Union Buckles and Plates


USBP 3. “Ancient and Honorable” Artillery Belt Plate Ca. 1820.

Rare early Waist Belt Plate in superb non excavated condition. This is the actual plate pictured on page 125 of  O’Donnell and Campbell’s U.S. Military Buckle Book. This early Massachusetts Militia Artillery Company was formed in 1638. Ex. Duncan Campbell Collection.


USBP 4. Excavated Ohio Volunteer Militia Belt Plate.

This variant is the smaller pattern with a single arrow hook. Dug by Charlie Harris near Scottsboro, Alabama and pictured in his book “Relics of the Western Campaigns”.


USBP 5. Pennsylvania State Militia (Philadelphia Reserve Brigade) Belt Plate.

This unit was formed in 1862 and there are documented camp and battlefield recoveries. Condition is superb. An example of this rare plate is shown on page 358 (plate#587) of O’Donnell and Campbell’s American Military Belt Plates Book.


USBP 6. U.S. Militia Belt Plate ca. 1832-1847.

Mint condition with copious silver plating. An example of this extremely rare plate is shown on page 132 (plate 209) of O’Donnell and Campbell’s American Military Belt Plate Book.


USBP 7. Dug M-1841 Rifleman’s Belt Buckle and Adjusters.

These belt rigs were issued with the M-1841 Mississippi Rifles and supported the Saber Bayonets that were issued with them. Provenance of Northern VA.


USBP 8. Mills Pattern US Cartridge Belt Plate.

Untouched patina on this fine looking US Indian Wars Belt Plate. This is a less common type.


USBP 9. Rare variant of U.S. Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Note single rim. Most plates have a double rim. This variant is also more crudely made and is possibly from a Western Maker of accoutrements in Missouri or Ohio. Perfect non dug condition.


USBP 10. Dug U.S. Cartridge Box Plate.

Boyd and Sons Contract Pattern with a slick chocolate patina. Full lead and intact attachment loops. Dug Northern, VA.


USBP 11. U.S. M-1851 Enlisted Man’s Saber Belt Plate.

Untouched patina. A beauty. Issued to Federal Cavalry and Artillerymen.



 USBP 12. Dug U.S. M-1851 Pattern Sheet Brass Belt Plate.

This rare and  early thin stamped brass plate is in excellent condition and was dug by Charlie Harris near Chattanooga, TN.


USBP 13. Dug U.S. Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Here is a beauty. Both attachment loops intact and full lead back. Dug at New Bern, NC. by Herbie Parham.


USBP 14. Dug Volunteer Maine Militia Cartridge Box Plate.

Scarce lead filled variant in excellent condition with both iron attachment loops intact. Provenance uncertain but most likely Northern VA.


USBP 15. Dug U.S. Breastplate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Another nice looking Federal Breastplate. Dug on John’s Island, SC. by Herbie Parham. Both attachment loops intact.


USBP 16. U.S. Cartridge Box Plate.

Flawless non excavated example with an untouched deep mustard patina. Common variant. Perfect for your cartridge box or to display on it’s own.


 USBP 17. U.S. Enlistedman’s Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling marked “BOYD & SONS BOSTON”.

Sharp non excavated example with an untouched mustard patina. Strong “BOYD & SONS BOSTON” makers stamp.


USBP 18. M-1851 U.S. Officer’s Sword Belt Plate.

This type was made for high ranking officer’s. Note sharp details, silver plated wreath and lavish gold plating. This is a very fine Federal Officer’s Sword Belt Buckle.


USBP 19. U.S. Enlistedman’s Cartridge Box Plate.

Standard Watertown Arsenal Contract Pattern in flawless condition. Patina is untouched and this plate would be perfect to put on your cartridge box or to display on it’s own.


USBP 20. Excavated U.S. Officer’s Sword Belt Plate.

Fantastic condition with an outstanding patina. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.



USBP 21. Rare U.S. Cartridge Box Plate produced by Moore’s and Co. Cincinnati, OH.

These relatively crude and distinct plates were produced by Moore’s and Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, one of only three producers of Accoutrements in that city. Their plates are very thin and have a distinct thin outer rim. I have deduced this maker due to the fact that I recently had an untouched U.S. Cartridge Box with the “MOORES & Co. CINCINNATI OH.” stamp on inner flap and this same type of plate affixed to it. This is a rare and unusual Western variant.


USBP 22. U.S. Officer’s M-1851 “Sheet Iron” Belt Plate.

Rare plate listed in O’Donnell and Campbell’s book on page . This example is in pristine condition and appears to be copper plated. Plate is surprisingly sturdy considering it’s thin construction of stamped iron. Possibly used as a Sash Buckle.



USBP 23. U.S. Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate marked “W.H. SMITH BROOKLYN”.

A gem of a US Buckle. Nice strong maker mark.


 USBP 24. U.S. Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling.

A fine example. Outstanding condition and patina on this non excavated plate. Perfect for your cartridge box sling or to display on it’s own.


USBP 25. Excavated “BOYD & SON BOSTON” marked US Cartridge Box Plate.

This fantastic plate is in great condition with a super smooth chocolate brown patina. Well marked on back “BOYD & SONS BOSTON”. Provenance uncertain.


USBP 26. Excavated U.S. Cartridge Box Plate.

A beauty with intact attachment loops. Dug near LaGrange, TN.


USBP 27. Dug U.S. Cartridge Box Plate from Shiloh, TN.

This top notch plate has a killer patina. From a very early West Tennessee digger’s collection.


USBP 28. Dug U.S NCO Breast Plate.

Scarce early low relief variant with iron hooks which are rusted away. Dug near Chattanooga, TN. by Charlie Harris.