Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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World War II

WW II 1. German Army Helmet (single decal).

Straight out of a Florida Veteran’s estate and honest as the day is long. It has a 1942 date on the chinstrap. Liner also intact and in excellent condition. Original paint and decal.



WW II 2. German M-43 SS Panzer Field Cap.

Made by prisoners in the Dachau Concentration Camp (near Munich). Mint condition with unfaded black fabric and perfectly intact inner liner. Totally unmolested. When the camp was liberated by US Troops in 1945, great quantities of these cloth items were were found and taken home as war trophies.



WW II 3. Original 1942 dated “AVENGE December 7!” Pearl Harbor US Propaganda Poster.

Scarce and iconic poster in mint condition. 22″x 28″ OWI Poster No. 15 printed by the US Government Printing Office, 1942. Poster features stirring art by Bernard Pertin showing sailor in torn uniform w/large raised fist standing over an image of the exploding USS Arizona, an iconic image from the Dec. 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Poster has been folded as issued and is totally untouched since the war. One of these in worse condition brought over $550.00 at a recent auction.



WW II 4. Original 1942 dated “God help me if this is a dud” US Propaganda Poster.

Mint condition and scarce. Iconic scene of US Infantryman tossing a grenade. At bottom is legend “HIS LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS”. There are many reproductions and fakes of this poster but this one is the real deal.



WW II 5. Original 1942 Dated US World War II Propaganda Poster.

Great condition with bright colors. “GIVE IT YOUR BEST!” slogan at bottom. There are reproductions made of this poster but this one is the real deal. Great piece for framing.