Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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World War II

WW II 1. German Army Helmet (single decal).

Straight out of a Florida Veteran’s estate and honest as the day is long. It has a 1942 date on the chinstrap. Liner also intact and in excellent condition. Original paint and decal.



 WW II 2. U.S. Navy MK 1 Combat Knife and Scabbard.

Very high quality. Super example with original Scabbard. Marked “PAL RH35” on the ricasso. Blade retains much original finish. Great scabbard too.



WW II  3. German Luftwaffe Officer’s Dress Dagger (2nd model).

This fabulous dagger is marked “EICKHORN” on the ricasso with the distict squirrel holding a sword logo. Blade is near mint as is the killer pumpkin colored grip and the scabbard.



WW II 4. German SA “Sturmabteilung” Dress Dagger.

Awarded to the Nazi Paramilitary organization known as the “Brown Shirts”. Ernst Rohm was their leader until the “Night of the long knives” (June 30, 1934) when he was murdered. This particular dagger is in better than average condition overall with consistent surfaces. It is a numbered example (#2823). Original belt clip is still attached.



WW II 5. German Paratrooper’s “Gravity Knife”.

Used to free a soldier from the parachute rigging. Very nice knife with an excellent blade. Retainer spring is broken.



WW II 6. German Luftwaffe Waist Belt.

Very nice belt with original buckle in untouched condition.



WW II 7. German Wehrmacht Waist Belt.

Excellent condition. Note strap hardware attached to belt. Dated 1939 with maker mark.



WW II 8. U.S. T-Handle Entrenching Shovel with canvas cover.

Untouched condition. Shovel marked “US” and cover is dated “1942”.. 



WW II 9. Japanese Battle Flag brought home as a War Trophy.

Standard type made of linen with Japanese prayers and well wishes. Appears to have some minor blood stains. Perfect for framing.