Civil War Weapons

 WP 1. U.S. M-1863 Remington “New Model” Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Investment grade example with clear markings and early 1864 production serial # 99122. Note sharp Military Inspectors Cartouche on walnut grip. Very crisp mechanically with a sharp bore. Retains quite  a bit of original factory blue finish. This is a top class American Civil War Army Revolver.



 WP 2. Confederate Cavalry Saber by Louis and Elijah Haiman, Columbus, GA.

Here is a very fine Confederate Saber and scabbard made by the Haiman Brothers in Columbus Ga. Totally original and untouched in every regard. Tarred Canvas grip and single strand iron wire are 100% intact with no wear issues to speak of. Brass guard has an untouched patina and a service bend in the top branch. Blade is smooth and gray with characteristic forging faults and a couple of minor nicks. Scabbard is smooth with typical iron throat and brass mounts. No obvious dents but a few minor service pushes. This is a classic textbook Haiman. Ex. Gary Bisacky Collection.