Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 9-1-20

MS 1. Confederate Infantry Courier’s Dispatch Case.

Extremely rare. Typical Confederate manufacture being made of tarred linen and hand sewn. Script “I” Confederate Infantry button used to secure outer flap. Remarkable condition. Used to convey written orders between officers.



USBP 1. Dug Ohio Volunteer Militia Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling. 

Fantastic condition aside from the iron attachment loops being rusted away. Great detail with a nice patina and full lead. Dug many years ago near Cedar Mountain VA.




MS 2. Nice 6th Plate Tintype of a 7th PA. Regt. Cavalryman and his 1863 Dated US M-1860 Light Cavalry Saber by C.Roby.

Recently found at a family estate sale in Florida by one of my pickers. A very clear 6th Plate Tintype shows a veteran Cavalryman armed with a distinctly Roby M-1860 Saber (note grip similar to M-1840) and a 4 screw Colt M-1860 Army Revolver .44 Cal. I have no positive identification but there is a small tab of paper inside the image case that states “7. PA. CAV.”. Unfortunately his name is missing. Note shiny waterproof cover on his kepi and clear US M-1851 Saber Belt Buckle with complete rig and shoulder strap. The saber has an old, possibly wartime repair of the wire wrap and is marked on the ricasso “C. ROBY W. CHELMSFORD MS.” as well as “US” and “1863” date with inspector mark “M” on the other side. This saber is no doubt 100% the very one pictured in the photo. Perhaps some dedicated research will reveal who this cavalryman is. As for the 7th PA. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, it was a very hard fought unit in the Western Theater of operations, particularly the Army of The Ohio and The Cumberland. Here is a list of their engagements: Moved to Louisville, Ky., December 19, and ordered to Jeffersonville, Ind. Duty there until February 1862. 1st Battalion (Companies A, D, H, and I) sent to Columbia, Tenn. Expedition to Rodgersville May 13–14. Lamb’s Ferry, Ala., May 14. Advance on Chattanooga June 1. Sweeden’s Cove June 4. Chattanooga June 7–8. Occupation of Manchester July 1. Paris July 19. Raid on Louisville & Nashville Railroad August 19–23. Huntsville Road, near Gallatin, August 21. Brentwood September 19–20. Near Perryville October 6–7. Battle of Perryville, October 8. Expedition from Crab Orchard to Big Hill and Richmond October 21. 2nd Battalion (Companies C, E, F, and K), under Gen. Dumont, in garrison at Nashville, Tenn., and scouting in that vicinity until November. 3rd Battalion (Companies B, G, L, and M), in Duffield’s Command, scouting in western and middle Tennessee. Lebanon and pursuit to Carthage May 5. Readyville June 7. Murfreesboro July 18. Sparta August 4–5 and 7. Regiment reunited in November 1862. Nashville November 5. Reconnaissance from Nashville to Franklin December 11–12. Wilson’s Creek Pike December 11. Franklin December 12. Neal, Nashville December 24. Advance on Murfreesboro December 26–30. Lavergne December 26–27. Battle of Stones River December 30–31, 1862 and January 1–3, 1863. Overall’s Creek December 31. Manchester Pike and Lytle’s Creek January 5, 1863. Expedition to Franklin January 31-February 13. Unionville and Rover January 31. Murfreesboro February 7. Rover February 13. Expedition toward Columbia March 4–14. Unionville and Rover March 4. Chapel Hill March 5. Thompson’s Station March 9. Rutherford Creek March 10–11. Snow Hill, Woodbury, April 3. Franklin April 10. Expedition to McMinnville April 20–30. Middletown May 21–22. Near Murfreesboro June 3. Operations on Edgeville Pike June 4. Marshall Knob June 4. Shelbyville Pike June 4. Scout on Middleton and Eagleville Pike June 10. Scout on Manchester Pike June 13. Expedition to Lebanon June 15–17. Lebanon June 16. Tullahoma Campaign June 23-July 7. Guy’s Gap or Fosterville and capture of Shelbyville June 27. Expedition to Huntsville July 13–22. Reconnaissance to Rock Island Ferry August 4–5. Sparta August 9. Passage of Cumberland Mountains and Tennessee River, and Chickamauga Campaign August 16-September 22. Calfkiller River, Sparta, August 17. Battle of Chickamauga September 19–20. Rossville, Ga., September 21. Reenlisted at Huntsville, Ala., November 28, 1863. Atlanta Campaign May to September 1864. Demonstration on Rocky Faced Ridge May 8–11. Battle of Resaca May 14–15. Tanner’s Bridge and Rome May 15. Near Dallas May 24. Operations on line of Pumpkin Vine Creek and battles about Dallas, New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills May 25-June 5. Near Big Shanty June 9. Operations about Marietta and against Kennesaw Mountain June 10-July 2. McAffee’s Cross Roads June 11. Powder Springs June 20. Noonday Creek June 27. Line of Nickajack Creek July 2–5. Rottenwood Creek July 4. Rossville Ferry July 5. Line of the Chattahoochie July 6–17. Garrard’s Raid on Covington July 22–24. Siege of Atlanta July 22-August 25. Garrard’s Raid to South River July 27–31. Flat Rock Bridge July 28. Kilpatrick’s Raid around Atlanta August 18–22. Flint River and Jonesborough August 19. Red Oak August 19. Lovejoy’s Station August 20. Operations at Chattahoochie River Bridge August 26-September 2. Operations in northern Georgia and northern Alabama against Hood September 29-November 3. Carter Creek Station October 1. Near Columbia October 2. Near Lost Mountain October 4–7. New Hope Church October 5. Dallas October 7. Rome October 10–11. Narrows October 11. Coosaville Road, near Rome, October 13. Near Summerville October 18. Little River, Ala., October 20. Leesburg October 21. Ladiga, Terrapin Creek, October 28. Ordered to Louisville, Ky., to refit; duty there until December 28. March to Nashville, Tenn., December 28-January 8, 1865, thence to Gravelly Springs, Ala., January 25, and duty there until March. Wilson’s Raid to Selma, Ala., and Macon, Ga., March 22-April 24. Selma April 2. Occupation of Montgomery April 12. Occupation of Macon April 20. Duty in Georgia and at Nashville, Tenn., until August. Casualties: The regiment lost a total of 292 men during service; 8 officers and 94 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 5 officers and 185 enlisted men died of disease.



WP 1. Harper’s Ferry Arsenal M-1855 Rifle Musket .58 Cal. 

A top notch example with matching 1858 date on the barrel and the lock plate. Smooth and clean metal surfaces throughout. Clear “VP” and Eagle Head Proof as well as “W.C.K.” on the breech. Lock and Maynard Tape Priming System function crisply. Stock is in superb condition with sharp edges and no evidence of sanding. Two sharp Military Inspector’s Cartouches are visible on the flat opposite the lock as well as the viewer’s mark “W.C.K.”. Bore is sharp with strong rifling. Ramrod is original. All Harper’s Ferry guns are scarce and desirable, especially in this condition.



MS 3. US M-1858 “Bullseye” Canteen with cover and strap. Maker marked “PORTER, HADDEN & BOOTH”.

Very good condition with faded blue wool cover. Original leather strap is complete but separated at the junction which can be easily repaired. Maker mark on spout.



WW II 1. German Wehrmacht Infantry Belt Rig with Ammunition Pouches and K-98 Bayonet.

Remarkable condition with maker marks on belt and frog. Belt dated 1939. Bayonet is in near mint condition with copious blue finish on blade and matching serial # 9189. Dated 1940 and marked “P. WEYERSBERG”. Note obvious service wear. This is a very nice early war Infantry Belt.



WW II 2. German Luftwaffe Dress Dagger, Scabbard and Chain.

Good condition, 100% original and honest. Great patina on all surfaces. Blade is bright with “PAUL WEYERSBERG” maker mark on the ricasso. Scabbard is complete with some wear to the leather wrap on one edge.



CART 1. Dug US Agar “Coffee Mill” Machine Gun Cartridge .58 Cal.

Rare cast iron cartridge body with original percussion cap. Found near Richmond VA. (Seven Days Campaign). 



WP 2. 1861 Dated Confederate P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket .577 Cal. With “ISSACS & CAMPBELL” Marked Shoulder Sling.

Very good condition. Metal surfaces are smooth with a mellow patina. Lock is dated “1861” and functions sharply. There is a clear “S” stamped on the comb of the stock adjacent to the butt plate tang. This mark represents the Birmingham based contractor “W.C. SCOTT & SON” who supplied Enfields to the Confederacy. While there is no “JS” over Anchor” mark visible on the stock, there is a #16 stamped on the butt plate tang and the ramrod is numbered “921”. Original long range site is present and marked “W&S”. Bore is worn and dirty from combat use. Stock is in good condition with only minor service dings and a soldiers initials “B.T.B.” are carved on the butt stock. There is a twist in the wood working towards the end of the gun which you can notice in the pictures. I supplied a couple of photos of the gun hanging on the wall to illustrate this. I suppose with some care and effort this could be rectified. The original leather shoulder sling is clearly marked “S. ISSACS CAMPBELL & CO. JERMYN ST. LONDON”. This sling alone is rare and quite valuable. 



MS 4. Dug Mess Kit from US Cavalry Camp.

Plate is fashioned from half of a US M-1858 Canteen. Large pewter spoon is complete and in good condition. Found in a US Cavalry camp guarding a ford on Flat Creek near Mascot, TN.

$45.00 HOLD J.V.


ART 1. Dug US/CS 12 lb. Shot from Shiloh, TN.

Superb condition. Found many years ago by Tedford Coln on his own property which saw heavy action early in the battle on April 6, 1862. This iconic projectile was used in 12 lb. Howitzers and Napoleon Guns.



ART 2. Rare dug US 2.25″ Hale Rocket.

Remarkable condition with no repairs or issues. One of the best excavated examples you will ever see. Note matching serial #44 on both the body and the warhead. A Hale Rocket Battery was deployed on the May 1862 Seven Pines VA. Battlefield and I believe that is where this specimen was found many moons ago.



ART 3. Dug Confederate 6 lb. Shot from Shiloh, TN.

Superb condition with visible mold seam. Found many years ago by Tedford Coln on his own property which saw heavy action early in the battle on April 6, 1862. 



WP 3. US M-1861 Springfield Rifle Musket Dated 1861.

These 1861 dated Springfields are very hard to find in this condition. They were in high demand early in the war and were used and abused in combat. This one, while seeing some action, is still in very good condition with clean and bright metal surfaces. Lock performs sharply and is clearly dated 1861. Barrel date is worn. Bore is excellent and well defined. Original ramrod. Stock is exceptional with only very minor service blemishes. No cracks, missing wood, chatter or repairs. Two visible US Military Inspector cartouches on flat opposite the lock. A much better than average example.



WP 4. Rare P-53 Barnett Marked Artillery Carbine with Saber Bayonet.

Scarce in any condition, this example is very nice. Lock is marked “BARNETT LONDON”. J.E. Barnett and Sons, “consistently sold their arms to Confederate agents and southern buyers throughout the war” (The English Connection, p. 17.) They dealt not only with the Confederate Ordnance Department, but also with the states of Georgia and South Carolina through S. Isaac, Campbell & Co. Metal surfaces are mostly smooth with minor peppering near the breech. Consistent gray turning plum patina on all parts. Lock functions flawlessly. Proper two leaf long range site is present as well as the saber bayonet lug on the side of the barrel. Bore has some wear but is well defined. Original ramrod. Stock is in very good condition as well with only a couple of minor age cracks. One at the terminus of the lock and another extending from one of the lock screws as seen in the photos. A nice “CHAVASSE” marked Saber Bayonet with its original leather scabbard accompanies the gun. Horace Chavasse was also a prominent and noted supplier to the Confederacy. The bayonet fits perfectly and affords this weapon a fearsome appearance. This is a rare gun and was most likely Confederate used.



MS 5. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Clear “CS” stamp. this is the scarcer more pointed variety. Great patina. Verbal provenance of Central VA. 



WP 5. High quality “CSN” Marked Confederate Naval Cutlass with original Scabbard and Belt Frog.

Top notch example in every regard. Very rare with leather scabbard and canvas belt frog.



MS 6. Dug Confederate “Long Necked” Cavalryman’s Spur.

Rare pattern with unusually long neck and intact iron rowell. Provenance of Chattanooga TN. area.



MS 7. Dug .58 Cal. Three Ring Bullet in tree fragment from Lookout Mountain TN.

A very neat relic from the November 1863 “Battle Above The Clouds”. Bullet is well defined and not distorted.



MS 8. Dug Memphis Novelty Works “CS” Marked Cavalry Officer’s Spur.

The firm that produced this spur was also known as “Leech and Rigdon”. They were a prolific contractor/manufacturer originally based in Memphis TN. producing Swords, bowie knives, cutlasses, belt rigs, spurs and many other kinds of military equipment. This spur is in remarkable early dug condition with intact iron rowell and smooth patina. I forgot exactly where it was dug but I think Middle Tennessee.



MS 9. Dug Tennessee Militia Officer’s Bridle Rosette.

This rare rosette was dug in a Confederate position along the Atlanta defensive lines by Johnny Bobo. Note full lead and Tennessee State Seal. It appears to have been found in a creek. Excellent condition. 

$650.00 HOLD D.C.


MS 10. Dug Confederate “CS” Marked Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Perfect condition with a smooth brown patina. Provenance of Central VA. near Suffolk.



WP 6. US M-1832 Artillery Short Sword.

Nice untouched example. Dated 1844 with “N.P. AMES” Address and US military inspector marks on blade and brass guard. Blade has some very minor nicks. A lot of relic for the $$. These fearsome swords were patterned after the famous Roman Gladius and the American version was copied from the French model.



CSBP 1. Dug Confederate Officers Belt Buckle.

Flawless CS “Coin Style” Tongue and Wreath Buckle. Both pieces found together with a matching patina. No repairs or issues. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Joe Haile Collection.

$3250.00 HOLD R.C.


CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Buckle.

This variant is known as the “Standard” Type Frame Buckle. Issued in large quantities to Confederate Troops early in the war. Perfect condition. Provenance uncertain.



ART 4. Dug US 3″ Hotchkiss Percussion Fused Shell.

Excellent condition. Fired from a worn out 3″ Ordnance Rifle. Provenance of Bean Station TN. Battlefield. Professionally disarmed.



ART 5. Dug 3.67″ Read Shell Base Fragment with Brass Sabot.

Fired from a Confederate 20 Lb. Parrott Rifle. Excellent condition. Provenance uncertain. 



ART 6. Dug US/CS 12 lb. Shot from Dug Gap (Dalton) Ga. Campaign.

Provenance neatly painted upon the projectile. Some moderate pitting on reverse towards bottom.



ART 7. Dug and Sectioned US 12 lb. Bormann Case Shot.

Great example neatly cut in half and exposing the iron case shot balls in black pitch matrix. You can also see the inner workings of the Bormann Time Fuse. These projectiles were particularly deadly and upon detonation would shower the shrapnel in all directions. Artillerists were trained to explode them directly above advancing enemy troops. Provenance uncertain.



ART 8. Dug US 3″ Type II Parrott Shell.

Very good overall condition. Zinc percussion fuse is present but deteriorated. Perfect brass Type II sabot. Provenance uncertain.



ART 9. Dug 32 lb. Confederate Spherical Shell.

Near mint condition. Note mold seam and general crudeness. Found back in the 1960’s near the Gettysburg PA. Battlefield. As far as I know, there were no 32 lb. guns at Gettysburg and I suppose it is possible that the shell may have been intended to decorate a monument as was commonly done at the turn of the century. whether true or not, this is a scarce shell in fantastic condition. This type used a wooden adapter for the paper time fuse.



ART 10. Dug US Schenkl Percussion Fuse.

Better than average condition. Ground action obscures the Schenkl patent address and may be improved with cleaning. Dug by the late Johnny Bobo. Atlanta Campaign.



ART 11. Dug Confederate Fuse Adapter for long range Read/Read-Parrott Projectiles.

Really nice brass adapter with good threads found long ago by Johnny Bobo in the wake of the Atlanta Campaign near Kennesaw GA.



ART 12. Dug Confederate Time Fuse Adapter for Spherical Shells and Case Shot.

Good condition. Found by Johnny Bobo. Atlanta Campaign. Note remnants of paper time fuse.



ART 13. Dug US Hotchkiss Paper Time Fuse Adapter for long range shells.

Scarce adapter with long shaft for extended burning time. Excellent condition with a slick green patina. Provenance unknown.

$125.00 HOLD M.R.


ART 14. Dug Type I US 3″ Parrott Percussion Fused Shell from Gettysburg PA. Battlefield.

Fine example with excellent clean iron and perfect wrought iron Type I Sabot. Zinc percussion fuse with spanner holes intact though partly distorted from impact. Provenance of Gettysburg PA. Battlefield. Ex. Jerry Keyes Collection.



ART 15. Dug US Schenkl Percussion Fuse.

Fine looking fuse with clear “J.P. SCHENKL PAT. OCT. 16, 1861” Address on face of flange. Missing center cap and slider. Provenance of Kennesaw Mtn. Battlefield. Found long ago by the late Johnny Bobo.



ART 16. Dug Confederate Fuse Adapter for long range Read/Read-Parrott Projectiles.

Another great example with good threads. Provenance unknown.



ART 17. Rare Excavated Paper Time Fuse Adapter for Type I Hotchkiss Shells.

These zinc adapters are only found on early war battlefields. The only examples I know of come from the Shiloh-Corinth Campaign. The Type I Hotchkiss Projectile did not have flame grooves. Perfect condition.



ART 18. Dug Confederate Time Fuse Adapter for Spherical Shells and Case Shot.

Excellent condition with a nice green patina. Provenance unknown.



ART 19. Dug 24 lb. Confederate Spherical Shell.

Superb condition with intact wooden time fuse adapter. Note mold seam. Dug at Vicksburg MS. You rarely see Confederate shells of this quality for sale.

$450.00 HOLD C.S.


ART 20. Dug Type III US 3″ Parrott with Schenkl Percussion Fuse.

Rare with Schenkl Fuse. Unfortunately the fuse is badly mangled from impact. Overall a very decent Parrott. Note Type III Brass Ring Sabot. Ex. Jerry Keyes Collection.



ART 21. Dug Confederate 24 lb. Shot.

Super slick. Note crude mold seam. Dug at Helena Arkansas by Bill Shaner.



ART 22. Dug 12 lb. Confederate Spherical Shell.

Very nice condition and would certainly clean up even better if stripped of varnish and refinished. This type designed for the wooden paper time fuse adapter. Note mold seam. Dug at Vicksburg MS.



ART 23. Complete US 100 lb. (7″) Parrott Shell Brass Ring Sabot. 

Unusual to find not broken in pieces. These massive shell sabots were almost always sheared off when fired. Provenance unknown. A really cool artillery relic.



ART 24. Dug US 3.8″ Hotchkiss Bolt for James Rifled Gun. 

Near mint condition with legible 1855 Hotchkiss Patent Address on base. Found long ago on the Vicksburg MS. Battlefield. 

$650.00 HOLD C.S.


ART 25. Dug US 3″ Dyer Shell/Case Shot Sabot.

Nearly complete and in good condition. You might be able to use this for display if you have a Dyer Shell missing the sabot. Provenance of Fredericksburg VA.

$65.00 HOLD


ART 26. Dug Confederate 2.9″ Brass Sabot for Read Shell or Bolt.

Complete example showing lands and grooves from the cannon bore. Found many years ago on the Shiloh TN. Battlefield by Tedford Coln.



ART 27. Dug Brass Ring Sabot for US 4.2″ (30 lb.) Parrott Shell.

Complete and in great condition. Provenance unknown.



ART 28. Dug US 3.67″ Hotchkiss Bolt for Rifled 6 Pounder Gun.

Iron is in mint condition. Intact lead driving band (Sabot). Dug long ago near Vicksburg MS.



ART 29. 1864 Dated Pack of Frankford Arsenal 5 Second Artillery Paper Time Fuses for Artillery Shells.

Complete and unopened. Nicely printed packet. Great condition.



ART 30. Excavated Nose Fragment from Type I Hotchkiss Case Shot.

Note early Type I Zinc Fuse Adapter. Found many years ago on the Shiloh TN. Battlefield by Tedford Coln.



ART 31. Excavated Confederate 3.3″ Archer Prototype Sabot.

Complete lead sabot sheared off of a rare 3.3″ Archer Prototype Bolt fired during the April 1862 Battle of Shiloh TN. Found many years ago by Tedford Coln. Rare!



ART 32. Excavated CS/US 24 lb. Shot from Shiloh TN.

Rarity 7 Projectile in great condition. Dug many years ago on the April 6, 1862 Shiloh TN. Battlefield by Tedford Coln.



ART 33. Excavated “US” Marked Bormann Time Fuse.

Dropped and unpunched example with all second increments legible. Provenance unknown.



ART 34. Dug US Naval Watercap Fuse dated 1863.

Excellent condition. Missing center cap. Provenance unknown.



ART 35. Dug Confederate Fuse Adapter for long range Read/Read-Parrott Projectiles.

Really nice brass adapter with good threads and a nice green patina.



ART 36. Dug US Schenkl Percussion Fuse. 

Complete and in very good condition with legible “J.P. SCHENKL PAT. OCT.16, 1861” address. 



ART 37. Dug US Naval Watercap Fuse dated 1864.

Excellent condition. Missing center cap. Provenance unknown.



ART 38. Dug US 3.8″ James Percussion Shell Anvil Cap and Slider.

Excellent condition. Both components dug on the April 6, 1862 Shiloh TN. Battlefield by Tedford Coln.



ART 39. Dug Confederate Time Fuse Adapter for Spherical Shells and Case Shot.

Excellent condition with a nice green patina. Unusually long variant. Provenance unknown.



ART 40. Dug Confederate Fuse Adapter for long range Read/Read-Parrott Projectiles.

High quality brass adapter with good threads and a nice green patina.



ART 41. Dug US Hotchkiss Adapter for Paper Time Fuse.

Super condition with no ground action and good threads. Provenance unknown.



ART 42. Dug US 3.5″ Wiard Canister Base Plate.

This rare canister was used early in the war and scrapped due to poor performance. The shrapnel consisted of lead balls that tended to clump together and not spread properly. Dug long ago on the April 6, 1862 Shiloh Battlefield by Tedford Coln.



ART 43. Dug Confederate Time Fuse Adapter for Spherical Shells and Case Shot.

Excellent condition with a nice patina. Standard pattern. Provenance unknown.



ART 44. US Bormann Time Fuse.

Non excavated example in near mint condition with all 5 second increments legible. Scarce to find.

$295.00 HOLD C.S.


ART 45. Dug Exploded US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell Fragments including Base Cup with partial lead driving band and brass fuse adapter.

All dug near the Five Forks VA. Battlefield by Arthur Lehman.



ART 46. Dug Exploded Confederate Case Shot Fragment with Brass Fuse Adapter and Lead Shrapnel.

All dug near the Five Forks VA. Battlefield by Arthur Lehman. 



ART 47. Dug Exploded US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell Fragments including Base Cup with Lead Driving Band.

All dug near the Five Forks VA. Battlefield by Arthur Lehman.



ART 48. Dug US Hotchkiss Percussion Fuse.

This fuse was most likely embedded into a tree when the shell exploded. Center Cap is missing but fuse has wood inside.



ART 49. Dug Group of Dropped Artillery Friction Primers.

Excellent condition. All found together by Warren Vestal on a spot overlooking Adams Creek near Morehead City NC. 

$28.00 ea.


ART 50. Dug and Exploded Schenkl Percussion Fuse.

Violently blown out through the side. Cool battlefield relic. Provenance of Eastern NC. 

$125.00 HOLD C.S.


MS 11. Dug P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket Lock.

Good condition. Professionally cleaned and coated for display. Verbal provenance of Shiloh TN.



MS 12. Dug US M-1861 Springfield Rifle Musket Lock.

Good condition. Found on the Shiloh TN. Battlefield by Tedford Coln. 



MS 13. Dug 1828 Dated US Large Cent.

Found by Warren Vestal at a Civil War camp near Greensboro NC. 



MS 14. Dug Clay Tobacco Pipe with Masonic Motif and Patriotic Eagle.

Interesting relic found many years ago by Warren Vestal in a Civil War camp near Greensboro NC. 



MS 15. Dug US Cavalryman’s Spur.

Found near Greensboro NC. by Warren Vestal.



MS 16. Dug Lead Ingot marked “JAMES M. McCULLOUGH”.

This New York firm is known to have supplied lead products to the US Ordnance Department throughout the Civil War. Found in a Civil War Camp near Greensboro NC. 



MS 17. Dug Ohio Volunteer Militia Officer’s Bridle Bit Boss.

Found here in Knoxville TN. by local digger Drew Lewis. Very rare, especially this variant. 



MS 18. Dug Brass Spigot for Barrel or Cask Tap.

Found by Warren Vestal in a Civil War Camp near Greensboro NC. 



MS 19. Dug Brass Applique with War Trophy Motif.

Cool relic found in a Civil War camp near Greensboro NC. I have no idea what it if for, perhaps a decoration on a sword scabbard. 



MS 20. Dug Powder Measuring Tip from Black Powder Flask. Marked “AM FLASK & CAP CO.”

A neat little war relic found near Bentonville NC. by Warren Vestal.



MS 21. Dug .58 Cal. Three Ring Bullet in a piece of Heartwood Pine from the Bentonville NC. Battlefield.

Excellent condition with bullet exposed. 

$75.00 HOLD E.F.


MS 22. Relic Pocket Pistol Approximately .50 Cal.

Missing wooden grip. Action sort of works. From a California estate. These were carried by many soldiers as a last line of defense.



MS 23. Dug 1849 Dated US Large Cent.

Found by Warren Vestal at a Civil War camp near Greensboro NC. Super sharp details and patina. This was a lot of money to lose in 1865.



MS 24. 12 Dug Clay Tobacco Smoking Pipe. 

Superb condition. Found in a Civil War Camp near Greensboro NC. by Warren Vestal.



MS 25. Dug Brass Flag Staff Base Finial. 

Great condition. Long variant. Dug near Greensboro NC. by Warren Vestal.

$95.00 HOLD G.B.


 BLT 1. Rare Confederate Tie Ring Sharps with Cone Cavity .54 Cal.

Most like M&M # 188 but with a conical cavity. This is the only one I have owned and it comes from Dan Wingate’s comprehensive bullet collection.



BLT 4. Dug Confederate Gardner Bullet .577 Cal. M&M # 173.

Well formed high base variant with pointed nose in very good condition. A scarce Gardner variant. These are mostly found in Western Theater sites. 



BLT 6. Dug Confederate “Arkansas Hog” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal. M&M # 608.

Rare Trans Mississippi Bullet found in Arkansas. This variant has the plug cavity. Excellent dropped condition.



BLT 7. Dug Confederate “Belgian” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal. M&M # 570.

Nice dropped example. Nose cast with low shallow rings. Typical thick skirt.



BLT 12. Rare Confederate “Square Cavity” French Dragoon Bullet .69 Cal. T&T (Thomas & Thomas) # 579.

Great condition. Skirt slightly out of round. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.



BLT 29. Trans Mississippi Confederate Rifle Bullet .54 Cal. M&M # 301.

Noted as a “Mississippi Rifle” Bullet in M&M. Great dropped condition. This variant has the rounded cavity. 



 BLT 31. Confederate Whitworth Sniper Rifle Bullet .45 Cal.

Scarce Confederate produced variant. Nose cast with a shallow rounded cavity. Very rare and mostly found along 1864 Atlanta and Nashville Campaign sites.



BLT 32. Confederate Whitworth Sniper Rifle Bullet .45 Cal.

Another Confederate produced variant. This type is shorter with a conical cavity. Found only in very late war sites on the North and South Carolina coasts, particularly around Fort Fisher NC.



BLT 33. Confederate Whitworth Rifle Sniper Bullet .45 Cal. 

Unknown variant with bull nose, shallow rounded cavity and thick skirt. Very rare.



BLT 34. US Springfield Arsenal Bullet .58 Cal. with “US” Base Mark. 

Superb example. Dug somewhere in Northern VA.