Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Civil War Artillery

ART 1. Rare US 4.4″ Schenkl Long Shell with perfect Naval Percussion Fuse.

Rarity 8 Shell according to Jack Bell’s Reference Book. Battlefield recoveries of this shell are noted in coastal areas and along rivers in North and South Carolina as well as Virginia. This particular shell is non excavated with a removable fuse.



ART 2. Dug Confederate 3″ Read-Parrott Shell Found By “Mac” Mason And Published In His Civil War Projectile Book.

According to Mac’s distinctive writing on the shell, it was dug way back in 1968 near Petersburg VA. This same shell is pictured in his landmark reference book “Civil War Projectiles”. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



 ART 3. Dug Confederate 3″ Archer Bolt.

Fantastic condition. Provenance uncertain.



ART 4. Dug 3.8″ US James Shell.

An early Shiloh TN. Battlefield find. Condition is superb with sharp edges to the ribs and removable brass anvil cap. One can imagine the sound these distinct and iconic Civil War projectiles made as they shrieked across the battlefield.



ART 5. Excavated Confederate 7″ Brooke “Very Long” Shell.

I call this shell the ‘King Daddy” of Confederate Ordnance. Super rare and found at Trent’s Reach in the James River where the CSS Richmond Ironclad ran aground. It looks like a torpedo and I have it on display in the front window of our shop. Only three examples known to exist. I really don’t care if this shell sells or not. Shop or show pickup only.



ART 6. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Bolt.

Scarce Confederate projectile in remarkable condition. This is the rounded nose variant. Perfect brass ring sabot. Found at Snyder’s Bluff MS. outside Vicksburg.



ART 7. Dug US 3.8″ Hotchkiss Bolt for James Gun.

This one is a beauty with smooth iron and a nice looking sabot. Note lands and grooves impressed from the James Rifle. I believe this to be a Vicksburg find but am not 100% sure.



 ART 8. Extremely Rare 2.17″ Confederate Whitworth Shell.

Perfect non excavated example with original brass shipping plug. These shells were known for their extreme range and accuracy. The Confederacy only fielded a handful of 6 lb. Whitworth Rifles. One was with J.E.B. Stuart’s Horse Artillery in VA. and perhaps a couple in the Fort Fisher and Fort Anderson defenses. This shell was almost certainly taken home as a war trophy from Fort Fisher NC. 



 ART 9. Confederate 2-Pounder “Carkeet” Bolt.

Patented by James H. Carkeet of Natchez, MS. and designed to be used in his 2″ Smoothbore Gun. One of these has been dug on the Champion Hill Battlefield near Jackson, MS. This particular one was found in the Alabama River at Selma. This extremely scarce (rarity 10) Confederate Bolt is described in detail on page 142 of Dickey and George’s Field Artillery Book.



ART 10. Dug 12 lb. Confederate Shell with Bormann Replacement Adapter.

This was the solution to rectify the problem of unreliable Confederate Bormann Time Fuses. These brass adapters allowed the use of paper time fuses in Bormann Shells. Found in late war sites. This one is a relic of the Petersburg Campaign. Very good condition.



 ART 11. Dug U.S. 3″ Type II Hotchkiss Shell.

Superb fired example in mint condition. Shell body has a very light layer of surface rust that does not necessitate cleaning. Clear patent address and 1855 date on base cup. This variant was designed to accommodate the wooden paper time fuse adapter. Provenance uncertain.



ART 12. Extremely rare 1.7″ Whitworth Shell for the 3 Pounder Whitworth Rifle.

This rare “Baby” Whitworth shell is in mint condition with its original brass shipping plug. The 3 Pounder Whitworth Rifle it was designed for could be designated a Mountain Rifle as it was designed to be taken apart and carried on horseback much like the U.S. M-1841 Mountain Howitzer. As far as I know, only one 1.7″ Whitworth Bolt has been documented as a battlefield find in Virginia. There is always the possibility that a shell may be recovered as we know that at least one of these guns was used by the Confederacy during the war. Ex. Jack Wells Collection.



ART 13. Dug US 3.4″ Dahlgren Shell for Navy Boat Howitzer.

Scarce shell and once part of Tom Dickey’s long time collection. Intact lead sabot. This type is known as a “blind shell” as it was filled with sand and capped with a brass nose plug. Mostly found in Virginia.



ART 14. Excavated U.S. 100 lb. Parrott Shell with Schenkl Naval Percussion Fuse.

I will refer to this bad boy as the “Fat Daddy” because it is the short pattern. You have to see this 7″ monster in person to appreciate how nice it is. The Type II Brass Sabot is perfectly intact and shows the lands and grooves of the 100 lb. Parrott Rifle it was fired from. The cast iron body of the shell is in such condition that you can see the machining marks of the lathe. The Schenkl Naval Percussion Fuse is superb with a clear patent address. I don’t know where this shell was dug unfortunately. Shop or show pick up only.



ART 15. Excavated Confederate 12 Lb. Shell With Slotted Selma Arsenal Fuse Adapter.

This is a very rare Confederate Shell. Note crude mold sprue divot on one side. The slotted brass Selma Arsenal fuse adapter is discussed in Chuck Jones’ Fuse Book. These were used late in the war and this shell was most likely dug at Spanish Fort, AL.



ART 16. US 2.6″ Hotchkiss Percussion Fused Shell for the Wiard Gun.

Rare shell in fantastic condition. Provenance uncertain. Super nice iron and intact percussion fuse. Lead sabot missing but I think this shell is more impressive without it.



ART 17. Confederate 3.3″ Experimental Artillery Shell.

Similar banding as seen on the Confederate 2.25″ Mountain Rifle Bolts found at Milledgeville GA. The casting is crude and off center. There is a spot on the nose where the lathe dog was broken off. I believe that this shell was designed for the 3.5″ Blakely Rifle because that is what it would fit if the lead bands were present. Provenance uncertain.



ART 18. Dug Confederate 12 lb. Spherical Shell.

Very good condition with thick walls and a distinct mold seam. One of the more common Confederate projectiles. Used in all theaters of the war. Provenance uncertain.



ART 19. US/CS 32 lb. Stand of Grape.

Mint condition, obviously a battlefield pick up. This thing is massive and has display power. Used in the 32 Pounder Gun for coastal batteries and the Navy. This was a deadly projectile used at close range.




ART 20. Dug 3.4″ Dahlgren Bolt or “Blind Shell”.

These are designed for the Federal Navy’s 3.4″ Boat Howitzer. This one is in mint unfired condition. Dug at Harper’s Ferry, WV.



ART 21. Rare Confederate 3.3″ Selma Arsenal Bolt.

Mint condition with fully intact Selma Disc Sabot. Found in a cache of Confederate artillery projectiles that were dumped into the Oconee River near Milledgeville Ga. There is a “G” stamped into the sabot and what appears to be a #1 stamped into the upper bourrelet.



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 ART 22. Excavated 3″ Confederate “Tapered” Read Shell.

Extremely rare Confederate Shell found by Greg Craven near Camden, SC. Mint condition, as good as it gets.



ART 23. Dug US 3″ Hotchkiss Case Shot Nose. Kennesaw Mountain GA. Battlefield.

Excellent condition with section of the lead band sabot intact. Filled with iron or lead balls that would spread in all directions when detonated. Found long ago on private property. 



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ART 24. Excavated Confederate 2.5″ Blakely Shell from Kennesaw, GA.

A rather extreme rarity, this crude shell has a tall, thin sabot that is intact after being fired. The projectile is rebated at the base and was designed to accommodate a wooden drive in fuse adaptor. Once part of Tom Dickey’s collection. Extreme rarity of 10.



ART 25. Dug US 3″ Type I Dyer Case Shot.

Nice example. Appears to have been fired from a worn out 3″ Ordnance Rifle or possibly dropped. Intact zinc fuse adapter. Minimal pitting, intact lead sabot. Dug long ago by the late Charles Sweeney near Iuka MS.



ART 26. Dug Confederate 3″ Read “Round Nose” Bolt.

A beauty. This high quality bolt was found long ago at the site of a Confederate ammunition dump explosion on Snyders Bluff near Vicksburg MS.



ART 27. Confederate Brass Time Fuse Adapter found on the Gettysburg PA. Battlefield. Ex. Iva Rosensteel Collection.

I acquired this grouping of fuses from Wes Small who had purchased the whole Iva Rosensteel Collection. There are several types and Rosensteel was very meticulous about keeping up with the exact provenance of each piece. They are all accompanied by tags. This particular one was found between the New Jersey Monument and the Sedgewick Statue. 



ART 28. Dug Confederate 24 lb. Spherical Shell.

Good condition, fired into a Federal position during the 1863 Siege of Suffolk VA. by Gen. Longstreet’s forces.

$250.00 HOLD J.C.


ART 29. Dug Federal 3″ Percussion Fused Parrott Shell.

Hard to find with a complete Parrott Percussion Fuse this nice. Great looking shell. Provenance uncertain.



ART 30. Dug U.S. 3″ Type I Hotchkiss Percussion Fused Shell.

Excellent dropped condition. Note perfect green percussion fuse. Verbal provenance of North GA.



ART 31. Dug Artillerists’ Vent Pick for Naval and Siege Guns.

This large vent pick was found long ago by Charles Sweeney near Eastport MS. on the Tennessee River. 



ART 32. Dug U.S. Naval Watercap Time Fuse from Fort Fisher NC.

Great condition with no ground action at all. Dated 1864 and a relic of the savage bombardment inflicted upon the fort by the Union Blockading Squadron in January of 1865.



ART 33. Dug 3.67″ Confederate Read Shell for 20 lb. Parrott Rifle.

This late war shell was found long ago at Sayler’s Creek VA. I added the brass adapter which screwed right in.



ART 34. Dug US Type II 3.8″ James Percussion Fused Shell.

Outstanding example of the James Type II Projectile. Shell has been fired but has retained most of it’s lead sabot. Provenance unknown.



ART 35. Dug U.S/C.S. 8″ Mortar Shell with a “J.W.” Inspector Stamp.

Really good condition. Clearly stamped “J.W.”. Provenance uncertain. Shop or show pick up only.



ART 36. Dug US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell.

Here is a candidate for additional cleaning. With a little work this shell would look amazing. Dug near Richmond VA.



ART 37. Excavated US Naval Watercap Fuse dated 1862.

Superb condition and an early Fort Fisher NC. find. Dug many years ago by the late Jack Wells.



ART 38. Confederate Artillerist’s Lanyard.

There is an article featured in the North South Trader Magazine in which a Confederate marked Artillery Fuse Pouch was discovered with two Armstrong Time Fuses, friction primers, a vent punch and a lanyard identical to this one were inside of it, like in a time capsule. Note plain tapering handle and long contoured primer hook. Perfect condition. Rare.



ART 39. Dug US 3.8″ James Bolt.

More scarce than the shells, the James Bolt was used to break down fortifications and enemy batteries. This one is in very good condition and was excavated at Carnifex Ferry, West Virginia.



ART 40. Excavated Confederate 12 lb. Stand of Grape from the position of the Botetourt VA. Battery at Vicksburg MS.

Very rare find indeed. Vicksburg and Shiloh are the only sites I know of these being recovered, and usually not complete. Grape was phased out before the war by Federal Forces in favor of canister for field guns. This stand of grape is in very good condition and is complete. It was dug long ago in the documented position of the Botetourt Battery of Virginia. One of the very few Virginia units to fight in the Western Theater.



ART 41. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Case Shot.

This is a rare shell. Condition is very good with intact brass sabot and fuse adapter. Lathe dog intact as well. Note lead side loading plug. Found near Spotsylvania VA.



ART 42. Excavated Confederate 3″ Bourreleted Read Shell.

Nice example with intact brass sabot and Confederate time fuse adapter. This shell would clean magnificently as it only has surface scale and minor pitting evident under a thin coating of polyurethane. Dug near Spotsylvania VA.

$395.00 HOLD D.C.


ART 10. Confederate 12 Lb. Case Shot Picked Up On The Gettysburg PA. Battlefield in 1936. 


Take a look at the marvelous condition of this case shot. You can see the strong mold seam. The brass paper time fuse adapter screws out revealing the lead balls in matrix. The bottom of the adapter is stamped with a “Q”. I am tempted to put this one in my collection.



ART 44. US 3″ Hotchkiss Type I Case Shot Nose.

Scarce early war Hotchkiss with the zinc time fuse adapter. Found at Brandy Station VA.



ART 45. Dug US 3.67″ Type I Schenkl Shell for the Rifled 6 Pounder Gun.

Rarity 7+ shell with the early war, unmarked Schenkl Percussion Fuse. Note recessed ribs. Found near Spotsylvania VA.



ART 46. US 3″ Hotchkiss Bolt.

Scarce projectile designed to shatter enemy batteries and fortifications. The nose appears to be non excavated and a dug base cup is with it for display.

$350.00 HOLD J.C.


ART 47. Dug Confederate “Bourreleted” Read Case Shot.

Note lead side load plug. This is a very rare Confederate projectile. Appears to be a dropped example as the sabot is not deformed. Dug many years ago by Herbie Parham on the Cold Harbor VA. Battlefield. 



ART 48. Excavated 3.3″ Bourreleted Read Shell.

Rarity 10 shell with a very tall brass sabot. Note flame groove. Has a Confederate paper time fuse adapter. Found in the Oconee River near Milledgeville GA.



ART 49. Dug US 3″ Dyer Case Shot.

According to the faded writing, this shell was found in 1986 on the Chancellorsville VA. Battlefield. Better than average condition and would clean better if you wished to do away with the lettering. Note white metal adapter for the paper time fuse. This projectile was designed for the 3″ Ordnance Rifle.



ART 50. Mint Confederate 3″ Bourreleted Read Shell.

Wow….this is a killer Confederate Shell. Super smooth and clean iron. Note intact lathe dog on nose. This type used a paper time fuse with wooden adapter. Sharp bourrelets with machining marks. Brass sabot shows rifling marks from the gun as well as a flame groove to facilitate igniting the fuse.



ART 51. Dug US Naval Watercap Fuse dated 1861.

Rare early date. Great condition. Dug by Ken Winklepleck near Harpers Ferry WV.



ART 52. Dug US / CS 12 lb. Shot.

Designed to batter enemy cannon and fortifications as well as break up massed infantry. Good condition with mild even pitting. Petersburg VA. Battlefield.



ART 53. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Shell.

Most common variant of the “Bourreleted Read” Shell. Mostly found in the wake of the Army of Northern VA. Fired from a very worn out Confederate Ordnance Rifle. Perfect brass sabot and fuse adapter. Provenance of Northern VA.



ART 54. Dug US 12 lb. Set of Canister Plates and Balls.

Fired examples. Note impressions of the balls in the heavy bottom plate and the distorted top plate. Three large size Canister Balls included. Dug long ago near Vicksburg MS. Fantastic Civil War artillery display piece.



ART 55. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Shell.

Very good example with distinct bourrelets and perfect brass fuse adapter. Appears to be dropped. Provenance of Northern VA.