Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Miscellaneous Relics

MS 1. Chickamauga Battlefield War Log with US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell.

Fantastic war relic. Pine log is over 3 feet tall and has a complete US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell nose embedded in it. When this log first surfaced out of a GAR Hall in Pennsylvania the shell was determined to still be live and it has since been professionally disarmed. Provenance is verbal but typical of other Chickamauga Pine logs I have seen. The shell is 100% authentic to the log and has not been added to it. Top is flat and could be used as a small table. Shop or show pick up only.

$3495.00 HOLD L.F. 


MS 2. Confederate Infantry Courier’s Dispatch Case.

Extremely rare. Typical Confederate manufacture being made of tarred linen and hand sewn. Script “I” Confederate Infantry button used to secure outer flap. Remarkable condition. Used to convey written orders between officers.



MS 3. Rare US Mounted Officer’s Spur with Stars.

A fantastic and totally untouched example that saw service. Note patriotic design with 13 stars and “US” straddling the rowell shank. Rowell spins freely.



MS 4. US M-1851 Enlisted Cavalry or Artillery Saber Belt Rig marked “DINGEE & LORIGAN”.

High quality belt is made of supple buff leather. The buckle is very nice and stamped with bench # 923 (keeper is not numbered). Note maker stamp “DINGEE & LORIGAN MAKERS, NEW YORK” on inside surface of belt. Both saber hangers are present. A very nice rig to display with your US Cavalry/Artillery Saber or mount on a mannequin with your Cavalry or Artillery Shell Jacket.



MS 5. Virginia Secession Badge attached to a Confederate Requisition Receipt dated Feb. 9th, 1862.

This receipt is for several items received from a John Hopkins. It mentions “three perfect and five imperfect sets of harness” as well as a “set of whiffle trees, a camp kettle, two wagon covers, six imperfect bridles, two six mule teams, two extra wagons” etc. all signed for by a “T. E. Leahy”? I imagine that the Secession Badge was possibly left as a token of surety by this particular officer. The badge itself is finely crafted from red, white and blue silk ribbons and has a Virginia Militia Coat Button attached by a strand of bullion wire. The button bears the “HORSTMANN & ALLIEN N.Y.” bm. with rays.



MS 6. State of Louisiana Secession Badge.

Something you don’t see everyday and this one is in superb condition with a wartime Louisiana Militia Coat Button mounted in the center of a red badge with white tails. There are many early wartime photos showing soldiers wearing these proudly on their uniforms. These rare badges were recently acquired from a long time Richmond VA. collection.



MS 7. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Clear “CS” stamp. this is the scarcer more pointed variety. Great patina. Verbal provenance of Central VA. 



MS 8. US M-1864 Cartridge Box for .69 Cal. Rifled Musket.

Scarce US Infantry cartridge box in very good condition. 100% complete and original. Clearly embossed “US” on outer flap. Leather has some crazing on surface but is flexible. Maker marked on inner flap “R. NECE” in addition to a US Ordnance Inspector’s stamp. Original tins present.  Box measures approximately 8 ¼” x 2” x 5” (for the .69 caliber elongated ball). Appropriate to display with your .69 Cal. rifled and sighted M-1842 and M-1816 as well as the variety of French, German, Austrian and Belgian rifled muskets in .69 Cal.



MS 9. Alabama Volunteer Corps Secession Badge or Cockade.

Most likely a cockade sewn onto an Alabama Officer’s Slouch hat. Remarkable condition with a cuff or vest size Alabama Volunteer Corps button fastened in the center of a star. These badges were recently acquires from a long time collection in Richmond VA.



MS 10. US M-1861 .58 Cal. Cartridge Box and Shoulder Sling.

Early to mid war pattern that would be the perfect compliment to your US M-1855, 1861 or 1863 Rifle Musket. All original including the US and Federal Eagle plates that have an nice matching patina. Leather is pliable and in great condition. Box is unmarked which is proper for the early patterns.



MS 11. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Flawless stamped brass type with a nice green patina and sharp “CS” stamp. Provenance uncertain but likely from Northern VA. Ex. Joe Haile collection.



MS 12. Dug US M-1833 Enlisted Dragoon’s Hat Plate.

Extremely rare large silver plated Dragoon Insignia in excavated condition. Applied eagle appears to be made of cast pewter. Found many years ago at a Confederate occupied Fort site in Oklahoma by Bob Shelton.




MS 14. Rare US Colt Dragoon Revolver Holster maker marked “E. GAYLORD”.

Scarce to find and a fitting accessory to your Colt Dragoon revolver. Leather is supple and the holster will fit your revolver perfectly. No tears, repairs or issues other than some surface crazing.



MS 15. Dug Confederate “CS” Marked Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Perfect condition with a smooth brown patina. Provenance of Central VA. near Suffolk.



MS 16. Dug US “Jeff Davis” Hat Pin.

Used to pin up one side of the US M-1851 Hardee Hats. This superb example was dug by Bob Shelton at Camp Cooper Texas where Confederate General Robert E. Lee was once stationed before the war. 



BLT 17. Dropped Confederate Gardner Bullets .577 Cal. Found on the Gettysburg PA. Battlefield.

All in great condition and dug long ago by Mike Mancuso in an area occupied by Texas and Georgia Troops on private property near the South Cavalry Field.

$15.00 ea.


MS 18. George K. Williamson’s (22nd Wisconsin Vol. Inf. Regt. “Racine Guards”) Captain’s Commission signed by Wisconsin Governor Edward Saloman.

George Williamson was commissioned on August 9th, 1862. I have not researched Captain Williamson’s record but do know that Saloman was the first Jewish State Governor in the US and that he had a brother that served with heroism at Gettysburg. Commission is in great condition with bright orange Wisconsin State Seal affixed. Mounted on a hard board.




MS 21. Dug Ohio Volunteer Militia Officer’s Bridle Bit Boss.

Found here in Knoxville TN. by local digger Drew Lewis. Very rare, especially this variant. 



MS 22. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur with “Gutterback” Frame Belt Buckle wrapped around it.

Here is what a bored Confederate Trooper did with his broken spur and belt buckle. Found in a Confederate Cavalry camp near Richmond VA. Ex. Brant Arnold collection.



MS 23. Brass Bullet Mold for Pickett Rifle.

Approximately .45 Cal. Excellent condition.



MS 24. Extremely Rare Matching Pair Of Brass Confederate Cavalry Stirrups.

Rare Confederate copies of the US M-1833 Dragoon Stirrup. Fantastic green patina. Dug together on the Brandy Station VA. Battlefield. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 25. Civil War period “CODMAN & SHURTLEFF” Cased Amputation Kit.

Very nice condition with almost all pieces marked “CODMAN & SHURTLEFF”. I believe this kit to be original with original instruments which is unusual as most kits contain replacement instruments from different makers. Housed in original red velvet lined mahogany case. Label present inside lid reads “CODMAN & SHURTLEFF SURGICAL & DENTAL INSTRUMENTS, 13 TREMONT ST. BOSTON.”



MS 26. Dug 1835 Dated US “Capped Bust” Quarter Dollar from Fort Fisher NC.

This rare silver coin should grade pretty high, like Extra Fine +. Found in the Confederate works near Fort Fisher, NC. 



MS 27. Dug Lead Ingot marked “JAMES M. McCULLOUGH”.

This New York firm is known to have supplied lead products to the US Ordnance Department throughout the Civil War. Found in a Civil War Camp near Greensboro NC. 





MS 30. Dug Brass Spigot for Barrel or Cask Tap.

Found by Warren Vestal in a Civil War Camp near Greensboro NC. 



MS 31. Dug Nipple Protector and Chain.

Enfield style nipple protector with long brass canteen stopper chain attached. A soldier’s ingenuity for sure. Provenance uncertain.



MS 32. Identified US M-1858 “Bullseye” Canteen inscribed “I Marched With Sherman To The Sea, John Loveridge (13th Michigan Vol. Inf.) to Kurt, My Grandson”.

Original American Civil War Canteen with great provenance. John Loveridge was a private in the 13th Michigan Vol. Infantry and did indeed participate in Sherman’s march to the sea. A folder containing detailed biographical and genealogical details on Loveridge is included with the canteen.



MS 33. Rare US M-1872 Cavalry Picket Pin.

Fantastic condition and quite scarce. This is exactly what Custer’s Cavalry, the Horse Soldiers and other Trooper’s on the hostile Indian frontier were using to secure their horses. 



MS 34. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Scarce decorated iron type with brass rowell. Excellent condition. Provenance of CS Cavalry camp near Corinth MS.



MS 35. Dug Federal Eagle Decoration for Military Drum.

Perfect condition with traces of silver plating. Provenance uncertain.



MS 36. Excavated US Officer’s Spur.

Scarce fancy pattern with scrolling foliate designs. Provenance unknown.



MS 37. Dug CS/US Cavalry Picket Pin.

Very good condition. Dug near Shiloh, TN. 



MS 38. Pewter Medical Syringe. 

Used for urethral injections to treat venereal diseases which were rife in the large camps and occupied cities.



MS 39. Dug Silver US 9th Army Corps Insignia. 

Remarkable condition with sharp detail. Fashioned from stamped silver. Found long ago on the Petersburg VA. Battlefield.



MS 40. Classic Confederate Wood Drum Canteen with carved Wooden Stopper and partial Shoulder Strap.

Superb condition with an untouched patina. Partial leather strap still retains adjuster buckle. Very solid. Once part of the late Bill Erquitt’s long time collection.



MS 41. Excavated Soldier’s Gold Wedding Band.

Found many years ago by Bob Shelton in a Texas Troops camp. Note traces of design.



MS 42. Dug Colt Navy Revolver Mold .36 Cal.

Condition is such that the mold hinge is not frozen and it is complete with sprue cutter. Provenance of Shiloh TN.



MS 43. Dug US Cavalryman’s Spur.

Found near Greensboro NC. by Warren Vestal.



MS 44. Excavated Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Heavy cast brass with large iron spiked rowell. Provenance of Brandy Station VA. Battlefield.



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MS 45. Dug US Company Letter “I” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Stafford VA. 



MS 46. Excavated Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Remarkable condition with long neck and large iron rowell. Classic style. Provenance of New Market TN.



 MS 47. Dug US Company Letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition and hard to find intact. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Orange VA. by Sam Higginbotham.



MS 48. Dug Company Letter “A” Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size neatly perforated by the soldier to be sewn onto a hat. Found by Bob Shelton in a Texas Civil War troops camp.



MS 49. Excavated Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Untouched woods patina with small brass rowell. Provenance of Corinth MS.



no images were found

MS 50. Dug US Company Letter “E” Hat Insignia.

Here is a tough one. Very good condition with no repairs. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Eastport MS. by Charles Sweeney. 



MS 51. Dug Brass Applique with War Trophy Motif.

Cool relic found in a Civil War camp near Greensboro NC. I have no idea what it if for, perhaps a decoration on a sword scabbard. 



MS 52. Dug Powder Measuring Tip from Black Powder Flask. Marked “AM FLASK & CAP CO.”

A neat little war relic found near Bentonville NC. by Warren Vestal.



no images were found

MS 53. Dug Regimental #8 Hat Insignia.

Scarce cast brass number “8”. Found in a Confederate camp in New Kent Co. VA. by Kenny Pickle. Approx. 1″. 



MS 54. Relic Pocket Pistol Approximately .50 Cal.

Missing wooden grip. Action sort of works. From a California estate. These were carried by many soldiers as a last line of defense.



MS 55. 1862 dated Letter Envelope from Private James F. Cameron, Co. C, 11th Alabama Vol. Infantry. Killed in action at Gettysburg.

Great condition and fully legible. Sent to his father. James had a brother named Matthew in a different regiment who was also killed in battle at Chickamauga on Sept. 20th, 1863.



MS 56. 12 Dug Clay Tobacco Smoking Pipe. 

Superb condition. Found in a Civil War Camp near Greensboro NC. by Warren Vestal.



MS 57. “UNION OR DEATH” Inscribed .69 Caliber Three Ring Rifle Bullet from the Shiloh TN. Battlefield. 

This is the real deal. Found several years ago by Brant Arnold on private property that was once part of the first day’s Battle and also a Federal Infantry Camp. Dropped condition. Neatly and legibly inscribed. I believe this bullet may also be published in an issue of the North South Trader Civil War Magazine. A Federal soldier has expressed his sentiments quite forcefully here and with profound symbolism.



 MS 58. Dug Infantry Officer’s “False Embroidered” Hat Insignia.

Beautiful insignia with sharp details and traces of silver plating. The stamped brass regimental #1 has been added for display but matches the horn perfectly. Both pieces dug near Spotsylvania VA.



MS 59. Heavy Brass US Mounted Dragoon or Artillery Stirrup with “T.&T. FAIRBANKS & Co. St. JOHNSBURY VT.” Maker Stamp.

Scarce maker mark. Rarely seen.




MS 61. Dug Patriotic Shield Strap Buckle.

Found many years ago by Warren Vestal on the Sayler’s Creek VA. Battlefield.



MS 8. Dug Quarter Cut 1776 Silver Spanish 8 Reale Coin.

An authentic “Piece of Eight’. Found many years ago by Warren Vestal near Greensboro NC. Cool relic.



MS 63. Dug Regimental #0 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 64. Dug Regimental #4 Kepi Insignia.

Excellent condition. Dug near Orange VA. by Sam Higginbotham. Small size, approx. 1/2″.



MS 65. Dug Regimental #0 Kepi Insignia.

Small 1/2″ size for Kepi. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



no images were found

 MS 66. Dug Leech and Rigdon Artillery Short Sword Blade.

Rare Leech and Rigdon Blade that would have had a cast brass “CS” marked guard. Found by Brant Arnold and Ray Treece in a trash pit along the Shiloh retreat route. Someone out there has a dug brass guard that would mate with this rare blade.



MS 67. Dug Patriotic Shield decoration for Military Drum.

Found in a Federal Camp near Savannah GA. by Mark Presley.



MS 68. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

This narrow type is found in Confederate Cavalry camps. Plain and unmarked but still retails iron tacks. Found near Greensboro NC.



MS 69. 1842 Dated Patriotic Pin with Federal Eagle.

This piece came from a diggers collection but I have no provenance on it. I suppose it commemorates some event. Measures about 5/8″ in diameter or a little larger than a penny. Missing pin on back.



MS 70. WW I US Cavalry Stirrup marked “U.S.” and “GS & BROS.”.

I have never seen this standard iron variant with a “U.S.” or a maker stamp. This one has both. Condition is excellent. This pattern evidently stayed the same for many years. Identical to the standard US Civil War stirrup.

$20.00 HOLD D.H.


MS 71. Dug US Tumbler Punch for Springfield Rifle Musket. 

Remarkable condition. Dug long ago by Charles Sweeney near Eastport MS. 

$25.00 HOLD D.H. 


MS 72. Dug Austrian Lorenz Bayonet made into an entrenching tool.

Found along the lines near Petersburg VA. This is what had to be done when there was a shortage of shovels and the enemy was shooting at you.



MS 73. Dug US Bridle Rosette or Bit Boss.

Early pattern made of lead filled stamped brass. Dug recently by Brant Arnold near Corinth MS. Attachment wires intact.



MS 74. Dug US 12th Army Corps Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition with traces of gold plating. This type was provided by camp sutlers to troops in the Army of the Potomac. Verbal provenance of Chancellorsville, VA.



MS 75. Dug early US Militia Saddle Shield.

Made of cast brass with silver plating. Interesting and possibly from the late 1700’s period. Dug Northern VA. 



MS 76. Austrian Lorenz Sergeant’s Combination Gun Tool for .54 Cal. Rifle.

Very scarce in non excavated condition and complete with attached worm and intact nipple pick. A fitting item to display with your .54 Cal. Austrian Lorenz Rifle. 



MS 77. Non excavated P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket #4 Private’s Combination Tool.

Non dug “T” pattern complete with wiper/worm attached and lubricating apparatus. Missing nipple pick. See page 366 of Russ Pritchard and C. Huey’s Book “The English Connection” for detailed information on these tools. A perfect item to display with your Enfield Rifle Musket.



MS 78. Dug P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket #4 Sergeant’s Combination Tool.

Scarce dug “T” pattern in great condition with intact nipple pick. Missing worm. See page 365 of Russ Pritchard and C. Huey’s Book “The English Connection” for detailed information on these tools. A perfect item to display with your Enfield Rifle Musket. Find a dug worm/wiper and you will be in business.



MS 79. 6th Plate Ambrotype of young girl.

Beautiful girl finely dressed. A very clear image. Housed in a nice thermoplastic case. Perhaps she was some soldier’s sweetheart. A good item to have for a reenactor’s impression.



MS 80. 6th Plate Daguerrotype of a young girl.

Beautiful early image housed in a nice thermoplastic case. Very high quality. 



MS 81. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Mother and Child.

A very clear and touching image. A mother and child hoping daddy will come home from the war? Perfect reenacting prop. 



MS 82. Dug Memphis Novelty Works “CS” Marked Cavalry Officer’s Spur.

The firm that produced this spur was also known as “Leech and Rigdon”. They were a prolific contractor/manufacturer originally based in Memphis TN. producing Swords, bowie knives, cutlasses, belt rigs, spurs and many other kinds of military equipment. This spur is in remarkable early dug condition with a mostly intact iron rowell, clearly cast “CS” and a smooth patina. Provenance uncertain.



MS 83. Scarce US Militia Officer’s Bridle Bit Rosette.

Rare type and highly detailed, I once had a dug one that was found in a Confederate camp. Still retains leather backing. Reverse is lead filled. Perfect condition.



MS 84. Dug US/CS Martingale.

Possibly Confederate or pre-war. Not typical US issue. Good condition with full rim but has some bends. Found near Jackson MS. by Mike Rejebian.



MS 85. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Unusually large and sturdy spur. Confederate Arsenal Pattern. Iron rowell intact but quite rusty. Provenance of North Ga.



MS 86. Excavated pair of Belt Plate Hooks.

One set is standard Gaylord pattern that will work with US, SNY and many Confederate State oval plates including Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi and Maryland. The other hooks are for a mid war US pattern belt plate. Both dug by Johnny Bobo near Atlanta GA.



MS 87. Dug US Cavalry Hat Insignia for Kepi or “Hardee” Hat.

Complete with no repairs, exactly as it was found. Dug near Vicksburg MS.



MS 88. Excavated US Militia Sword Guard Plate.

Most likely from an early US Militia Sword with an Eagle Head Pommel. Guard fragment is silver plated and features a spread winged US Eagle. Cool looking relic. Dug in an Alabama Troops camp. Northern VA.



MS 89. Dug Confederate .577 Cal. Enfield bullet in wood fragment.

Found many years ago by Bill Erquit in the wake of the Atlanta Campaign. 



MS 90. Dug US Artillery Insignia for Kepi or Hardee Hat.

Complete and totally untouched. Found in the wake of the Vicksburg MS. Campaign.



MS 91. Dug US M-1858 Canteen.

Virtually complete though flattened. Found in a old roadbed by the late Arthur Lehman. Amelia County VA. Displays really well in a case.



MS 92. Civil War Straight Razor With US Patriotic Motif On Blade.

What a cool razor. Not only is the blade engraved with the US Federal Eagle but check out the nude babe on the bone or thermoplastic handle. Blade also bears a Sheffield, England maker mark and has a small chip. 



MS 93. Dug “100 Ind.” Regimental Hat or Uniform Insignia made of Cast Lead. 

Some proud member of the 100th Indiana Volunteer Regt. cast this lead pin in a camp near the Big Black River between Jackson and Vicksburg MS. Very rare insignia. 



MS 23. Large Dug Clod of Red Clay with dropped .58 Cal. 3 Ring Minie’ dug in a Rifle Pit by Bill Erquitt near the Greenwood Cemetery in 2002. Atlanta Campaign.

Neat relic with solid provenance. Like a moment frozen in the summer of 1864.



MS 95. Battlefield Struck Enfield Rifle Musket Nose Cap.

Completely and unquestionably shattered by a projectile. Found by the late Arthur Lehman, most likely on the Five Forks VA. Battlefield. Amelia County VA.



MS 96. “A Soldier’s Dream Before A Battle” Song Card.

Excellent condition and printed on period card stock. Bright red and blue colors. No doubt sold to soldier’s by camp sutlers.

“Its midnight now in Tennessee,
There is no sound, but in the forest tree,
The cold October winds blow wild.
I’m sad when I think of the soldier’s child.

The soldier lies in his tent and dreams
Of his home in the North, and the bright running streams,
Of the wife of his youth, and the old cottage home,
Where, when but a boy, they delighted to roam.

He dreams of his parent’s’ that’s beneath the cold sod,
They are resting their bodies, their souls are with God;
He dreams of his daughter, so beautiful and mild,
That’s with her mother, a poor soldier’s child.

The bugle is sounded, the war path must be tread;
He thinks of his friends, he leaves them with God;
He rushes to battle, with the thousands so true,
To die ‘neath the folds, of the red white and blue.

He has fought his last fight, his country to save,
To conquer the foe, that seeks to enslave;
He fell in the battle, so fierce and wild,
And he breathed his last prayer, for the soldier’s child.

From the field of the battle his body is borne
To rest in the grave, ‘till the great judgement morn;
In his grave near the Camp may he find sweet repose,
And his friends the spot, when the war shall close.

Camp Smith, Tennessee, October 28th, 1864″



MS 97. Dug US Artillery Hat Insignia.

Used on Forage Caps and Hardee Hats. Very good condition with no repairs and only minor cracks. Found long ago by Arthur Lehman, Amelia County VA.



MS 98. Dug Confederate Bridle Bit Boss.

Excellent condition. Civilian type with lead fill and silver plating. Dug in a CS Cavalry Camp in Amelia County VA. by Arthur Lehman.



MS 99. US Patriotic Letter Envelope”1861″.

Nice condition. Bright colors.



MS 100. Dug Confederate Battle Flag Spade or Finial.

This crude flagstaff finial or spear is made of wrought iron and was dug within the Confederate trenches at Spanish Fort Alabama. Rare and 100% Confederate.



MS 101. Dug Clod of Red Clay with a .52 Cal. Spencer Cartridge Hull dug in a Rifle Pit by Bill Erquitt near the Greenwood Cemetery in 2002. Atlanta Campaign.

Neat relic with solid provenance. Like a moment frozen in the summer of 1864.



MS 102. Dug Clod of Red Clay with dropped .58 Cal. 3 Ring Minie’ dug in a Rifle Pit by Bill Erquitt near the Greenwood Cemetery in 2002. Atlanta Campaign.

Neat relic with solid provenance. A moment in time frozen in 1864.