Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 10-14-18

USBP 1. Battlefield Struck US Cartridge Box Plate With Bullet Embedded In The Center. Ex. John Henry Kurtz Collection.

If you want an authentic battlefield struck plate with some display power, here is the King Daddy. Most likely picked up by a soldier/survivor as a souvenir of the battle of Chickamauga, one of the bloodiest battles of the war with severe casualties on both sides. Once part of the late and celebrated John Henry Kurtz Collection which was auctioned off by Heritage at Gettysburg, PA. in 2008. The seller purchased it not long afterwards from The Horse Soldier in Gettysburg. Kurtz had the plate professionally mounted in a Civil War period frame which has Museum Glass and an engraved brass plaque. It looks absolutely fabulous. A copy of the Heritage Auction Catalog featuring the plate is included.



MS 1. US Cartridge Box and Waist Belt identified to Pvt. John W. Whitehead, Co. B. 12th Maine Infantry Regt.

Remarkable condition on both of these leather accoutrements. Pvt. Whitehead’s .58 Cal. Cartridge Box has it’s original shoulder sling and is maker marked “J.B. THAXTER, BANGOR MAINE”. Strap buckles and tins are present as well as the US Cartridge Box Plate and Eagle Breastplate on the sling. On the inside surface of the outer flap, written in pencil is “JOHN W. WHITEHEAD, 12 VMM”. The belt has it’s original US M-1839 Buckle. This set comes from a long time Maine Collection and has been together since the war. I will leave the research into this soldier’s record to the buyer. Whitehead was from Berwick, Maine.



MS 2. Confederate Tin Drum Canteen identified to Pvt. Irby G. Hudson, Co. G. 12th GA. Inf. Regt.

This untouched canteen is in very good condition with all sling loops present, as well as the original cork stopper. You can make out Hudson’s name scratched into one side with some difficulty as he seems to have scribbled on it quite a bit. Hudson enlisted on June 15, 1861 and had an exemplary record. He was wounded at The battle of Gaines Mill VA. on June 27, 1862 and at Sharpsburg MD. on Sept. 17th 1862. He was appointed Commissary Sergeant of the regiment and was one of the few men left standing at the surrender at Appomattox on April 9th, 1865. You can see that this canteen saw a lot of use and Hudson probably carried it throughout the many harrowing battles and campaigns that this regiment endured including Gettysburg and Chancellorsville. Ex. Steve Mullinax Collection.



ART 1. US M-1841 12 lb. Mountain Howitzer Full Scale Reproduction with Ammunition Chest and all accessories.

If you are serious about shooting a full scale Civil War Cannon for display, competition, reenacting, protecting your compound or just good ole plain fun, here is the cannon for you. This gun has a solid steel tube coated with brass and was produced by the Trail Rock Ordnance Company of Rutledge TN. Everything you need to fire this weapon is included. The cannon has already been proved firing solid shot and canister effectively and accurately. Practically new with very little use. Included with the gun is a full scale ammunition chest, several 12 lb. canister rounds (one complete, the rest need to be filled with balls and crimped), molds for casting lead canister balls, pendulm hausse sight, thumb stall, lanyard, friction primers, primer pouch, vent pick, tompion, leather gloves, two bags (50 lbs) of black powder and several other accessories. Cannon is located in Mascot TN. and can be hauled in the back of a pickup truck or on a small trailer. 



MS 3. Excavated Cast Lead Ingot with “R.B.W. Co. D, 11th Va” and Masonic Symbol in raised relief.

I have seen this relic published in one of the reference books or in an old North South Trader Magazine. Corporal Richard Burks Williams is the only soldier who could have cast this piece. The identification is dead on. He was wounded at Seven Pines on May 31st, 1862 and returned to duty on Jan. 15, 1863. I would encourage more research as this unit was in many great battles and suffered severe casualties at Gettysburg. This is a large and heavy piece. It measures about 11″ in length. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection. 



MS 4. Dug Bullet Struck Strap or Belt Buckle.

Now here is a fantastic battlefield relic. This nondescript iron buckle is of a type seen on early Confederate Waist Belts, US and CS harness straps, canteen slings, saddle bags and other items. It comes from Dan Wingate’s fantastic bullet collection and unfortunately, he can’t remember where it was found. The buckle was broken upon impact and the .58 Cal. three ring bullet is wrapped around it. 



MS 5. Excavated Enfield Rifle Musket Tompion, smashed and impaled by a bullet.

This is what happens in the chaos of battle as nervous and scared soldiers sometimes forgot to remove the tompion from the muzzle before firing the weapon. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.



MS 6. US Percussion Cap Box identified to Charles R. Johnson, Co. B, 15th Maine.

A very nice example with “Chas. R. Johnson Co. B, 15th Me. V.” Stenciled on the inner flap. Box is also marked “C.S. STORMS, MAKER N.Y.”. I will leave further research to the buyer. Johnson was from Bowdoinham, Maine.



MS 7. Silver Identification Badge of Corporal Frank E. Goss, Co. E, 5th Maine Vol. Regt.

Excellent condition with intact T-Bar Pin. Very nicely engraved. Goss enlisted in the 5th Volunteer Maine Militia on Dec. 22, 1861 and transferred to Co. B of the 7th Maine Infantry Regt. on Dec. 28 of 1863. He joined the 1st Maine Veteran Infantry on August 21, 1864 and was discharged on March 28, 1865. Goss was from Danville, Maine.



MS 8. Civil War Whisky Flask identified to 1st Lieutenant Gibbs F. Libby, Co. F, 22nd Maine Vol. Infantry Regt.

This type of flask is made of leather wrapped glass with a pewter cap which is engraved “G.F.L. 22 Me. Inf.” Libby mustered out on August 14, 1863. He was from Robbinston, Maine. The leather wrap has seen better days but is mostly there. Part of a long time State of Maine Civil War Relic Collection.



MS 9. US Cartridge Box, Canteen and Bayonet Scabbard Identified to Pvt. James H. Shannon, Co. H, 5th Maine Vol. Infantry Regt.

This grouping once included his waist belt which had his name sand information stenciled on the inside. The belt was at one time sold separately which is unfortunate. These items all came directly out of Shannon’s Family and have been in a long time Maine Civil War Collection. The cartridge box is in exceptional condition with it’s original shoulder sling. Supple leather. Brass US Cartridge Box Plate and Eagle Breastplate are original to the box. Roller Buckles and latch tab are present as well as one of the original tins. The canteen is also in good shape with it’s original linen sling, wool cover and stopper. The bayonet scabbard is decent though missing the brass finial. Shannon’s name is supposed be on the cartridge box somewhere but I cannot see it.



MS 10. Excavated 9th US Army Corps Badge.

Scarce stamped brass badge in good overall condition. Note traces of blue paint. Found long ago by the late Sam White on the Cold Harbor VA. Battlefield.



MS 11. Dug Silver 6th US Army Corps Badge.

Outstanding example. Found at Brandy Station VA.



MS 12. Rare 19th US Army Corps Badge. 

Rare late war badge made of stamped brass. Also known as the Middle Military Division. Formed on Nov. 17th, 1864. Dug near Petersburg, VA.



MS 13. Fancy US 2nd Army Corps Badge.

Really nice condition with no repairs. Dug long ago on the Wilderness VA. Battlefield.



MS 14. Superb US 6th Army Corps Badge.

Larger fancy type with raised medial ridge and beveled arms. Dug long ago on the Wilderness VA. Battlefield.



MS 15. Excavated “AGAINST REBELLION, WAR OF 1861” Identification Disc.

This blank I.D. Disc was dug in a Pennsylvania Troops Camp near Brandy Station VA. Great condition with gold plating.



USBP 2. Dug US M-1851 Officer’s Sword Belt Plate.

A beauty. Note cast integral wreath. Great patina. Dug in the camp of the US 3rd Army Corps near Brandy Station VA. 

$395.00 HOLD M.B.


USBP 3. Excavated Volunteer Maine Militia Belt Plate.

Totally untouched and a “9.9” on the perfection scale. Dug many years ago at Thoroughfare Gap, VA.



CSBP 1. Excavated Confederate Saber Belt Buckle.

This really nice “Richmond Arsenal” CS Tongue and Wreath Belt Buckle was found together and was dug near Winchester, VA. Perfect matching patina. These buckles were used primarily by Enlisted Cavalrymen though officers of all branches were also issued these buckles on their belts.



CSBP 2. Dug Confederate “Richmond Arsenal” Saber Belt Buckle Tongue.

Top notch example with the fine serifs. Smooth brown patina. Someone out there has a matching wreath. Note beveled edge between loop and disc. Provenance uncertain.



CSBP 3. Dug Confederate “Culpeper” Style CS Saber Belt Buckle.

This variant is more scarce than most collectors realize. Great matching patina and no ground action. Verbal provenance of Spotsylvania, VA.

$2650.00 HOLD J.A.


USBP 4. Dug US Cavalryman’s Carbine Sling Buckle.

Excellent condition with the brass “bat wing” tip. Exactly how it was found long ago by Dan Wingate. Provenance of North GA.

$120.00 HOLD S.W.


MS 16. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s “Mississippi” Pattern Spur.

A very nice spur with no bends or repairs. Smooth green patina. Dug back in the day by Wallace Markert in the camp of Rosser’s Cavalry Brigade, Colonial Heights VA.



MS 17. Dug Confederate Cavalryman’s Bridle Bit. 

This rare brass framed bit was found by Wallace Markert in Confederate General Rosser’s Cavalry Camp near Colonial Heights VA. Strap loops on back end are broken off.



MS 18. Matching pair of dug Confederate Cavalry Spurs.

This variant is scarce, possibly produced in the deep South. My friend Bob Bankston dug a couple of these in a Confederate Camp near Vicksburg, Mississippi. Note thick construction and finely curved neck. This particularly fine pair was found together in Gen. Rosser’s Confederate Cavalry Camp near Colonial Heights VA.



MS 19. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saber Scabbard.

This variant was produced by Louis Froelich of Kenansville NC. Note Roman Numerals scratched into the brass throat and the distinct squared drag. The middle section has rusted away. Provenance uncertain. Would display like a champ with a dug Kenansville Saber.



 WP 1. Relic M-1851 Colt Navy Revolver with Presentation Inscription.

Most likely an early battlefield pickup. All matching serial # 17821. The name “T. Reid” is inscribed on the bottom of the grip and “Little Joe” is inscribed on the back strap. This revolver is photographed and described in Charlie Harris’ fine reference book, “Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns”. A signed certificate from Charlie accompanies the gun.



MS 20. Brass Powder Flask for M-1849 Colt Pocket Revolver.

This is the standard pattern issued with the Colt M-1849 in the case with all the other accessories. Condition is superb with an untouched patina and nicely detailed patriotic scene, fully functional as well. Just the thing to accompany your revolver.



MS 21.  Dug Colt Dragoon Revolver Bullet .44 Cal. Fashioned into a Watch Fob with Chain.

A very unusual relic. The bullet has been carved to accommodate the chain. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.

$75.00 HOLD J.B.


WP 2.  Scarce Remington Beals 3rd Model Pocket Revolver .31 Cal.

This little beauty is totally untouched. Matching serial # 613 under loading lever and behind the grips. Metal surfaces are smooth. Clear Beals Patent Address on top of the 4″ barrel. Mechanically sound. Original Gutta-percha grips are in superb condition. Less than a thousand of these were produced. A little light surface cleaning would do wonders for this rare weapon. Recently purchased from a Knoxville, TN. estate sale by my new picker, Mr. Raedford.



MS 22. US M-1858 “Bullseye” Canteen marked “PORTER, HADDEN & BOOTH”.

Excellent condition with intact sling loops. Spout is maker marked and also has a soldier’s initials scratched into it.



WW II 1. Identified Pair of WW II US Army Service Jackets and Caps. 

These uniforms belonged to two brothers who served at the same time. Their names were Ben and Samuel White. Ben was a Sergeant in the US Army Airborne Division and Samuel served as a private in the US 88th “Blue Devil” Division. Both brothers are now deceased. Look carefully at the photos and you can see that the family took very good care of these uniforms. Consignor has several letters from both men to their parents that will be included.



WW II 2. German Waffen SS NCO Visor Cap.

Superb condition. All original with no repairs or monkey business. This is a high grade example.



WW II 3. M-40 German Panzer Lieutenant’s Field Tunic.

Here is the uniform jacket of a German Armored or ‘Panzer” Division Officer. Note pink piping on shoulder insignia. There is a Berlin manufacturer’s label inside the collar. Condition is excellent and unmolested. All original insignia including the Tank Badge. The officer who wore this jacket was a small man which makes sense for a tank crew. It displays perfectly on a modern 12 year old youth mannequin.



 WW II 4. Flawless Type 97 Japanese Fragmentation Grenade.

Killer (literally) example with intact detonation mechanism and original red paint on lid. Totally inert.



ART 2. Dug 3.67″ Confederate Read Shell for 20 lb. Parrott Rifle.

This late war shell was found long ago by Bob Scates at Sayler’s Creek VA. I added the brass adapter which screwed right in.



ART 3. Dug US Type II 3.8″ James Percussion Fused Shell.

Outstanding example of the James Type II Projectile. Shell has been fired but has retained most of it’s lead sabot. Found by Bob Scates. Provenance forthcoming.



ART 4. Dug US 3″ Hotchkiss Shell.

Here is a candidate for additional cleaning. With a little work this shell would look amazing. Dug by Bob Scates in Northern VA.



 ART 5. Dug Confederate 3″ Read Case Shot.

This is a rare shell. Condition is very good with intact brass sabot and fuse adapter. Lathe dog intact as well. Note lead side loading plug. Found by Bob Scates in Northern VA.



 ART 6. Dug US Naval Watercap Fuse dated 1861.

Rare early date. Great condition. Dug by Ken Winklepleck near Harpers Ferry WV.



 ART 7. Dug US Hotchkiss Percussion Fuse.

Complete and in great condition. Threads are perfect and slider is intact inside. Ready to put in a shell or display on it’s own.



 ART 8. Excavated US 3″ Dyer Canister Base Plate and Lead Shot.

This scarce cupped lead base plate was found in association with unusual chopped lead Canister Shot. Note rifling marks around the edge. Strawberry Plains TN.

$95.00 HOLD A.P.


 MS 23. Dug Musket or Rifle Block Sight carved from lead.

Fascinating relic. Well carved and made to replace a soldier’s lost musket sight. It was important to be able to hit those who are shooting at you…Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.

$95.00 HOLD R.W.


 MS 24. Dug Soldier’s Pencil carved from lead.

Writing letters home was a universal pastime. Here is what one soldier created to replace his lost or worn out pencil. He even added a brass ferrule. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.

$65.00 HOLD R.W.


 MS 25. Dug Bullet Carved Into A Pine Cone.

Finely executed. Provenance uncertain. Part of Dan Wingate’s 40 year old bullet collection. 

$65.00 HOLD S.F.


MS 26. .58 Cal. Three Ring Bullet Carved Into A Bucket. 

Neat carved bullet. Very well done. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.

$65.00 HOLD M.L.


MS 27. Dug .52 Cal. Sharp’s Bullet Caved Into A Flower. 

When you look closely at this piece you realize how carefully it was done. Neat relic. Ex. Dan Wingate Collection.

$55.00 HOLD R.W.