Civil War Weapons

WP 1. M-1851 Colt Navy Revolver Martially Marked for U.S. Naval Service .36 Cal.

Only 2600 of these were accepted and inspected by the U.S. Navy (2nd contract). This one has all matching serial # 61137 including the wedge. Gun is well marked throughout. Metal is grey with evidence of light cleaning and salt and pepper mild pitting. Cylinder scene is about 60%. Action is crisp. Bore is great. Overall, a very rare Martial Navy in better than average condition.



WP 2. Confederate Artillery Short Sword.

It has been surmised that Burger Bros. of Richmond may have made these rare swords but no proof exists to support that. One thing we know for sure is that this type is much scarcer than the “CS with star” pattern. I know of one example being excavated in Rossville, GA. and another in Corinth, MS. Condition is excellent. Blade is smooth with no nicks and handle is flawless.