American Civil War Relics (and other things of interest)

Here is one of the most awesome Chickamauga War Logs ever offered.

This old school White Oak log is totally riddled with Case Shot and Canister from all directions. Note 1800’s silver tag. A classic centerpiece for any collection.



Killer Confederate Notes coming soon!!

This T-1 is fresh from a very old collection and has been untouched since the early 1960’s. It is a previously unknown and uncatalogued serial #83 and the condition is phenomenal. It has one nearly imperceptible cut stamp but is otherwise very near Choice Uncirculated Grade. Look for this rare note in Heritage’s April Auction.


 Dean Thomas’ Artillery Shell Fragment Collection.

Dean has been digging for many years and had accumulated this box of his early finds. They all date from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. He had meticulously labeled them all with the find site and the date. Many of them are from Gettysburg and a few from other sites like Antietam, Chancellorsville and the Wilderness. I propose to clean and coat these fragments and keep each label with them. Dean and his brother Jim are the authors of several books and own Thomas Publications which is a first class publishing house in Gettysburg, PA. They are the foremost researchers of American Civil War Small Arms Ammunition and Arsenals. I own a copy of their multi-volume series “Round Ball to Rim Fire” and highly recommend it if you are wanting to truly broaden your knowledge of the subject. They also have works pertaining to the American Revolution. I will be happy to direct you to these extremely well researched books. You can reach Dean and Jim at



Open 6 days a week!


Texas Button stolen at the November Richmond Show.



This one got caught stealing at the Franklin Show.               



Richard R. Miller

We are honored to represent such a fine artist. I have seen them all and Richard is the master. His portraits are done in the classical style and are simply superb. He loves to work on Civil War subjects and offers original portraits and limited edition giclees on canvas.