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Updated 8-18-17

 CSBP 1. Extremely rare Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Heavy Frame” Buckle on it’s original Accoutrement Belt. Identified to Private W.R. Barnett, Co. E, 5th Tennessee Cavalry.

The first thing that stands out is the quality and untouched nature of this fine Confederate Belt, straight out of the family and never before on the market. Note the Thick and heavy Beveled Frame Buckle. I have never seen one of these on it’s original belt before. The leather belt itself is supple and in fantastic condition. The Percussion Cap Box is a bit rough with broken hand stitched belt loops. Possibly Confederate made. The belt is accompanied by three bound compendiums of the “Confederate Veteran” Magazine dated 1912 to 1917. A nice handwritten presentation to Barnett of these volumes by his family is on the frontispiece of the first volume. The magazines were obviously cherished by Barnett and he saved ferns and oak leaves within some magazine pages, no doubt as souvenirs of special reunions. I have yet to research Barnett’s War Record in the Army of Tennessee’s 5th Cavalry (McKenzie’s) Regiment. He ended up as a Reverend here in Knoxville TN. and is most likely also buried here. He was very active in the UCV Organization. Very rarely do you see pure and unmolested groupings like this surface. 



WP 1. Confederate Navy Revolver by Griswold and Gunnison .36 Cal.

2nd Model. Produced just south of Macon in Griswoldville GA. According to John Sexton, this is an outstanding example. Matching Serial # 1873 and secondary Serial # 13. All original with the exception of one tiny screw at top of grip frame. You would not know this as it is so well done. Metal surfaces are smooth with no pitting. Patina on brass frame has a fine aged mustard color. Mechanically good. All nipples on cylinder are original and in great shape though one is broken in half longitudinally. Bore has some wear from use but not pitted. Cryptic letter “Z” on grip frame as well as “XXII”. Trigger guard also marked with “XXII”.  Walnut grips are remarkably nice and complete with no repairs or missing wood. More details will be provided when Sexton’s Letter of Analysis, Authentication and Appraisal arrives. He has completely disassembled the revolver and photographed it in detail. Of particular interested is a little paper note and inscription found in the channel between trigger guard frame and grip. It is dated Jan. 17, 1927 and signed by a Ralph E. Bradfield of Huntingdon PA. The note offers $400.00 (a princely little sum at that time) for the return of the revolver if found and returned. Was Bradfield the son of the veteran who carried the revolver or was he an early collector? Someone should research him via ancestry channels. He refers to the gun as a “Walker Revolver”. If you are looking for a high quality and lettered Griswold, here it is.



MS 1. Identified Confederate Canteen picked up as a souvenir on the Weldon Railroad Battlefield by Massachusetts Soldier George E. Francis, 18th Unattached Company.

Here is a fantastic identified grouping that was once displayed at a GAR Hall in Massachusetts. The Confederate Gardner Pattern wooden drum canteen is in nice condition with the original strap. On one side is the name “J. Quinn Co. B.” the other side has an old typed tag stating “Canteen taken from the body of a dead Confederate Soldier near Weldon Railroad, loaned by George E. Francis 18th unattached Company (Massachusetts), Captain O.A. Baker”. The grouping also includes Francis’ Cartridge Box and Canteen. Both are marked with his name. Quinn was a private in the 14th Tennessee Vol. Infantry Regiment, which was grouped with the 1st (Turney’s) and the 7th Tennessee Regiments. This group was also known as the Tennessee Brigade. They fought in all the major battles of the Army of Northern Virginia, including Gettysburg where the 14th suffered devastating losses. I have copies of Quinn’s Confederate Service Records which are included. More research an be done. Ex. Bruce Hohler Collection.



MS 2. Fantastic Union Regimental Drum from Ohio.

This drum is in remarkable untouched condition and was brought to us at the Marietta Show by an Ohio Family. They said this drum was passed down from their Great Grandmother. We will provide some family name info to the buyer if they wish to do an ancestry check. Calfskin drum head and bottom, including snares perfectly intact. Ropes are all original as well as leather adjusters. One rope is broken at the bottom juncture. Red paint is still bright and varnished finish on drum body is excellent. Condition is such that it can still be played. Inside the drum is a clear maker’s label, “DRUMS MANUFACTURED BY CURTIS GODDARD, EDINBURGH, PORTAGE COUNTY, OHIO”. The red woven sling is still attached though broken. Straight out of the family and pure as the driven snow.



MS 3. High quality US M-1858 Canteen with sling, cover and stopper.

Super example of the iconic Yankee “Bullseye” Canteen. Woolen cover still retains bright blue color. Sling is excellent. Untouched condition.



MS 4. U.S. M-1861 Cartridge Box .58 Cal. Identified to Jacob F. Katz, Co. C, Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps.

The name is so lightly scratched into the back of outer flap that I cannot make it out. The ID might as well be verbal but I have no reason to doubt the family’s information. There were twelve .69 Cal. Elongated Ball Cartridges, some complete, some broken packed into the tins. I am offering them separately. Condition of the box itself is excellent with both tins, supple leather, intact latch tab, intact roller strap buckles and “C.S. STORMS MAKER” stamped on both sides. Note perfect Plate attached to outer flap with square nails. A super Cartridge Box that displays like a champ.



CART 1. U.S. Rifle Musket Cartridge .69 Cal.

Twelve of these were found packed in an identified Pennsylvania Soldier’s Cartridge box. This cartridge is complete and in good condition. I have shown three photos of a broken one to illustrate what is inside. These were designed with a separate paper “powder charger” behind the bullet which is the truncated cone three ring variant. 



ART 9. Dug US/CS 6 lb. Solid Shot.

Excellent condition. I actually forgot the provenance of this projectile but it may come back to me down the road. Good representative example nonetheless.



ART 10. Dug Basal Fragment of a large caliber U.S. Parrott Shell.

Very good condition with part of the brass sabot intact. Either from a 60 or 100 lb. Parrott. Cool display piece. Note rifling marks on sabot. Dug near Richmond, VA.



ART 11. Dug US/CS 12 and 6 lb. Partial Canister Rounds.

Everything you need to start constructing your own Civil War Canister Stand. The 12 lb. Plates were dug years ago at City Point VA. and the 6 lb. Plates were found at Shiloh. Seven balls are included with each. Note impressions of the balls in the top plates. 

$250.00 ea. 


USBP 1. Extremely rare “Medium Size” US Cartridge Box Plate.

Sometimes you see the buckles but rarely the plates. This one is near perfect with the exception of one broken attachment loop. Dug on the June 27, 1862 Gaines Mill VA. Battlefield.



WP 1. M-1842 Harpers Ferry Musket. Rifled and sighted .69 Cal. Dated 1854.

These are scarce guns. Converted early in the war to accomodate the .69 Cal. Minie’ Bullet or “Conical Ball”. Excellent condition with matching 1854 dates on lock and breech. Mechanically tight. Strong rifled bore. Smooth surfaces to metal throughout. Stock is very nice. Note U.S. Military inspector’s Cartouche opposite lock and notches cut into toe next to butt plate. Is this a tally of victims?? Proper concave tipped ramrod and long range sight. This is a great American Civil War Weapon and a scarcity in the Harper’s Ferry Family. Very possibly Confederate carried as well since these weapons would have been in the arsenal when it was captured by Gen. Thomas Jonathan Jackson’s Troops just prior to Antietam.



WP 2. U.S. M-1816 Contract Musket by “D. NIPPES” dated 1845. Rifled and sighted .69 Cal.

Here is an interesting M-1816 Musket converted to percussion and then rifled to accommodate the .69 Conical Minie’ Ball. Very good condition overall with clean metal surfaces though lightly pebbled in areas, Mechanically sound. Bore has wear. Note block sight on barrel. Stock has typical service wear. Two Military Inspector’s Cartouches present opposite lock. Proper concave tipped ramrod. Lock is marked “D. NIPPES US MILL CREEK PA. 1845”.



MS 1. “Pickett and His Men” Presented and dated in 1906 by wife and author LaSalle Corbell Pickett.

Complete second edition printed in Atlanta, GA. Some separation of pages in front. The book was signed personally by LaSalle Corbell Pickett and presented to a “Mrs. John Julius Pringle” in 1906. 



MS 2. Excavated .58 Cal. 3 Ring Bullet with human finger tip bone inserted.

How can this best be explained? The bullet is fired. Was this a macabre joke? A macabre souvenir? Dug near Port Hudson, LA.



MS 3. Dug Bridle Rosette marked “HJJ” from Cedar Creek VA. Battlefield.

Lead filled with intact attachment loop. Obviously not Federal issue but a personalized piece. Perhaps lost by a Southern Cavalryman or Officer.

$75.00 HOLD 


 MS 4. Dug Confederate Saddle Shield.

Plain stamped brass pattern. Excellent condition. Dug near Cedar Creek, VA.



BLT MSCS 2. Dug Confederate “Belgian Rifle” Bullet fused with .69 Cal. Musket Ball.

M&M # 319. Another oddity created by a bored Confederate. Dug near Port Republic, VA.



CSBTN 1. Confederate Army Staff Officer’s Coat Button.

CS 1, 26 mm. This button shows some wear and possibly came off of a uniform. Could be a battlefield pick up. Desirable “S. BUCKLEY & Co. BIRMINGHAM” backmark.



BLT 1. Dug Confederate Rifle Bullet variants .54 and .66 Cal.

Matching types unlisted in M&M. Dug in a North Carolina Troops camp near Fairfax Station, VA. by Tommy Grim. Unusually tall and tapering. Similar to M&M 290 and possibly produced by the same arsenal.

$595.00 for the pair


CSBTN 3. Dug Confederate Army Staff Officer’s Cuff Button.

CS 24, 15 mm. Sharply detailed with an untouched patina. This great looking and quite rare little button was dug in the South Carolina Low Country by Ben Ingraham on private property.



CSBTN 4. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CS 184, 23 mm. This one is a screamer with a glossy black patina. Truly extraordinary. Dug at one of the Army of Tennessee’s surrender camps near Bentonville, NC.



CSBTN 5. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CS 184, 23 mm. Another top shelf “Cast I”. This one was dug by Tom Everette on the Cold Harbor, VA. Battlefield.



CSBTN 6. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CS 171, 25 mm. Fantastic button with an untouched patina. Found in Brunswick County, NC. by Ben Ingraham.



CSBTN 7. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CS 171, 25 mm. Great example with an untouched patina. Found in Brunswick County, NC. by Ben Ingraham.



CSBTN 8. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CS 171, 25 mm. Nice button. Very solid condition. Found in Brunswick County, NC. by Ben Ingraham.



CSBTN 9. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CSI 281, (Tice) 24 mm. Cast Pewter. Nice button. Very solid condition. Shank intact but bent over. Found near Fort Fisher, NC. by Ben Ingraham.



CSBTN 10. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CS 173, 19 mm. A beauty. Untouched patina and “P.TAIT & Co. LIMERICK” bm. Dug near Fort Fisher, NC. by Ben Ingraham.



SSBTN 1. Dug Texas Militia Coat Button.

Rare Texas Button produced by Casimir Rouyer of New Orleans. Good condition with light ground action. Shank intact but bent. Dug on the Gaines Mill, VA. Battlefield by Tom Everette.



SSBTN 2. Dug Virginia Militia Coat Button.

VA 10, 23 mm. Flawless excavated example with lots of gold. Clear “SCOVILL MFG. CO. WATERBURY” bm. Straight shank. Gaines Mill, VA. Battlefield.



SSBTN 3. Dug Mississippi Militia Infantry Coat Button.

MP 4, 21 mm. No ground action and nice gold plating. “HYDE & GOODRICH N.O.” rmdc. Dug near Fredericksburg VA.



SSBTN 4. Excavated North Carolina Militia Button.

NC 16, 23 mm. Scarce pattern with the wide circle encompassing the ‘NC”. Shank intact. Dug near Colonial Heights VA. in one of Barringer’s NC. Cavalry Camps.



BLT RV 1. Excavated U.S. “Volcanic” Revolver Bullet .31 Cal.

M&M # 152. Perfect dropped condition. Dug near Winchester, VA.



BLT RV 2. Dug Colt Root Revolver Bullet .28 Cal.

M&M # 509. Rare bullet. Dug near Winchester, VA.

$65.00 HOLD


BLT RV 3. Dug Tranter Revolver Bullet .84 Gauge.

M&M # 93. Mostly imported for the Confederacy. Perfect condition. Dug near Winchester, VA.

$55.00 HOLD J.B.


BLT TWR 2. Dug Confederate “Atlanta Arsenal” Tower Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 213. This unusual type has a deep cone cavity and thin skirt. Found in mid war Army of Tennessee Camp and Battle sites. There is a gang mold for this bullet on display in the Atlanta History Museum. This particular example is in excellent dropped condition and was lost during the Chickamauga, GA. Campaign.

$95.00 HOLD


BLT 2. Dug Confederate “Round Nose” Rifle Bullet .577 Cal.

M&M # 580. Scarce variant found in the wake of Gen. Longstreet’s East Tenn. Campaign. Dug near Blaine, TN. by Marcus Osborne.



USBTN 1. Dug U.S. Voltiguers Coat Button.

20 mm. Super nice condition. Dug in one of the Confederate surrender camps near Bentonville, NC.



BLT CB 1. Dug U.S. Smith Cavalry Carbine Variant .48 Cal.

Unlisted in M&M. Are you ready for something really rare? This variant is illustrated on page 246, # 574 in Dean Thomas’ reference book “Round Ball to Rimfire” Part two. Extremely rare .48 Cal. Tall Rubber Cased Smith Carbine Bullet dug in one of Gen. Phillip Sheridan’s 1864 Cavalry Camps near Cedar Creek, VA.



USBTN 3. Dug U.S. Rifleman’s Coat Button.

RF 19, 22 mm. Beautiful button with no ground action and loaded with gold. “W.H. SMITH & Co.” rmdc. Dug in one of the Confederate surrender camps near Bentonville NC. 



BLT TB 1. Dug Confederate Teat Base Variant .577 Cal.

#326 on page 206 of Dean Thomas’ book ‘Round Ball to Rimfire”. This is the scarcest of the “teat base” variants. Dug near Fairfax, VA.



BLT 2. Dug Confederate Rifle Bullet .54 Cal.

M&M # 426. Rare little bullet with cap nose and thick skirt. Shiloh Campaign.

$35.00 HOLD R.B.


BLT NC 1. Dug Raleigh Arsenal Slug variant .69 Cal.

M&M # 64. Scarce variant with shallow ring. Dug N. Virginia. Dug by Gary Fields near Kinston, NC.



BLT NC 2. Dug Raleigh Arsenal Slug .69 Cal.

M&M # 66. Standard “Shotgun Slug” but most likely used in the .69 Cal. Rifled Musket. Perfect condition. Dug by Gary Fields near Kinston, NC. 



BLT NC 3. Dug Raleigh Arsenal “Tall Pattern” Slug .69 Cal.

M&M # 65. Scarcest of the Raleigh Arsenal Nessler Bullets. This one is in perfect dropped condition. There is a tiny shallow hole in the tip which may be from casting. Dug near Fairfax, VA.



BLT NC 4. Dug Raleigh Arsenal Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 199. Superb example. Dug N. Virginia.




 BLT NC 5. Dug Raleigh Arsenal Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 199. Great bullet with distinct even rings. Dug N. Virginia.



BLT LC 1. Dug Confederate “Teat Base” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 324. This type is only dug in Northern Virginia, particularly in the upper Shenandoah Valley area. Note teat in cavity.



 BLT MT 2. Dug U.S. “Prussian Pattern” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 284. Unusual sharply pointed pattern with two small rings. Dug Shenandoah Valley, VA.

$35.00 HOLD T.W.


BLT CB 2. Dug Confederate Carbine Bullet .54 Cal.

Unlisted in M&M. Measures .536″ X .828″ with a solid base. Similar bullet shown on page 17 of Tom Stelma’s Bullet Reference Book. This rare bullet is flawless and was dug on the Overall Gorge VA. Battlefield.



BLT 3. Dug Confederate Rifle Bullet .577 Cal.

M&M # 401. Scarce pattern. Perfect dropped condition. Ex. Bill Ewing Collection.

 $35.00 HOLD J.B.


BLT 4. Dug Confederate Rifle Bullet .577 Cal.

M&M # 367. Charleston Arsenal. Perfect dropped condition. Dug West Tn.

 $35.00 HOLD S.P.


BLT 5. Dug Confederate Rifle Bullet .577 Cal.

M&M # 397. Scarce Stepped Cavity Bullet. Dug near Winchester VA.



BLT SHR 1. Dug C.S. “Bavarian” Sharps .54 Cal. with cone cavity.

Scarce bullet dug in the wake of the Vicksburg Campaign. Note conical cavity.



BLT 6. Dug Confederate Rifle Bullet .54 Cal.

M&M # Charleston Arsenal Bullet dug near Tullahoma, TN. Note tall base.

$25.00 HOLD S.P.


BLT 7. Dug U.S. Springfield Arsenal Rifle Bullet marked “US” in cavity.

Mint condition. Clear “US”. Provenance uncertain.

$75.00 HOLD T.M.


BLT SHR 2. Dug Confederate “4 ring” Ringtail Sharp’s Carbine Bullet.

M&M # . Very nice example. Dug N. Virginia. These are getting very hard to find.