Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Union Buckles and Plates

USBP 3. Identified US Breast Plate lost on the Shiloh TN. Battlefield by Dewitt C. Hunt, 11th Ill. Cavalry Regt.

Here is a really nice plate with a soldier’s information scratched on the back. “D.C. HUNT Co. B. 11. ILL. Ca.” According to the roster, Hunt died at Jackson TN. on Oct. 15, 1862. Found on private property west of the Shiloh Tn. Battlefield about five years ago.


USBP 4. Dug U.S. Breastplate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Really nice example with full lead and both attachment loops intact. Provenance uncertain, comes from an East Tennessee relic hunter’s collection.


USBP 5. Early Federal Shako Hat Plate Insignia.

Excellent condition. This large U.S. Hat Plate is sharply detailed with a Federal Eagle perched on a shield in front of cannons and war trophies. Ca. 1830’s.


USBP 6. U.S. Militia Belt Plate ca. 1832-1847.

Mint condition with copious silver plating. An example of this extremely rare plate is shown on page 132 (plate 209) of O’Donnell and Campbell’s American Military Belt Plate Book.


USBP 7. Dug U.S. Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

This buckle has a fantastic patina. Note remnants of leather belt on the hooks. Dug near Spotsylvania Court House, VA. Originally purchased from Roger Catlett in the 1970’s.


USBP 8. Dug Ohio Volunteer Militia Cartridge Box Plate.

Rare large size with the fat OVM letters. Fantastic condition. Soldier’s name carved on back appears to be “Bord”. Found on Feb. 4, 1990 by the late Charles Sweeney at Iuka MS.


USBP 9. Bullet struck US Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

It is as simple as this, Yankees came South to invade and many did not make it back. This buckle has without question been struck with a conical bullet at high velocity. I doubt that the wearer survived. Found at a skirmish site near Summerville GA. and once part of Charlie Harris’ long time collection. He is the author of the popular reference book “Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns”.


  USBP 10. U.S. M-1839 Enlistedman’s Belt Plate maker marked “E. GAYLORD”.

Perfect example with original belt adjuster. Strong “E. GAYLORD” maker stamp.


USBP 11. Dug U.S. M-1851 Officer’s Sword Belt Buckle.

Superb condition with a great patina. Note integral cast brass wreath. Found near Corinth MS. 


USBP 12. Dug Volunteer Maine Militia Belt Plate.

Untouched condition with intact attachment hooks. No repairs or monkey business. Verbal Provenance of Northern VA.


 USBP 13. Dug US Breastplate for Cartridge Box Sling marked “BOYD & SONS BOSTON”.

Nice looking plate with both attachment loops intact. Clear “BOYD & SONS BOSTON” makers mark on reverse. Dug near Corinth MS.


USBP 14. Dug US Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Great condition with remnant of the original leather belt. Found near Spotsylvania, VA.


USBP 15. U.S. Enlistedman’s Cartridge Box Plate.

Standard Watertown Arsenal Contract Pattern in flawless condition. Patina is untouched and this plate would be perfect to put on your cartridge box or to display on it’s own.


USBP 16. U.S. M-1851 Enlisted Man’s Saber Belt Plate.

Worn by enlisted Cavalry and Artillerymen. Beautiful untouched patina with notable service wear. A particularly nice example that saw action in the struggle. 


USBP 17. U.S. Enlisted Man’s Accoutrement Belt and Buckle.

The iconic Federal Infantryman’s Belt Rig in excellent condition with brass adjuster and supple leather belt. Belt Plate is flawless with a great untouched patina.


USBP 18. Excavated “BOYD & SON BOSTON” marked US Cartridge Box Plate.

This fantastic plate is in great condition with a super smooth chocolate brown patina. Well marked on back “BOYD & SONS BOSTON”. Provenance uncertain.


USBP 19. Excavated U.S. Cartridge Box Plate.

A beauty with intact attachment loops. Dug near LaGrange, TN.


USBP 20. Dug U.S. Belt Plate with clear “W.H. SMITH BROOKLYN” Maker Mark.

If you are looking for a killer dug US Belt Plate with a strong maker mark, here it is. Dug on the 1862 Gaines Mill VA. Battlefield by Tom Everette.


USBP 21. Dug U.S. Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Nice example of the arrowhead hook type. This variant was most likely produced under contract by the Watertown Arsenal in New York. Provenance uncertain. Great buckle.


USBP 22. Excavated U.S. Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Nice looking U.S. Breast Plate in immaculate condition. Dug long ago by Bart Uselton near the Stones River, TN. Battlefield.