Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Updated 2-21-18

WP 1. 3rd Model Confederate Morse Carbine .50 Cal.

This is a great example. Only around 1000 of these fine weapons were produced. Designed by George W. Morse and manufactured by the South Carolina State Military Works in Greeneville. All original and complete, serial # 536. Untouched mellow patina on the brass frame and smooth surfaces with a plum and grey patina on the barrel. Mechanically sound top loading latch and firing mechanism. Original brass cleaning jag stored in butt plate. This piece screws onto the original cleaning rod which is stored under the barrel. Stock is very nice with original varnish and only minor service wear. These Carbines were issued to South Carolina State Troops and used in the vicinity of Petersburg VA. as well as against Sherman’s advance in the Carolinas.



WP 2. U.S. M-1863 “New Model” Remington Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Arguably a superior weapon to the Colt Army Revolver. Super sharp with a good bit of original blue finish, mainly on the barrel and loading lever. Serial # 76926. Mechanically tight as a gun in this condition should be. Strong barrel address. Bore is fantastic. Original walnut grips are superb with sharp edges and a strong U.S. Military Inspector’s Cartouche. Investment grade.



WP 3. U.S. Field and Staff Officer’s Sword by W.H. Horstmann and Sons. 

Non regulation type with iron hilt and one of the more distinct imported types. Condition is way beyond average for this sword. Original sharkskin grip and braided brass wire are perfectly intact. Nice bright blade with sharp “W.H. HORSTMANN & SONS, PHILADELPHIA” etched on ricasso. Extensively engraved on both sides with “US” and Federal Eagle among trophies and floral patterns. Light period sharpening towards tip. Scabbard is fantastic, dent free with a smooth dark patina. Totally untouched. This sword came into the shop last week from a local family.



WP 4. M-1860 Savage Navy Revolver .36 Cal.

The Savage Navy Revolver is quite unique in it’s design. Both sides used it. Quite a few of the civilian models ended up in Confederate hands, enough to arm the 34th Battalion of Virginia Cavalry, 35th Battalion of Virginia Cavalry, 11th Texas Cavalry, 7th Virginia Cavalry and the 7th Missouri Cavalry. A few were also issued to the U.S. Navy and marked with an anchor. Here we are offering a very nice Savage with smooth metal surfaces and a grey turning plum colored patina. Light traces of original factory finish in areas. Note the super sharp Patent Address on top of the frame. Mechanically very sound. Bore is excellent as well. Walnut grips are original and unmolested. No U.S. Inspector markings on the gun. Very possibly Confederate used,



WP 5. Knights Templar Masonic Sword.

Identified to Robert G. Wilson and purchased directly from his Granddaughter who lives here in Knoxville. She told us that Wilson was the engineer of the US  Presidential Train “Ferdinand Magellan” on Harry S. Truman’s 1948 “Whistle Stop Tour”. Wilson’s early 1900’s Masonic Knights Templar Sword is in fantastic condition. Ebony grip features an applied ornate Templar Cross. Note the Christian Crusader decoration on scabbard and hilt. Blade is etched in gold with Crusader scenes concerning the Knights Templar in the Holy Land and the Battle of Acre. The legend “Memento Mori” underneath a skull and bones means “Remember that you have to die”. Super ornate scabbard retains original belt hangers. While not an American Civil War Sword, it is still a fascinating piece of historic Americana and a great Masonic collectible.



WP 6. Military M-1860 Colt Army Revolver .44 Cal.

A fine representative example of this iconic American Civil War Weapon. All matching 99575 Serial #, except for wedge which is a wartime replacement. Mechanically sound. Indexes well. Bore is excellent. Walnut grips are original and have service wear. This Colt Army is guaranteed to have seen the action, displays like a champion and will not break your bank.



WP 7. Cook and Brother Saber Bayonet picked up on the Fort Sanders Battlefield, Knoxville TN.

This fine Confederate relic was picked up by souvenir hunters in the early 1900’s before the fort was bulldozed and replaced by a neighborhood currently called “Fort Sanders”. There is nothing left of the fort today which was assaulted by Gen. Longstreet’s Confederate forces on the morning of Nov. 29, 1863. This ill advised assault was an unmitigated disaster with the Confederates losing almost 1000 casualties in twenty minutes. There is only a small granite Memorial to the Confederate Dead which is constantly defaced and vandalized by leftist drones from the university nearby. This bayonet is photographed on page 120 of Charlie Harris’ book “Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns”.

$1650.00 HOLD J.W.


WP 8. U.S. M-1863 “New Model” Remington Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Wartime 1864 Serial # 81601. Loaded with factory blue finish. Strong barrel address. Bore is bright and razor sharp. Mechanically crisp. Original walnut grips are superb with sharp edges and a strong U.S. Military Inspector’s Cartouche. Investment grade.



WP 9. U.S. M-1835/1840 Rifled and Sighted Musket by “L. POMEROY”.

These .69 Cal. M-1835/1840  Conversion Muskets are documented being issued to Western Theater Illinois Troops and the State of Virginia prior to the war in 1859-1860. This example produced by Lemuel Pomeroy is in very good condition with a strong rifled bore and long range site. Smooth metal surfaces overall with a small area of pitting on butt plate. Lock appears to be dated 1842 or 1848? Mechanically sharp. Tip of nipple broken. Stock is very nice with minor service wear and dings. This is a fine looking American Civil War weapon.



MS 1. United Confederate Veterans Reunion Flag from Mississippi.

It is hard to tell that this is not a real Battle Flag. Only the smaller size and machine stitching on the stars tells us that it is reunion era. This is an early one with a lot of age. Hem is missing on two sides. Strong blue and red color. Measures 38″ X 40″. Turned up long ago by Claude Maley near Jackson MS.

$1250.00 HOLD K.S.


CWI 1. 9th Plate Confederate Tintype.

Tough looking Rebel armed with a Bowie Knife tucked in a Confederate Roller belt. Case is missing liner. Uniform and that particular type of Forage Cap reminds me of some Mississippi Images I have seen before.

$795.00 HOLD


CWI 2. Bell Brothers, Co. G, 4th North Carolina Cavalry.

Clear 6th Plate Ambrotype of Demosthenes, George and James Bell. All served in Co. G, of the 4th North Carolina Vol. Cavalry. Demosthenes was captured on May 19, 1863 near Middleburg Va. He was first sent to the Old Capitol Prison then transferred to Johnson’s Island Ohio. Later on, he was sent to Baltimore MD. and finally transferred to Point lookout. He was paroled on March 3, 1864. George F. Bell was promoted to Sergeant in 1862 and paroled on April 25, 1865. James H. Bell was captured on October 14, 1863 while on detail to purchase horses near Parksville NC. He was imprisoned at Point Lookout MD. until May 12th of 1865 when he was released. More research can surely turn up more information on these three brothers. 

$3995.00 HOLD L.W.


CWI 3. Quarter Plate Confederate Ambrotype.

Super clear portrait of two North Carolina Brothers named Gantt. Both killed in action. 



ART 1. Excavated U.S./C.S. 8″ Mortar Shell.

Fantastic condition. Found on the Suffolk, VA. Battlefield. Shop or show pickup only.



ART 2. Dug U.S. 3″ Dyer Type II Shell with Schenkl Percussion Fuse.

Very unusual with this type of fuse. Superb condition with hardly any pitting at all. Dug near Harper’s Ferry VA.



ART 3. Dug Confederate 12 lb. “Sideloader” Case Shot.

Very nice example with lead side load plug and a perfect brass fuse adapter. Chancellorsville VA. Battlefield.



ART 4. Confederate 6 lb. Shot from Shiloh.

Great condition with crude casting. Note cold pour marks and mold seam. Found several years ago by Brant Arnold on private property west of the battlefield.



ART 5. U.S. Artilleryman’s Bormann Time Fuse Punch.

These were used to punch a hole in the Bormann Time Fuse at the desired seconds increment to detonate the shell downrange. There is a powder train within the fuse leading to the underplug and then to the powder chamber of the projectile. A great piece to add to any American Civil War Artillery Collection.



MS 2. Dug effects of 3rd NC Regt. Soldier killed in battle at Gaines Mill VA. June 27, 1862.

Tom Everette was an old time digger who actually lived on the Gaines Mill VA. Battlefield. The information he typed out for the tag is self explanatory. This grouping is untouched and just how it came out of his collection. Tom was evidently a student of the battle and never hunted anywhere else. All of his finds came from Gaines Mill. The most intriguing piece is the soldier’s belt buckle with the lead double tongue. He was also carrying his lucky lead Poker Chip. The artifacts are rounded out with a tooth, a North Carolina Coat Button and the bullet that killed him. This is a very unique and historic grouping.



USBP 1. Excavated Volunteer Maine Militia Cartridge Box Plate with remnants of outer box flap. Gaines Mill VA. Battlefield.

How neat is this? Dug long ago by the late Tom Everette on his own property.



USBP 2. Excavated U.S. “Burnside” Breast Plate for Cartridge Box Sling.

Small size Eagle Breastplate often associated with Maine Troops. Excellent condition. Found long ago by Tom Everette on the Gaines Mill VA. Battlefield.



MS 3. Dug Confederate Sword Hanger for Accoutrement Belt.

This type is associated with the Richmond Arsenal and are often found with tongue and wreath CS Belt Buckles. Excellent condition. Dug by Tom Everette on the Gaines Mill Va. Battlefield.

$45.00 HOLD S.H.


MS 4. Dug Enfield Rifle Musket Tompion.

Perfect condition with remnant of cork in the cap. Used to plug the end of the barrel protecting the bore from water and dirt. Gaines Mill VA. Battlefield.

$25.00 HOLD S.H.


RW 1. Dug Candle Holder forged from a Bayonet. Yorktown, VA.

Neat Revolutionary War Relic, crudely forged. Superb condition. Ex. Ray Treece Collection.

$250.00 HOLD S.K.


MS 5. Dug Bone Comb from a Civil War Trash Pit. 

Great condition with unbroken tines. Verbal provenance of Northern VA.



MS 6. Excavated Worm with extracted bullet.

One of the neatest examples you will ever see. Unusual long extractor is most likely Confederate. Bullet is .54 Cal. Found along the Shiloh-Corinth area. Ex. Ray Treece Collection.



ART 6. Excavated U.S Naval Watercap Fuse dated 1864.

Fantastic example dug in pure white sand. Found near Fort Fisher, NC. by Ben Ingraham and no doubt a relic of the catastrophic 1865 US Blockading Fleet Bombardments. Complete with intact center cap and brass bushing.



MS 7. Dug James Shell Sabot fragment picked at the battle of Shiloh and carved on by a bored soldier.

This is a unique artifact. Found near the Shiloh, TN. Battlefield by Ray Treece, this section of a 3.8″ James Shell Sabot had peeled off when fired. At some point, a soldier picked it up as a curiosity and carved a neat cross hatch pattern into the lead with his knife.

$35.00 HOLD S.K.


MS 8. Dug Civil War Soldier’s Inkwell Bottle.

This type is known as a “Shear Top” Inkwell. Great condition and nice green color. Found in a Federal trash pit between Shiloh and Corinth by Ray Treece.



MS 9. Dug Civil War Soldier’s Mess Kit.

Fantastic spoon and fork dug on March 25th, 1972 by John Marks. Hard to find these items in this condition.

$45.00 HOLD M.B.


CSBP 1. Dug “Atlanta Arsenal” Belt Plate from Tunnel Hill GA.

This is a great looking buckle, totally untouched. The hooks on the back are neatly and intentionally broken off for some unknown reason. Found in Gen. Patrick Cleburne’s Camp near Tunnel Hill Ga. back in the 1980’s.



CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Nice looking CS “Egg” Oval Belt Plate made of stamped brass. Found many years ago near Chickamauga GA. Strongly stamped “CS”.



MS 10. Dug U.S. Officer’s Eagle Head Spur from Savannah, GA.

Simply exquisite, dug many moons ago in the Salt Creek Defences near Savannah GA. Of course the perfectly intact rowell still turns. This is a rare heavy variant with a sharply detailed eagle and robustly cast. Many advanced spur collections should have a place for this one. 

$1995.00 HOLD B.P.


CSBP 3. Dug CS Tongue for Richmond Arsenal Sword Belt Buckle.

Great example and untouched, just the way it was found. Looking for a wreath. Provenance of Northern VA.

$895.00 HOLD T.W.



MS 11. Dug Confederate Trooper’s Spur. Nashville TN. Battlefield.

Nice Confederate Spur with a deep green patina. Found near Tyne Blvd. South of Nashville. Ex. Bruce Hohler Collection.



USBP 3. Dug U.S. Belt Plate from the Franklin TN. Battlefield.

Fine early pattern with stud hooks and maker marked on the back “W.H. SMITH BROOKLYN”. Found across the street from the old Battleground Academy. Ex. Bruce Hohler Collection.

$350.00 HOLD J.W.


MS 12. Dug Confederate Cavalry Saber Scabbard Drag.

This scabbard fragment is a distinct product of Louis and Elijah Haiman. Note soldered lap seam. An early find from the Shiloh, TN. area. Cool relic.

$65.00 HOLD D.L.


SSBTN 1. Dug pair of rare Tennessee Coat Buttons.

TN 4, 22 mm. These buttons were found together near Wartrace, TN. One of them is in very good condition but missing the shank, the other is missing the face but has a perfect shank. There is a tiny crack on the edge of the better button which may be a manufacturing flaw. An enterprising individual may consider removing shank on the one and putting it into the other. 



CSBTN 1. Confederate General Service Coat Button on old card.

This card came out of an old East Tennessee estate and originally had a Georgia and Virginia button attached on either side of the CSA. Both were sold before I had a chance to get this one with the card. Anyway, this non excavated CSA button is the solid cast variety (CS 86, 22 mm.) and it has a great patina showing light service wear. Card reads “Confederate buttons worn by Southern Soldiers during the War of The Rebellion, 1861-“. The other side of the card has some pencil script that I can’t make out and has the name “Mrs. Franklin W. Anderson” and “Glen Ridge NJ.”.



CSBTN 2. Dug Confederate Infantryman’s Coat Button.

CS 175 A, 23 mm. Scarce large size Manuscript “I” Coat Button with the “P. TAIT 7 Co. LIMERICK” backmark. Condition is fantastic. Dug near Fort Fisher, NC.



CSBTN 3. Dug Confederate Naval Officer’s Cuff or Vest Button.

CS 52, 16 mm. Any excavated Confederate Navy Button is rare. This superb example is loaded with gold and was found in the forgiving sands of Charleston, SC. “FIRMAN * LONDON” bm. You really need to see this button in hand to appreciate it.



CSBTN 4. Dug Confederate Infantry Button with rare “COURTNEY & TENNENT” bm. 

CS 172, 23 mm. This one is a flawless beauty with no ground action. Appropriately dug near Charleston, SC.

$350.00 HOLD J.R.


RW 2. Dug British Royal Navy Commander’s Coat Button.

High quality example ca. 1774. 24 mm. Shank intact. Dug near Charleston SC.

$225.00 HOLD D.G.


SSBTN 2. Virginia Militia Coat Button.

VA 22, 23 mm. Perfect non dug example of this Confederate made variant.



 SSBTN 3. Georgia Militia Coat Button.

GA 11, 21 mm. Rare to find non excavated. This is one of the Confederate made variants by Casimir Rouyer of New Orleans.



SSBTN 4. Louisiana Militia Coat Button with strong “C.BELLENOT. N.O.” Backmark.

LA 8, 22 mm. Extremely rare non dug with this backmark and superior condition. Only one I have ever seen.

$1850.00 HOLD L.H.


SSBTN 5. Dug North Carolina Militia Coat Button. 

NC 16 B, 22 mm. A superior example with light traces of silver plating. Dug by Ben Ingraham near Fort Anderson NC.



SSBTN 6. Dug North Carolina Militia Coat Button. 

NC 16 c, 23 mm. Scarcest variant with the wide circle. Nice looking button with sharp detail and no ground action. I can’t remember where it was found.



SSBTN 7. Dug North Carolina Militia Coat Button with original shank. 

NC 16 A, 23 mm. Most common variant. This one has an intact shank. When I was photographing this button, the shank came loose and I had to glue it back. I believe it was dug in Virginia.




SSBTN 8. Dug North Carolina Militia Coat Button. 

NC 16 A, 22 mm. This one has “the look”. No ground action at all, great detail and beautifully highlighted. Dug by Ben Ingraham near Fort Anderson NC.