC.



BLT 34. Confederate Whitworth Rifle Sniper Bullet .45 Cal. 

Unknown variant with bull nose, shallow rounded cavity and thick skirt. Very rare.



BLT 35. US Springfield Arsenal Bullet .58 Cal. with “US” Base Mark. 

Superb example. Dug somewhere in Northern VA.