Civil War Weapons


WP 1. Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Saber.

This great looking Confederate Saber and Scabbard comes straight from Steve Mullinax’s long time collection. Condition is excellent. Original grip retains most of the leather wrap and wire. Untouched patina throughout. Note sharp detail on the guard with distinct “NASHVILLE PLOW WORKS” address and clear “CSA” cast into the guard. There is a crude factory repair at the juncture of the Pommel and guard. Original leather throat washer present. Blade is smooth and untouched with no nicks or pitting whatsoever. Scabbard is dent free and retains much of it’s original black arsenal paint. This is fantastic Confederate Weapon.



 WP 2. U.S. Smith Cavalry Carbine .50 Cal.

WP 3. P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket with matching bayonet .577 Cal.

A very fine example indeed. Totally untouched. Note consistent original finish on all metal surfaces. Lock marked “TOWER” and dated “1862”. Mechanically sharp. Long range site is perfect. Bore is sharp. Stock has minor service wear but has not been sanded or refinished. Sharp “BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS TRADE” Cartouche on flat of butt stock. Clear “BSAT” over crown and “T.T.” over crown (Thomas Turner) viewer proofs adjacent to trigger guard tang as well as “T.TURNER” stamped closer to the butt plate toe. All original screw caps present as well as a nipple protector and an original Enfield Tompion. Ramrod is original. Bayonet has original scabbard and matches perfectly in fit and finish. These Birmingham Small Arms Trade Enfields were imported in great numbers by the Confederacy and some were also sold to Federal Agents. A much better than average Enfield.

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  WP 4. U.S. M-1863 “New Model” Remington Army Revolver .44 Cal.

A better than average Civil War Remington Army with some original blue finish and crisp mechanics. Bore is excellent and barrel address is well stamped. Serial #66819 puts this gun squarely in the Civil War. Note Military Inspector’s Cartouche on original walnut grip. These revolvers always remind me of the final scene in the movie “Outlaw Josey Wales”. This revolver is a solid investment and was “there”.



 WP 5. Confederate Artillery Short Sword.

 WP 6. Mexican War dated U.S. Springfield M-1842 Musket .69 Cal.

Extraordinary condition with matching 1848 date on lock and barrel. All markings are sharp. Metal surfaces are smooth. Bayonet stud missing under barrel but is an easy fix. Bore has light pin prick pitting. Original ramrod. Stock is near perfect with  sharp edges and has two U.S. Military Inspector Cartouches on flat opposite the lock. This is an iconic weapon of both the Mexican and American Civil War.



 WP 7. U.S. M-1853 Sharps Slant Breech Cavalry Carbine .52 Cal. Martially Marked.

Extremely scarce military model in superb condition. All markings are sharp and metal surfaces are smooth with no pitting whatsoever. Lock is marked “SHARP’S PATENT 1852”. Serial # 12867 is only one digit off of the famous shipment that was ordered by John Brown for his ill fated raid on Harper’s Ferry. This one has an “M” Military Proof on the breech and has the outline of a Military Inspector’s Cartouche underneath the saddle ring bar. Stock is fantastic with only very minor service marks. There is a small age crack adjacent to the terminus of the loading lever. Mechanically flawless. Bore is extremely sharp and mirror like. All screws are original and not buggered. Brass hardware has an untouched mellow patina. Long range site is present though missing slide which is common on this model and can easily be replaced. These guns were very popular with the Confederate Cavalry as they were available at the outbreak of the war. You will look long and hard for a Military Slant Breech Sharp’s in this kind of condition.




WP 8. Confederate Cavalry Saber and Scabbard by Louis Froelich.

This fine saber is known as a Kenansville “Type I” produced by the Confederate States Armory in Kenansville, NC. Condition is excellent. Leather grip and wire wrap are original and in great shape. Guard has period repair on one of branches. Patina on all surfaces is totally untouched. The blade is smooth with no nicks and has a typical Confederate forging fault near the ricasso. Lap seam scabbard is original to the saber and still retains almost all of it’s original red paint. Throat bears Roman # XVIII. This fine saber was proudly displayed in Steve Mullinax’s fine collection for many years and is a stellar example.



 WP 9. Leech and Rigdon Confederate Revolver .36 Cal.

This fine Confederate Revolver is a fairly accurate copy of Colt’s M-1851 Navy and has matching serial # 571 on all parts, including the wedge. The barrel address “LEECH & RIGDON CSA” is visible, though somewhat weak due to a poor strike rather than wear. All metal surfaces are smooth with a consistent grey-turning plum patina. Mechanically tight and fully functional. All nipples intact on cylinder and in good condition. Cryptic letter “N” on both sides of trigger bow. Walnut grips retain most of their original varnish. Produced in Greensboro, GA and a textbook example. Ex. Damon Mills Collection (his write up included) Ex. Jim Greene Collection.



 WP 10. Confederate Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.

According to some of my colleagues who are infinitely more knowledgeable that I, this saber is a North Carolina or Virginia product. The saber bears some resemblance to the Boyle and Gamble Cavalry Saber but the scabbard is fashioned completely out of brass except for an iron drag. Condition overall is excellent and untouched. Scabbard bears several small pushes and dents from service. The Original grip and single strand of brass wire is superb. All surfaces have a deep, uncleaned patina. The blade is excellent as well with no issues or nicks. If anyone has a more definitive opinion as to the origin of this saber, please let me know. Ex. Steve Mullinax Collection.



WP 11. U.S. M-1860 Spencer Repeating Carbine .52 Cal.

This one is a cherry. Double Military Inspector Cartouches on wrist of stock. Nice untouched surfaces on the metal as well as the stock (only very minor service wear). Mechanically crisp lever action. All original down to the screws. Serial #55278. Bore is sharp. These guns played a major role in our Civil War as well as in the field of modern technology being deployed on the battlefield. I have original cartridges to display with it as well. Definitely an above average Spencer.



 WP 12. M-1851 Colt Navy Revolver .36 Cal.

  WP 13. Confederate Cavalry Saber and Wooden Scabbard.

There are several opinions as to who produced this distinct family of Confederate Swords and Sabers with wooden scabbards. The similarities are remarkable. H. Marshall of Atlanta, GA., B. Douglas and Kraft, Goldschmidt and Kraft of Columbia, SC. are all considered possible makers of this family of swords. This type is made with a straight as well as a curved blade. The condition of this straight bladed variant is superb. The blade is smooth and retains some original factory luster. Grip and single strand brass wire are 100%. The brass guard has a totally untouched patina. The scabbard is excellent as well. This sword is clearly in the upper percentile of condition. Ex. Steve Mullinax Collection.



 WP 14. U.S. M-1832 Artillery Sword by Ames dated 1833.

Another iconic American Civil War Weapon in very good condition. Stamped on one side “N.P. AMES SPRINGFIELD” on one side of Ricasso, “1833” and “UNITED STATES” on the other. Blade is smooth and has never been sharpened. There are other Military Inspector Proofs on the brass handle. These fierce looking swords were patterned directly after the Ancient Roman Gladius.



  WP 16. Exceptional 1863 dated M-1858 (2nd Model) Merrill Carbine .54 Cal.

This is a scarce carbine, especially in this condition. Very well taken care of indeed.The metal is smooth with a medium to dark grey patina. Mechanically excellent. Bore is sharp. Stock is superb with sharp edges and a strong Military Inspector’s Cartouche above the Saddle Ring Bar. Markings are good throughout, though a little weak on top of breech. “U.S.” Stamped on brass Butt Plate. A simply fabulous example of this scarce American Civil War Carbine.




 WP 17. M-1857 Smith Cavalry Carbine .50 Cal.

Mint condition. Most likely never issued. Beautiful gun with all original factory bluing and case colors. Stock is untouched with original grainy finish and strong Military Inspector’s Cartouche on wrist. Bore is mirror like, which is to be expected on a weapon like this. Early serial # 968. Investment grade.



 WP 18. Boyle and Gamble Saber Bayonet picked up on the Rose Farm, Gettysburg, PA. Battlefield.

This rare Confederate Bayonet has early verbal provenance of being picked up several years after the Battle of Gettysburg. Condition is superb and untouched since the day it was found. Originally purchased in 1961 from a shop in Gettysburg by Bob Scates.



 WP 19. M-1858 Remington “Old Model” Army Revolver 44. Cal.

Scarce Martially Marked M-1858 Remington Army in excellent condition. Note clear “CGC” (C.G. Chandler) Military Inspector’s Cartouche. Matching Serial # 7131 on cylinder, barrel and grip frame. Very good bore. Metal surfaces are smooth with no pitting at all and it appears to have been re-blued. “Patented Dec. 17, 1861” Barrel Address is legible. Action is crisp.



 WP 20. M-1863 Remington Army Revolver .44 Cal.

Relic condition. Missing cylinder, trigger guard and loading lever. Still looks super cool in a dug relic display.



 WP 21. Confederate Blacksmith made D-Guard Bowie Knife.

Classic Confederate D-Guard made from a large bastard file and pure as the driven snow. Handle has a minor expansion crack along the grain. Blade is smooth with only a few negligible flea bite nicks. If you are looking for a real Confederate Knife that is beyond question, here it is.



 WP 22. U.S. M-1851 Colt Navy Revolver .36 Cal.

All matching serial # 111557 indicates 1861 production. Initials “J.F.H.” Scratched into strap at butt and “John F. H—–” is scratched along the backstrap. Someone with better eyes might be able to make out the last name. Smooth metal throughout with an untouched gray patina turning plum. All markings are clear and sharp including the cylinder scene and the “ENGAGED MAY 16, 1843” address. Grips are original. Mechanically crisp. Frame is tight. Good bore. All screws appear original. This is a great representative Civil War dated Colt Navy Revolver. Colt Factory letter is included which states that this revolver was part of a shipment of 100 sent to Palmers & Bachelders, a Boston, MA. Retailer in 1861.



WP 23. M-1849 Colt Pocket Revolver .31 Cal.

All matching serial # 155712. Smooth metal with clear markings though cylinder scene is a bit worn. Original varnish on grips and traces of silver wash on trigger guard. Mechanically sound. There is a name engraved on the top of the barrel that I cannot make out.



 WP 24. 1858 Dated Remington Contract Conversion Rifled Musket.69 Cal.

20,000 U.S. M-1816 Flintlock Muskets were converted under contract by the Frankford Arsenal between 1856 and 1859. All were rifled and fitted with the Maynard Tape Primer System. 2000 were purchased by the State of New Jersey. There is an “NJ” stamped on the breech of this example. Condition is excellent overall with clear markings on the breech and lock. The stock is also excellent with sharp edges and a strong Military Inspector’s Cartouche opposite the lock. Bore is sharp, lock is mechanically sound. Ramrod is original though appropriated from a M-1842.



 WP 25. M-1850 U.S. Foot Officer’s Sword picked up on the Chickamauga GA. Battlefield in 1889. 

Once part of Dr. Rees Buttram’s amazing collection. This relic sword was picked up by a veteran scouring the battlefield during the great Reunion of 1889.



WP 26. Dug U.S. M-1816 Musket Socket Bayonet .69 Cal.

Fantastic early dug condition. Tag in socket states that it was dug at Mill Creek Gap (Rocky Face Ga.) within the Confederate Lines.



World War II Weapons



WW 1. German Luftwaffe Officer’s Dress Dagger (2nd model).

This fabulous dagger is marked “EICKHORN” on the ricasso with the distict squirrel holding a sword logo. Blade is near mint as is the killer pumpkin colored grip and the scabbard.



WW 2. Chained German SS Officer’s Dress Dagger.

Top notch condition with no fly in the ointment. The blade is bright with no nicks or sharpening. Ebony handle is superb with untouched SS rondel and eagle appliques. Portepee appears to be original to the knife. Scabbard is dent free and untouched as well with bright nickle plated mounts and chain. Surfaces are consistent overall. Note highly detailed grinning skulls and runes on chain. This is a real deal spoil of war brought back to the USA by a victorious American Soldier and guaranteed to be all original and as described. I have seen daggers of this grade sell for over $8500.00 on WWII Websites and shows. I have room in this one as it was acquired in a trade.



WW 3. U.S. M-1 Garand Rifle Bayonet and Scabbard.

I conic American World War II Bayonet in superb condition. Totally untouched and ready to match up with a rifle.