Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Miscellaneous Relics

MS 1. Fantastic Military Grouping identified to Capt. Calvin A. Laws of “Bowens Guards” (Chicago Illinois) and 1st Vermont Vol. Infantry Regt.

I have Captain Laws’ Field and Staff Officers Presentation Sword with original belt and hangers. his sash and a his photo. Note old tag from family which reads “This sword was presented to and carried by Capt Calvin A. Laws (your Grandma Fishers brother and your great uncle) when he was Captain in Bowens Guards in the Civil War. He enlisted first in Vermont and then again at Chicago Ill. as Captain. He received an honorable discharge. This sword is to become the property of my nephew Alexander F. Livingston at my decease, also the silk sash attached. Signed July 11, 1936. Walter E. Fisher”. All items are in superb untouched condition. The photo is particularly nice with its original frame. Display stand for belt included. Copies of service records included.



MS 2. Dug Clay Smoking Pipe with Negro Head. 

Remarkable details and condition. Found near Savannah GA. by Lewis Potts.



MS 3. Chickamauga Battlefield War Log fashioned into a Writing Desk Ornament with Inkwell.

Chickamauga Battlefield Park served as the site of Camp Thomas during the Spanish American War as well as headquarters of the 6th US Cavalry. Later it was a training camp for US soldiers in WW I and II. This souvenir inkwell stand was apparently made from items found in or near the Black Branch of Chickamauga Creek. Vines are used as the base and a “War Log” containing a fragment of an exploded 12 lb. Spherical Shell is the centerpiece. There are various Civil War and Spanish-American War relics attached throughout by small nails. Written on a horseshoe mounted in place behind the inkwell is “ONE LITTLE DROP OF INK HAS MADE A MILLION MEN THINK”. This is an impressive souvenir from the reunion era ca, 1900.



MS 4. US “Navy Pistol”Ammunition Crate. 

Box retains it’s original lid and measures 14″x 9″x 6″. Vibrant green paint. This crate originally held .36 Cal. Cartridges for Navy Revolvers. Appears to have been utilized as an officer’s field desk. Note tongue and groove joints.



MS 5. US Enlistedman’s Forage Cap Identified to Private Lewis Cissell, Co. A, 52nd Indiana Vol. Infantry Regt.

High quality cap, totally untouched. Note strong blue color. Original chinstrap, tarred leather brim, intact sweatband with soldiers name and regiment written in brown ink. Linen liner completely intact with original “6 3/3 REGULAR” tag inside. All I could find on Cissell is that was from Loogootee Indiana. He enlisted on Feb. 1st, 1862 as a Private in Co. A of the 52nd Indiana Vol. Inf. Regt. He evidently re-enlisted on 2-27, 1864 and was discharged on 9-10, 1865 in Montgomery Al. He was transferred to Company I in May after the war was over. Identified Civil War headgear is rarely encountered for sale.



MS 6. Dug South Carolina Hat Pin.

Skillfully crafted from a South Carolina Belt Plate. Perfect condition and quite sturdy. Dug long ago near Grahamville SC. and published in Dave and Celeste Topper’s book on South Carolina relics.



MS 7. US M-1841 12 lb. Mountain Howitzer Full Scale Reproduction with Ammunition Chest and all accessories.

If you are serious about shooting a full scale Civil War Cannon for display, competition, reenacting, protecting your compound or just good ole plain fun, here is the cannon for you. This gun has a solid steel tube coated with brass and was produced by the Trail Rock Ordnance Company of Rutledge TN. Everything you need to fire this weapon is included. The cannon has already been proved firing solid shot and canister effectively and accurately. Practically new with very little use. Included with the gun is a full scale ammunition chest, several 12 lb. canister rounds (one complete, the rest need to be filled with balls and crimped), molds for casting lead canister balls, pendulm hausse sight, thumb stall, lanyard, friction primers, primer pouch, vent pick, tompion, leather gloves, two bags (50 lbs) of black powder and several other accessories. Cannon is located in Mascot TN. and can be hauled in the back of a pickup truck or on a small trailer. 



 MS 8. Dug Texas or Militia Saddle or Bridle Insignia.

Lead filled brass star within a shield in great condition. These are found primarily in Confederate sites. Dug near the Kennesaw Mountain GA. Battlefield.



MS 9. Dug early United States Marshall’s Badge.

Classic large badge dug in West Virginia ca. 1880-1900. Nice chocolate brown patina. Measures 3.5″ from point to point.



MS 10. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur Produced By Leech and Rigdon AKA “Memphis Novelty Works”.

Very nice condition and an unusually thick variant. The “CS” and stars stand out in sharp relief. No ground action at all and no repairs or bends. Found over 40 years ago near Lawrenceville GA. and probably lost by a member of Gen. Joe Wheeler’s Cavalry Command.



MS 11. Dug Enfield Rifle Musket Lock.

Very good condition with intact components and mainspring. Provenance of Petersburg VA.

$55.00 HOLD P.K.


MS 12. Manhattan Revolver Bullet Mold .36 Cal.

Superb condition with clear “MANHATTAN FIREARMS MANUFG. CO. N.Y.” patent address. A fitting accessory for your Manhattan Navy.



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MS 14. Colt Pocket Revolver Powder Flask .31 Cal.

Excellent condition. Great to display with your Colt or any other pocket revolver.



MS 15. Dug Confederate Converted Musket Lock.

Unusual early lock converted from flint to percussion by the Confederates. The retainer plate is still attached and has suffered a violent impact. Dug in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

$95.00 HOLD P.K.


MS 16. Excavated Confederate Cavalry Bridle Bit Boss.

Found in June of 1979 in a Confederate Cavalry Camp near Dinwiddie VA. and in superb condition with three remaining attachment prongs. These fancy Cavalry Harness sets were imported from England through the Federal Blockade.

$795.00 HOLD J.H.


 MS 17. Dug Confederate Artilleryman’s Hat Insignia.

Unusual smaller stamped brass type in flawless condition. Found in a Confederate Artillery Camp near Spotsylvania VA. 



MS 18. Early Federal Shako Hat Plate Insignia.

Excellent condition. This large U.S. Hat Plate is sharply detailed with a Federal Eagle perched on a shield in front of cannons and war trophies. Ca. 1830’s.




MS 20. U.S. M-1839 Cavalryman’s Carbine Sling.

Complete and full length with supple leather. Just the thing to display with your American Civil War Carbine. There is an arsenal or military proof stamp on the strap near the tip but I can’t make it out. Iron swivel is unmarked.



MS 21. Rare 19th US Army Corps Badge. 

Rare late war badge made of stamped brass. Also known as the Middle Military Division. Formed on Nov. 17th, 1864. Dug near Petersburg, VA.



CSBP 22. Dug Confederate Saddle Shield.

Scarce Confederate Cavalry relic in perfect condition. Found near Gettysburg, PA.



MS 23. Cased Civil War Physicians’ Bleeder marked “SNOWDEN, PHILA”.

This type is hard to find and in great condition. Note depth adjustment apparatus. A great piece for those who are interested in Civil War Medicine. You could still use it today!



MS 24. Extremely Rare Matching Pair Of Brass Confederate Cavalry Stirrups.

Rare Confederate copies of the US M-1833 Dragoon Stirrup. Fantastic green patina. Dug together on the Brandy Station VA. Battlefield. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 25. Brass Powder Flask for M-1849 Colt Pocket Revolver .31 Cal.

This is the standard pattern issued with the Colt M-1849 in the case with all the other accessories. Condition is superb with an untouched patina and nicely detailed patriotic scene, fully functional as well. Just the thing to accompany your revolver.



MS 26. Dug Confederate “Heavy” Cavalry Spur.

Scarce sturdy CS Trooper’s spur with a green patina. Provenance of Atlanta Campaign.



MS 27. Scarce Brass Mold for .45 Cal. Pickett Bullet.

This mold turned up in North Georgia. Great condition and includes a dug Pickett Bullet that fits it perfectly for display. 





MS 30. Confederate “Gardner” Pattern Drum Canteen.

Nice untouched patina with remnants of cork stopper and soldiers’ initials “JJH” carved neatly on the face. Note beautiful untouched patina. Discovered recently in a Gettysburg PA. antique shop and most likely a relic of the battle.



MS 31. Dug Pocket Watch Chain with Military Scenes.

How cool is this amazing relic? Nothing captures the exuberance of 1861 like this chain. The links are small coin like discs with highly detailed scenes of  Artillerymen firing a cannon and a charging Cavalryman with his sword raised, tent with flag in the background. Obviously dug long ago. The very tip of the hook has a break and has separated but can easily be re-attached. An extremely rare and unique war relic. Dug by J.B. Harrell near Riverton AL.



MS 32. US M-1858 “Bullseye” Canteen. 

Very good condition and maker marked “P.H.& B. PHILA” (Porter, Hadden & Booth) on the spout.



MS 33. Rare US M-1872 Cavalry Picket Pin.

Fantastic condition and quite scarce. This is exactly what Custer’s Cavalry, the Horse Soldiers and other Trooper’s on the hostile Indian frontier were using to secure their horses. 



MS 34. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s “CS” marked Saddle Shield.

Excellent condition with no repairs or issues. Provenance uncertain but it did come from a Lawrenceville GA. Collection.



MS 35. Dug Clay Tobacco Pipe with Irish Harp and Clover Decoration.

Dug near Fredericksburg VA. in a Federal camp trash pit. Possibly used by a member of Thomas Meagher’s Irish Brigade. Excellent condition.



 MS 36. Original Ku Klux Klan Robe, Hood and Camellia Sash. 

Guaranteed to be all original and early 20th Century (ca. 1920’s-1950’s). Great condition with no issues. This is a great Civil Rights Museum or Southern Americana item.




MS 37. Excavated Confederate Artillerist’s Hat Insignia.

Small size insignia in fantastic condition with a perfect face and three of the four iron attachment loops present. Found in a Confederate Camp near Fort Griffin TX.



MS 38. Dug Wrought Iron “A” Insignia found in a CS Artillery Camp.

Large and unusual wrought iron “A” approximately 3″ tall. Found by Robert Coli in a known Confederate Artillery camp near Orange VA. Neat relic. 



MS 39. Grouping of Ku Klux Klan Collectibles.

Large Plaster figure has a 1923 copyright date on rear of base. Excellent condition. Three painted lead action figures are unusual and rare. Blank membership card in mint condition. These are historical Americana and Civil Rights artifacts and do not represent our political views.

Plaster Figure $250.00 (SOLD), Card (SOLD) Painted Lead Figures $95.00 ea.


MS 40. Dug US M-1860 Spencer Rifle or Carbine Lock.

Rare find. Lock is complete with hammer and internal components. Found near Petersburg VA.



MS 41. Dug US Artillery Hat Insignia.

Large early type found in a Confederate Heavy Artillery Battery position on the James River near Richmond. Remarkable condition.



 MS 42. Confederate Cavalry Officer’s Spur by Leech and Rigdon.

Superb non excavated example with intact rowell and clearly cast “CS” on the backside. 



MS 43. Excavated Lock and Hammer for the CS Richmond Rifle Musket.

Scarce dug Confederate Lock and Hammer assembly. Found by Jim Goodrich on the Winchester VA. Battlefield.



 MS 44. Dug Silver 6th US Army Corps Badge.

Outstanding example. Found long ago at Brandy Station. N. Virginia.



MS 45. Dug US Company Letter “I” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Stafford VA. 



MS 46. Dug Company “A” Kepi Insignia.

This small size “A” is in flawless condition with intact attachment wires. Smaller than the regulation Federal Kepi “A” (24mm). Very possibly for the Virginia Militia “VA” within a wreath. Fredericksburg VA.



 MS 47. Dug US Company Letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition and hard to find intact. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Orange VA. by Sam Higginbotham.



MS 48. Company letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition with a great patina. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Eastport MS. by Charles Sweeney. 



MS 49. Dug US Company Letter “D” Hat Insignia.

Very good condition with a great patina. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Orange VA. 



MS 50. Dug US Company Letter “E” Hat Insignia.

Here is a tough one. Very good condition with no repairs. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Eastport MS. by Charles Sweeney. 



MS 51. Dug Company Letter “G” Hat Insignia.

Large and unusual lead filled variant with brass pins. Provenance uncertain.



MS 52. Dug U.S. Company Letter “I” Hat Insignia.

Typical stamped brass about 1 ” tall. Found near Corinth MS.



MS 53. Large Dug US M-1821 Military Hat Insignia.

Very rare to find excavated and in this condition. No bends, dings, repairs or alterations of any kind. 3″ Across. Found near Richmond VA. in a Confederate artillery position.



MS 54. Dug US Company Letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Large stamped brass “B” in excellent condition. Found near Stafford VA.



MS 55. 1862 dated Letter Envelope from Private James F. Cameron, Co. C, 11th Alabama Vol. Infantry. Killed in action at Gettysburg.

Great condition and fully legible. Sent to his father. James had a brother named Matthew in a different regiment who was also killed in battle at Chickamauga on Sept. 20th, 1863.



MS 56. Dug Company Letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Scarce cast brass variant. Most likely Confederate or pre-war  Militia. Dug by Charles Sweeney in a Confederate camp near Iuka MS.



MS 57. Dug Flagstaff Butt Cap.

Smaller size made of sturdy brass associated with cavalry guidons and banners. Found near Colonial Heights VA.



MS 58. Dug “Martingale” for U.S. Cavalry Harness.

Plain lead filled type with raised rim in fantastic condition. No repairs. Ex. Claude Maley Collection.



MS 59. Confederate UCV Reunion Flag.

Unusual Swallowtail Banner version of the First National Pattern. This flag is perfectly sized for framing and exhibits proper aging yet retains bright blue and red color. Measures 23″ X 55″. Ca. 1890-1920.




MS 61. Dug Regimental #6 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Rarely found unbroken. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 62. Dug Regimental #8 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Rarely found unbroken. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 63. Dug Regimental #0 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 64. Dug Regimental #4 Kepi Insignia.

Excellent condition. Dug near Orange VA. by Sam Higginbotham. Small size, approx. 1/2″.



MS 65. Dug Regimental #0 Kepi Insignia.

Small 1/2″ size for Kepi. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



 MS 66. Dug Leech and Rigdon Artillery Short Sword Blade.

Rare Leech and Rigdon Blade that would have had a cast brass “CS” marked guard. Found by Brant Arnold and Ray Treece in a trash pit along the Shiloh retreat route. Someone out there has a dug brass guard that would mate with this rare blade.



MS 67. Dug US Mainspring Vise for Rifle Muskets.

Used to compress the mainspring while inserting it into the lock. This example is in great condition as it was dug long ago near Dalton GA.