Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Miscellaneous Relics

MS 1. Chickamauga Battlefield War Log with US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell.

Fantastic war relic. Pine log is over 3 feet tall and has a complete US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell nose embedded in it. When this log first surfaced out of a GAR Hall in Pennsylvania the shell was determined to still be live and it has since been professionally disarmed. Provenance is verbal but typical of other Chickamauga Pine logs I have seen. The shell is 100% authentic to the log and has not been added to it. Top is flat and could be used as a small table. Shop or show pick up only.



MS 2. Minty US Shoulder Belt Plate Ca. 1820’s.

Scarce early US stamped brass insignia with wire attachment hooks. Flawless condition and untouched patina. 



MS 3. Rare excavated State of Kentucky Militia Hat Wreath.

Found in a Florida Civil War camp site. Excellent condition and loaded with gold plating. A small size (1/2″) hat company letter or number fits perfectly inside the opening. A very rare insignia indeed.



MS 4. Dug Heart Shaped Insignia found in a Polk Co. TN. Confederate Camp.

Interesting cast brass piece with solder mark on reverse. Possibly a hat pin or horse harness decoration. Found near Benton TN. by Mike Guffey.



MS 5. US Enlistedman’s Forage Cap Identified to Private Lewis Cissell, Co. A, 52nd Indiana Vol. Infantry Regt.

High quality cap, totally untouched. Note strong blue color. Original chinstrap, tarred leather brim, intact sweatband with soldiers name and regiment written in brown ink. Linen liner completely intact with original “6 3/3 REGULAR” tag inside. All I could find on Cissell is that was from Loogootee Indiana. He enlisted on Feb. 1st, 1862 as a Private in Co. A of the 52nd Indiana Vol. Inf. Regt. He evidently re-enlisted on 2-27, 1864 and was discharged on 9-10, 1865 in Montgomery Al. He was transferred to Company I in May after the war was over. Identified Civil War headgear is rarely encountered for sale.



MS 6. Excavated 6th US Army Corps Identification Badge inscribed “W.T. Howard, Co. H, 5th Regt. Vet VT. Vols”. Wounded at The Wilderness and Petersburg.

This is a large silver ID badge with great character and history. William T. Howard was a member of the hard fought 5th Vermont Infantry Regt. and was wounded first at the Battle of The Wilderness in April of 1864 where the 5th was decimated suffering over 200 casualties. He was wounded again at the Siege of Petersburg. The 5th Vermont was so hard hit during 1864-1865 that the highest rank of any of its officers present for duty was that of a Captain and for more than three months, none higher than a First Lieutenant. William Howard was promoted to Sergeant on Jan. 1st, 1865 having served in Co. H the entire war since April of 1861. This badge was found many years ago at Brandy Station, VA.



MS 7. US M-1861 Cartridge Box and Sling identified to Pvt. Alfred M. Edwards, Co. A, 45th Illinois Vol. Infantry Regt.

The condition of this “C.S. STORMS MAKER N.Y.” marked box is truly remarkable. The leather is smooth and supple, nearly immaculate. The identification is purely verbal but is attributed to Private Alfred M. Edwards of Co. A, 45th Illinois Vol. Regt. According to records, he was wounded in the arm at the Battle of Shiloh and discharged on Nov. 3rd, 1862 because of this wound. His initials “AME” are carved on the inside flap Four original bullets remain in the box including a Williams Cleaner. Box and shoulder strap are stamped “US”. The cartridge box plate and shoulder belt plate exhibit a matching deep bronze patina. This super ensemble is priced purely for what it is. The identification, if accurate, is a bonus. A perfect compliment for your high quality .58 Cal. Rifle Musket.



MS 8. Excavated Confederate Officer’s Spur produced by the Memphis Novelty Works.

Flawless early find with intact iron rowell. A relic of the Shiloh TN. Battlefield.



MS 9. US Mid War Pattern Cartridge Box for .58 Cal. Rifle Musket.

Maker marked “E. METZGER PHILA” and inspector marked “H.H. HARTZELL SUB INSPECTOR US ORD. DEPT”. Condition is excellent with latch tab and roller buckles intact. Tins are missing. US Oval Cartridge Box Plate is original to the box and has an untouched patina.



MS 10. Silver Handled Fighting Knife.

Unmarked Sheffield Type with double edged blade and ornate solid silver handle. 14″ overall length. I have seen wartime images of soldiers with this exact knife shoved in their belts. Excellent condition.



MS 11. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Flawless stamped brass type with a nice green patina and sharp “CS” stamp. Provenance uncertain but likely from Northern VA.



MS 12. Dug US M-1833 Enlisted Dragoon’s Hat Plate.

Extremely rare large silver plated Dragoon Insignia in excavated condition. Applied eagle appears to be made of cast pewter. Found many years ago at a Confederate occupied Fort site in Oklahoma by Bob Shelton.




MS 14. Colt Pocket Revolver Powder Flask .31 Cal.

Excellent condition. Great to display with your Colt or any other pocket revolver.



MS 15. Dug Confederate “Richmond Arsenal” Spur.

Excellent condition and patina. This is the very unusual large size variant. Found many years ago near the Kennesaw Mountain GA. Battlefield.



MS 16. Dug US “Jeff Davis” Hat Pin.

Used to pin up one side of the US M-1851 Hardee Hats. This superb example was dug by Bob Shelton at Camp Cooper Texas where Confederate General Robert E. Lee was once stationed before the war. 



MS 17. Grand Army Of The Republic Medal.

Fantastic condition and note attached Infantry Major’s Oak Leaf Insignia. A very nice Veteran’s piece.



no images were found

MS 18. Early Federal Shako Hat Plate Insignia.

Excellent condition. This large U.S. Hat Plate is sharply detailed with a Federal Eagle perched on a shield in front of cannons and war trophies. Ca. 1830’s.



MS 20. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Scarcer elongated type made of stamped brass with strong “CS” stamp and a smooth chocolate patina. Provenance uncertain.



no images were found

MS 21. Rare 19th US Army Corps Badge. 

Rare late war badge made of stamped brass. Also known as the Middle Military Division. Formed on Nov. 17th, 1864. Dug near Petersburg, VA.



MS 22. Dug Confederate Cavalry Officer’s Spur.

Found many years ago on Signal Mountain TN. overlooking Chattanooga. The spur is broken and the digger over cleaned it but it is a really cool Confederate marked relic nonetheless. These spurs were produced by the Memphis Novelty Works, also known as Leech and Rigdon.



MS 23. Original Civil War Shackles from the Old Capitol Prison, Washington DC.

Complete and in great condition though missing key. Old brown ink tag states “Hand Cuffs used by Lt. Enmeijer? When he was in charge of the Old Capitol Prison, Washington DC.”. With the start of the Civil War in 1861, the Union repurchased the building to use as a prison for captured Confederates, as well as political prisoners, spies, Union officers convicted of insubordination, and local prostitutes. Many people arrested following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln were also held here. These included Dr. Samuel MuddMary SurrattLouis Weichmann, and John T. Ford, owner of Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was shot. The adjoining row of houses, Duff Green’s Row, was also used as part of the prison. Famous inmates of the prison included Rose GreenhowBelle BoydJohn Mosby, and Henry Wirz, who was hanged in the yard of the prison. These shackles may have very well been used on some of these notorious persons.



MS 24. Extremely Rare Matching Pair Of Brass Confederate Cavalry Stirrups.

Rare Confederate copies of the US M-1833 Dragoon Stirrup. Fantastic green patina. Dug together on the Brandy Station VA. Battlefield. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



 MS 25. Harper’s Ferry Arsenal Gun Tool for the M-1841 “Mississippi” Rifle with “U.S.” Stamp.

Scarce to find when you need one for your Harper’s Ferry Military Rifle. Flawless non dug condition.



MS 26. Dug Confederate “Heavy” Cavalry Spur.

Scarce sturdy CS Trooper’s spur with a green patina. Provenance of Atlanta Campaign.



MS 27. Grand Army Of The Republic Flag Pin.

Authentic celebratory pin given out at GAR meetings and events. I have a few of these in excellent condition. An interesting and affordable accent to any American Civil War collection. This one features the “We drank from the same canteen” motto and imagery.




no images were found


MS 30. Confederate “Gardner” Pattern Drum Canteen.

Nice untouched patina with remnants of cork stopper and soldiers’ initials “JJH” carved neatly on the face. Note beautiful untouched patina. Discovered recently in a Gettysburg PA. antique shop and most likely a relic of the battle.



MS 31. Dug Nipple Protector and Chain.

Enfield style nipple protector with long brass canteen stopper chain attached. A soldier’s ingenuity for sure. Provenance uncertain.



MS 32. Dug Bugle Mouthpiece.

Flawless example with a nice green patina. Found in a US Civil War Cavalry Troopers Camp near Dandridge TN.



no images were found

MS 33. Rare US M-1872 Cavalry Picket Pin.

Fantastic condition and quite scarce. This is exactly what Custer’s Cavalry, the Horse Soldiers and other Trooper’s on the hostile Indian frontier were using to secure their horses. 



MS 34. Dug matching pair of Richmond Arsenal Cavalry Spurs.

Found many years ago by Wallace Markert in an 1864-65 Confederate Cavalry camp near Dinwiddie Court House VA. Very nice condition with matching patina.



MS 35. Dug Federal Eagle Decoration for Military Drum.

Perfect condition with traces of silver plating. Provenance uncertain.



 MS 36. Original Ku Klux Klan Robe, Hood and Camellia Sash. 

Guaranteed to be all original and early 20th Century (ca. 1920’s-1950’s). Great condition with no issues. This is a great Civil Rights Museum or Southern Americana item.



MS 37. Dug Saber Bayonet Adapter.

Unusual iron variant. Possibly Confederate or perhaps made for the Colt Revolving Rifle. I forgot where it was dug.



MS 38. Excavated Straight Razor found in US Camp Trash Pit.

Interesting dug relic with most of its Gutta Percha handle intact. Found in Federal Troops Camp near Murfreesboro TN.



MS 39. Dug US Burnside Cavalry Carbine Combination Tool.

Fantastic early find from Sherman’s 1863 sprawling Cavalry camp at Eastport MS. Scarce tool.



MS 24. Excavated Confederate Artillery Friction Primers.

Perfect condition. All found together at the site of the Confederate Powder Works in Augusta GA. by Charles Nash.

$25.00 ea.


MS 41. Excavated Soldier’s Gold Wedding Band.

Found many years ago by Bob Shelton in a Texas Troops camp. Note traces of design.



no images were found

 MS 42. Confederate Cavalry Officer’s Spur by Leech and Rigdon.

Superb non excavated example with intact rowell and clearly cast “CS” on the backside. 



MS 43. Dug Infantry Officer’s Sword Belt Keeper and Chain.

Really cool relic. Note armored knight on top of infantry hat horn decoration. Unusual roller type chain. Found in a Confederate Troops Camp near Savannah GA. by Mark Presley.



MS 44. Limb from tree under which CS General A.P. Hill commanded his troops at Antietam.

A really neat G.A.R. Post relic from the Antietam MD. Battlefield. Old brown ink tag states “Under this tree commanding his troops stood General A.P. Hill at the Battle of Antietam” and “G.A.R. Post 12”.



no images were found

MS 45. Dug US Company Letter “I” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Stafford VA. 



MS 46. Dug Company “A” Kepi Insignia.

This small size “A” is in flawless condition with intact attachment wires. Smaller than the regulation Federal Kepi “A” (24mm). Very possibly for the Virginia Militia “VA” within a wreath. Fredericksburg VA.



 MS 47. Dug US Company Letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition and hard to find intact. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Orange VA. by Sam Higginbotham.



MS 48. Dug Company Letter “A” Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size neatly perforated by the soldier to be sewn onto a hat. Found by Bob Shelton in a Texas Civil War troops camp.



MS 49. Dug US Company Letter “D” Hat Insignia.

Very good condition with a great patina. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Orange VA. 



no images were found

MS 50. Dug US Company Letter “E” Hat Insignia.

Here is a tough one. Very good condition with no repairs. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Eastport MS. by Charles Sweeney. 



MS 51. Dug Company Letter “G” Hat Insignia.

Large and unusual lead filled variant with brass pins. Provenance uncertain.



no images were found

MS 52. Dug U.S. Company Letter “I” Hat Insignia.

Typical stamped brass about 1 ” tall. Found near Corinth MS.



MS 53. Dug Regimental #8 Hat Insignia.

Scarce cast brass number “8”. Found in a Confederate camp in New Kent Co. VA. by Kenny Pickle. Approx. 1″. 



MS 54. Civil War period Side Knife.

American Civil War Troops on both sides carried these knives and they were used to do everything. Whittle, cut up apples, skin varmints and stab enemies as a last line of defense. This knife still retains its edge and has antler grips. Brass cross guard is loose. 



no images were found

MS 55. 1862 dated Letter Envelope from Private James F. Cameron, Co. C, 11th Alabama Vol. Infantry. Killed in action at Gettysburg.

Great condition and fully legible. Sent to his father. James had a brother named Matthew in a different regiment who was also killed in battle at Chickamauga on Sept. 20th, 1863.



MS 56. US M-1864 Cartridge Box for .58 Cal. Rifle Musket.

Maker marked “S.H. YOUNG & CO. NEWARK”. Condition is very good with latch tab and roller buckles intact. Tins are not present. Displays great.



MS 57. “UNION OR DEATH” Inscribed .69 Caliber Three Ring Rifle Bullet from the Shiloh TN. Battlefield. 

This is the real deal. Found several years ago by Brant Arnold on private property that was once part of the first day’s Battle and also a Federal Infantry Camp. Dropped condition. Neatly and legibly inscribed. I believe this bullet may also be published in an issue of the North South Trader Civil War Magazine. A Federal soldier has expressed his sentiments quite forcefully here and with profound symbolism.



no images were found

MS 58. Dug “Martingale” for U.S. Cavalry Harness.

Plain lead filled type with raised rim in fantastic condition. No repairs. Ex. Claude Maley Collection.



MS 59. Confederate UCV Reunion Flag.

Unusual Swallowtail Banner version of the First National Pattern. This flag is perfectly sized for framing and exhibits proper aging yet retains bright blue and red color. Measures 23″ X 55″. Ca. 1890-1920.




MS 61. Dug Regimental #6 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Rarely found unbroken. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 62. Dug Regimental #8 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Rarely found unbroken. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 63. Dug Regimental #0 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 64. Dug Regimental #4 Kepi Insignia.

Excellent condition. Dug near Orange VA. by Sam Higginbotham. Small size, approx. 1/2″.



MS 65. Dug Regimental #0 Kepi Insignia.

Small 1/2″ size for Kepi. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



no images were found

 MS 66. Dug Leech and Rigdon Artillery Short Sword Blade.

Rare Leech and Rigdon Blade that would have had a cast brass “CS” marked guard. Found by Brant Arnold and Ray Treece in a trash pit along the Shiloh retreat route. Someone out there has a dug brass guard that would mate with this rare blade.



MS 67. Dug Patriotic Shield decoration for Military Drum.

Found in a Federal Camp near Savannah GA. by Mark Presley.



MS 68. Dug Federal M-1859 Trooper’s Spur.

Found back in 1989 at the White Oak Swamp near Mechanicsville VA. Leather boot strap still intact. 



MS 69. Dug US Burnside Cavalry Carbine Gun Tool.

Perfect excavated condition. Dug near Richmond VA. by John Duggan.



MS 70. Dug Confederate Issue Mainspring Vise marked “C.S.”.

Very rare tool. Note sturdier construction compared to US counterpart. Clearly marked “C.S.”. Found in General Joseph E. Johnston’s 1864 Winter Camp near Dalton GA. 



MS 71. Dug US Tumbler Punch for Springfield Rifle Musket. 

Remarkable condition. Dug long ago by Charles Sweeney near Eastport MS. 



WP 72. Dug Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife.

Found in one of CS General James Longstreet’s 1864 Winter Camps near Russellville TN. According to the digger’s tag, it was found in a South Carolina troops camp, likely Kershaw’s Brigade. Complete condition with a diamond cross section spear type blade. 20″ in length.

$650.00 HOLD L.C.