Antiquities – European and Native American

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All artifacts on this page were found on private property with land owner’s permission prior to 1979.

NA 1. Incised Caddo Jar.

Rare geometric design, finely crafted and in perfect condition with no chips or restoration. Originally found in Clark Co. Arkansas and acquired from the Hiwassee College Collection. This is a truly exquisite piece.


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NA 2. Hopewell Pestle or Grinding Stone.

Verbal provenance of Southern Ohio. Fantastic condition and character.


NA 3. Punctilated Caddo or Quapaw Bowl.

Decorated over it’s complete surface with fingernail impressions. No restoration whatsoever. Found by Eddie Bankston near Clarksdale, MS. in the 1960′s.


NA 4. Dug Anasazi Effigy Water Pot.

Rare and perfectly intact with only minor rim chipping. No repairs or restoration whatsoever. Measures approx. 6.5″ in diameter by 6.25″ tall. Note dog or fox head effigy and tight geometric patterns. I believe this type dates ca. 800 to 1200 AD. Found long before 1979 on private property in Catron County New Mexico by the late Dr. Rick Kalister.



NA 5. Excavated Anasazi Effigy Vessel ca. 800-1200 AD.

This weird looking vessel is shaped like a football and has a spout on top with a dog head effigy projecting from it. Nice black geometric patterns painted all over it. Spout has pressure cracks but no material loss or restoration whatsoever. Measures Approx. 5.75″ across at widest point and 4.75″ tall. This is an extraordinary Native American artifact. Dug long ago by Dr. Rick Kalister on private property. Catron County New Mexico.


NA 3. Excavated Anasazi Blackware Bowl ca. 800-1200 AD.

Not a particularly rare piece but condition is superb. No restoration or repairs at all. Measures 5.75″ in diameter and right at 3″ in height. Excavated on private property long before 1979 in Catron County New Mexico.



NA 7. Caddo Jar.

Flawless condition. No repairs or restoration whatsoever. Lightly decorated with incising. Ex. Hiwassee College Collection.


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 NA 8. Large Caddo Polychrome Water Bottle.

Textbook example. 7″ in diameter 12″ in height. No repairs or restoration and vivid paint. Hiwassee College Collection.


NA 9. Dug Anasazi Effigy Water Pot.

Nearly flawless example with only a extremely minor rim chips and no restoration or repair whatsoever. Dog head effigy projects from side of rim. Interesting geometric patterns with crosses and lines. Found in 1970 by Dr. Rick Kalister in Catron County, New Mexico. Measures 5.5″ in diameter and 5″ in height.




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NA 10. Huge Full Grooved “Barbed” Axe.

Pristine, untouched, undamaged, AUTHENTIC and massive Barbed Axe made of a light colored greenish grey stone. Measures 9″ in length and 7″ from barb to barb and weighs 6.5 lbs. This is a wicked looking artifact. Provenance of Flag Branch, Unicoi County, TN.