Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 4-1-18

MS 1. Louisiana Militia Flagstaff Finial and Confederate Bowie Knife brought home as battle trophies by Capt. Edward A. Thayer, 1st Louisiana Cavalry (US).

This grouping recently surfaced in New England from Thayer’s family estate. As a whole it is extremely interesting because you don’t see many artifacts from the Deep South Louisiana theater of operations. Many battles and skirmishes were fought in Louisiana. Some of these were symptoms of Gen. Benjamin “Beast” Butler’s occupational forces stationed in and around New Orleans. Captain Thayer participated in the Battle of Baton Rouge as well as the siege of Port Hudson. The Confederate Bowie Knife in it’s original scabbard was captured by Thayer from a Confederate prisoner during the Battle of Georgia Landing on Oct. 27, 1862. The Confederate forces were made up exclusively of Louisiana Troops so it is safe to say that the knife was carried by a Louisiana Confederate. It is totally untouched and skillfully made. The handle is solid brass with an “S” shaped cross guard. The blade is made from a file in the classic Confederate fashion. The leather scabbard is hand stitched and has a tin or pewter scabbard tip. Belt loop also intact. The old brown ink tag is in great condition and states “Taken from a sessech prisoner 27 Oct 1862 E.A. Thayer”. The Louisiana State Militia Flagstaff Finial is made of solid cast brass and is highly detailed and hand finished. It features the iconic Louisiana Pelican feeding three of it’s offspring. Patina is a super deep mustard color and totally unmolested since the war. Thayer most surely captured this finial in one of his many scraps with the Confederates. It is a remarkable and extremely rare piece that would surely be of interest to the Louisiana State Museum. The grouping is rounded out by a CDV of a youthful Capt. Thayer in uniform with a New Orleans photographer’s backmark (Guay Photographic Temple of Art No. 8 Charles St. New Orleans), another CDV of Thayer in civilian garb and a nice black G.A.R. Ribbon from the New Ipswich, New Hampshire G.A.R. Post. A professionally done binder is included that features detailed information about Capt. Thayer’s Civil War service record, his units and life after the war.



WP 1. Fantastic 1863 dated P-53 Enfield “TOWER” Rifle Musket .577 Cal. with Sling, Bayonet with Scabbard and Tompion.

One of the best Enfield Rifle Muskets I have had the pleasure of offering. A straight up “Birmingham Small Arms Trade” marked gun with 1863 date and “TOWER” on the lock. The majority of these ended up in the Confederate Army. Metal surfaces are very smooth with an untouched gray turning plum patina. Barrel has proper “25 * 25” proofs and has a sharp bore. Long range sight present. Each barrel band retains it’s original screw cap. Lock functions crisply as it should. Ramrod is original to the gun. The stock is exceptional with only very minor service dings. Round “Birmingham Small Arms Trade” cartouche present on butt stock with small “BSA” over crown stamp adjacent to trigger guard tang. Original leather sling is also present and in great condition. Bayonet fits and has it’s original scabbard. An authentic Enfield Tompion is also included. Brass ring for nipple protector present on trigger guard. This is a fantastic Civil War Weapon that has condition and original accessories. Very much representative of the monumental conflict.



MS 2. Outstanding excavated CS Leech and Rigdon Cavalry Officer’s Spur.

They don’t get any better than this. A product of the Memphis Novelty Works. Clearly cast “CS” with intact rowell which is smaller than usual but functional and original to the spur. Verbal provenance of Corinth MS. Definitely an early find with a smooth dark patina. 



CSBP 1. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s CSA Belt Plate.

Superb “Atlanta Arsenal” pattern CSA with a killer chocolate brown patina and perfectly highlighted letters that you can see from a distance. Perfect hooks and body curve. Verbal provenance of Atlanta GA. As my friend Larry Hicklen would say, an “end of the street” example.

$3450.00 HOLD S.W.


CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Buckle.

Flawless Confederate “Gutterback” Frame Buckle with a smooth milk chocolate patina. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Sam Padgett Collection.



CSBP 3. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Plate.

Scarce Army of Northern Virginia lead filled CS “Egg” Oval Belt Plate with telegraph wire hooks (one is intact). Slick chocolate brown patina and strong “CS” stamp. Provenance uncertain. This buckle was on display for years in the Decatur, Alabama Civil War Museum.



CSBP 4. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Rare medium size “Wishbone” Frame Buckle in excellent condition. These are very hard to find. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Sam Padgett Collection.



CSBP 5. Confederate “Richmond Arsenal” Saber Belt Buckle.

Non excavated. An outstanding example of this thickly cast tongue and wreath variant. Beautiful deep bronze patina. Totally untouched. They don’t get much better than this. Originally purchased from the famous and quite likeable Rafael Eledge of Shiloh Relics.



CSBP 6. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Plate.

Rare pewter plate with a plain face. Appears to have been made by the same workshop that produced the “C.S.A.” marked ones. This type has a thin layer of lead on the front and is in fantastic condition. Note perfect iron wire hooks and the lines used to line them up when brazed on. Dug long ago along the Shiloh retreat route by Bill Shaner.



CSBP 7. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Buckle.

Wow…this is one heck of a nice Confederate “Standard” Frame Belt Buckle. I love the patina. Provenance has been lost but it was once on display at the Decatur Alabama Civil War Museum.



CART 1. U.S. Merrill Cavalry Carbine Cartridge .54 Cal. from original box.

Excellent condition and right out of the box. Paper wrap has only very minor cracks. Original blue box has a flawless original label and is also for sale. A great accessory to your Civil War Merrill Carbine.

Cartridge $150.00, Box is $295.00


MS 3. Dug Pennsylvania Soldier’s “Veteran’s” Pin.

One of the scarcer ones. This one has silver plating. These were purchased from sutlers in the Western Theater. The volunteer soldier’s were obviously keen to display their state pride. Provenance uncertain.



WP 2. Dug M-1858 Remington Beals Navy Revolver .36 Cal. from the Antietam MD. Battlefield.

Mostly complete though missing trigger guard. Tag that came with it states that it was dug on the Pry Farm and was part of a “Remsburg” collection. The revolver is miss-identified as a Whitney Navy. A neat and historic war relic that could have been carried and lost by either side. An enterprising collector could find a dug trigger guard and properly clean this weapon.

$595.00 HOLD M.K.


USBP 1. U.S. M-1832 Artillery Sword Belt Buckle.

Great looking buckle with an untouched patina. Perfect non excavated condition.



USBP 2. Dug U.S. M-1851 Officer’s Sword Belt Buckle.

Immaculate buckle with a frosty brown patina and silver wash on the cast integral wreath. This one will knock your eyes out. Dug near Tunnel Hill Ga. back in the 1970’s.



ART 1. Rare British 2.75″ Whitworth Case Shot.

The Whitworth Case Shot has a removable nose section that was designed for loading the segmented shrapnel around the bursting charge. Condition is superb with traces of orange paint. Most likely a G.A.R. Hall display piece. Although there are no known documented battlefield finds, this is still a scarce and highly collectible variant. Does not contain shrapnel. 



ART 2. Rare U.S. Field Artillery Pendulum Hause Sight Case.

Outstanding condition with supple leather. Excellent stitching. Carrying strap missing in action. Would be a great addition to any American Civil War Artillery display.



ART 3. Dug U.S. 12 lb. Bormann Fused Case Shot.

Super slick iron and a very nice unpunched Bormann Time Fuse. Found near Petersburg VA. An outstanding representative example.



ART 4. Excavated Confederate Rains Hand Grenade from the Augusta Arsenal Dump.

Found many years ago in the Savannah River at the site of the Augusta Powder Works. Good condition. 



ART 5. Dug Confederate 24 lb. Spherical Shell.

Good condition, fired into a Federal position during the 1863 Siege of Suffolk VA. by Gen. Longstreet’s forces.



ART 6. Dug Confederate 12 lb. “Polygonal” Shell.

This type was cast with lines of weakness within. Designed to fragment into equal sized five sided or diamond shaped shrapnel. Good condition overall. Brass fuse adapter is removable (added for display and not original to the shell). Found on the Suffolk VA. Battlefield.



USBP 3. Dug U.S. Breastplate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Really nice example with full lead and both attachment loops intact. Provenance uncertain, comes from an East Tennessee relic hunter’s collection.



USBP 4. Dug Federal M-1839 Cartridge Box Plate.

Attractive plate with a great patina. Small size variant. Attachment loops rusted away. Provenance uncertain.



MS 4. Dug Confederate Star Insignia for Slouch Hat. 

Neat hand crafted sheet brass star just like the ones often seen in many wartime photographs of Confederate Soldiers. Provenance of East Tennessee.



MS 5. Dug U.S. Regimental #4 Hat Insignia.

Excellent condition with no bends and a nice patina. Provenance unknown. 1″ tall.

$65.00 HOLD T.W.


WP 3. Smith and Wesson #2 Army Revolver .32 Cal.

A good representative example with original Rosewood grips. Early war serial # 9896. Metal is mostly smooth with areas of pin-prick pitting. Top hinge has some play in it and the action works but somewhat loosely. These were very popular secondary arms for the Federal Forces.



MS 6. Dug Federal Trooper’s Saddle Shield.

Excellent condition, stamped “11 1/2 INCH SEAT”. Provenance uncertain. 



MS 7. Dug U.S. Company Letter “A” Hat Pin.

Stamped Brass “A” dug near Fredericksburg VA. 1″ variety.

$65.00  HOLD T.W.


MS 8. Dug U.S. Company Letter “B” Hat Pin.

Stamped Brass “B” dug near Fredericksburg VA. 1″ variety. Perfect with intact attachment loop.

$55.00 HOLD T.W.


MS 9. Dug U.S. Company Letter “C” Hat Pin.

Stamped Brass “C” dug near Fredericksburg VA. 1″ variety. Perfect.

$65.00 HOLD T.W.


MS 10. Dug U.S. Company Letter “D” Hat Pin.

Stamped Brass “D” dug near Fredericksburg VA. 1″ variety. Perfect.

$55.00 HOLD T.W.


MS 11. Dug U.S. Company Letter “E” Hat Pin.

Stamped Brass “E” dug near Fredericksburg VA. 1″ variety. Tiny repair at bottom. Hard to find perfect.



MS 12. Dug U.S. Company Letter “F” Hat Pin.

Stamped Brass “F” dug near Fredericksburg VA. 1″ variety. Flawless and very difficult to find unbroken.

$75.00 HOLD T.W.


ANT 1. Dug Viking “Bearded” Battle Axe.

Textbook example in superb condition, dug near Kharkiv, Ukraine. 9th-10th Cent. AD. Axes were ubiquitous to Viking warfare and were common grave offerings. 



ANT 2. Excavated Viking Age Crucifix.

Early bronze type with yellow enamel. Superb condition. Excavated near Tallin, Estonia. 10th-11th Cent. AD. Christianity quickly took hold among the Swedes trading and raiding in the east due to the influence of Byzantine missionaries. The crucifix became the most powerful amulet with the greatest protective powers eclipsing the Hammer of Thor, the Axe of Perun and the Lunula of the Moon Goddess. 



ANT 3. Excavated Viking Child’s Sword Pommel and Cross Guard.

Small sized swords made for boys and the ways of the war band were instilled early on. Life was short and times were beyond brutal. Every boy desired to become a great warrior. This sword is classified as a Petersen Type K, which has a seven lobed pommel. Note pagan solar symbols. The iron blade has deteriorated except for a small trace in the cross guard. Cast in bronze. Extremely rare. Dug on the Baltic coast of Estonia. 9th-10th Century AD.



ANT 4. Dug Viking Chieftan’s Stirrups and Bit.

This wrought iron set was very likely found long ago in the pagan cremation grave of a great chieftain. Only very high status warriors or Jarls rode on horseback. The deceased Jarl’s horse was slain and cremated as well as favored slaves and other animals. All to join him in the paradise of Valhalla. The iron is transformed or annealed during the burning process and resists oxidation. This explains the remarkable preservation in many cases of pagan age iron objects and weapons. With the spread of Christianity, burials became inhumations and grave goods were no longer necessary for the afterlife. 8th-11th Cent. AD.



ANT 5. Dug Battle Axe Amulet.

Cast in bronze, these amulets are found in several forms and are thought to possess magical and protective properties. Scholars associate them with the Cult of Perun and the Cult of St. Olaf. This example is in very good condition with an untouched patina and was found by a detectorist on the Baltic Coast of Estonia. 10th-11th Century AD. See this article for more information on these prized artifacts.



ANT 6. Dug “Bearded” Battle Axe.

Classic Viking Battle Axe designed to cleave shields and skulls. This heavy type would deliver a most powerful attack. Note traces of original wooden handle inside the socket. Found near Kiev, Ukraine. 8th-10th Cent. AD.



ANT 7. Dug Viking Age Iron Socketed Spearhead.

Common light variant. Complete and in very good condition. Measures about 8″ in length. Dug in Ukraine. More of a throwing type than thrusting. 8th to 11th Century AD.



ANT 8. Excavated Medieval “Bec de Corbin” or “Beak of the Crow”. 

This combination of Battle Axe and War Hammer was designed to puncture and bash a mounted knight’s plate armor and dates from the 14th-16th Century AD. Mounted on a modern but accurate reproduction handle. Dug near Kiev Ukraine. Note photos before cleaning. Remarkable condition.

$795.00 HOLD T.M.


ANT 9. Dug Viking Bronze Sword Chape or Scabbard Tip.

Rare artifact in fabulous condition. Note Scandinavian Interlace Design. Found near Tallin, Estonia.



ANT 10. Large Viking “Bearded” Battle Axe.

Massive two handed type in superb condition. Classic form and very rare this size. Dug in Northwestern Ukraine. Approx. 8″ in length. This is a fierce looking weapon that had to be wielded by a most powerful warrior. 8th-11th Cent. AD.



 ANT 11. Dug Kievan Rus Sword Amulet.

Fashioned out of cast bronze and thought to give magical powers to a warrior’s sword or offer protection from the gods in battle. Perfect condition. Dug near Kiev, Ukraine. 8th-11th Century AD.



ANT 12. Massive Viking Warrior’s Battle Spear.

When this spear came out of the ground, I had to compete with several collectors to get it. Quite remarkable not only for it’s huge size (22″) but also for it’s spectacular condition. Classic Scandinavian Pattern. Socket has fluted decoration. Spears this size are very rare. 8th-10th Cent. AD. Dug near Kiev, Ukraine.



MS 32. Dug Western Military Institute Grouping from Nashville. 

These relics were recovered from the grounds of the Western Military Institute in Nashville TN. several years ago. There is a nice W.M.I. Cuff Button with intact shank and gold plating, a Shako Hat Plume Holder and a U.S. Militia Waist Belt Plate made of stamped brass. The cadets that were attending this school enlisted in the Confederate Army.



MS 33. Dug pair of .69 Cal Confederate “French Dragoon” Bullets with a square nail driven into them. 

Found long ago in a Confederate Camp near Frankstown MS. by Conrad Allen. Was there a purpose here? Maybe just good ole’ camp boredom. Cool Confederate relic for sure.



MS 34. Dug U.S. Mainspring Vise. 

Used to replace broken mainsprings which was the number one cause of gun malfunctions in the field. This one was found along the Shiloh retreat route by Ray Treece.



MS 35. Dug lead disc with soldier’s artwork. 

A talented hand scratched some patterns into this piece of lead, most likely made from a flattened .69 Cal. bullet. There is a highly stylized star on one side and a cross on the other with possible Confederate Battle Flags within. Checker?…Poker Chip? Dug along the Shiloh retreat route near Mickey TN.