Civil War Cartridges

CART 1. Spencer Repeating Rifle and Carbine Cartridge .52 Cal.

This is the one that changed the course of the war and it’s impact on the battlefield was staggering. First used in combat at the battle of Hoover’s Gap, TN. Cartridge is a very high quality example and ready to display with your Spencer Rifle or Carbine.


 CART 2. Sharp’s and Hankins Carbine Cartridge .52 Cal.

Perfect condition. This is the exact type of cartridge that the U.S. Marines used when they attempted to Storm Fort Fisher, NC. in January of 1865. Several of these cartridges have been excavated there.




CART 3. Type I Maynard Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

Scarce early type with pointed nose. Perfect condition.



CART 4. Type II Maynard Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

Early flat nose type. Commonly dug in early to mid-war cavalry sites.



CART 5. Poultney Patent Maynard Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

Common late war pattern in excellent condition.

$65.00 HOLD


CART 6. Rubber Cased Smith Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

Flawless example. Early type. These are quite scarce in non excavated condition.



CART 7. Rubber Cased Carbine or Rifle Cartridge .36 Cal.

Same laboratory that produced the more common Smith Cartridge. I have also seen a .58 Cal. Cartridge like this. More info coming soon.

$ 295.00


CART 8. “C & A  LUDLOW BIRMINGHAM” Marked Enfield Rifle Musket Cartridge .577 Cal.

Excellent condition. Perfect for displaying with your Confederate Enfield Rifle Musket or Carbine.



CART 8. Enfield Rifle Musket Cartridge .577 Cal.

Excellent condition. These were imported through the Federal Blockade from England by the Confederacy. Perfect for displaying with your Confederate Enfield Rifle Musket, Rifle or Carbine.



CART 9. Whitworth Sniper Rifle Cartridge .45 Cal.

Cylindrical variant as used by the Confederates in our Civil War. Seldom seen for sale and this one is flawless.



CART 10. Whitworth Sniper Rifle Cartridge .45 Cal.

Hexagonal long cartridge wrapped in paper and produced produced by “Gateshead Co.” Very rare.



CART 11. Tranter Revolver Cartridge by Eley .36 Cal.

Scarce paper cartridge with original “ELEY” label and pull ribbon.



CART 12. Adams Patent for Tranter Cartridge .44 Cal.

Rare early Adams Cartridge with original brass charger and washer. This type has the spike in the base that retained the washer. These are sometimes dug in Confederate camps.


CART 13. Whitworth Sniper Rifle Cartridge .45 Cal.

Fantastic condition. Completely intact with no damage whatsoever. This is the cylindrical variant imported from England through the Federal Blockade and used by the Confederate Armies. 


 CART 14. U.S. Paper Cartridge for Rifle Musket .58 Cal.

Standard 3 ring Minie’ Ball Cartridge in flawless condition. Perfect to display with your .58 Cal. Springfield or Contract Rifle Musket. It is always good to have one to display with your Civil War Cartridge Box as well.