Civil War Images

CWI 1. Confederate 6th Plate Ambrotype, 11th Alabama Vol. Infantry Regiment.

Rare Confederate Image with a lot going for it. Note the “11 ALA” written in gold tint on his hat. Our subject has a determined look on his face and is armed with a round barreled revolver and 3 band musket. Check out the coarseness of the homespun uniform and the plain as day Confederate Frame Buckle on his belt. We may not know the name of this soldier but there is plenty of information out there on the 11th Alabama Regiment. This unit was very hard fought in the Army of Northern Va. under General Lee. At Appomattox, they surrendered only 125 men out of the original 1,192 that enlisted at the beginning of he war.



 CWI 2. 6th Plate Tintype of Federal Infantryman.

Interesting looking soldier with Hardee Hat and accoutrement belts with insignia.



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CWI 3. Pvt. Thomas J. Naylor 9th Indiana Vol. Infantry 6th Plate Tintype.

Great looking image, very clear. Naylor is posing with his M-1861 Springfield Rifle Musket and fixed bayonet. Wounded in action at Peachtree Creek, GA. Gutta Percha Case has a very old crack repair.



 CWI 4. Quarter Plate Ambrotype of Armed Confederate Infantryman.

Killer image. This fierce looking unidentified Southerner is brandishing a large, spear type bladed D-Guard Bowie knife and has a Musket in his lap. You can clearly see his CS “Egg” style belt plate and a “block “I” Button at the top of his coat. This one has it all, size, content, clarity and attitude.



 CWI 5. 6th Plate Ambrotype of Union Infantryman.

Nice looking Federal Image. Very clear and color tinted. No I.D. but you can clearly see his hat insignia, Co. E, 45th Regt.



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CWI 6. A.F. Getchell, Co. E, 27th Maine Vol. Inf. 9th Plate Tintype.

Superb armed 9th Plate Tintype that was purchased directly from the family estate in 1999. Getchell is standing at attention and wearing an Infantry Great Coat and is carrying a M-1841 Mississippi Rifle with Saber Bayonet. You can clearly make out his US Belt Plate and Eagle Breastplate due to the fact that this image was never tinted. Getchell was awarded the US Medal of Honor for re-enlisting to “save Washington”. He was deleted from the Honor Roll in 1917 as were all other members of the 27th Maine for a “lack of pre-requisites”. The Patriotic Thermoplastic Case and Matt are exquisite.



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 CWI 7. Armed Federal Infantryman 6th Plate Tintype.

Intense young soldier holding a M-1816 Conversion Musket. Leatherette Case has separated. No identification.



CWI 8. Quarter Plate Tintype of two armed brothers, Federal or Confederate?

Killer image of some mean looking hombres. I honestly can’t tell if they are Federal Irregulars or Confederates. One is armed with a Pinfire Revolver and the other is brandishing a Colt Navy. The case is not original to the image but displays well. Tin has some minor bends and scratches as you can see. I am open to some commentary or feedback on this one.