Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 8-10-18

MS 1. Massive War Log with a 12 lb. Cannon Ball from Missionary Ridge TN. (Chattanooga).

Found along the line of the Chattanooga and Union Railway Line and presented to a “Charles E. James” in 1889. This is an utterly outstanding relic. A 12 lb. Solid Shot is embedded in the massive pine log and you can see the natural process of where the tree tried to heal itself around the ball. A good bit of the original bark remains. The top of the log is perfectly flat and can serve as a table. The old brass tag with detailed provenance is remarkable. This would be a most impressive piece in any relic room or museum. The Battle of Missionary Ridge was a disastrous affair for the Confederates and underscored the lackluster leadership of Gen. Braxton Bragg. 



BLT 1. Dug CS “Von Lenke” Bullet from Texas Troops Camp.

M&M # 476, .54 Cal. McKee and Mason were incorrect in labeling this rare bullet as a “Von Lenke Guncotton”. What we know for sure is that they are Confederate, associated with Texas Troops, are from early war sites and are rare. This one was dug on the Occoquan Line in the camp of the Texas Brigade. Good dropped condition and priced to move.



MS 3. Excavated U.S. Officer’s Eagle Head Spur.

Amazing condition with no repairs. Most likely worn by a Confederate Officer as it was dug in CS General Earl Van Dorn’s Cavalry Camp at Spring Hill TN. The brass rowell is original, and a perfect fit but was not found with the spur. Excavated examples of these fancy spurs are extremely rare.



MS 4. Pair of Civil War Flag Staffs from a G.A.R. Hall.

These are the real deal. One of the staffs has an old brown ink tag labeled “New Jersey” and the other, “Michigan”. Both staffs retain their original brass finials and brass end caps. The two finial or spear variants have been excavated at various Civil War camps and battle sites and are wartime. The New Jersey staff has the common “Spade” type finial and ferrule The Michigan staff has a more rare and unusual type of spear. I have included photos from my past files depicting excavated examples that are identical in size and style. Both were found on Virginia Battlefields. The staffs measure approx. 8’4″ in length. I can see these being used in a relic room to display flags. You could also just mount them on the wall. Verbal provenance of a G.A.R. Hall in Southern PA.

$1250.00 ea. Michigan Staff on Hold


WP 1. Confederate P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket furnished by “BARNETT/LONDON”.

Recent research points to Barnett in London as a primary contractor of these arms only to the Confederacy. This particular Enfield surfaced in Camden Alabama and is a good representative example. Iron surfaces are smooth and have a plum attic patina. Lock mechanics are good. Long range site and ramrod are in place and original. Nipple is a replacement. Both sling loops intact. Rifling is distinct but bore has pitting from use. Stock is in good condition overall. I cannot make out any markings on it. There are small spots of old varnish spatter that should come off with some elbow grease. 



MS 5. Dug Enfield Tompion impaled by a bullet.

This is the result of the chaos of battle when a nervous soldier fires his musket at the enemy without removing the tompion. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Dan Wingate collection. 



CART 1. Dug Confederate Morse Carbine Cartridge and Bullet .50 Cal.

This rare dropped Confederate Cartridge was dug between Chattanooga and Dalton GA. Bullet fits snugly into the brass casing but can be removed and displayed separately if desired. Note intact leather washer and percussion cap in base.



MS 6. Whisky Flask identified to “Lt. B.L. Crosby 7th ME. Inf.”

I have yet to do the research on Crosby but do recognize the 7th Maine as a prolific and notable regiment that participated in many battles and campaigns. Very good condition overall with a nice leather cover. Glass has a crack but is strong and intact.



MS 7. Identified Maine Soldier’s .58 Cal. Cartridge box marked “G.A. MOODY, CO E. ? ME. V.”

I cannot make out the regiment #, but the rest of his information is clearly stenciled on the inner flap. Box itself is a .58 Cal. Pattern in good overall condition with intact roller buckles, latch tab and both tins. The US Plate is untouched and affixed to the outer flap by small square nails. This should be an an interesting research project for someone so inclined.



WP 2. Dug US M-1833 Dragoon Saber found in one of Gen. Joseph Wheeler’s Confederate Cavalry Camps.

You don’t see many of these excavated. This scarce early saber is in great condition with an emerald green patina on the guard. Blade is excellent and sturdy with a slight bend. Found in one of Confederate Gen. Joe Wheeler’s Cavalry Camps in North GA.



MS 8. Confederate Gardner Pattern Canteen with “C.S.A.” painted on the face.

Recently found in an old barn near Martinsburg WV. This iconic Confederate wooden drum canteen was at one time painted in white milk paint with red trim and you can still see “C.S.A.” painted on the face in red. The other side has some text in red but I can’t make it out. It has been suggested that if viewed with a black light, you might be able to see the inscription, but alas, I have no black light. Canteen shows it’s age but still has an intact tin spout with remnants of the cork stopper.



CSBP 1. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Heavy” Frame Belt Buckle.

One of the scarcer patterns of the so called “Georgia Frame” Buckle. This variant is known for it’s thick casting and wide beveled tongues. Slick green patina. Provenance uncertain.



CSBP 2. Dug Snake for British Style Military Belt Buckle.

Remarkable for it’s large size and anatomical detail. One of many variants of this buckle that saw widespread use in the Confederate Armies. Provenance uncertain.



CSBP 3. Dug Leech and Rigdon Plain Sword Belt Tongue. 

This type is fairly common and fits the typical Leech and Rigdon wreath. Provenance uncertain.



USBP 1. Dug US M-1839 Cartridge Box Plate.

Scarcer small pattern in fantastic condition. Dug at Bovina MS.



USBP 2. Dug US Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Great condition with full lead and remnant of the original leather belt. Found near Tunnel Hill GA. 

$295.00 HOLD S.W.



Interesting large pocket knife with silver bolsters and remnants of the original bone handle. Approx. 5″ long. Found in the Tombigbee River, Alabama. 

$395.00 HOLD J.V.


MS 10. Dug brass Inkwell Lid.

This heavy brass lid has a locking screw. Interesting relic. Dug in a Federal trash pit at Eastport MS. 



MS 11. Dug soldier’s False Teeth.

Found in the trenches on the Resaca GA. Battlefield in an area of savage fighting by Dan Wingate. I fear this man’s face and jaw were probably shattered or worse during the battle. A disturbing and grisly relic.



MS 12. Excavated brass Mason’s Ring found at Fort Fisher NC.

Nicely detailed Masonic Ring. Most likely lost by a Confederate Soldier manning the garrison of the fort.



ART 1. Dug U.S. Naval Watercap Time Fuse from Fort Fisher NC.

Great condition with no ground action at all. Dated 1864 and a relic of the savage bombardment inflicted upon the fort by the Union Blockading Squadron in January of 1865.



MS 13. Excavated Snare Tensioner Fitting for a Military Drum.

Federal Eagle variant found by Brant Arnold near Corinth MS. Neat relic. 



MS 14. Dug South Carolina Soldier’s Hat Pin cast from a button.

Neat camp made hat pin fashioned from cast lead. A South Carolina Militia Button was used to make the mold. Found near Petersburg VA.

$250.00 HOLD J.H.


MS 15. Excavated US 14th Army Corps Insignia carved from a bullet.

Masterfully carved by a proud Western Yankee. Great details. Found in the wake of the Atlanta Campaign. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.



MS 16. Dug Coat Button Polisher and Button from Camp Davies, 66th Illinois Regt., Corinth MS. 

Unusual relic used by soldiers to isolate and polish their uniform buttons. The button is a US General Service coat button with gold plating. These items were found in close proximity within the camp of Birge’s Western Sharpshooters (66th Ill. Vol. Inf. Regt.) who were stationed in Corinth following the battle fought there in 1862. These troops were armed with the custom made target rifles produced by Horace Dimmick of St. Louis MO. While Camp Davies has long been combed by relic hunters, Brant Arnold and Rodney Lewis were still able to glean these relics, a Dimmick Rifle Barrel and several Dimmick Bullets from the site.

$95.00 HOLD R.H.


MS 17. Dug “MONROE IRON WORKS” Brass Stamp.

This massive brass stamp is about 1/2″ thick and was found at Cerro Gordo on the Tennessee River where the Union Navy had captured a Confederate Ironclad Steamer then partially constructed on Feb. 7, 1862. The Federals finished converting the ship and named it the USS Eastport. This piece is no doubt a relic of the Confederate efforts to build this ironclad. I can find no record of this firm who were no doubt a casualty of the war and may have very well been sympathetic to the Confederacy. The names “BECK, FISHER & BAUER” are mentioned which is fitting since St. Louis was heavily populated by German immigrants.



MS 18. Dug .69 Cal. Musket Ball encased in a tree root.

The earth will overtake everything if left unchecked. Here is a great example of a tree root embracing a 155 year old Civil War Musket Ball. Neat relic. Provenance unknown. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.



 MS 19. Confederate Bullet Worm attached to an extracted .577 Cal. CS Gardner Bullet.

Extraordinary relic, just as it was found. Ex. Dan Wingate collection.

$95.00 HOLD R.H.


MS 20. Dug Knife or Razor Blade carved from lead.

Unusual relic carved by a bored soldier, most likely from a flattened bullet.



 SSBTN 1. Virginia Militia Coat Button.

VA 16, 23 mm. Nice example in flawless condition. Lots of gold plating. W.G. MINTZER Phild.” bm.



SSBTN 2.  Virginia Militia Coat Button.

VA 7, 22 mm. Another great non dug Virginia Button with gold. “SCOVILL MFG. CO. WATERBURY” bm.



 SSBTN 3. Texas Militia Coat Button identified to Robert Tinnin, 22nd Texas Vol. Infantry.

TX 17, 23 mm. This buttons was acquired directly from the family who maintain that it came off the coat of their ancestor Robert Tinnin. They produced a copy of a 1973 newspaper article which concerns the brothers Robert and David Tinnin. The article is a bit vague but says that they served at some point under a Colonel Hubbard of the 22nd Texas. The 22nd was consolidated with other units and  an R.S. Tinnin was found in the 11th Texas which incidentally was combined with the 22nd near Shreveport, LA. I will leave this research to the buyer. The article mentions Robert’s life being saved by having a tintype of his mother in his breast pocket that had stopped a bullet (battle unspecified). David is mentioned as being wounded in the foot. (This is corroborated by one of my colleagues who has a medical research document concerning David Tinnin. It mentions him being wounded at Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas and also that he was in the 11th Texas Regt. I will provide a copy of the article to the buyer. The button is superb and it still has the original thread attached. “HYDE & GOODRICH NEW ORLEANS” bm.



SSBTN 4. Arkansas Militia Coat Button.

Textbook Arkansas, AK 1, 23 mm. Flawless condition. “HORSTMANN & ALLIEN” bm. From an old Confederate Veterans collection found in West Tennessee. Priced to move.



SSBTN 5. Mississippi Militia Infantry Coat Button.

MP 3, 21 mm. This button has seen service and has an untouched bronze patina. A very attractive non dug example. “HYDE & GOODRICH N.O.” bm. Priced to move.



SSBTN 6. Georgia Militia Coat Button.

GA 4 a1, 24 mm. This is probably the most common Georgia button dug in Civil War camps and battlefields. Great non dug example priced to move. “HORSTMANN & ALLIEN NY.” bm.



SSBTN 7. South Carolina Militia Coat Button.

SC 13 A, 23 mm. Very nice example with unusual “CANFIELD BRO.& CO. BALTIMOR” bm.



CSBTN 1. Confederate Army Staff Officer’s Coat Button.

CS 5, 23 mm. Fine non excavated example with the desirable “SK&W RIVT’D & SOLDER’D bm. Note actual service wear and patina, not a Bermuda warehouse button.



 CSBTN 2. Dug Confederate Army General Service Coat Button.

CS 181, 23 mm. Textbook example loaded with bright gold. Pristine. “SUPERIOR QUALITY” bm.



CSBTN 3. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Coat Button. 

Listed in Tice’s Book. Extremely rare 23 mm. Pewter Coat button in reasonably good condition. Dug near Petersburg VA.

$795.00 HOLD R.B.


SSBTN 8. Dug Alabama Volunteer Corp’s Coat Button. 

AB 3, 21 mm. Very nice excavated example with a lot of gold found near Stafford VA. “E.HALFMANN MONTGOMERY ALA.” bm.



SSBTN 9. Dug Alabama Volunteer Corp’s Coat Button. 

AB 3, 21 mm. Very nice excavated example with gold highlights. Provenance uncertain. “LAMBERT & MAST/PHILADa.” bm.



SSBTN 10. Dug South Carolina Militia Coat Button made of cast pewter.

SC 22, 20 mm. Crude cast pewter variant that appears field cast in a scissor mold. Shank intact but bent. Dug near Petersburg VA.



SSBTN 11. Dug Virginia Military Institute Coat Button. 

SU 40, 20 mm. Sharp looking dug button with copious gold and no ground action. Found near Fredericksburg VA. “R.W. ROBINSON” bm.

$250.00 HOLD J.R.


CSBTN 4. Dug Confederate Staff Officer’s Coat Button. 

CS 17, 24 mm. Beautiful face with sharp details. Missing shank as usual. West Tennessee.



SSBTN 13. Dug Virginia Militia Coat Button. 

VA 22, 23  mm. Nice looking non dug example. Does have a light crack running North to South on the face which is a manufacturing flaw.