Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Miscellaneous Relics

MS 1. Impressive Gettysburg, PA. Battlefield War Log.

I believe that is someone was to x-ray this log, there would be more projectiles in it than what you see. As it is, there are three iron canister balls and two 12 lb. spherical shell fragments visibly embedded in the log. One of these had fallen out but has been replaced. There is an old brass tag on top with “GETTYSBURG” neatly engraved on it. Log stands upright and measures approximately 2 and a half feet tall. This fine battlefield war log comes from the long time private collection of Dr. Michael Colella. Prior to that, it was in an old town museum or G.A.R. Post in Holland Patent, Oneida County N.Y.



MS 2. Extremely rare Texas Militia Artillery Officer’s Bit and Bridle Harness with Reins.

Very fancy Civil War period brass “snake” bit with an inlaid silver star on both sides. Confederate regulation block letter “A” rosettes (identical to the Confederate artillery coat buttons) are lead backed and are similar to the contemporary US Artillery pattern. Leather harness is original and has some areas of re-enforcement and re-stitching. All brass adjuster buckle are present as is a diamond shaped escutcheon bearing the number “42”. This may be a one of a kind custom harness made for a high ranking Texas Artillery Officer  and it appears totally Confederate as well. Quite remarkable indeed!



MS 3. Confederate Infantry Courier’s Dispatch Case.

Extremely rare. Typical Confederate manufacture being made of tarred linen and hand sewn. Script “I” Confederate Infantry button used to secure outer flap. Remarkable condition. Used to convey written orders between officers.



MS 4. Unopened Package of D.C. SAGE Navy Revolver Cartridges .36 Cal.

Do you have a Civil War period Navy Revolver? Here is what you need to display with it and/or your Navy Revolver cartridge box. Superb condition with original tear string intact and clearly legible label.



MS 5. Dug Vermont Officer’s Bridle Rosette found on the Gaines Mill/Cold Harbor VA. Battlefield.

Extraordinary three dimensional Stag’s Head Rosette from a very high ranking officer’s bridle harness. Note lead filled back and typical period attachment wire. The stag head is super detailed and slathered in gold plating. A truly amazing relic! Found many years go by Don Milstead.



MS 6. Identified Confederate Tin Drum Canteen that belonged to Lt. D.W. Garrett of the 42nd VA. Vol. Infantry (wounded at Gettysburg) and captured by Pvt. J.H. Fahey of Co. I, 20th Connecticut Vol. Inf. Regt. (also wounded at Gettysburg).

Very fine condition with original linen sling and cork stopper. For a long time this canteen was part of Steve Mullinax’s Confederate Collection. It is photographed and published in Mike O’Donnell’s Civil War Canteens reference book (I would tell you the page # but I don’t have a copy of this book). Garrett’s name is neatly scratched on one side and Fahey’s name and regiment information is on the other side in white paint. I have an exhaustive and detailed report done on the canteen by Cara Stewart of the Horse Soldier in Gettysburg. She also compiled the service records of both soldiers which is included.



MS 7. Confederate States $1000 “Stonewall Jackson” Bond.

Probably the most iconic and collectable Confederate Bond. Great condition with seven interest coupons remaining. Perfect for framing. Comes from the family estate of Civil War veteran Pvt. William Phillips, of the 11th Tenn. Cavalry (US).



MS 8. Gettysburg Battlefield Walking Cane with Embedded Bullet and Stanhope Scene.

This cane was fashioned from a piece of wood taken from the battlefield that has either a Confederate or Union .58 Cal. bullet embedded in it. There is also a faded Stanhope scene that is mostly faded but says “Gettysburg” underneath the image. No doubt these canes were made for old veterans attending the annual reunions. Very good condition. Ex. Terry Teff collection.



MS 9. Patriotic “UNION” Whiskey Flask dug near the Malvern Hill Battlefield.

Perfect condition featuring an American Eagle with a large ribbon in its beak on one side and clasped hands on the other. Ex. Charles Darden collection.



MS 10. Confederate Infantryman’s Cartridge Box.

A very well made type with intact inner flap, tool pouch and both tins. This box has belt loops in lieu of roller buckles. Top of flap has almost separated but is still hanging on. Interesting closure tab finial. Old paper tag on outer flap states “CARTRIDGE BOX/ATLANTA”. Soldier’s initials “T.M.P. neatly carved on reverse. Confederate cartridge boxes rarely survive.



MS 11. US Militia Mounted Officer’s Breast Strap.

Civil War period or slightly earlier and in remarkable condition. Adorned with brass studs and highly decorated leather straps. The brass martingale features a Federal Eagle surrounded by a floral border. This had to belong to a high ranking officer and surely saw service in the Civil War. This rare piece originally surfaced in Texas and comes from an advanced Civil War Cavalry collection. The Eagle Martingale is super.



MS 12. Dug Confederate Cavalry Officer’s Spur produced by Memphis Novelty Works.

Excellent condition. Standard Leech and Rigdon pattern with “CS” on the reverse and stars on each arm. Found just last year on the road from Shiloh to Selmer TN. by Brant Arnold.




MS 14. Large excavated US Volunteer Militia Cap Plate ca. 1820-1835.

Rare and complete with no bends or cracks. Some ground action at the bottom. Green patina with spots of oxidation on the face. See O’Donnell & Campbell’s reference book “American Military Headgear Insignia”, page 265, Fig. 612 for the type. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 16. Dug US “Jeff Davis” Hat Pin.

Used to pin up one side of the US M-1851 Hardee Hats. This superb example was dug by Bob Shelton at Camp Cooper Texas where Confederate General Robert E. Lee was once stationed before the war. 



MS 17. Dropped Confederate Gardner Bullets .577 Cal. Found on the Gettysburg PA. Battlefield.

All in great condition and dug long ago by Mike Mancuso in an area occupied by Texas and Georgia Troops on private property near the South Cavalry Field.

$12.00 ea.


 MS 18. First Edition “Life and Travels of General Grant” Authored by J.T. Headley and Published in 1879.

Superb condition. Surely a most interesting read.





MS 21. Scarce Dug US Militia Hat Insignia.

Impressive spread winged Federal Eagle with both attachment loops intact. Approx. 2.5″ across. Ca. 1850’s. Richmond VA. area.



MS 22. US Pattern of 1858 Artillery Hat Insignia.

Flawless non excavated wartime example.



MS 23. Matching Pair of Richmond Arsenal Cavalryman’s Spurs.

Deep bronze patina. Both missing rowells. Appears to be a barn find. One spur has remnants of leather boot strap. Ex. Terry Teff collection.



MS 24. US Cavalryman’s Carbine Sling Swivel Marked “O.B. NORTH & Co. NEW HAVEN Ct.”.

Minty condition. Ex. Terry Teff collection.



MS 25. US Enlisted Man’s Accoutrement Belt and Percussion Cap Box.

A very attractive US belt rig. Mid war Boyd and Sons government contract pattern US oval buckle with arrow hooks mounted on its original polished leather belt complete with brass adjuster. Cap box is also very nice with original wool lining and maker marked “S.H. YOUNG/NEWARK”. .



MS 26. Dug US M-1841 “Mississippi” Rifle Lock Assembly.

Excellent condition and complete. If you are trying to complete a dug weapon, this might work for you. Provenance unknown.



MS 27. Three excavated US Cavalry Bridle Bit Rosettes.

Excellent condition. Provenance unknown. Ex. Terry Teff collection.

$50.00 ea. HOLD B.B.




MS 30. CS Richmond Rifle Musket Lock dated 1864.

Off center “C.S. RICHMOND VA.” stamp. Missing hammer screw and mainspring. Light oxidation can easily be cleaned. Ex. Terry Teff collection.



 MS 31. Excavated US Volunteer Militia Cap Plate ca. 1825-1840.

Extremely rare large cap plate, even more rare excavated. Highly detailed and loaded with silver plating. Initials “HLH” scratched on bottom. See O’Donnell & Campbell’s reference book “American Military Headgear Insignia”, page 281, Fig. 627-628 for the type. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 32. U.S. M-1859 “Bullseye” Canteen Found on Culp’s Hill, Gettysburg PA. Battlefield.

Excellent condition. “CULP’S HILL” written in very old white paint. I firmly believe this canteen to have legitimate early provenance. Ex. Terry Teff collection.



MS 33. U.S. Mexican War Coat Buttons and Shako Hat Insignia.

Nicely composed display case features a Mexican War era one piece U.S. Artillery button and one piece silver plated Infantry Button. The Shako insignia is from an 1845 New York Militia cap. Also silver plated.



MS 34. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Scarce decorated iron type with brass rowell. Excellent condition. Provenance of CS Cavalry camp near Corinth MS.



MS 35. Dug Confederate Cavalry Officer’s Spur produced by the Memphis Novelty Works.

Fantastic condition and patina. Classic CS marked Leech and Rigdon pattern. Found back in the 1970’s along General Braxton Bragg’s Duck River line. Shelbyville TN.



 MS 36. Dug US Militia Stirrup Mount ca. 1820-1830.

Really cool looking Federal Eagle surrounded by 13 stars in an oval. These would have accompanied a high ranking officer’s saddle. See page 138, Fig. 2 of Howard Crouch’s “Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era” reference book for an illustration of the type as mounted on the stirrup. Provenance unknown. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 37. Pair of US Pattern of 1851 Regulation Cavalry Eppauletts marked “HORSTMANN & SONS”.

Nice yellow color. Very good quality but maker stamps are faint.

$75.00 ea.


MS 38. US Cavalry Carbine Cleaning Brush.

Civil War bore cleaning brush in great condition with intact thong. 



MS 39. Dug Silver US 9th Army Corps Insignia. 

Remarkable condition with sharp detail. Fashioned from stamped silver. Found long ago on the Petersburg VA. Battlefield.



MS 40. Rare Confederate Cartridge Box and Sling, both marked “MANUFACTURED BY MAGEE & GEORGE/NEW ORLEANS”.

This leather working firm was early on known as “Magee, Horter and George” but later dropped Horter. They were prolific suppliers of cartridge and cap boxes as well as waist belts and bayonet scabbards to the Confederacy and individual Southern State units. Magee and George ceased production when New Orleans capitulated to the Federals in April of 1862. The cartridge box featured here is in good condition for Confederate leather. The outer flap is marked “MANUFACTURED BY MAGEE & GEORGE/NEW ORLEANS. Tins are missing but tool pouch is present. Intact closure tab and brass finial. Adjuster buckles for the sling are torn loose but present inside the box. Sling is also maker marked with the same three line Magee & George address as the box. Sling exhibits crazing to the leather surface, is a bit stiff and has some repairs. Nonetheless, it is displays great with the box. Ex. Jim McConkey Collection.



MS 41. Excavated US Federal Eagle Martingale for Mounted Officers Harness. 

Extremely rare. This is the same Federal Eagle pattern that adorns the breastplate on the US cartridge Box slings. It is in great condition and was cut out along the sides for some unknown reason. Cool relic. This is the very martingale photographed on page 201 in Charlie Harris’ reference book “Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns”. Found in North GA. 



MS 42. US Cavalryman’s Carbine Boot maker marked “C.PETERS”.

Used to stabilize the cavalryman’s carbine while in the saddle. Great condition. 



MS 8. Rare US or Confederate Military Bullet Mold for .69 Cal Round Ball.

Unusual mold for casting two .69 Cal. Round Balls. May even be Mexican War era. Note #22 arsenal stamp. Super condition. Perfect for displaying with you M-1816 or M-1842 Musket.



MS 44. Excavated US Enlisted Artillery Corps Cap Plate ca. 1816-1820.

Another really rare and early plate. Complete with original attachment loops. Some freeze cracks have been stabilized with solder on the reverse. See O’Donnell & Campbell’s reference book “American Military Headgear Insignia”, page 62, Fig. 85 for the type. Provenance uncertain. Ex. John Powell, ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 45. Complete set of Confederate Cavalry Saddle Bags. 

Rare to find connected as most were cut and used as satchels after the war. Good overall condition with characteristic “crow’s feet” closure straps. One buckle and one leather handle missing. Weak area in the center with minor tears from wear. 



MS 46. Excavated Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Remarkable condition with long neck and large iron rowell. Classic style. Provenance of New Market TN.



 MS 47. Dug US Company Letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition and hard to find intact. Large size (1″tall) and made of stamped brass. Dug near Orange VA. by Sam Higginbotham.



MS 48. Colt’s Patent M-1851 Navy Revolver Powder Flask.

Scarce “COLT’S PATENT” marked Navy Revolver powder flask in good condition with proper angled spout and steel screws. There are some dents and slight seam separation on the side. One small hole on the side along the seam. Great patina and a good example for displaying with your Colt Navy Revolver.



MS 49. Excavated Confederate Cavalryman’s Spur.

Untouched woods patina with small brass rowell. Provenance of Corinth MS.



MS 50. Dug Confederate Enlisted Cavalryman’s Spur.

Similar to the Leech and Rigdon pattern but more robust. Iron rowell rusted away. I forgot exactly where it was found but I believe it was near Shiloh.



MS 51. Dug “Jefferson Davis” Hat Pin.

Nice, dark and slick patina. Note tiny hole in shield. Found near Bovina MS. by Bob Bankston



MS 52. US M-1870 Trapdoor Springfield Combination Tool.

Perfect example to display with your US M-1870 Springfield Rifle



MS 53. Excavated Confederate/Militia Martingale for Mounted Officers Harness. 

All Martingales are scarce. This plain one is of a type thought to be Confederate and found in Confederate sites. Near perfect condition with full lead on the reverse. Found in a CS campsite near Bovina MS. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 54. US Marked Tumbler Punch for M-1855 and M-1861 Springfield Rifle Musket.

Superb condition and stamped on both sides.



MS 55. US M-1863 Springfield Rifle Musket Combination Tool.

Perfect example to display with your US M-1863 Springfield or Contract Rifle Musket.



MS 56. Wiper/Worm for .69 Cal. Musket.

Very good example of this essential tool. Display with M-1816 or M-1842 musket.



MS 57. Brass Colt’s Patent Pocket Revolver Bullet Mold .31 Cal.

Great condition with clear “COLT’S PATENT” address. Molds one round and one conical bullet. A fitting piece to display with your Colt Pocket Revolver.



MS 58. Dug Tompion for the P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket.

Designed to protect the bore from water and dirt. Very good condition with remnant of cork in the cap. Found near Kinston NC. by Gary Fields.



MS 59. US M-1864 Cavalryman’s Harness, Reins and Bit.

Rare to find complete. Remarkable condition all around with all military insignia. Possibly unissued.



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MS 61. Excavated US Federal Eagle Martingale for Mounted Officers Harness ca. 1835-1845. 

Very rare early type in great condition. Only minor loss at the upper right edge and no repairs. Possibly cleaned by the digger or a water find. See page 145, Fig. 2. in Howard Crouch’s reference book “Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era” for the type. Provenance unknown.



MS 62. June 30, 1865 Edition Newspaper “EAST TENNESSEE UNION FLAG” Published in Jonesborough Tennessee.

Rare early edition of this Reconstruction Era Tennessee newspaper. I have never seen one offered for sale. Contains very late war battle content. Complete and in good condition. Newspaper ceased publishing in 1873.



MS 63. Dug Regimental #0 Hat Insignia.

Large 1″ size for Kepi or Hardee Hat. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 64. Dug Bugle Mouthpiece.

Excellent condition. Found in a Confederate camp west of Williamsburg VA.



MS 65. Dug Regimental #0 Kepi Insignia.

Small 1/2″ size for Kepi. Very fine example with no issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 66. Matching Pair of Civil War period Spurs with Retracted Spring Rowells.

Unusual pair of silver plated antebellum spurs with sheltered rowells. Very elegant and certainly worn by the Planter Class. Many odd styles like this are dug in Confederate Cavalry camps.



MS 67. Pair of Nipple Protectors carved from lead bullets.

These were necessary to protect the breech from water and contaminants, and were often lost in the field. Found by Gary Fields near Kinston NC. 



MS 68. Large excavated US Volunteer Militia Cap Plate ca. 1820-1835.

Rare to find at all, much less complete. Fantastic green patina with traces of silver plating. Some freeze cracks and minor bends. See O’Donnell & Campbell’s reference book “American Military Headgear Insignia”, page 261, Fig. 603 for the type. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 69. Civil War “Fleam” or Bleeder. Maker Marked.

Superb condition with a brass frame and four blades of different sizes. Stamped “JOHN PATTERSON SHEFFIELD”.



MS 70. Civil War period Iron Bridle Bit, possibly Confederate.

Unusual but simple style. Part of an advanced Civil War cavalry collection.



MS 71. 1864 Series Confederate $1000 Bond with Interest Coupons.

Very good condition with pinkish color and 59 of the original interest coupons intact. Ready for framing.



MS 72. Dug George Washington Bridle Rosette.

Large size, about 2.25″ in diameter. Very rare and in very good condition with intact iron/tin back. Provenance unknown. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 73. US M-1858 Canteen. Painted for GAR Hall Display.

Excellent condition with original cover and stopper. Modern rawhide strap has been discarded. Nicely painted floral scene. Neat relic.



MS 74. Dug US 12th Army Corps Hat Insignia.

Perfect condition with traces of gold plating. This type was provided by camp sutlers to troops in the Army of the Potomac. Verbal provenance of Chancellorsville, VA.



MS 75. Matching Pair of Fixed Boot Spurs.

A perfect pair with intact rowells. Also known as “Box” spurs. These are scarce but have been dug in Civil War cavalry camps. Very practical to have these spurs screwed onto your boots in the field as straps were prone to break.



MS 76. Austrian Lorenz Sergeant’s Combination Gun Tool for .54 Cal. Rifle.

Very scarce in non excavated condition and complete with attached worm and intact nipple pick. A fitting item to display with your .54 Cal. Austrian Lorenz Rifle. 



MS 77. Non excavated P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket #4 Private’s Combination Tool.

Non dug “T” pattern complete with wiper/worm attached and lubricating apparatus. Missing nipple pick. See page 366 of Russ Pritchard and C. Huey’s Book “The English Connection” for detailed information on these tools. A perfect item to display with your Enfield Rifle Musket.



MS 78. Dug P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket #4 Sergeant’s Combination Tool.

Scarce dug “T” pattern in great condition with intact nipple pick. Missing worm. See page 365 of Russ Pritchard and C. Huey’s Book “The English Connection” for detailed information on these tools. A perfect item to display with your Enfield Rifle Musket. Find a dug worm/wiper and you will be in business.



MS 79. Excavated Kenansville Field and Staff Sword Guard.

Found many years ago in the James River by the late diver/relic hunter Sam White at City Point, VA. Sam was tragically killed while disarming excavated Civil War ordnance. This relic comes directly from his family and was the pride of his collection. I knew Sam, he was a nice guy and was super passionate about finding the relics.



MS 80. Matching Pair of US M-1859 Enlistedman’s Cavalry Spurs.

“Gutterback” variant. Perfect condition with an untouched patina.

$195.00 HOLD


MS 81. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Mother and Child.

A very clear and touching image. A mother and child hoping daddy will come home from the war? Perfect reenacting prop. 



MS 82. 1905 Denver Colorado 39th Annual GAR Encampment Medal.

Scarce large bronze medal featuring “Pikes Peak”. Superb condition.



MS 83. US Cavalry Hat Insignia.

Classic crossed sabers pin in remarkable condition. Complete with no repairs. Found near Spotsylvania, VA. 



MS 84. January 1852 Receipt for “Services as Commissioner of the Poor House”. Shelby County TN. (Memphis).

Good condition, cut cancelled.



MS 85. Matching Pair of US Officer’s Spurs. Marked “U.S.”.

Rare style with stud posts and long necks. Both stamped “U.S.” on the inside of arm. Possibly post Civil War.



MS 86. Civil War Period Surgeon’s Amputation Kit produced by Shepard & Dudley of New York.

Remarkable condition. Case is very nice, has original key is and lined with blue velvet. All of the instruments are well organized and in great condition. Kit seems relatively complete.



MS 87. US M-1859 McClellan Military Saddle made by Clare & Co., Bethel Ohio.

Good quality saddle with accessories. Brass saddle shield marked “11 1/2 INCH SEAT”. Rawhide seat is in remarkable condition with only a few minor tears. Complete with all fittings, crupper and leather straps. Lariat, carbine boot or “thimble” and US M-1859 smooth sided canteen included. Brass maker tag is stamped “S. CLARE & CO. /MAKERS/BETHEL OHIO”. Leather skirts and stirrup covers are in great condition as are the wooden stirrups. 



MS 88. Excavated US Militia Sword Guard Plate.

Most likely from an early US Militia Sword with an Eagle Head Pommel. Guard fragment is silver plated and features a spread winged US Eagle. Cool looking relic. Dug in an Alabama Troops camp. Northern VA.



MS 89. Colt Pocket Revolver Bullet Mold .31 Cal.

Excellent condition with Colt Patent Stamp.



MS 90. Texas “Hope” Saddle.

Has rawhide-covered seat and is trimmed with dark russet brown bridle leather. The seat covering, quarter straps, sweat leathers, etc. are all tooled leather. The bent wood stirrups are of the rounded-top Confederate pattern. Confederate soldiers hailing from Texas commonly used this type of saddle. The Texas Rangers also
made them famous by their use. Includes girth strap.



MS 91. Dug Confederate Rifle Musket Sling Buckle.

Standard issue in Western Theater. This one was found in a Confederate surrender camp near Greensboro NC. by Warren Vestal.



MS 92. Early US Carbine Sling Buckle excavated at Southport NC.

Excellent condition. Dug at Southport NC. Military buttons found here dated from 1798 to the 1820’s.



MS 93. Southern, possibly Confederate, Morgan “Muley” Saddle.

Evidently this type of saddle is considered to be made in accordance with Southern and Trans -Mississippi saddle making traditions, notably the lack of a “saddle horn”. Condition is very good with intact leather side flaps and iron stirrups. Original woven girth strap also intact. Many Confederate Troopers brought these saddles into the service. Guaranteed to be Civil War period or earlier.



MS 94. Large Dug Clod of Red Clay with dropped .58 Cal. 3 Ring Minie’ dug in a Rifle Pit by Bill Erquitt near the Greenwood Cemetery in 2002. Atlanta Campaign.

Neat relic with solid provenance. Like a moment frozen in the summer of 1864.



MS 95. US M-1859 Girth Strap for M-1859 McClellan Saddle.

Rare piece, especially in this condition. From a long time Texas cavalry collection.



MS 96. Dug Reading Glasses and Case found in a Confederate Camp.

Remarkable condition. Dug by the late Steve Mullinax. Comes with his tag that states “Found at a Confederate Campsite on Hare Rd. near Willis Church VA. Nov. 28, 1968”. I mean, how cool is this relic?



MS 97. Dug US Artillery Hat Insignia.

Used on Forage Caps and Hardee Hats. Very good condition with no repairs and only minor cracks. Found long ago by Arthur Lehman, Amelia County VA.



MS 98. Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur found on the 1863 Brandy Station VA. Battlefield.

Scarce type, most likely a civilian pattern. Condition is excellent with intact iron rowell. Pea green patina.



 MS 99. US or CS Tri-Handle Military Bullet Mold for .69 Cal. Round Ball with Sprue Cutter.

Could be pre-war US or Confederate. Rare mold in great condition. A fitting accessory to your M-1816 or M-1842 Military Musket.

$195.00 HOLD C.R.


MS 100. Dug Company “K” Pin for Hat or Uniform.

Fancy round pin with T bar hinge. Dug in a Civil War troops camp in Virginia. 



MS 101. Dug Confederate “Richmond Arsenal” Cavalry Spur found on the 1863 Brandy Station VA. Battlefield.

Nice example with mostly intact iron rowell.



MS 102. Dug South Carolina Rail Road Padlock.

Marked “SC RR”, possibly designating Savannah & Charleston RR? Found in a Confederate troops camp near Charleston SC. Very good condition. Ex. Walter Lineberger collection.



MS 103. Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur. Rare Variant with Long Neck.

Most likely produced by a small Southern contractor. High quality spur with inserted shaft for rowell. I cannot remember where this one was dug unfortunately.



MS 104. Dug US M-1859 “Gutterback” Spur Modified by Confederate Trooper.

Found by Warren Vestal in a Confederate Camp near Greensboro NC. Trooper cut down the arms and modified the spur to be permanently attached to his boot. It took some serious file work and time which this soldier evidently had in camp. Cool relic.



MS 105. Civil War Medical Syringe or Wound Irrigator.

Made of pewter and in excellent condition.



MS 106. Human Figure Carved from Lead, found at Vicksburg, MS.

Whittling was a popular pastime with bored soldiers and here is an interesting piece carved during the siege warfare of Vicksburg. Ex. Claude Maley collection.



MS 107. Small Company Letter “B” Insignia for Kepi.

Lined letter “B”. Small size, about 3/8″. Possibly Confederate or Militia. Attachment loop broken. Non-excavated.