You can reserve any relic by calling Nick Periut at 865-693-3007 or e-mailing me at Shop hours are Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm. We accept personal checks, money orders, bank checks and credit cards through Paypal. Please make all checks out to: Nick Periut. 

Send payments to:

Army of Tennessee Civil War Relics

 8895 Town and Country Circle

Knoxville, TN 37923

Layaway is available with 20% down.
Terms are up to 90 days unless we agree otherwise. Default results in forfeit of all deposits.


Our Shipping Information

$6.00 minimum shipping and packaging charge. We have a UPS store next door. Priority and First Class from the USPS is the most reliable and therefore what I mostly use. Registered mail is what I recommend for expensive items with high insurance coverage.



All relics and memorabilia are guaranteed authentic forever and you have a three day inspection period to return any item that you may not be satisfied with. Please return all relics in the same condition that they were sent and you will receive a full refund minus the postage.



If you are interested in in selling a relic collection, you may wish to consider consignment. It takes longer than selling outright but you will get top dollar for your relics and I take care of the marketing, shipping, collecting payments and all liabilities. You
get paid immediately when your items sell. Consignment is this simple: You decide what you have to have for your item, and I will do what I can to get that for you. My minimum commission is 15% and there is some flexibility on high dollar items. I consistently find buyers for quality relics.


Sell us your relics

I am always looking to buy quality American Civil War relics. I personally collect Images, Belt Buckles and Plates, Artillery Shells, rare bullets and buttons.
If you have an item you are considering selling, please do not hesitate to give me a call or e-mail.



I offer free unwritten appraisals and can also provide (for a fee)
a certificate of appraisal for insurance and legal purposes.



I buy with a collectors eye. I try to be as discriminating as I can and only want to offer the most honest, untouched and best quality items to my fellow collectors. I simply can’t afford to keep it all and I get just as much pleasure passing great pieces of American History through my hands as I do in collecting it. This is a hobby for me and it puts me into close proximity to some amazing people, some of whom write the books and do the research on the great struggle and it’s many artifacts.



I set up at most of the major shows and really enjoy the opportunity to meet with my fellow collectors and dealers. I can’t say enough about my friends, mentors and those whose help and knowledge have been a real blessing to me. I would like to recognize some of them here on my site in no particular order:


Tom and Bill Hays

Jim and Dean Thomas

Dwayne Davis

Larry & Anita Hicklen

Brant Arnold

Bruce Hohler

Terry and Bobby Hammonds

Nick Harris / Karen Eubanks

Albert and Joan Jewell

Keith Kenerly

Harry Ridgeway

Dennis Cox

Les Wells

John Embrey

Robert Blackwell

Bob Burnham

Norbert Spangler

Bill and Brendan Synammon

Jack and Peggy Melton

Steve and Tricia Mullinax

Meigs Brainard

Bill Gurley

Claude Maley

Jackie Sarrett

Eddie Bankston

Bob Bankston

Sonny Hill

Kenny Copelin

Bob Edmonson

William and Lewis Leigh

Charlie Harris

Shannon Pritchard

Rusty Hicks

Chris Bullington

Dave Kornely “Kornsnake”

Mike “Psych” Ward

Carl Sitherwood

John Bradley

Gary Alberts

Dickey and Mother Teresa Ferry

Gene Cooley

Jerry Foster

Mick Aderholt

Jerry Kirkland

Wallace Markert

John Gibson

Ken Nichols

Milan Hill

Rafael Eledge

Rick and Tammy Burton

Mike Leonard

Lynn Raedford

John Sexton

George Juno

Wes Small

Sam Small

Steve Sylvia

Mike O’Donnell

Kenny Hamilton

Arthur Cook

Paul Brill

Mickey Keim

Sam Padgett

Tommy Grim

Allen Phillips 

Tom Williams

Bob French

Ernie and Tonya Alford

Ken Naser

Ben Kirkconnel

Howard Crouch

Steve and Tammy Johnson

Howard Alligood

Brian Riel

Dave Baity

Jeff Cash

Harvey Warner

Dean Sprowl

John and Nikki Walsh

Tim Prince

Brian Lown

Bobby Simmons

Jimmy Hemphill

Big Mama

Bill Henderson

Tim Garrett

Don Phillips

Ken Price

Ian Workman

Stan Hughes

Tom Ivery

Barry Banks

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Matt Lockard

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Matt Spice (Spice Rack)

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