Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates

CSBP 1. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Excellent condition. Dug near Huntsville, AL. This is the very plate pictured on the cover of Mullinax’s Confederate Buckle Book.



CSBP 2. Dug Confederate Belt Plate.

Fantastic “Army of Tennessee” Solid Cast Brass CS Belt Plate with all of it’s original black enamel paint intact in the background. Absolutely untouched. Dug near Mobile, AL. More detailed provenance information available for the buyer.



CSBP 3. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Very nice and untouched Large size “Wisbone” Frame buckle that was dug at Varina, VA. near Richmond.



CSBP 4. Dug North Carolina Militia Sword Belt Buckle.

Beautiful Buckle. Wreath and tongue dug within a few miles of each other by different diggers near Fredericksburg, VA. Match is perfect in both fit and color. One of the rarest of the Southern State Buckles.


CSBP 5. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

“Atlanta Arsenal” CSA Rectangular Belt Plate that was dug in the Army of Tennessee’s 1864 Winter Camps surrounding Dalton, GA. One of the best looking examples I have seen. Plate is on the thicker side as far as this variant is concerned. All three hooks intact. No repairs or coloring. A very honest plate that comes straight from a noted long time Confederate Collection. Comes with a Steve Mulliax Certificate of Authenticity as well as one from Army of Tennessee if desired.


CSBP 6. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Killer example with sharp edges and no damage at all. A “10”. Verbal provenance of East Tennessee.



CSBP 7. Confederate Enlisted Man’s large size “Wishbone” Frame Buckle.

Untouched example with a pea green patina. Dug near Harper’s Ferry, VA.



CSBP 8. Dug Confederate Belt Plate.

Great looking “Tennessee pattern” Rectangular CSA Belt Plate in excellent condition. Dug near Columbia, TN. in 1980. Digger lightly cleaned the face but patina has darkened back nicely.


CSBP 9. Dug Georgia Militia Cartridge Box Plate.

Stone mint. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.



CSBP 10. Dug U.S. Militia “Star” Panel Plate.

Excellent condition with a killer patina. Most likely Confederate worn and dug near Lewisburg, TN. These plates are rarely encountered in excavated condition.



CSBP 11. Dug Confederate Saddle Shield.

Excellent condition. Dug by Bob Shelton near Fort Griffin, TX.



CSBP 12. Dug Confederate Saddle Shield.

Crude brass variant with “CS”stamped off center. Provenance of Middle TN.




 CSBP 13.  Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Beautiful Eleven Star CS that was dug 5 years ago near High Point, NC. This one has a beautiful light green patina.



CSBP 14. Dug Confederate “Coin Style” Wreath.

Scarce wreath that was dug in October near Charleston, SC. by Frank Shorter. A small piece of the Belt Loop is separated but was recovered. Perfect piece for restoration, particularly if you have the tongue.

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