Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates

 CSBP 1. Identified Confederate Cavalryman’s Saber Belt Rig.

High quality Richmond Arsenal Belt with original Saber Hangers and very sharp Richmond Tongue and Wreath CS Belt Buckle tentatively identified to a “G.B. Wright, Co. F, 3rd VA. Cavalry”. This information is written on a tag attached to the belt. Steve Mullinax had this belt in his collection for many years and any additional details of the attribution was lost with Steve’s passing away a few months ago. The leather is supple and the hangers are original to the belt. One of the small brass hanger loops is a replacement. There is some separation of the stitching on that hanger strap as well. Some minor tweaking would rectify these minor issues. As it is, this is a very fine Confederate Cavalryman’s Saber Belt.

$9950.00 HOLD K.S.


 CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Here is the best looking “Tennessee” pattern CSA Rectangle I have had in a long time. A real “cream puff” as Larry Hicklen would say. Found in 1970 on an old farm in New Market, Alabama which is right on the Tennessee-Alabama State Line. A perfect “10”.



 CSBP 3. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Large size “Wishbone” Frame Buckle in very good condition. Dug Northern Va.



 CSBP 4. Dug Pewter CSA Belt Plate.

Rare early war plate dug at Sweeten’s Cove, TN. by Charlie Harris. These were brittle and prone to break. A third of this plate is missing and despite great effort, the other piece has not been recovered. The patina is unbelievable and this buckle displays like a champ despite being broken. Someone out there has the other piece.



 CSBP 5. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Scarce “Heavy Frame” Buckle with the wide teeth dug near Richmond, VA. Excellent condition.



  CSBP 6. Dug “Army of Tennessee” CS Belt Plate.

This solid cast brass variant has the “spun hooks” and was recently eyeballed while looking for arrowheads in North Ga. Excellent condition.



 CSBP 7. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

This good looking CS “Rope Border” Oval Belt Plate is made of die-stamped sheet brass and was dug by Charlie Harris near Corinth, MS. It is featured on page 76 of his reference book “Relics of the Western Theater”. Totally untouched since it was dug.



CSBP 8. Dug North Carolina Militia Sword Belt Buckle.

Beautiful Buckle. Wreath and tongue dug within a few miles of each other by different diggers near Fredericksburg, VA. Match is perfect in both fit and color. One of the rarest of the Southern State Buckles.



 CSBP 9. Dug Leech and Rigdon Saber/Sword Belt Buckle Tongue.

Perfect condition with no bends or repairs. Has a great look and might fit your wreath. Dug at Port Hudson, LA.



CSBP 10. Dug Confederate Enlisted Mans’s Belt Buckle.

This “Standard” type Frame Buckle is in great condition and was dug in the camp of the 16th Alabama Infantry near Wartrace, TN.



CSBP 11. Confederate Grouping from the family of Fontaine Watts Mahood, 2nd Lieut. Co. G, 24th VA. Infantry and Co. A of Otey’s Battery, 13th VA. Artillery Battalion.

This grouping surfaced recently in Greensboro, Alabama and consists of Fontaine W. Mahood’s original Richmond Arsenal Belt and several UCV and USCV medals along with a genealogical book concerning the family. The Confederate notes came with the collection but are being offered separately. Mahood originally enlisted as a private in Co.G, of the 24th VA. Infantry on May 2nd, 1861. He was eventually promoted to 2nd Lieutenant of said regiment. Mahood fought with the regiment at the Battle First Manassas and the Battle of Williamsburg. On May 10, 1862 Mahood was discharged from the 24th (reason unknown) and re-enlisted as a Corporal of Co. A, Otey’s Battery, 13th Light Artillery Battalion. This unit served in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. Sometime after the Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain, the battery was summoned to the defense of Petersburg where it served with distinction, Particularly at the Battle of the Crater. Mahood survived the war and eventually wrote a History of the Confederate Commissary Dept. Mahood was also active in UCV affairs and his son of the same namesake became Chief Historian of the United Sons of Confederate Veterans. Mahood died post 1900 in Washington, DC. His Grandson married into a Greensboro Alabama family and hence the origin of the estate. The CS Richmond Arsenal Buckle is on it’s original belt. One end of the belt has a repair where it evidently wore through at the belt loop. The medals are all reunion era and are in great condition. There is a small silk Confederate Flag in the grouping which is frayed. More research can be conducted on this interesting Confederate Family but I will leave that to the buyer.



 CSBP 12. Dug Confederate Saber Belt Buckle Tongue.

Perfect condition. Dug North of Richmond, VA. near North Anna by Alvin Whitbeck.




CSBP 13. Excavated Confederate Saber Belt Buckle.

Another untouched Richmond Arsenal two-piece CS dug near Brandy Station, VA. This one was also found together and matches perfectly. Note the fabulous green and brown patina.



 CSBP 14. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Great looking “Tennessee” pattern CSA Rectangle that was dug recently near Pikeville, TN. You can see a dark, slick emerald green patina peeking out underneath the dirt. This plate has not been cleaned and is just as it came out of the ground.



 CSBP 15. Dug Confederate Sword Belt Buckle Wreath.

This Army of Northern Virginia Two-Piece CS Wreath was dug near Richmond, VA. by Alvin Whitbeck and can fit several variants of CS Tongues including the Script “CS”.



 CSBP 16. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Large size “Wishbone” Frame Buckle in perfect untouched condition. Dug at a Hanover, VA. home site in the early 1990’s.



CSBP 17. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Heavy” Frame Buckle.

Another outstanding Confederate Belt Buckle. This type features the wide teeth and is very thick and heavy compared to the other Frame Buckle variants. Mint condition with a slick, emerald green patina. Measures 74.60 mm X 60.35 mm. Dug near Richmond, VA.



 CSBP 18. Dug U.S. Militia Accoutrement Belt Plate.

Extremely rare lead filled oval Belt Plate. Provenance uncertain. Dug long ago, most likely in Virginia and once part of George Kegerreis’ extensive collection. I cannot emphasize how rare this buckle is. Most likely worn by a Confederate early in the war.



 CSBP 19. Confederate Sword Belt Buckle by Leech and Rigdon of Memphis, TN.

Very nice non excavated example of the early war Memphis Novelty Works two piece CS buckle. These were issued with various swords that were also made by this West Tennessee firm. Condition is superb and untouched. Much less common that the Richmond Arsenal counterparts.



CSBP 20. Excavated Confederate “Baby Wishbone” Frame Buckle.

The rarest of the “Wishbone” or “Fork Tongue” pattern Accoutrement Belt Buckles worn by Confederate Enlisted Men. The buckle has a small period break at the bottom and some belt stress bends. Dug near Petersburg,VA. and in as found condition with the dirt still on it.



CSBP 21. Dug Confederate Saber Belt Buckle Tongue.

Scarce Leech and Rigdon plain faced tongue dug in Middle TN. Perfect condition and ready for your wreath.




CSBP 22. Dug Confederate Saber Belt Buckle.

Richmond arsenal CS tongue and wreath in excellent condition. Both pieces dug together and from the same belt. Dug by Denis Pemberton off of Osborne Turnpike near Richmond VA.



CSBP 23. Excavated Snake buckle and Keeper.

These buckles were used primarily by the Confederacy and were furnished by British Contractors such as Issacs and Campbell of London. Dug at Quinton, VA. near the Dispatch Station by Denis Pemberton.