Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Civil War Images


CWI 1. Cased 6th Plate Ambrotype of a Confederate Major armed with an “Eagle Head” Foot Officer’s Sword and wearing a CS “Coin Style” Sword Belt Buckle.

An impressive and clear ambrotype. This officer is certainly from the Western Theater and can possibly be identified through regimental histories. It is also possible that he is a Mississippi officer because the “Coin Pattern” CS Officer’s Buckle is thought to be a product of Jackson and then later, Columbus Mississippi. Fantastic content and the only known photo of a soldier wearing this distinct Confederate Belt Buckle.



CWI 2. Quarter Plate Cased Tintype of Two Federal Infantrymen.

Fine looking image and well composed. Both men are armed with M-1816 Smoothbore Muskets, probably converted to percussion. The soldier on the left also has a revolver tucked in his belt and the one on the right has a bone handled side knife in his belt. He is also wearing a Mexican War era “Wheel Hat”. Condition is very good despite some lines in the emulsion. Leatherette case is original to the photo. No identification. These soldiers are likely from the mid west and are typical fighting men of the Western Armies.



CWI 3. 9th Plate Ruby Ambrotype of a Federal Infantryman.

A very clear image. Possibly an Infantry officer. He is holding his M-1851 regulation “Hardee” Hat with Infantry insignia. Housed in it’s original half case.



CWI 4. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Pvt. Stephen Hannas, Co. D, 11th VA. Cavalry.

Nice identified Confederate photo. Sharp and well composed. Written in pencil on green paper inside the case is “Stephen Hannas, Born June 1840. Died December 24?, 1912. Romney W. Va. He was a member of Co. D, 11th Va. Cavalry, McDonald’s Battalion during the War between the States.” A lock of his hair is also in the case. 



CWI 5. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Two Confederate Brothers in Battle Shirts.

Interesting image. I bought this one recently from a Texas family. They had no idea who they were so they remain unidentified. They said their father knew who they were but he is dead and so is the information. Image is in good condition and clear with some minor surface abrasions. Nice leatherette case.



CWI 7. Superb Quarter Plate Ambrotype of a Confederate First Sergeant. 

This impressive image is published in Shannon Pritchard’s book “Confederate Faces In Color”. Photo is really clear. Note homespun Confederate Regulation Sergeants uniform. The buckle he is wearing bears a Georgia State Seal. His red sash is hand colored. Housed in its original thermoplastic case. A copy of Shannon’s book is included. 



CWI 8. Cased 9th Plate Ambrotype of a Confederate Infantryman.

A well equipped Confederate sporting a knapsack and accoutrement belt with an oval shaped belt buckle. 



CWI 9. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Mother and Child.

A very clear and touching image. A mother and child hoping daddy will come home from the war? Perfect reenacting prop.