Civil War Weapons

WP 1. U.S. M-1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber by Ames dated 1848.

If you are looking for a very nice, classic American made “Wristbreaker”, here it is. All original wire and leather wrap on grip. Blade is bright, has no nicks or sharpening and is well marked on the ricasso “N.P. AMES CABOTVILLE 1848″ and “US”. Pommel also has the proper inspector stamps. Scabbard is smooth and dent free. Tiny inspector mark “D” on iron ring mounts. This is a very nice Ames Saber.



 WP 2. Confederate Foot Artillery Sword and Scabbard.

Totally untouched and in superb condition. Most likely a Macon, GA. product. The old tag on the scabbard reads “Confederate Foot Artillery Sword. Battle of Atlanta, $7.00″. These swords were patterned after the Roman Gladius and just plain old look cool, especially with the “CS” and star cast in the brass guard.