Civil War Artillery

ART 1. Exploded 3″ U.S. Hotchkiss Case Shot Nose.

Super cool shell blown out to expose a couple of the case shot balls and fuse adapter. Kennesaw Mtn. GA.



ART 2. Dug Confederate 12 lb. “Iron Sideloader” Case Shot.

Great condition. Note iron side loading plug for case shot balls. Dug N. Virginia. Stellar example.



ART 3. Excavated U.S. 3.67″ Sawyer Percussion Fused Shell.

Neat shell that has been fired. You can see how the lead sheathing had partially peeled away. The November, 1855 Patent info is clearly stamped on the bottom. Dug at Port Hudson, LA. Rare shell.



 ART 4. Dug U.S. 3.8″ Type I James Percussion Shell.

You just don’t see them this nice. Near mint condition. Dug long ago near Shiloh, TN. Ex. Tom Dickey Collection.



ART 5. Excavated U.S. Type II 3″ Parrott Shell.

Here is a super nice Type II Parrott with the distinct high Brass Band Sabot. These shells were designed for the 3″ Parrott Rifle. Note removable zinc paper time fuse adapter. Provenance uncertain.



ART 6. Dug 12 lb. US/CS Solid Shot.

The ideal applications  for this ubiquitous projectile were shattering enemy artillery, battering fortification and destroying massed infantry. Many men died and lost limbs because of these “cruel missiles”. Excellent condition. Found near Chattanooga TN.




 ART 7. Dug U.S. 3.8″ James Bolt. 

Very nice bolt with complete lead sabot intact. Tin covering has rusted away. Thumbprint sized divot on side is a casting flaw. Relic of Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas.



 ART 8. Dug U.S. 6 lb. Bormann Case Shot. 

This shell has very nice iron. Dug near Shiloh, TN. long ago by Tedford Coln. 



 ART 9. Confederate 2-Pounder “Carkeet” Bolt.

Patented by James H. Carkeet of Natchez, MS. and designed to be used in his 2″ Smoothbore Gun. One of these has been dug on the Champion Hill Battlefield near Jackson, MS. This particular one was found in the Alabama River at Selma. This extremely scarce (rarity 10) Confederate Bolt is described in detail on page 142 of Dickey and George’s Field Artillery Book.



ART 10. Excavated Confederate 32 lb. Stand of Grape from Vicksburg, MS.

One of seven Confederate Stands of Grape dug by Jim Nall in 1978 at Drumgould’s Bluff. Several 32 lb Shot and a few Canister Rounds were also found. These were dug in situ on the site of a Confederate 32 lb. Siege Gun Emplacement. Only two of the Grapeshot Rounds had the square rings like the example being offered here. Super rare indeed. Unquestionably Confederate. Condition is superb. Note the crude casting on the balls. I have never seen one of these offered for sale. A copy of the 1978 North South Trader Magazine featuring this extraordinary find and picturing this very projectile is included.



 ART 11. Dug Confederate 6.4″ Read Shell Nose Fragment with rare Percussion Fuse.

Here is a neat exploded fragment. This large caliber Read Shell Nose Fragment has a large size Confederate Percussion Fuse still attached to it. This fuse is extremely scarce. Dug near Vicksburg, MS.




ART 12. Dug Confederate 3.3″ Selma Disc Sabot Bolt.

Near mint condition. There is a “1” stamped into upper bourrelet and a “G” stamped into bottom of sabot. A superb example. Found in the Oconee River near Milledgeville, GA.



ART 13. U.S. Artilleryman’s Lanyard.

This is the real deal and in perfect condition too. Used to set off friction primers placed in the Cannon’s vent from a distance.



ART 14. Excavated U.S. 3.67″ Sawyer Bolt.

This rare bolt was fired at the Confederates manning Port Hudson, LA. Great condition with full lead sheathing.



 ART 15. Excavated Confederate 3.5″ Britten Shell for Blakely Rifle.

Superb and near mint. Fuse is missing and it would be easy to screw one in if you have it. Nice Rifled Sabot. Provenance of Northern VA.



ART 16. Dug U.S. 3″ Schenkl Percussion Fused Shell.

Classic Schenkl Shell in great condition with a perfect Schenkl Percussion Fuse. Found in 1995 two doors down from Stonewall Jackson’s House in Lexington, VA. With a little cleaning effort, this shell would be a screamer.

$395.00 HOLD J.K.


ART 17. Excavated 6 lb. Confederate “Sideloader” Case Shot.

I haven’t had one of these in a long time. This rare shell was dug at High Bridge, VA. and is in very good condition.



 ART 18. Dug Confederate 3″Read Bolt.

Scarce rounded nose variant with thick brass sabot. Superb condition with minimal pitting. Dug at Snyder’s Bluff outside of Vicksburg MS.



  ART 19. Dug Confederate Friction Primer.

Standard type dug by Ben Ingraham at Fort Anderson, NC. which is located between Wilmington and Fort Fisher.



ART 20. Dug 3.4″ Dahlgren Bolt or “Blind Shell”.

These are designed for the Federal Navy’s 3.4″ Boat Howitzer. This one is in mint unfired condition. Dug at Harper’s Ferry, WV.



 ART 21. Dug Confederate 3″ Archer “Prototype” Bolt.

Very scarce, especially with lead ring sabot intact. This one was obviously fired as you can see the rifling and distress upon the sabot. Mint condition with no pitting whatsoever. Dug long ago at Remington, VA.



 ART 22. Excavated 3″ Confederate “Tapered” Read Shell.

Extremely rare Confederate Shell found by Greg Craven near Camden, SC. Mint condition, as good as it gets.



 ART 23. Dug U.S. 3″ Type II Hotchkiss Case Shot.

Classic Hotchkiss projectile for the 3″ Ordnance Rifle. Excellent condition with nice even rifling on sabot. Perfect brass fuse adapter. Packed with small lead balls, this was a particularly deadly shell when it exploded. I forgot where it was dug.



ART 24. Excavated Confederate 2.5″ Blakely Shell from Kennesaw, GA.

A rather extreme rarity, this crude shell has a tall, thin sabot that is intact after being fired. The projectile is rebated at the base and was designed to accommodate a wooden drive in fuse adaptor. Once part of Tom Dickey’s collection. Extreme rarity of 10.



 ART 25. Dug Pewter Confederate Friction Primer.

These rare primers were most likely produced late in the war as copper was becoming scarce. Dug at Fort Anderson, NC.



 ART 26. U.S. Large Caliber Artillery Vent Pick.

Scarce vent pick or punch for heavy siege and naval guns.




Dug Confederate 3″ Read Bolt from Sulphur Creek Trestle.

This rare variant lies somewhere between the pointed and rounded nose types. Note thick brass sabot with rifling marks. Condition is superb. Once part of Tom Dickey’s collection. Dug at Sulphur Creek Trestle near Elkmont, TN. and photographed in Charlie Harris’ book “Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns”.



ART 28. Dug U.S. 3″ Hotchkiss Percussion Fused Shell. 

Complete except for lead band sabot. This is good representative example. Dug by Phillip Hill along Gen Braxton Bragg’s retreat route near Decherd TN. Tullahoma Campaign, June, 1863.




ART 29. Dug U.S. 12 lb. Bormann Case Shot from Gettysburg.

This shell looked a little rough before I cleaned it and had it disarmed. I could not obtain more specific provenance but I have no reason to dispute the information on the old paper that was attached to it. Very good dropped condition with an unpunched fuse. 



 ART 30. Excavated U.S. 30 lb. Parrott Chill Nose Bolt.

Superb dropped bolt with perfect brass sabot. Dug on Christmas Day, 1989 at Vicksburg, MS.



ART 10. Dug and sectioned U.S. 3.67″ Schenkl Shell for rifled 6 Pndr. Gun.

Another relatively scarce shell you don’t see sectioned very often. Great condition.



ART 32. Dug U.S. 3″ Type I Hotchkiss Percussion Fused Shell.

Excellent dropped condition. Note perfect green percussion fuse. Verbal provenance of North GA.



ART 33. Confederate Broun Percussion Fuse Disc and Detonator.

A US Large Cent was utilized as the copper disc in this rare Confederate Fuse designed for exploding Spherical shells on impact. The small serrated wire and lead striker is also intact. Dug N. Va.



ART 34. Dug U.S. 3″ Type I Parrott Shell.

Fantastic shell with perfect zinc paper time fuse adapter. Common projectile, uncommon condition. Iron is mint with finishing marks. Top of the line.


ART 35. Excavated U.S. 3.67″ Schenkl Percussion Fused Shell for Rifled 6 lb. Gun.

Great example of this early to mid war shell. Fantastic iron. Anvil cap is loose inside fuse. Provenance uncertain.



ART 36. Dug U.S. 2.6″ Hotchkiss Shell for Wiard Rifle.

Super slick condition. When cleaning this rare projectile, I was able to remove the wooden paper time fuse adapter which had split into four sections inside the shell along with a remnant of the fuse. I repaired the adapter and it is shown here with the shell. Dug near Trevillian Station, VA. by Sam White.



ART 37. Dug US/CS 12 lb. Solid Shot.

Mint condition with only a light coat of surface rust. Dug in 1963 on the Kennesaw Mtn. Battlefield (private property) by Albert Ruh.



ART 38. US/CS 12 lb. Stand of Grape.

Mint non excavated condition and rare in the 12 lb. or 4.62″ Caliber. This is a cruel invention. Designed as an anti personnel weapon at close ranges. Field Artillery Grape was phased out before the war by Union forces in favor of Canister but saw use by the Confederacy into 1862. This is most likely a Confederate made projectile.



ART 39. Dug U.S. 12 lb. Bormann Fused Shell.

Fantastic condition all around with a super Bormann Time Fuse. Fuse is punched at 3.5 seconds and note “US” mark with backwards “S”.



ART 40. Sectioned Type I U.S. 3″ Parrott Percussion Fused Shell.

A mainstay of the Federal Rifled Artillery. This piece clearly shows the slider and anvil cap fusing system, powder chamber and wrought iron sabot construction. Neat relic.

$125.00 HOLD J.K.


ART 41. Confederate 6 lb. Shot.

Very good condition with some pitting. Typical crude casting. Provenance uncertain.



ART 42. Dug Confederate 12 lb. “Side Loader” Case Shot.

Dug near Winchester VA. in 1970. Fantastic early dug condition with a distinct iron side loading plug, mold seam and brass fuse adapter. A beauty.



ART 43. Non excavated U.S. 3″ Hotchkiss Shell.

Super nice shell, probably taken home as a souvenir after the war. Fuse adapter screws out.



ART 44. U.S. Artilleryman’s Lanyard.

High quality example. Note original blue paint on hook. The real deal and perfect for any American Civil War Artillery Collection.