Civil War, WW II and Native American Artifacts

Gettysburg Battlefield Relics with provenance and a wicked Flintlock Pepperbox with Snap Bayonet!



Thievery update and a word of caution to shop owners: While away at the Baltimore Show a well dressed middle aged man with graying hair came into the shop bearing a CS Two-piece Buckle on a belt with a cap box (possibly stolen) , ostensibly to have it examined. He then proceeded to tell Josh that he would like to look at some bullets. Josh presented him with the bullet case and while his back was turned, the suspect lifted several rare bullets including a .69 Cal. Hessian and a tall .58 Cal. Shaler. If anyone has any information to share on this suspect, please give us a call.

Open 6 days a week!


Texas Button stolen at the November Richmond Show.



This one got caught at the Franklin Show last year.               


 New Ewing Collection of Civil War Bullets Page.

I will be adding new bullets to this page sporadically.


Arkansas and Tennessee Pots from Hiwassee College Collection.



Richard R. Miller

We are honored to represent such a fine artist. I have seen them all and Richard is the master. His portraits are done in the classical style and are simply superb. He loves to work on Civil War subjects and offers original portraits and limited edition giclees on canvas.