Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
Army of Tennesee Civil War Relics Authentic
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Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates


 CSBP 1. Confederate Sword Belt Buckle.

One of several variants of the “Richmond Arsenal” Tongue and Wreath CS Sword Belt Buckles. Condition is superb and non excavated with an untouched deep mustard patina. Used primarily by Cavalry and Artillery enlisted men as well as officers.



 CSBP 2. Dug South Carolina Militia Belt Plate.

This rare South Carolina Buckle is in remarkable condition and was dug many years ago in Northern Virginia by George Nance. This is the actual one photographed and published on page 29 of Stanley Phillip’s Excavated Relic Book Vol. 1. No rim damage and belt hooks intact. Full lead as well. Face has some minor blemishes that don’t look nearly as bad when buckle is in hand. This one is the small variant, same size as it’s M-1839 US counterpart.



 CSBP 3. Extremely rare Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Heavy Frame” Buckle on it’s original Accoutrement Belt. Identified to Private W.R. Barnett, Co. E, 5th Tennessee Cavalry.

The first thing that stands out is the quality and untouched nature of this fine Confederate Belt, straight out of the family and never before on the market. Note the Thick and heavy Beveled Frame Buckle. I have never seen one of these on it’s original belt before. The leather belt itself is supple and in fantastic condition. The Percussion Cap Box is a bit rough with broken hand stitched belt loops. Possibly Confederate made. The belt is accompanied by three bound compendiums of the “Confederate Veteran” Magazine dated 1912 to 1917. A nice handwritten presentation to Barnett of these volumes by his family is on the frontispiece of the first volume. The magazines were obviously cherished by Barnett and he saved ferns and oak leaves within some magazine pages, no doubt as souvenirs of special reunions or battlefield visits. I have yet to research Barnett’s War Record in the Army of Tennessee’s 5th Cavalry (McKenzie’s) Regiment. He ended up as a Reverend here in Knoxville TN. and is most likely also buried here. He was very active in the UCV Organization. Very rarely do you see pure and unmolested groupings like this surface.



CSBP 4. Excavated Confederate Cast Brass Wreath for Virginia Militia Officer’s Sword Belt Buckle.

Excellent condition. Typical local casting with flaws. This wreath fits the Virginia State patterns on page _ of Steve Mullinax’s Confederate Buckle Book. Provenance of Northern VA. Measurements forthcoming.



CSBP 5. Excavated Louisiana Militia Belt Plate.

Excellent looking plate with a great looking face. Soldered on hooks are missing but most of lead fill is intact. Verbal provenance of Vicksburg MS. area.



 CSBP 6. Virginia Militia Belt Plate.

Superb example of the 1850’s era stamped brass Virginia Militia Belt Plate (Originally worn on linen or white buff leather belts) Sharp details and traces of gold plating. Very uncommon non excavated. This buckle comes from a long time and most discriminating Virginia Collection.



 CSBP 7. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Nice looking “Rope Border” CS oval with a beautiful slick patina. Most likely a Carolina Low Country find. Missing one of the hooks.



 CSBP 8. Dug Confederate Sword Belt Buckle Wreath.

This Army of Northern Virginia Two-Piece CS Wreath was dug near Richmond, VA. by Alvin Whitbeck and can fit several variants of CS Tongues including the Script “CS”. Diameter of opening is 30 mm. 



CSBP 9. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Classic “Army of Tennessee” Cast Brass CS Belt Plate with a green patina and traces of original black paint in the background. Verbal provenance of Middle TN. This is a very good example that displays like a champ.  



CSBP 10. Dug Confederate converted US Belt Plate.

A really well executed example in great condition with a nice green patina. Eyeballed at a construction site in downtown Jackson TN.



CSBP 11. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Large size Confederate “Wishbone” Frame Buckle in flawless condition. Provenance uncertain.



CSBP 12. Richmond Arsenal “CS” Saber Belt Rig.

An outstanding Confederate artifact. Leather belt is supple and still retains brass sword hanger clip. Stitching is original and tight. The buckle is first class as well with an untouched deep mustard patina. 



CSBP 13. Dug Confederate “Palmetto Armory” Wreath.

Extremely rare South Carolina Wreath with long decorated belt loop. Note “P” and what appears to be an “A” or another “P” stamped into the inset. Dug at the site of the Palmetto Armory in Columbia SC. I have no idea what kind of tongue will fit it but I imagine it is a similarly crude South Carolina Palmetto tongue with a tall belt loop. I know it is out there somewhere. If you can match this one up, you will have one hell of a rare South Carolina Sword Belt Buckle.



CSBP 14. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

“Atlanta Arsenal” style CSA in good condition though it has obviously seen some hard campaigning. Untouched patina. Provenance uncertain.



CSBP 15. Dug Georgia Militia Cartridge Box Plate.

Great looking plate with sharp detail. Dug on the 1862 Gaines Mill VA. Battlefield by Tom Everette. No repairs or monkey business.



CSBP 16. Dug Virginia Militia Stamped Brass Belt Plate.

Sharply detailed with an untouched patina. This great looking plate was found long ago by Tom Everette on the June, 1862 Gaines Mill, VA. Battlefield.



CSBP 17. Dug Confederate Sword Belt Buckle by Memphis Novelty Works also known as Leech and Rigdon.

Early war pattern with highly detailed oak leaf wreath and large “CS” tongue disc. Condition is phenomenal and unquestionably dug together with a perfectly matching green patina. Verbal provenance of Middle Tennessee. Much more scarce than the Virginia two piece variants.



CSBP 18. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Scarce “Double Tongue” Frame Buckle in excellent condition. Note how soldier modified the tips of the tongues, probably to keep belt from sliding. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Claude Maley Collection.



CSBP 19. Dug “Snake” for imported three piece belt buckle.

Typical duck headed pattern like the Issacs and Campbell type except slightly smaller and flat on one side. Very unusual. Provenance unknown.



CSBP 20. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Fantastic early dug example of the stamped brass CS “Egg” oval belt buckle. Loosely patterned after the M-1839 US Belt Plate. Slick chocolate brown patina and intact remnants of the iron wire hooks on the reverse. This one is a screamer with verbal provenance of Gen. Braxton Bragg’s 1863 Duck River Line, Middle Tennessee. 



CSBP 21. Dug Confederate “Gutter Back” Frame Buckle.

A beauty with a nice slick patina. Provenance uncertain. Ex. Ed Guffee Collection. 



CSBP 22. Dug Confederate “Rope Border” CS Belt Plate.

Amazing condition with intact soldered on hooks on reverse. No repairs or alterations of any kind. Dug long ago near Shelbyville TN. along Gen. Braxton Bragg’s Duck River Line. Ex. Nick Harris Collection.