Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Northern State Buttons


NSBTN 1. California Militia Coat Button.

CF 2, 22 mm. Only this version and the CF 1 are considered Civil War Period. Perfect example.





NSBTN 2. Dug Connecticut Militia Cuff Button.

CT 13b. 15 mm. Great dug example with no ground action.










 NSBTN 3. Maryland Militia Coat Button.

MD 11, 22 mm. A beautiful example with brilliant gold. No problems at all. “EXTRA QUALITY” bm. These buttons are excavated in the wake of Maryland Troops both Federal and Confederate as it was a divided state.




NSBTN 7. Massachusetts Independent Corps of Cadets Coat Button.

MS 59, 25 mm. Rare Massachusetts School Button made around 1800. Note sharp hand engraving with gold plating. Beautiful button.


NSBTN 8. Independent Corps of Cadets Button.

MS 62 v. 15 mm.”*Robinsons*/Extra”bm. Flawless condition with lots of gold plate.


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NSBTN 9. Richardson Light Guard Coat Button. 

MS 94, 23 mm. Wakefield, Mass. Town Militia Unit that comprised of Co. B, 5th Light Infantry in the first 3 months of the Civil War. Sgt. W.B. Lawrence was the first Color Bearer killed during the war. This unit later became part of the 6th Mass. Volunteer Infantry. Scarce button in superb condition.


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NSBTN 10. New England Guard button.

MS 76, 21mm. This unit was the nucleus of the 24th and 44th Massachusetts Regiments during the War of Northern Aggression.

NSBTN 11. Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Coat Button.

MS 34, 23 mm. Low convex “R&W. ROBINSON*EXTRA RICH”bm.



NSBTN 12. Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Coat Button.

MS 34, 23 mm. Untouched silver plated variant. “R&W ROBINSON*EXTRA RICH*bm. Low convex.


NSBTN 13. Massachusetts Vol. Militia Coat Button.

MS 35, 22.5 mm. Early silver plated variant. Totally untouched. “.*.*. R& W. Robinson *.*./Makers/*Attleborough*/Mass.”bm.





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NSBTN 14. Detroit Light Guards Coat Button.

MG 7, 23 mm. This unit would become Co. A, of the First Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Scarce Michigan Militia Unit Button. Perfect condition.




NSBTN 15. Minnesota Staff Officer’s Coat Button.

MN 6, 22.5 mm. Extremely rare Federal State Button. Condition is fantastic, loaded with gold plate. Super sharp details. 




NSBTN 16. Missouri Militia Coat Button.

MO 1, 22 mm. .High quality example with wartime “EXTRA QUALITY” bm. 





NSBTN 17. New Hampshire Militia Cuff Button.

NH 6, 15 mm. Scarce Yankee Button in good condition. Dug N. Virginia.





NSBTN 18. New Jersey Militia Coat Button.

Scarce indisputably wartime button with bm. Loaded with gold plate.


NSBTN 19. New Jersey Militia Cuff Button.

NJ 200, 15 mm. Scarce wartime New Jersey State Seal cuff in immaculate condition with copious gold plating. Proper “EXTRA*QUALITY”bm.




NSBTN 20. Excavated New York Militia Coat and Cuff Buttons.

This pair of matched buttons, both loaded with gold plating, were found together by Bob Bankston near the massive Vicksburg supply camp along the railroad at Bovina Mississippi.


 NSBTN 21. Group of buttons from Civil War Uniform belonging to Private Henry McGrath Co. G, 3rd New York Infantry Regt.

NY 75, 23 mm and 15 mm. According to Tice, this unit (Independence Guards) became the 12th New York Vol. Infantry Regiment. How the buttons became the property of McGrath (a New York Soldier) is unknown. Verbal provenance states that these very rare Federal Militia Unit Buttons all came from this soldier’s coat. Fantastic condition.

$950.00 for the lot

NSBTN 22. New York Ulster Guards Coat Button.

NY 89, 23 mm. This unit became part of the 80th New York Vol. Infantry Regt. Excellent non excavated condition.




NSBTN 23. Philadelphia “Washington Grays” Artillery Coat Button.

PA 46, 22 mm. Neat looking Militia Button with applied Federal Eagle. This unit initially served in Co. F, 17th PA. Vol. Inf. during the Civil War. They were known as the “Quaker” Regiment.






NSBTN 25. Providence Marine Corps of Artillery Coat Button.

RI 29, 22 mm. Beautiful button. This unit was the first Rifled Battery to enter service for the Union. The unit was known during the Civil War as the 10th Battery, Rhode Island Volunteers. Excavated specimens of these buttons are known from Antietam and Loudon Heights, VA. “R&W ROBINSON EXTRA RICH” bm.




NSBTN 26. Vermont State Militia Coat Button.

VT 9, 23 mm. Flawless Button loaded with gold. 1850′s “SCOVILL MF’G CO. WATERBURY”rmdc.




NSBTN 27. Wisconsin Militia Coat Button.

WC 1, 22 mm. Sharp looking button. “EXTRA QUALITY” bm.