Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 12-18-18

SSBTN 1. Pair of Virginia Militia Coat Buttons attributed to Pvt. Linberry Marsten, 3rd VA. Cavalry Regt.

Straight from a 40 year plus Shenandoah Valley Collection and at one time, these buttons accompanied his Colt Navy Revolver (sold). The attribution is verbal. The buttons retain remnants of original cloth and thread. Both have matching “MITCHELL & TYLER, RICHMOND VA.” back marks. 

$450.00 ea.


CSBP 1. Confederate “Army of Tennessee” Belt Plate from the Bentonville NC. Battlefield.

The solid cast “CS” Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Buckle is exclusively associated with the Western Armies. This example was dug back in January of 1981 by Patrick Alford at a site called the “Bull Pen” on the Bentonville NC. Battlefield. This variant has the “Spun” hooks and retains about 50% of it’s original black enamel paint on the face. Upper right hand edge exhibits a casting flaw where the mold did not completely fill. It was issued like this and was lost at the site of savage hand to hand fighting on March 19th, 1865.

$2850.00 HOLD K.S.


CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Plate.

This superb CSA buckle was produced by the Atlanta Arsenal and is referred to as the “Tennessee” pattern since they are primarily found in Tennessee. Flawless condition with a great patina. This one was dug in Northern Alabama.



MS 1. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s “CS” marked Saddle Shield.

Excellent condition with no repairs or issues. Provenance uncertain but it did come from a Lawrenceville GA. Collection.



CSBP 3. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Plate found on the Resaca GA. Battlefield.

Perfect “Spun Hooks” variant. These buckles were probably cast in Columbus GA. and were distributed exclusively to the Western Armies. 



CSBP 4. Dug Confederate “Coin Type” CS Tongue for two-piece interlocking Sword Belt Buckle.

Scarce and well made CS Tongue that will match up nicely with someone’s wreath. It is surmised that this unusual pattern was produced at the Confederate Arsenal in Columbus Mississippi and distributed among the Western Theater Armies and in particular, cavalry. This fine example is of sturdy construction with no ground action and was found near Bentonville NC. by Patrick Alford.



CSBP 5. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s “Atlanta Arsenal” CSA Belt Plate.

A very fine and sharply cast example. Differentiated from the “Tennessee” pattern by it’s wide border and small periods. Note square iron nail used to secure the leather belt behind the hooks. This great looking Confederate Buckle was dug long ago in Middle TN.



CSBP 6. Dug Confederate Cast Pewter Enlistedman’s Belt Plate.

Scarce plain faced pewter variant similar to the “C.S.A.” marked ones. No one knows who produced these plates for certain. What we do know is that they were made early in the war with most examples coming from the Shiloh and Corinth campaigns. Condition of this one is excellent with remnants of the soldered on wire hooks. Provenance uncertain.



MS 2. Excavated Confederate Artillerist’s Hat Insignia.

Small size insignia in fantastic condition with a perfect face and three of the four iron attachment loops present. Found in a Confederate Camp near Fort Griffin TX.



MS 3. Silver Masons Pin found at Fort Fisher, NC.

Highly detailed with intact attachment loops. Appears to be made of solid silver and the loops are soldered on. Lost by a member of the garrison of Fort Fisher which guarded the approaches Wilmington.

$295.00 HOLD S.P.


CSBP 7. Dug Confederate “Army of Tennessee” CS Belt Plate.

Flawless example dug near Selma NC in 2006 by Patrick Alford.



MS 4. Confederate Soldier’s Mess Spoon fashioned from lead.

How neat is this? Confederate engineering on display. This spoon was made to be used. Found in a Confederate camp site near Richmond VA. by Kenny Pickle.

$350.00 HOLD S.P.


USBP 1. Excavated U.S. M-1851 Officer’s Sword Belt Plate.

Nice looking example with the integrally cast wreath. Provenance uncertain.



USBP 2. Dug US M-1839 Enlistedman’s Belt Plate.

You can see that this beauty was dug long ago. Perfect. Watertown Arsenal contract pattern. Provenance of Northern VA.



MS 5. Dug Confederate Trooper’s Spur.

Very well made and elegant variant. Note thin construction. Intact iron rowel. When found, one leg was cleanly broken. Expertly repaired by Robert McDaniel to the extent that you would not know it if I didn’t tell you. Found by Wallace Markert in a Confederate Cavalry camp near Dinwiddie, VA.



CART 1. Confederate Gardner Cartridge .577 Cal.

How long has it been since you have seen one of these offered? Very good condition with only a couple of small perforations. A fine compliment to your Richmond Rifle or Confederate Enfield. Very rare.



WP 1. Dug Confederate Foot Officer’s Sword.

Outstanding example, possibly a Boyle and Gamble product. Found way back in 1966 by Jim Goodrich on the March 23, 1862 Kernstown VA. Battlefield in a position occupied by Gen.”Stonewall” Jackson’s Brigade. Remarkable early dug condition. Note unstopped fuller and traces of gold plating. Not many relics seen from this early historic battle.

$1650.00 HOLD F.C.


MS 6. Confederate “Gardner” Pattern Canteen. 

Very fine condition with it’s original shortened linen carrying strap. Totally untouched.



WP 2. M-1849 Colt Pocket Revolver .31 Cal.

All matching serial # 187028 and in very good condition with clean metal surfaces, sharp “HARTFORD CT.” Barrel address and a nice cylinder scene. Mechanically sharp. The grips retain about 90% of the original varnish and there is a faint presentation inscription on the bottom of the butt strap. These ubiquitous side arms were favored by both armies. A very nice representative M-1849.



MS 7. Rare CS Richmond Rifle Musket Lock dated “1865”.

Perfect and fully functional lock in non excavated condition. I cannot emphasize how rare this Confederate lock is. There may be only a couple of 1865 dated Richmond Rifle Muskets in existence.



WP 3. Whitney Navy Revolver .36 Cal.

Type II. Early serial # 16521 M. Excellent condition. Complete with no issues. All original, mechanically sound. Sharp bore. Clean metal surfaces and nice grips. From a long time Virginia collection.



WP 4. M-1859 Manhattan Navy Revolver .36 Cal.

Matching serial #22246. Nice example with a sharp barrel address. Cylinder scene is about 50% with clear 1859 patent address. Original grips. Mechanically sound. A 100% American Civil War revolver.



WP 5. Superb US M-1860 Spencer Repeating Cavalry Carbine .52 cal.

This iconic weapon changed the course of the war. Condition is way above average with traces of original finish here and there. Serial # 56288 shows that it was issued to a veteran member of the 6th Indiana Cavalry, Co. E (according to Springfield research). The initials “C.E.D.” are carved near the trigger housing. Mechanically perfect with a razor sharp and mirror like bore. Stock is nice as well with only minor handling marks. Minor crack adjacent to butt plate tang. Note clear Military Inspector’s Cartouche. You rarely see a Spencer Carbine this nice offered for sale.



WP 6. M-1851 Colt Navy Revolver .36 Cal.

One sharp Colt Navy here with all matching serial # 129257 (1863 production). Nice cylinder scene and clear New York barrel address. Considerable blue finish on the barrel. Gun indexes like a champ with all cylinder pins intact. 100% original varnish on grips and 60% silver wash on backstrap and trigger guard. There is a small “S” stamped adjacent to the serial #’s which may mean that it was part of a cased set. This is a very high quality Colt Navy for the money.



WP 7. Metropolitan Arms Co. Navy Revolver .36 Cal.

These are relatively scarce guns with only approx. 6000 being produced. Serial # 4051 matches on all parts except the wedge. Clear “METROPOLITAN ARMS Co.” barrel address. Clean metal surfaces with a nice cylinder scene. Great bore. The walnut grips are excellent. 



WP 8. Early M-1860 Colt Army Revolver .44 Cal.

An American Civil War Icon in outstanding condition. Early four screw configuration with all matching 11458 Serial # (1861 production). Clean metal and sharp markings. Great cylinder scene. Safety pins intact. Mechanically crisp and tight. Great bore. Nice looking walnut grips with sharp Military Inspector’s Cartouche.



WP 9. Dug and fully loaded M-1849 Colt Pocket Revolver.

These revolvers were very popular with soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Serial # 101371 visible on the butt strap. Provenance uncertain. 



WP 10. US M-1860 Light Cavalry Saber dated 1864.

 “MANSFIELD & LAMB FORESTDALE R.I.” clearly marked on the ricasso. As you can see, this saber is totally untouched and in great condition. All original leather grip and wire wrap. Semi-brite blade with no issues. Scabbard is excellent with a very light coat of surface rust. A fantastic representative example of this wartime Yankee Troopers Weapon.



WP 11. M-1862 Colt Police Revolver .36 Cal. 

All matching 1862 production serial # 3826 (except for wedge). Clear address and patent markings on barrel and fluted cylinder. Metal surfaces are smooth and clean. The action is a bit loose but functional. Bore is very good. Original grips retain most of their varnish. A very good representative example.



MS 8. Dug US Artillery Hat Insignia.

Large early type found in a Confederate Heavy Artillery Battery position on the James River near Richmond. Remarkable condition.



MS 9. Large Dug US M-1821 Military Hat Insignia.

Very rare to find excavated and in this condition. No bends, dings, repairs or alterations of any kind. 3″ Across. Found near Richmond VA.



MS 10. Dug Company Letter “L” Hat Insignia.

Very rare and no condition issues. Dug near Orange VA. Ex. Sam Higginbotham Collection.



MS 11. Dug Company Letter “B” Hat Insignia.

Scarce cast brass variant. Most likely Confederate or pre-war  Militia. Dug by Charles Sweeney in a Confederate camp near Iuka MS.



MS 12. Pair of Silver Spanish Eight Reale Cobs dug near Fort Fisher NC.

Both of these large and crude “Cobs” were found together long ago by the late Jack Wells. Note the untouched matching patina. I cannot make out the date, but they are hundreds of years old. Fort Fisher, NC.

$295.00 ea.


ART 1. Excavated US Naval Watercap Fuse dated 1862.

Superb condition and an early Fort Fisher NC. find. Dug many years ago by the late Jack Wells.



ART 2. Extremely rare 1.7″ Whitworth Shell for the 3 Pounder Whitworth Rifle.

This rare “Baby” Whitworth shell is in mint condition with its original brass shipping plug. The 3 Pounder Whitworth Rifle it was designed for could be designated a Mountain Rifle as it was designed to be taken apart and carried on horseback much like the U.S. M-1841 Mountain Howitzer. As far as I know, only one 1.7″ Whitworth Bolt has been documented as a battlefield find in Virginia. There is always the possibility that a shell may be recovered as we know that at least one of these guns was used by the Confederacy during the war. Ex. Jack Wells Collection.



ART 3. Dug Bormann Fuse Punch. 

Rarely seen excavated. This one is in perfect condition and was dug back in the 1960’s. Found in a Confederate Artillery position guarding the James River near Richmond, VA. 

$250.00 HOLD J.B.


MS 13. Confederate UCV Reunion Flag.

Unusual Swallowtail Banner version of the First National Pattern. This flag is perfectly sized for framing and exhibits proper aging yet retains bright blue and red color. Measures 23″ X 55″. Ca. 1890-1920.



ART 4. Dug Confederate “Bourreleted” Read Case Shot.

Note lead side load plug. This is a very rare Confederate projectile. Appears to be a dropped example as the sabot is not deformed. Dug many years ago by Herbie Parham on the Cold Harbor VA. Battlefield. 

$795.00 HOLD J.N.


ART 5. Dug US 3″ Dyer Case Shot.

According to the faded writing, this shell was found in 1986 on the Chancellorsville VA. Battlefield. Better than average condition and would clean better if you wished to do away with the lettering. Note white metal adapter for the paper time fuse. This projectile was designed for the 3″ Ordnance Rifle.



ART 6. Dug US 3″ Schenkl Percussion Fused Shell.

Good condition overall. Disarmed through the center cap of the brass percussion fuse and the base knob. Provenance of Spotsylvania VA. These shells were designed for the US 3″ Ordnance Rifle.



ART 7. Dug US / CS 12 lb. Shot.

Designed to batter enemy cannon and fortifications as well as break up massed infantry. Good condition with mild even pitting. Petersburg VA. Battlefield.



 ART 8. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Shell.

Most common variant of the “Bourreleted Read” Shell. Mostly found in the wake of the Army of Northern VA. Fired from a very worn out Confederate Ordnance Rifle. Perfect brass sabot and fuse adapter. Provenance of Northern VA.



 ART 9. Dug US 12 lb. Set of Canister Plates and Balls.

Fired examples. Note impressions of the balls in the heavy bottom plate and the distorted top plate. Three large size Canister Balls included. Dug long ago near Vicksburg MS. Fantastic Civil War artillery display piece.



 ART 10. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Shell.

Very good example with distinct bourrelets and perfect brass fuse adapter. Appears to be dropped. Provenance of Northern VA.



SSBTN 2. Louisiana Militia Coat Button.

LA 8, 22 mm. Produced for the Confederacy by Casimir Rouyer of New Orleans. Non excavated. This top notch example is flawless with heavy gold plating and great detail.



SSBTN 3. Dug North Carolina Militia Staff Officer’s Coat Button.

NC 2A, 23 mm. Beautiful excavated button with no ground action, sharp details and nice gold plating. Dug long ago near Stafford Court House, VA.



SSBTN 4. Dug North Carolina Militia Staff Officer’s Cuff Button.

NC 2B, 16 mm. Very rare button in great condition with gold plating and good details. Provenance of N. VA.



SSBTN 5. Virginia Staff Officer’s Coat Button.

VA 20, 23 mm. Nice looking button with an untouched patina and unusual “JACOB GMINDER” backmark. There are conflicting opinions concerning whether this is a wartime back mark.



SSBTN 6.Virginia Staff Officer’s Coat Button. 

VA 20, 23 mm. Nice looking button with an untouched patina and the desirable “CANFIELD. BRO. & CO. BALTIMORE” backmark. .



SSBTN 7.Virginia Staff Officer’s Coat Button. 

VA 20, 23 mm. Nice looking button with lots of gold plating and the wartime “EXTRA QUALITY” backmark. .