Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates

 CSBP 1. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Rare 11 star CS Oval Belt Plate dug in 2010 near the rail station at High Point, NC. Condition is superb and green patina is awesome.



 CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Excellent example of the “Atlanta Arsenal” style CSA Rectangular Buckle. This fine Confederate relic is untouched with no ground action at all. They don’t get much nicer than this. Provenance uncertain.



 CSBP 3. Georgia Militia Accoutrement Belt.

An outstanding example. Emerson Gaylord delivered 1000 sets of these buckles and matching Cartridge Box Plates to the State of Georgia just prior to the outbreak of hostilities. The belt does not appear to be the original Gaylord type but is a typical of Confederate General Service Belt with tooled edge. There is slight wear on the plate, just enough to let you know that the Georgia Soldier wearing it was doing his duty in the face of rapacious, invading Lincolnite Hordes. Ex. Gary Bisacky Collection.



 CSBP 4. Mississippi Militia Accoutrement Belt.

Extremely rare Mississippi Militia Oval Belt Plate on it’s unquestionably original belt. The condition is simply magnificent. Most likely produced just prior to the war by Emerson Gaylord in very limited numbers. I have seen a non excavated lone plate or two but never one on it’s original accoutrement belt. This is a museum grade piece.




 CSBP 5. Louisiana “Pelican with Rays” Militia Belt Plate.

Extremely rare in any condition. This is probably the most desirable and aesthetically beautiful of all Louisiana Belt Plates. Patina is untouched, condition is superb.



 CSBP 6. Confederate Officer’s Sword Belt.

Rare and untouched, this large pattern tongue and wreath buckle is found only in the wake of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Rarity 8 according to Steve Mulinax on page 19 of his Confederate Buckle Book. This is not an enlisted man’s “Richmond style” tongue and wreath pattern as you most commonly see but definitely an officer’s. Note the oak leaf pattern on wreath. Belt is unquestionably original to the buckle and is supple with no flaking whatsoever.



 CSBP 7. South Carolina Militia Belt Plate.

Immaculate, pristine and flawless. If you are looking for a rare small size South Carolina Oval Buckle for your collection, here it is. This one actually has the soldier’s name scratched neatly in the lead on the back. I can make out what appears to be “J.A. Wallace”. I have not had the time to look him up but that could be a fruitful project for the purchaser. It doesn’t get any better than this.



CSBP 8. Dug North Carolina Militia Sword Belt Buckle.

Beautiful Buckle. Wreath and tongue dug within a few miles of each other by different diggers near Fredericksburg, VA. Match is perfect in both fit and color. One of the rarest of the Southern State Buckles.



 CSBP 9. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Accoutrement Belt Plate.

Flawless, excavated and double struck “Breckinridge” Pattern Confederate Belt Plate. Verbal provenance of North Georgia, possibly Chickamauga Campaign. This buckle is a “10”. Investment grade.



 CSBP 10. Louisiana Militia Belt Plate.

This is the most commonly encountered Louisiana Buckle, issued to enlisted men in the infantry. These have been excavated in Western and Eastern Theatre sites. Condition is excellent.




 CSBP 11. Confederate “Atlanta Arsenal” CSA Accoutrement Belt.

One of the best examples known of the iconic Western Theatre CSA. Untouched in every way. Patina on buckle is that desirable deep mustard color and the original Confederate belt is supple with no flaking at all. This is an investment grade Confederate Enlisted Man’s Accoutrement Belt. Ex Gary Bisacky Collection.



 CSBP 12. Dug Confederate Saber Belt Buckle.

Good looking CS two-piece buckle with a nice olive green patina. Verbal provenance of Five Forks, VA.

$2250.00  HOLD


 CSBP 13. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Wishbone” Belt Buckle.

CSBP 14. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Scarce smaller pattern with wider teeth also known as a “Baby” or “Cavalry Frame” buckle. Excellent condition. Provenance unknown.



CSBP 15. Confederate Enlisted Man’s large size “Wishbone” Frame Buckle.

Untouched example with a pea green patina. Dug near Harper’s Ferry, VA.


 CSBP 16. Dug Confederate “Coin Style” CS Wreath.

Recently excavated near Charleston, SC. Belt loop has small broken section that can be repaired. Ready to be mated with the “coin style” CS Tongue.