Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates

  CSBP 1. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Plate.

Atlanta Arsenal style CSA Belt Plate that was dug near Ringgold, GA. Buckle has some dings but has never been messed with and has all three attachment hooks.




CSBP 2.  Confederate Officer’s Sword Belt.

Here is a Confederate Officer’s belt rig that is more scarce than most collectors realize. This distinct type is shown on page 20 in Mullinax’s Confederate Belt Buckle Book. He gives it a rarity of 9. This particular belt was originally purchased from Steve Mullinax’s personal collection and is simply superb. Note the casting flaws throughout. This style is only associated with the Army of Northern Virginia and was probably manufactured in Richmond. I have every reason to believe that the belt is original to the buckle. I see common Richmond Arsenal Belt Rigs sell for much more than I am asking for this fine rarity.



CSBP 3. Dug Confederate Enlistedman’s Belt Buckle.

Very nice and untouched Large size “Wisbone” Frame buckle that was dug at Varina, VA. near Richmond.



CSBP 4. Dug Confederate Carbine Sling Buckle.

Rare small size version. Dug near Chickamauga, GA. by Bill Rowland.


 CSBP 5. Excavated Confederate Enlisted Man’s Medium “Wishbone” Frame Buckle.

Rare medium size forked tongue Confederate Frame Buckle in flawless condition dug near Spotsylvania, VA.



CSBP 6. Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Large size “Wishbone” Frame Buckle in perfect condition. Dug near Kennesaw Mountain, GA. You see a lot of period images of Confederate Soldiers wearing these.



 CSBP 7. Dug Confederate “Sardine Lid” Belt Plate.

This very rare Confederate Belt Plate was brought into the Franklin show last week by Clifford Brooks who dug it in the front yard of an Antebellum Plantation home near Pottsville, TN. There are two versions of this rare plate. One has a shorter, thicker “CS” and is found in the wake of the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee. The other type with a larger but more slender “CS” is only found in the Western Theater. This plate is the latter and is the scarcer of the two. Page 79 of Mullinax’s Confederate Buckle Book depicts a non excavated example. Condition is superb, just as it came out of the ground with a typical Middle Tennessee chocolate brown patina. The belt hooks had separated from ground action but are all there and original to the plate. There is a “107″ stamped at the top which is very unusual although sometimes seen on Eastern Theater examples. These are rarely dug without major bends, freeze cracks or dings. Some are found in pieces. This one is near flawless and has everything you could want in a rare dug Confederate Belt Plate.



CSBP 8. Dug 6th North Carolina Regiment Belt Plate.

One of the best examples known as far as appearance goes. The patina is very slick with a dark green color. Attachment hooks are missing in action as is common with these. Dug Northern,VA.



CSBP 9. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle.

Here is a very nice excavated example of the large size “standard” Confederate Frame Buckle. Dug near Corinth, MS. The buckle is totally untouched with the dirt still on it.



CSBP 10. Dug Confederate Carbine Sling Buckle.

Another rare Confederate Buckle that you rarely see offered. This one is in exceptional condition. Dug on Gen. Bragg’s Duck River Line near Shelbyville, TN.



CSBP 11. Dug Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Double Tongue” Frame Buckle.

Very rare Confederate Belt Buckle in superb condition. No repairs at all. Dug near Shelbyville, TN.