Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 12-12-17

WP 1. M-1860 Spencer Repeating Rifle .52 Cal.

The legendary Spencer Repeating Rifle helped change the course of the war. First used with devastating effect at the Battle of Hoover’s Gap TN. in June of 1863 and later at Gettysburg. This fine specimen is untouched and original in all regards. Metal surfaces are smooth with a fantastic patina. Early serial # 9350. Clear Spencer Patent Address on top of breech. Mechanically sharp with tight action. Bore is clean and sharp. Stock retains it’s original finish and has only very minor service wear. Note strong Military Inspector’s Cartouche on wrist. A most respectable example indeed of this iconic American Civil War Weapon.



WP 2. Identified 1862 London Armoury Co. Enfield Rifle Musket .577 Cal.

One of the scarce examples that was purchased and issued by the Federal Forces. Stamped in several places “J.H. DEAN”. This soldier was a member of the 39th Massachusetts Vol. Regt. which makes sense since the very first London Armory Contract went to the State of Massachusetts. Condition is excellent. There are a couple of wartime modifications made, particularly the addition of a Springfield M-1863 Hammer and Ramrod. All metal surfaces have an untouched and consistent plum patina. Lock mechanics are tight. Stock is untouched as well with sharp edges, original finish and a strong State of Massachusetts Military Inspectors Cartouche opposite the lock. Note the clear “LONDON ARMOURY 1862 BERMONDSEY” stamp on the stock. The London Armoury Enfield was a superior weapon and had fully interchangeable parts. Highly regarded by soldiers on both sides. This one has character, condition and identification.



WP 3. M-1860 Spencer Repeating Carbine. 

A fine example with mostly smooth surfaces. Gray turning plum patina and only small areas of pin prick pitting. Legible Spencer Patent Address on top of breech. Mechanically sound. Bore is well defined with some oxidation. Stock is very nice and appears to have it’s original finish. There are two Military Inspector’s Cartouches visible on the wrist. Saddle Ring intact as well as long range site. Serial # 58123. All original and complete in every regard with no monkey business. Priced competitively.



WP 4. Excavated U.S. Remington Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Found near Corinth Mississippi. 5 of the 6 chambers in the cylinder are loaded.

$1150.00 HOLD R.W.


 WP 5. Excavated “Dimmick” Rifle Barrel found at Camp Davies, Birge’s Western Sharpshooters.

Found last year by Brant Arnold and Rodney Lewis near the still standing works of Camp Lewis (south of Corinth, MS.). At this place was stationed the 66th Illinois Regt. also known as Birge’s Western Sharpshooters. The barrel was found with several dropped (approx. .42 Cal.) Dimmick Bullets, one of which is included with the barrel. The Dimmick Rifle was patterned after the Hawkins Plains Rifle which seems consistent with this heavy octagonal barrel. The tang is bent upward and the barrel is bent indicating that it was rendered useless when the regiment abandoned the camp in early 1863. Later on in the war, during the Atlanta Campaign, the regiment was armed with the .44 Cal. Henry Repeating Rifles.



MS 1. U.S. Heavy Dragoons Cavalry Harness with original brass Martingale.

Extremely rare piece, ca. early 1800’s. The stamped brass Martingale features a Dragoon with raised saber motif. The early U.S. Dragoons  also had matching hat plates of this pattern. Ex. Michael Simens, Ex. Claude Maley collections.



MS 2. Excavated U.S. Mounted Officer’s Martingale.

Superb condition with no repairs whatsoever and two intact brass wire hooks. The “US” really stands out. Dug in a Confederate Camp near Shelbyville TN. From the collection of the amazing and most illustrious (and influential) Kentucky Congressman, Kenny Copelin (may the benevolent rays of the sun always rest upon him). Courtesy of Claude Maley.



WP 6. U.S. M-1860 Colt Army Revolver .44 Cal.

All matching 1862 serial # 38651 (except for wedge). Nice looking revolver overall with clear barrel address. The cylinder indexes properly only when gun is pointed down so it may need some minor work. Grips are original but have wear. Cylinder scene worn. This Colt saw the action and is priced right.



WP 7. U.S. Maynard Cavalry Carbine in relic condition .50 Cal.

Complete except for the butt plate. This relic surfaced in the Eastport-Corinth Mississippi area and was probably left behind by Sherman’s Cavalry Troopers. Large numbers of Maynard Cartridges have been dug in this area. This weapon would shore up any dug relic display.

$895.00 HOLD R.W. 


WP 8. P-53 Enfield Rife Musket .577 Cal. with Bayonet (in Scabbard), Sling, Tompion and Nipple Protector.

Fine looking Enfield with all the accessories. Metal surfaces are smooth with an untouched and consistent gray turning plum patina. Lock is clearly stamped “TOWER” and “1862”. Mechanically sound. Rifling worn out in bore. Stock is very good with only minor service wear. Leather sling is original and supple. Ramrod is original to the gun with matching patina. Bayonet fits perfectly and has it’s original leather scabbard. This Enfield could have been used by either side and definitely saw combat but was also well taken care of.



WP 9. Dug P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket Bayonet .577 Cal.

Great condition. Dug by Ray Treece near Shiloh, TN.



WP 10. M-1795 Harpers Ferry Flintlock Musket .69 Cal. Dated 1815 with Bayonet.

Totally original and straight out of a 40 year collection. Lock is dated 1815, functions crisply, and is stamped with an eagle with “US” in the the shield. Metal surfaces are smooth and the patina is untouched. Barrel marked with “US” and Eagle Head within oval proofs. Original Flint not a re-conversion. Stock is in remarkable condition for being over 200 years old. Minor wear and blemishes here and there with Military Inspector marks and cartouches on the flat opposite the lock (note “V” over “AT”). Button tipped Ramrod is original. Bayonet fits perfectly, is stamped “US” over “WR” but may be an 1808 model. This is a very fine and early American Musket from a discriminating collection.



MS 3. Dug U.S. M-1842 Bayonet made into a body hook.

Found near the Shiloh TN. Battlefield in a trash pit by Ray Treece and Brant Arnold. Tip is broken off. Could also be a pot hook.

$65.00 HOLD B.S.


ART 1. Dug C.S. 8 lb. Solid Shot found near Shiloh, TN.

Crude ball with pitting on one side. This rare size (slightly larger than a 6 pound shot) is only found at Shiloh to my knowledge and comes from an unknown smoothbore. Dug by Ray Treece several years ago on private property near Shiloh TN.



ART 2. U.S. 3″ Schenkl Percussion Fused Shell.

A beauty. Really nice condition with a perfect Schenkl Percussion Fuse. Provenance uncertain.



ART 3. Dug CS 6 lb. Solid Shot from the Shiloh TN. Battlefield.

Superb condition. Found by Brant Arnold on private property at the edge of a farmer’s field. It was dug in a pile of six other Confederate Projectiles including two Prototype 3.3″ Archer Bolts. Evidently a farmer plowed these up in his field and piled them at the edge of the field along the fence line.



MS 4. Confederate Spur with original leather straps.

Totally untouched, like out of a time warp. Appears to be a barn find. I believe the seller told me it came from Shelbyville TN.

$395.00 HOLD G.H.


CSBP 1. Richmond Arsenal “CS” Saber Belt Rig.

An outstanding Confederate artifact. Leather belt is supple and still retains brass sword hanger clip. Stitching is original and tight. The buckle is first class as well with an untouched deep mustard patina. 



MS 5. Dug Eagle Stirrup Mount.

Scarce early Militia Bosses that were mounted in pairs on a large fancy officer’s stirrup. When found, it seems that they come predominantly Confederate sites. 



MS 6. Dug Leech and Rigdon Field and Staff Officer’s Sword Guard.

Found in pieces and reconstructed. This guard was dug in Giles Co. TN. and comes from a very rare sword.



MS 7. Dug US M-1859 Cavalry Spur.

Excellent condition with a smooth green patina. Found by a digger named “Tate” at Strawberry Plains TN. Ex. Bill Tucker Collection.



MS 8. Large size “snake” for English Accoutrement Belt Buckle.

Rare style with realistic snake. This piece displays well on it’s own but would be really awesome if you could find the keepers. Non excavated.



MS 9. Dug Cook and Brother Saber Bayonet Adapter.

Very rare piece indeed. Could easily be cleaned and put on your Cook and Brother Rifle. Add bayonet and you are in business.



MS 10. Dug “William T. Sherman” Hat Badge.

This extremely rare Western Theater badge is made of pewter with General Sherman in relief on one side and the symbols of the 12th, 14th, 15th and 17th Army Corps on the other. Only found in Arkansas and as of today, only 4-5 known to exist. Two were dug by Skip Mayorga at DeVall’s Bluff Arkansas and this is one of those he found.



CSBP 2. Dug Confederate converted US Belt Plate.

A really well executed example in great condition with a nice green patina. Eyeballed at a construction site in downtown Jackson TN.



CSBP 3. Dug Confederate Imported “Snake” Buckle.

These accoutrement belt buckles were provided to the Confederacy by Issacs and Campbell of London and run through the blockade. I cannot recall where this one was dug but it was found together and has a perfectly matching patina. Ex. Ed Guffee Collection.

$650.00 HOLD T.M.


CSBP 4. Dug Confederate “Gutter Back” Frame Buckle.

A beauty with a nice slick patina. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Ed Guffee Collection. 



CSBP 5. Dug Confederate “Rope Border” CS Belt Plate.

Amazing condition with intact soldered on hooks on reverse. No repairs or alterations of any kind. Dug long ago near Shelbyville TN. along Gen. Braxton Bragg’s Duck River Line. Ex. Nick Harris Collection.



MS 11. Dug US Shoulder Scale for Cavalry and Artillery Troops.

Designed to protect from saber blows but eventually proved to be impractical as soldiers tended to discard them. This one was dug near Shiloh, TN. in a Federal trash pit by Ray Treece.  



MS 12. Dug U.S. Carbine Sling Buckle and Swivel.

Great condition. Buckle is maker marked “E.GAYLORD CHICOPEE” and “T.J. SHEPPARD”.



MS 13. Dug M-1858 U.S. “Bullseye” Canteen.

Great condition for excavated. Spout was not found with it but added for display. Ex. Ray Treece Collection. 



MS 14. Dug Confederate Artillery Short Sword Blade.

Scarce find. Most likely a Leech and Rigdon Blade that would have had a cast brass “CS” marked guard. Found by Brant Arnold and Ray Treece in a trash pit along the Shiloh retreat route. Someone out there has a dug brass guard that would mate with this rare blade.



MS 15. Excavated U.S. Soldier’s Ration Can.

Remarkable condition. Found long ago in a Civil War trash pit. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Ray Treece Collection.



WP 11. U.S. M-1840 Light Artillery Saber by Ames.

Very solid condition overall. Original leather and wire wrap on grip. 1855 dated blade has clear markings on ricasso, smooth surface and no re-sharpening or nicks. Scabbard is very nice with an untouched patina. A great representative example.



MS 16. Large excavated Opium Bottle.

Cool relic. Perfect condition with an unusual olive green color. Bullet shown for scale. Ex Ray Treece Collection.



MS 17. Dug U.S. General Service Cuff button attached to a tree root.

Interesting find where the natural world meets and absorbs the past. Provenance forthcoming.

$125.00 HOLD M.E.


MS 18. Dug Musician’s Sheet Music Clip.

Music was of great importance to the martial panoply of the Civil War. This relic was left behind on the Shiloh retreat. Ex. Ray Treece collection.



MS 19. Dug Sword or Saber Hanger Chain made from Knapsack “J” Hooks.

Neat relic, a great example of battlefield innovation. Provenance forthcoming.

$85.00 HOLD D.H.


NSBTN 2. Dug New Hampshire Militia Coat Button.

NH 6, 23 mm. Fine looking button with sharp details and even gold plating. Scarce blank back variant. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.



NSBTN 2. Dug New York Militia Coat Button.

NY 30, 23 mm. Beautiful example, slathered in bright gold plate and no ground action. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.



NSBTN 3. Dug Vermont Militia Coat Button.

VT 9, 23 mm. Flawless example with bright gold and sharp details. No ground action. Found near Fredericksburg VA.



NSBTN 4. Rhode Island Militia Coat Button.

RI 8, 23 mm. Perfect condition and loaded with gold. Early find with no ground action at all. Found near Fredericksburg VA.



CSBTN 6. Confederate Artillery Coat Button. 

CS 102, 23 mm. British import probably produced by Smith, Kemp and Wright. This one has the blank back. Great patina.



SSBTN 1. Maryland Militia Coat Button.

MD 11, 22 mm. Super nice button with desirable “CANFIELD BRO & CO./ BALTIMORE” bm.



SSBTN 2. Georgia Militia Coat Button.

GA 2, 23.5 mm. A beauty, loaded with gold and sharp details “W.G. MINTZER/PHILa. 1861” bm.



 SSBTN 3. South Carolina Militia Coat Button.

SC 15 A, 23 mm. Sharply detailed button with lots of gold. “H.T. &B. MANCHESTER” bm.



CSBTN 7. Excavated Confederate Army Staff Coat Button.

CS 5, 23 mm. Loaded with gold and perfect. “EXTRA RICH TREBLE GILT” bm. I owned this button once previously but forgot the provenance. I think it was somewhere in Tennessee.



CSBTN 8. Excavated Confederate Army Staff Coat Button.

CS 44, 22 mm. Very rare button in fantastic condition with traces of gold and no ground action. Dug by Jack Wells near Bentonville, NC.



 USBTN 1. Excavated U.S. Voltigeurs Cuff Button. 

VG 2, 15 mm. These scarce Mexican War era buttons are mainly dug in Confederate Camp sites. This example is in great condition. Provenance of Northern VA.



USBTN 2. Dug U.S. Mounted Rifleman’s Coat Button.

RF 17, 22 mm. Very scarce variant with robust eagle and tiny “R” in the shield. Excellent condition with no ground action. Dug near Fredericksburg VA.



USBTN 3. Excavated U.S. Dragoons Coat Button.

DR 4, 22 mm. Very nice dropped example with gold plating. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.



USBTN 4. Dug U.S Artillery Coat Button.

AY 78, 23 mm. Excellent condition with nice gold plating. Dug near Fredericksburg VA.



USBTN 5. Dug U.S. Navy Coat Button.

NA 102, 23 mm. Early dug condition, loaded with rose gold. No ground action at all. “SCOVILLS & Co. WATERBURY” rmdc. Dug near Stafford VA.