Civil War Weapons

 WP 1. U.S. M-1863 “New Model” Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Investment grade example with clear markings and early 1864 production serial # 99122. Note sharp Military Inspectors Cartouche on walnut grip. Very crisp mechanically with a sharp bore. Retains quite  a bit of original factory blue finish. This is a top class American Civil War Army Revolver.



 WP 2. Confederate Foot Artillery Sword and Scabbard.

Totally untouched and in superb condition. Most likely a Macon, GA. product. The old tag on the scabbard reads “Confederate Foot Artillery Sword. Battle of Atlanta, $7.00″. These swords were patterned after the Roman Gladius and just plain old look cool, especially with the “CS” and star cast in the brass guard.