Civil War Bullets

BLT 1. Dug Confederate “Vandenburg Volley Gun” Bullet.

M&M # 159, .45 Cal. This scarce bullet is always associated with Fort Fisher and Wilmington where a few of these unique guns were captured. Dug near Sugar Loaf Hill between Wilmington and Fort Fisher. Perfect dropped condition.


BLT 2. Excavated Confederate .45 Cal. Whitworth Sharpshooter Bullet.

Excellent dropped condition. Dug in December 2012 near Tyner’s Station, TN. by Brian Cruz. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne’s division occupied Tyner’s during the siege of Chattanooga and had built a large redoubt along the railroad line to Knoxville. It was in this immediate vicinity that Brian dug almost 30 of these rare bullets in one hole.


BLT 3. Dug .577 Cal. Confederate Enfield Bullet.

Unlisted and scarce variant with a very shallow cavity. Perfect condition. Dug near Shiloh, TN.


BLT 4. Dug .69 Cal. Confederate Gardner Bullet.

M&M # 168. Great dropped example that was recently dug near Shiloh TN.


BLT 5. Dug .69 Cal. Confederate “Deep Base” Gardner bullet.

M&M # 168, Extremely rare deep cavity version of this quintessential Confederate bullet manufactured by the Richmond Laboratory. Flawless example. Provenance unknown.


BLT 6. Dug Confederate Gardner Bullet Variant. 577 Cal.

M&M # 173. Tall and sharply pointed type that is distinctly different from the Richmond Lab standard and was produced in very limited numbers, possibly at a different arsenal. They are more common in Western Theater sites. This dropped example is very nice. Dug near Dallas, GA.


BLT 7. Dug Confederate .577 Gardner Bullet.

M&M # 170. Superb bullet in flawless dropped condition. Dug near near Crump’s Landing, TN.


BLT 8. Dug Confederate Gardner Variant .58 Cal.

Unlisted and unusual light ringed variant in flawless condition. These are rare. Dug N. Virginia.


BLT 9. Dug U.S. “Ringless Prussian” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 211 and 643. Good dropped example of this machine turned bullet. Ex Dean Thomas Collection and pictured in “Round Ball to Rimfire”.


BLT 10. Dug U.S. Machine Turned ringless variant .577 Cal.

Not listed in M&M. Obviously made by same manufacturer of “Prussian” machine turned bullets but with no rings. Dug near Shiloh, TN.


BLT 11. Dug “Tall Prussian” Machine turned Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 563. Excellent example of a scarce variant. Ex. Dean Thomas Collection and pictured in “Round Ball to Rimfire”.


BLT 12. Dug “Prussian” machine turned variant with wide rings .69 Cal.

M&M # 288. Excellent bullet. Provenance unknown. This whole family of bullets is thought to have been made in the State of Ohio and issued to Ohio Troops.


BLT 13. Dug “Prussian” machine turned variant .69 Cal.

M&M # 286. Good dropped condition. This variant is the type most often encountered. Dug in an Ohio Troops Camp near Savannah, TN.


BLT 14. Dug “Three Ring Prussian” machine turned variant .70 Cal.

M&M # 339. Excellent dropped condition. Most likely issued to Ohio Troops that carried .72 Cal Belgian and Prussian Rifled Muskets early in the conflict. Dug near Savannah, TN.


BLT 15. Dug U.S. “Machine Turned” Rifle Bullet .58 Cal.

M&M #355. This distinct looking bullet was dug near Crump’s Landing, TN. and is in flawless condition.


BLT 16. Dug U.S. “Machine Turned” Rifle Bullet .54 Cal.

M&M # 410. Great example. Dug near Shiloh, TN. or Corinth, MS. Ex. Stan Hughes Collection.


BLT 17. Dug U.S. “Machine Turned”  Rifle Bullet .54 Cal.

Unlisted in M&M. A variant of #410. Dug Shiloh – Corinth area.


BLT 18. Excavated Confederate “Jenkins Ferry” Rifle Bullet .72 Cal.

Unlisted in M&M but more aptly illustrated in Dean Thomas’ “Round Ball to Rimfire Vol. 4. page 238, #581. Rare bullet found only in Trans-Mississippi Theatre. Condition is flawless. Note crudeness and thick base. Dug by John Freeman in SE Arkansas.


BLT 19. Dug Confederate “Arkansas Hog” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M #608. Another rare Trans-Mississippi Bullet. Also known as a “Mangeot” Pattern. Provenance unknown but most certainly Arkansas or Missouri. Perfect condition.


BLT 20. Dug Confederate “Tom Greene” Rifle Bullet .577 cal.

M&M # 657. This Texas produced bullet was cast by Dance and Park and is scarce in any condition, much less as nice as this one is. Provenance unknown but certainly Trans- Mississippi Dept.


BLT 21. Dug Confederate Sharp’s Variant .52 Cal.

Unlisted Sharp’s Variant with weird fat rings, rounded bottom and nose cast. A rare Trans-Mississippi pattern dug in one of Gen. Price’s Missouri Raid Camps.


BLT 22. Dug Confederate Army Revolver Bullet .44 Cal.

Unlisted Trans-Mississippi Variant for .44 Cal. Revolver. Dug near Searcy, Arkansas.


BLT 23. Dug Confederate “Cosmopolitan” Carbine Bullet .52 Cal.

Well known Trans-Mississippi variant for carbine. Condition is flawless. Exact provenance unknown. This bullet is the very one photographed on page 197 of Dean Thomas’ “Round Ball to Rimfire” Vol. 4. bullet #226. Ex. Dean Thomas Collection.


BLT 24. Dug Confederate “Perry Carbine” Bullet .52 Cal.

Unknown type of Confederate Carbine Bullet illustrated on page 197 of Dean Thomas’ “Round Ball to Rimfire” Vol. 4. bullet # 230. Provenance unknown.


BLT 25. Dug Confederate “Mississippi” Rifle Bullet.54 Cal.

M&M # 301. Perfect dropped example dug near Prairie Grove Arkansas by Meigs Brainard. Cavity is the truncated cone type.


BLT 26. Dug U.S. Rifled Musketoon Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 292. Nice bullet, definitely the scarcer variety of the two types. Dug at Devall’s Bluff, Arkansas.


BLT 27. Dug U.S. Rifled Musketoon Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 293. Mostly found in Trans-Mississippi Area. This one dug by Ronnie McCallum near Port Hudson, LA.


BLT 28. Dug Confederate “British Sea Service” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 291. Scarce bullet with Louisiana Troops association. This example is perfect and was dug near Corinth, MS.


BLT 29. Dug Confederate “Hessian” Rifle Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 559. “Round Ball to Rimfire” Vol. 4 places this bullet in the “Tennessee Rifle” family and states that these variants may originate from the Nashville, TN. Arsenal. This makes sense in light of the fact that these are found in early Western sites, particularly Shiloh – Corinth area. This is the bullet pictured on page 186 (example 170) and comes directly from Dean Thomas’ Collection.


BLT 30. Dug Confederate “Hessian” Bullet .69 Cal.

Shorter variant of M&M #559.”Round Ball to Rimfire” Vol. 4 places this bullet in the “Tennessee Rifle” family and states that these variants may originate from the Nashville, TN. Arsenal. This makes sense in light of the fact that these are found in early Western sites, particularly Shiloh – Corinth area. This is the bullet pictured on page 186 (example 169) and comes directly from Dean Thomas’ Collection.


BLT 31. Dug Confederate Two Ring Rifle Bullet .577 Cal.

This nose cast bullet is in superb condition and is pictured on page 209 (example 379) of Dean Thomas’ “Round Ball to Rimfire” Vol. 4. I have never seen another one offered for sale. Ex. Thomas Collection.


BLT 32. Dug Confederate “Suhl”  Two Ring Rifle Bullet .577 Cal.

M&M # 297. Named a “Suhl” by McKee and Mason. Only known from 1862-1863 Western Theater sites. This one was dug in Middle Tn.


BLT 33. Dug “Nashville Arsenal” or “Suhl” Two Ring Rifle Bullet .54 Cal.

M&M # 298. Dean Thomas” latest research pins this bullet down to the Nashville Arsenal. Designed for use in Austrian Rifles, this perfect dropped example comes from the Shiloh – Corinth area.


BLT 34. Dug “Nashville Arsenal” Two Ring Tennessee Rifle or Army Revolver Bullet .44 Cal.

Not listed in M&M, but shown on page 185 (example 156). Extremely rare early war bullet. Dug near Shiloh, TN. according to verbal provenance. Note similarity to M&M #298.


BLT 35. Confederate  “Foreign Mold”  Rifle Bullet .73 Cal.

M&M # 343. One of the better example that was found with many others in a well near Savannah, GA. I actually had a mold that was brought into the Marietta Show that cast this exact type of bullet. The mold had Tower Armory Markings, so it can truly be called a “Foreign Mold” Bullet.


BLT 14. Dug Confederate .36 Cal. Revolver Bullet.

Unlisted in McKee and Mason but related to M&M # 97. Dug near Colonial Heights, VA .


BLT 15. Dug Confederate “Tower” Bullet .69 Cal.

M&M # 215. Perfect dropped example dug by Bob Bankston near Bovina, MS.


BLT 16. Dug .69 Cal. Confederate Teat Base Bullet.

Nice dropped bullet dug recently near Yorktown, VA. They are also found in the Shenandoah Valley.


BLT 17. .577 Cal. Confederate Teat Base Bullet.

Also known as a “Georgia Troops”  Bullet. Excellent condition.


BLT 18. .54 Cal Confederate Teat Base Bullet.

Nice example. Dug in Northern VA.


BLT 19. Dug .71 Cal “Austrian” Bullet.

M&M# 314. Big, fat and odd looking 3 ring rifle bullet in perfect dropped condition. Note truncated cavity. Dug near Corinth, MS.


BLT 20.  Excavated .58 Cal. Confederate Rifle Bullet.

M&M # 398. Scarce Confederate Bullet with very thick conical base. This flawless example was dug near Shiloh, TN.


BLT 21. Dug .45 Cal. Confederate Whitworth Sniper Rifle Bullet.

Unlisted shorter version made by the Confederacy and only known to be dug in the North Carolina Coastal Area. This one was dug at Sugarloaf Hill above Fort Fisher, NC. Flawless example.


BLT 22. Dug CS “N.B.Forrest” Rifle Bullet.

Unusual Enfield pattern bullet in excellent dropped condition. These .54 Cal. bullets are scarce and are sometimes dug in Gen. Forrest’s Cavalry camps and battle sites. Dug near Pickett’s Mill, GA.



French Dragoon Bullet.

M&M # 266, 69 Cal. This one is referred to as a “High Base French Dragoon” Bullet. Dug in Western Theatre sites. This is a superb example.


BLT 25. Dug .69 Cal. Confederate “French Dragoon” Bullet. 

M&M # 265. Superb dropped condition. Dug at Port Hudson, LA. by Ronnie McCallum.


BLT 26. .577 Cal.”French” 3 Ring Rifle Bullet.

M&M # 349. Great dropped condition. Hard to pin down which side used these. Dug near Harrison’s Landing, VA. by Gene Cooley.


BLT 27. Dug .58 Cal. “US” marked 3 ring Rifle Bullet.

Scarce bullet in perfect dropped condition with a clear “US” base mark. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.



BLT 32. Excavated Confederate .577 Cal. ‘New Austrian” Bullet.

M&M # 108. Another scarce variety from the Raleigh Arsenal which was originally the Raleigh School for the deaf, dumb and blind. Excellent dropped condition. Dug near Funkstown, MD.


BLT 33. Dug .69 Cal. Raleigh Arsenal or “Carcano” Rifle Bullet.

M&M # 199. A Perfect example of this strange looking bullet. Dug near Richmond, VA.


BLT 35. Dug Raleigh Arsenal Rifle Bullet .54 Cal.

M&M # 201. Scarce smaller caliber used in Austrian Rifles and used by North Carolina Troops. Dug near Fredericksburg, VA.


BLT 36. Dug Confederate .54 Cal. Raleigh Arsenal Bullet.

M&M # 201. A scarcer variant of the Raleigh Arsenal or “Carcano”. Dug near Kinston, NC. by John McAden.


BLT 37. Dug .52 Cal. U.S. Joslyn Carbine Bullet.

A nice droped example. Dug in a Federal Cavalry camp near Savannah TN.


BLT 38. Dug U.S. Walch Pocket Revolver Bullet .31 Cal.

M&M # 150. Scarce dropped example dug near Winchester, VA. Perfect condition.


BLT 39. Dug .577 Cal. “Macon Arsenal” Confederate Rifle Bullet.

M&M # 305. Excellent dropped example of this crude solid base variant. Dug near Orange, VA.


BLT 40.  Excavated .55 Cal. Confederate Merrill Bullet.

M&M # 67. This carbine bullet hails from the Richmond Laboratory. There is also an identical .44 Cal made version for Army Revolvers. Perfect condition. Dug near Colonial Heights, VA.



BLT 42. Dug .52 Cal. Spencer Cartridge.

Really nice one dug by J.B. Harrell at Eastport, MS.

BLT 43. Dug Maynard Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

M&M # 168. Complete dug Cartridge in superb condition. Dug at Eastport, MS. by J.B. Harrell.


BLT 44. Dug .58 Cal. U.S. Shaler Three Piece Bullet.

M&M # 520. Scarce bullet. This one was found together and has a matching patina on all 3 pieces. Dug near Stafford, VA.


BLT 45. Dug .50 Cal. Rubber Cased U.S. Smith Carbine Bullet.

Perfect dropped bullet. Dug near Dallas, GA.


BLT 46. Dug .52 Cal. Confederate 4-Ring Sharp’s Bullet.

Perfect dropped example of this scarce Confederate bullet. Dug near Brandy Station, VA.


 BLT 47. Dug Confederate Sharp’s Variant .54 Cal.

M&M # 179. Known as an 1858 Sharp’s according to Mason and McKee. Recent research shows that these crude bullets were made by a Confederate Arsenal in Nashville, TN. Dug near Shiloh, TN.


BLT 48. U.S. Sharp’s .52 Cal. Bullet with conical cavity.

Scarce Sharp’s variant in perfect dropped condition. Dug by Ray Treece near Shiloh, TN (private property).


BLT 49. Excavated U.S. 3 Piece Shaler Bullet .58 Cal.

M&M # 520. This variant is the most commonly encountered. Perfect condition with all three pieces dug together and not married from pieces. Dug near Stafford, VA.


BLT 50. Dug U.S. Warner Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

Nearly identical to the .52 Cal Spencer pattern but only much rarer. This one is as nice as they come. Dug by Robert McDaniel near Gravelly Springs, AL. A relic of James H. Wilson’s 1865 Raid.


BLT 51. Dug .58 Cal. U.S. Shaler Three Piece bullet.

Dug together with a matching patina. Found near Fredericksburg, VA. This is the less common of the Three variants.


BLT 52. Dug U.S. Burnside Carbine Cartridge .54 Cal.

Excellent condition. Ex Dean Thomas Collection.


BLT 53. U.S. Burnside Carbine Cartridge .54 Cal.

Non excavated example in great condition. Perfect for display with your Burnside Carbine. Thomas Collection.


BLT 54. Enfield Rifle Musket Cartridge .577 Cal.

Complete and perfect. These are getting increasingly harder to find. Essential companion to your P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket or Carbine.


BLT 55. Whitworth Rifle Cartridge .45 Cal.

Scarce Sniper Rifle Cartridge in  flawless condition. These were imported by the Confederacy for use in the handful of Whitworth Rifles that squeaked through the blockade from England. M&M # 250. Ex Dean Thomas Collection.


BLT 56. Confederate Morse Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

Rare as hen’s teeth in non excavated condition. These cartridges were painstakingly made in Greeneville, SC. for George W. Morse’s .50 Cal. Carbine. Morse ( nephew of Samuel Morse) was originally the superintendent of the Tennessee Armory in Nashville, TN. until that city fell to the yankee hordes in Feb. 1862. He then set up production in Atlanta, GA. and later to Greenville, SC. where he resumed production of his carbines in earnest for said state. Approximately 200 were made in Atlanta from Nashville parts and around 1000 were produced in Greeneville. This particular cartridge is in superb condition with it’s original felt washer and percussion cap wholly intact. An appropriate accessory to your Morse Carbine. This is the very cartridge pictured on page 192 of “Round Ball to Rim Fire Vol.4. Ex Dean Thomas Collection.


BLT 57. Dug Confederate Morse Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

Rarely offered in this condition. No problems or repairs. Still retains original washer and percussion cap. Provenance of 1865 Carolinas Campaign. Ex Dean Thomas Collection.


BLT 58. Dug U.S. Requa-Billinghurst Battery Cartridge .56 Cal.

The non excavated cartridges are relatively common. Excavated ones are scarce, especially the brass casings. I don’t know if these were found together as the bullet can be removed from the casing. Bullet is in perfect condition. The casing has minor ground action on the rim. Displays great. Provenance of Northern Virginia. Ex Dean Thomas Collection.


BLT 59. U.S. Gallagher Carbine Cartridge .50 Cal.

One of the tougher to find of the U.S Civil War Carbine Cartridges. Perfect condition and ready to display with your Gallagher Carbine.


BLT 60. U.S./C.S. Buck and Ball Cartridge .69 Cal.

Most likely a Confederate Cartridge as the Union armies had phased out .69 Cal. muskets by the middle of the war. Perfect condition and a great compliment to your M-1816 through M-1842 Musket.


BLT 61. U.S. Sharp’s Pistol Carbine Cartridge .36 Cal.

Extremely rare cartridge for the rare Sharp’s Pistol Carbine. M&M # 52.  Condition is excellent excepting a tiny tear at bullet end and a pinhole in the paper. If you have one of these rare carbines, you may never see one of these cartridges for sale again. Ex Dean Thomas Collection and featured in the book Round Ball to Rim Fire”.


BLT 62. Non excavated .12 mm. Pinfire Revolver Cartridge.

One of the more common calibers. This cartridge is flawless and would display great with your Belgian or French made Pinfire Revolver.


BLT 63. Musket Ball Cartridge .69 Cal.

Excellent condition and quite possibly Confederate manufactured. No tears or powder leaks. Perfect for display with a M-1816 or M-1842 Smooth Bore Musket. Thomas Collection.


BLT 64. Kerr Revolver Cartridge, 84 Gauge (.36 Cal.) Long Pattern.

M&M # 128. Imported by the Confederacy from England through the blockade for use in the .36 Cal Kerr Revolver. Condition is superb. Paper wrapping is marked “Capt. M. Hayes R.N. Patent Skin Cartridge manufactured by Broux & Moll, London”. This cartridge (#54)  is pictured on page 176 of “Round Ball to Rim Fire” Vol. 4. Ex Dean Thomas Collection. Extremely rare cartridge.


BLT 65. P-53 Enfield Rifle Musket Cartridge .577 Cal.

Perfect example for displaying with your Enfield Rifle Musket or Carbine.


BLT 13. Richmond Laboratory Colt Army Revolver Cartridge .44 Cal.

Top shelf condition and totally original. A fitting companion for your Confederate carried Kerr, Colt or Remington Army Revolver. Ex Thomas Collection. This the actual cartridge shown on page 173 of “Round Ball to Rim Fire Vol. 4. Specimen #26.


BLT 14. U.S. M-1849 Colt Pocket Revolver Cartridge .31 Cal.

Tight cartridge considering how common the revolvers are. Very good condition.



BLT 69. Dug .54 Cal. “Tennessee” Rifle Bullet.

M&M # 438. Much rarer than the smaller variant. Dug on the Shiloh retreat route near Mickey, TN.