Union Buckles and Plates

USBP 2. Early U.S. Militia Belt Plate.

This would be an ideal match to compliment the recently listed Militia Hat Plate. They are both of the same period (1820′s-1840′s). This perfect Belt Plate has never been cleaned or messed with and is a simply superb example. Right out of the attic.


USBP 3. Excavated U.S. Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Another great plate with full lead and a fragment of the original leather belt under the arrowhead style hooks. Dug Northern, VA.


USBP 4. Early U.S. Militia Shako Hat Plate.

I totally love the die work on these stamped brass plates. This one dates to the 1820′s-1840′s. This is a large and impressive piece.


USBP 5. Dug U.S. Breastplate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Frosty chocolate beauty with no ground action at all. Both iron attachment loops intact. Provenance uncertain.


USBP 7. U.S. M-1851 Enlisted Man’s Sword Belt Plate.

Totally untouched patina on this less common variant of the 1851 Sword Belt Plate. This type is shown on page 379 of O’Donnell and Campbell’s Buckle Book. Perfect condition.


USBP 8. Dug U.S. Carbine Sling Buckle.

Perfect dug example. Provenance unknown.


USBP 9. U.S. Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Small sized plate (62 mm) and an unusual variant. This type is illustrated on page 285 of O’Donnell and Campbell’s American Belt Plate reference book (plate 452).


 USBP 10. Texas Rangers or Militia Belt Plate.

Indian Wars era, ca. 1880 Texas Militia Belt Plate in superb condition.


USBP 11. Dug U.S. Cartridge Box Plate.

High quality plate with both iron attachment loops intact. Provenance unknown.


USBP 12.  M-1851 U.S. Sword Belt Plate.

Superb example of a very rare lead filled Officer’s Buckle. This one even has matching #178 on the Plate and the keeper. This variant is illustrated on page 381 of O’Donnell and Campbell’s buckle book.


USBP 13. Dug M-1851 U.S. Officer’s Sword Belt Plate.

This type was never gilded and this example has a fantastic appearance with a chocolate brown patina and green highlights. An outstanding Officer’s Plate to be sure. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.


USBP 14. M-1851 Enlisted Cavalry/Artilleryman’s Saber Belt Plate.

Untouched patina and in great condition. These were worn by Cavalry and Artillerymen.


USBP 15. Excavated U.S. Carbine Sling Buckle.

Mint condition. Dug near Rocky Face, GA. by Bill Rowland in the early 1970′s.


USBP 16. Excavated U.S. Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Classic U.S. Belt Plate with stud type hooks. This pattern was made by E. Gaylord and has a distinct body curve. Flawless condition with no lead loss at all. The face looks fantastic. One in a hundred look this nice. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.


USBP 17. Dug U.S. Enlisted Infantryman’s Belt Plate.

Large arrow hook pattern with tall letters and a killer patina. Dug N. Virginia. Flawless example.


USBP 18. Dug U.S. Enlisted Infantryman’s Belt Plate.

M-1839 pattern contracted by Boyd and Sons of Boston. This plate is in very good condition and was dug near Richmond, VA.


USBP 19. Dug U.S. Breastplate.

Used to adorn the Cartridge Box Sling, this one is excellent and untouched. Dug near Athens, TN. by Mike Guffey.


USBP 20. U.S. M-1839 Enlisted Man’s Artillery Sword Belt Buckle.

Mint condition with a rich, untouched mustard colored patina.


USBP 21.  Group of reproduction Civil War Belt Plates.

Nice variety to choose from.

$20.00 ea.

 USBP 22. U.S. Enlisted Man’s Breastplate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Untouched and perfect for a Cartridge Box Sling or display case.


USBP 23. M-1851 U.S. Officer’s Sword Belt Plate.

Beautiful non dug Officer’s Buckle with bench # 261 and “D” stamped on the back. Early war version pictured on page 390 of O’Donnell and Campbell’s American Buckle Book.


USBP 24. U.S. Enlisted Man’s Oval Belt Plate.

Finely made US Plate with arrow hooks. Patina is excellent and untouched. Would pair up great with a leather belt.


USBP 25. Dug Ohio Volunteer Militia Belt Plate.

A beauty. Absolutely untouched. Dug a few years ago by Dennis Cox near Falmouth, VA. in a hunted out yankee camp. Featured in a past issue of North-South Trader Magazine.


USBP 26. Dug Ohio Volunteer Militia Cartridge Box Plate.

These are more scarce than the Belt Plate. This one has a flawless face with no ground action or dings. Iron attachment loops are rusted away. Provenance unknown.


USBP 27. U.S. Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Beautiful large size oval with #4906 and  ”W.D. JACOBS” stamped in the back. Could be some rare maker stamp? or a soldier’s name?


USBP 28. Excavated State of New York Militia Belt Plate. 

Drop dead face. Main catch broken on back. Dug near Falmouth, VA.


USBP 29. Dug U.S. Officer’s Sword Belt Plate.

Scarce thin style with sharp details and no ground action. Catch missing in action. Dug near Ringgold, GA.


USBP 30. Excavated U.S. Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Good condition with some freeze cracks. Dug at Ringgold, GA.