Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates

 CSBP 1. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

This “Tennessee”style CSA Rectangular Belt Plate is simply stunning with no ground action at all. Dug near Spotsylvania, VA. and no doubt lost by one of Longstreet’s Veterans. A fantastic example.



 CSBP 2. Excavated South Carolina Militia Belt Plate.

Scarce 1850’s Panel Plate variant. Note thin fronds on Palmetto Tree. Condition is excellent and untouched with the dirt still clinging to it. Belt catch possibly reattached but appears original to the plate. This type is illustrated on page 209 (Plate 383) of Mullinax’s Confederate Belt Plates Reference Book. Dug in Charleston, SC.



 CSBP 3. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Just out of the ground. This scarce solid cast brass “Port Hudson” style CS Belt Plate was dug just 6 weeks ago by David Wright in a yard near Dallas, GA. Totally untouched.



 CSBP 4. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Thick “Atlanta Arsenal” CSA dug at Ooltewah, TN. by Charlie Harris. Note the pieces of wood intentionally placed under the hooks. A great representative example.




 CSBP 5. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Army of Tennessee rounded corner belt plate in superb condition. The “CS”  stands out strongly against the light background. Most dug examples don’t even come close to looking this good. Found near Tunnel Hill, GA.



 CSBP 6. Dug Confederate Saber Belt Buckle.

A perfect example of the Richmond Arsenal Pattern CS Tongue and Wreath Buckle. Both pieces dug together with a great perfectly matching patina. Found by Jim Moser at the Britton House Hospital site off Old Office Road, Orange County, VA. This is an outstanding Confederate Belt Buckle.



 CSBP 7. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

This good looking CS “Rope Border” Oval Belt Plate is made of die-stamped sheet brass and was dug by Charlie Harris near Corinth, MS. It is featured on page 76 of his reference book “Relics of the Western Theater”. Totally untouched since it was dug.



CSBP 8. Dug North Carolina Militia Sword Belt Buckle.

Beautiful Buckle. Wreath and tongue dug within a few miles of each other by different diggers near Fredericksburg, VA. Match is perfect in both fit and color. One of the rarest of the Southern State Buckles.



 CSBP 9. Dug Leech and Rigdon Saber/Sword Belt Buckle Tongue.

Perfect condition with no bends or repairs. Has a great look and might fit your wreath. Dug at Port Hudson, LA.



 CSBP 10. Louisiana Militia Belt Plate.

This is the most commonly encountered Louisiana Buckle, issued to enlisted men in the infantry. These have been excavated in Western and Eastern Theatre sites. Condition is excellent.



 CSBP 11. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Here is a very solid “Atlanta Arsenal” CSA Rectangle. An early find from North GA. in great condition. Digger cleaned face long ago but patina is coming back strong.



 CSBP 12. Dug U.S. Breast Plate converted to a Belt Plate by the Confederate Arsenal.

Extremely rare Confederate Conversion. This type is pictured on page 49 (plate 076) of Steve Mullinax’s Confederate Belt Buckle Reference Book. Condition is superb, though missing one hook which is no doubt why it was discarded. These conversions were done early in the war out of sheer necessity. The same arsenal that produced the pewter CSA rectangular buckles also made these conversions. Possibly in Nashville, TN. Dug at Iuka, MS. by John Gilmore.




CSBP 13. Excavated Confederate Saber Belt Buckle.

Another untouched Richmond Arsenal two-piece CS dug near Brandy Station, VA. This one was also found together and matches perfectly. Note the fabulous green and brown patina.



CSBP 14. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Scarce smaller pattern with wider teeth also known as a “Baby” or “Cavalry Frame” buckle. Excellent condition. Provenance unknown.



 CSBP 15. Dug Confederate Relic Collection from Red House Ford near Chattanooga, TN.

This group of relics was dug at the site of a Confederate Picket Camp guarding the “Red House Ford” on Chickamauga Creek. The “Atlanta Arsenal” CSA Belt Plate is in outstanding condition, slick with no ground action at all. Note the glasses, bullets, exploded pistol barrel etc. All were found together at this site by Charlie Harris and are included with the buckle.



CSBP 16. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Rare cast pewter Belt Plate in superb condition with all three brazed on hooks intact. These plain faced plates come from early to mid-war sites and could have possibly been made at Nashville or Memphis. Note the brass hooks. These are the same type as used in the early conversions of US Plates into buckles for the Confederacy. Found on Monteagle Mountain, TN. and pictured on page 117 of Charlie Harris’ book “Relics of the Western Theater”.