Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates

CSBP 1. Louisiana Militia Accoutrement Belt.

Flawless rectangular and lead filled Louisiana Militia Belt Plate on its original belt. Note sharp details on the buckle and the “shadow” wear on the leather. Exceptional example.



CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Plate.

Nice clean example of the “Atlanta Arsenal” rectangular pattern CSA with no ground action. Verbal provenance of Atlanta Campaign. Originally purchased by the consignor from Rafael Eledge at Shiloh Relics.

$2450.00 Reduced by consignor!


CSBP 3. Extremely rare Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Heavy Frame” Buckle on it’s original Accoutrement Belt. Identified to Private W.R. Barnett, Co. E, 5th Tennessee Cavalry.

The first thing that stands out is the quality and untouched nature of this fine Confederate Belt, straight out of the family and never before on the market. Note the Thick and heavy Beveled Frame Buckle. I have never seen one of these on its original belt before. The leather belt itself is supple and in fantastic condition. The Percussion Cap Box is a bit rough with broken hand stitched belt loops. Possibly Confederate made. The belt is accompanied by three bound compendiums of the “Confederate Veteran” Magazine dated 1912 to 1917. A nice handwritten presentation to Barnett of these volumes by his family is on the frontispiece of the first volume. The magazines were obviously cherished by Barnett and he saved ferns and oak leaves within some magazine pages, no doubt as souvenirs of special reunions or battlefield visits. I have yet to research Barnett’s War Record in the Army of Tennessee’s 5th Cavalry (McKenzie’s) Regiment. He ended up as a Reverend here in Knoxville TN. and is most likely also buried here. He was very active in the UCV Organization. Very rarely do you see pure and unmolested groupings like this surface.



CSBP 4. Excavated Confederate Cast Brass Wreath for a Virginia Militia Officer’s Sword Belt Buckle.

Excellent condition. Typical local casting with flaws. This wreath fits the Virginia State patterns on page 229 of Steve Mullinax’s Confederate Buckle Book. Provenance of Northern VA.



CSBP 5. Dug Mississippi Militia Cartridge Box Plate.

Produced in limited quantities by E. Gaylord prior to hostilities. This example was dug long ago on the Gaines Mill, VA. Battlefield by Tom Everett. Very rare plate with solid provenance.



CSBP 7. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Plate.

Here is a very nice “Tennessee” pattern CSA rectangle that is being offered for sale for the first time. It was dug many years ago by the late Tommy Gann at St. Elmo TN. which is at the foot of Lookout Mountain. My friend Kenny Nichols was with him when he dug it in an old road bed.



CSBP 8. Dug Confederate Officer’s Sword Belt Buckle.

Both pieces of this “Coin Style” CS Buckle were dug together near Shelbyville TN. by Wade Buchanan in General Leonidas Polk’s 1863 Winter Camp. Nice matching green patina and remarkable condition. This buckle is thought to have been produced in Jackson or Columbus, Mississippi.

$2995.00 HOLD S.H.


CSBP 9. Dug Confederate “Army of Tennessee” CS Belt Plate.

Fantastic “Army of Tennessee” solid cast brass CS round corner buckle with a slick emerald green patina and 100% of the black enamel paint in the background. This one is as nice as they come. Verbal provenance of the Atlanta Campaign. Ex. Billy Johnson collection.



CSBP 10. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Large size Confederate “Wishbone” Frame Buckle in flawless condition. Provenance uncertain.



CSBP 11. Dug Confederate Enlistedmans Belt Plate.

Classic “Tennessee” pattern CSA Rectangular Belt Buckle in fantastic condition with a killer untouched patina. Found near Kingston, TN. by Ian Conway on November 22, 2006. GPS location Lat. 35.85092492, Long. -84.48963646. 

$3250.00 HOLD M.M.


CSBP 12. Flawless CS “Breckinridge” Pattern Belt Plate picked up on the Atlanta GA. Battlefield.

This fine oval CS marked plate is strongly stamped and retains all of its soldered on scrap brass attachment hooks. The deep and slick bronze patina is quite attractive. There is an old brown ink tag on the reverse stating “From the Battlefield of Atlanta GA. To Capt. C.S. Finch, Rockport I.” This is an amazing Confederate Belt Buckle.



CSBP 13. Dug Confederate Enlistedmans Belt Plate.

Classic “Atlanta Arsenal” pattern CSA Rectangular Belt Buckle with a slick untouched patina. Found many years ago at Sharps Chapel TN. near Knoxville.



CSBP 14. Virginia Militia Officer’s Waist Belt.

Scarce variant with an oak leaf pattern wreath and decorated belt loops. Sharp details on the tongue with slight service wear to the high points. Gorgeous untouched patina. The leather belt is stitched around a linen core. Note minor separation of the stitching. Brass belt adjuster and leather retainer loops intact.



CSBP 15. Dug South Carolina Militia Shoulder Belt Plate.

I picked this piece up at the Charleston Show and it was related to me that it was a type used by the Citadel Cadets. Good overall condition with four attachment prongs intact. Found in a Confederate camp at Nelson’s Ferry, Santee River (Lake Moultrie) SC.



CSBP 16. Dug Confederate Enlistedmans’ Frame Buckle.

Ye olde “Standard” Pattern Confederate Frame Buckle in very nice condition with a green patina. Provenance uncertain.



CSBP 17. Excavated Georgia Militia Cartridge Box Plate. 

Superb condition with a stunning face, full lead and intact attachment loops (quite rusted). Found many years ago by Bearl Southall along the Telegraph Road near Fredericksburg VA. 



CSBP 18. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Flawless stamped brass type with a nice green patina and sharp “CS” stamp. Provenance uncertain but likely from Northern VA.



 CSBP 19. Dug Confederate Enlistedmans’ Belt Plate.

A very good example of the thin “Tennesssee” pattern CSA rectangular belt plate. This one was found long ago at the site of the “Grimes House”, King George County VA.

$2850.00 HOLD S.P.


CSBP 20. Dug Confederate “Rounded Corner” CSA Belt Plate.

This is the only known surviving example of this unusual CSA Variant. Pictured in Steve Mullinax’s Confederate Belt Buckle Book on page 61, it is described as “A rare and distinctly different CSA plate with rounded corners and well shaped letters. Note it’s small size (45 mm x 64 mm) and the proximity of the belt hooks to the edges”. Fantastic patina. Dug long ago by Bill Jarvis near Fredericksburg VA.



CSBP 21. Dug Confederate “Sardine Lid” Belt Plate.

Rare Western Theater variant with the larger and more slender CS letters. Note bench #107 stamped at the top. One of the soldered on hooks fell off while I was photographing the plate so it does indeed have all three belt hooks present. Dug in a yard near Lawrenceburg TN. I purchased this plate directly from the digger.



CSBP 22. Standard Confederate Enlistedman’s “Georgia” Frame Belt Buckle.

Outstanding condition with no ground action and a nice looking patina. Provenance unknown.



CSBP 23. Dug Confederate Sword Belt Buckle produced by Leech and Rigdon.

Dug together, not a marriage. Slick matching green patina on both tongue and wreath. A beautiful buckle. Found at Arkansas Post in 1986. No repairs and no issues whatsoever.



CSBP 24. Dug Confederate “Army of Tennessee” CS Belt Plate.

Fantastic “Army of Tennessee” solid cast brass CS round corner buckle with a slick emerald green patina and 100% of the black enamel paint in the background. This one is as nice as they come. Verbal provenance of the Atlanta Campaign. Ex. Billy Johnson collection.



CSBP 25. Confederate Enlistedman’s Accoutrement Belt.

Nice looking “Rope Border” CS Oval Belt Plate mounted on a Confederate leather belt. I honestly cannot tell with certainty that this belt is original to the buckle but it certainly looks fantastic with it and the buckle has a great untouched patina.



CSBP 26. Rare Texas or Mississippi Militia Officers Sword Belt Buckle produced in England.

This buckle is definitely wartime and has parallels to buckles produced for Georgia and South Carolina officers which were run through the Federal Blockade. Condition is immaculate with rich gold plating and a decorated silver star applied to the tongue. You can read about these rare imported buckles on pages 354-355 of “The English Connection” by Russ Pritchard and the late Corky Huey.



CSBP 27. Dug Virginia Militia Shoulder Belt Plate.

Fantastic example of this early war plate. No bends or repairs and a nice green patina. Found near Richmond VA.



CSBP 28. Dug Confederate Enlistedmans Belt Plate.

Thick cast brass “Atlanta Arsenal” pattern CSA Rectangular Belt Buckle in good condition except for all three hooks being intentionally broken off. Verbal provenance of the Mechanicsville VA. area.

$1650.00 HOLD J.S.


CSBP 29. Dug Georgia Militia Belt Buckle.

Found many years ago on Lookout Mountain, overlooking Chattanooga TN. by the late Dr. Rees Buttram. Condition is near pristine. You don’t see many this nice.



MS 30. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saddle Shield.

Scarcer elongated type made of stamped brass with strong “CS” stamp and a smooth chocolate patina. Provenance uncertain.