Civil War Images

CWI 1. 6th Plate Ambrotype of a Union First Sergeant.

Fantastic image. This unidentified First Sergeant is sporting his NCO Sword with shoulder sling along with some spiffy leather gloves. Image is very clear and subject has a confident look. This is a high grade 6th plate Ambro.


CWI 2. Confederate Infantryman 6th Plate Tintype.

Here is a real jewel of an image. Armed with a German Rifle and wearing a plain tongue Leech and Rigdon two piece belt buckle. Probably a Tennessee soldier.


CWI 3. Confederate Infantryman 9th Plate Ambrotype.

Unique highly detailed image of a young man verbally purported to be from Texas. He has a Large Bowie knife, Pettingill revolver and a two piece plain tongue Artillery style buckle. Great looking image.


CWI 4. U.S. Infantryman Ambrotype.

Crystal clear 6th plate Ambro of a Western Theatre Yankee wearing a Hardee hat with bugle insignia. The image has no case but the clarity and content compensates.


CWI 5. Gaines Mill, VA. Battlefield Stereoview.

This is a very scarce stereoview. I have never seen this one before. A very detailed and gruesome shot that captures three dead Yankees where the fell in battle. You can clearly see a musket with bayonet affixed with the dead soldier in the foreground.



 CWI 6. Quarter Plate Ambrotype of Armed Confederate Infantryman.

Killer image. This fierce looking unidentified Southerner is brandishing a large, spear type bladed D-Guard Bowie knife and has a Musket in his lap. You can clearly see his CS “Egg” style belt plate and a “block “I” Button at the top of his coat. This one has it all, size, content, clarity and attitude.



CWI 7. Identified Half Plate Ambrotype of a Federal Lieutenant.

Crystal clear image. Name written on inside is “Elizur Spelman”. I haven’t looked him up yet. While our subject may not be armed, the clarity, size and character of this picture is simply stunning.



CWI 8. 9th Plate Tintype of boy armed with Bowie Knife from Mississippi.

Fierce looking rebel in civilian dress and sporting a small Bowie Knife. This picture came from Madison, Mississippi. I have no other info on it but it is a cool little tintype from those heady first days of the war when every Southern Boy was eager to jump in with the clothes on their back and whatever weapons they could find.



CWI 9. Identified Confederate Cabinet Card of one of Gen. Forrest’s Troopers.

Interesting image. On the front in small print reads; J.N. Wright 1864 Co. H, 16th Regt. Forrest’s Cavalry CSA”. Comes with copies of service record. More research could be done.